Cardi B recently addressed someone who criticized her for commenting on the national recession when she’s allegedly worth $40 million.

On Tuesday (December 20), the Bronx native took to Twitter to remind fans that the country is going through a recession while also wishing them a Merry Christmas. While some sided with Cardi and understood the struggle the recession would bring around this time of the year, there was one person who caught the rapper’s attention.

The Twitter user retweeted Cardi’s post with a gif of a man shaking his head and wrote: “Says the rapper worth 40 million.”

The “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker caught wind of the post and replied: “I’m worth more than that and guess what ? If I don’t save, work and budget I could lose it too! What makes you think that no matter how much money you got you can’t lose it all if you don’t manage your money correctly. I too have bills, responsibilities and people I have to help.”

The country is currently dealing with high inflation, a struggling stock market and massive layoffs across various industries. All this is happening as the nation gets back on its feet following the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to CNBC, “roughly 31% of Americans say they’re concerned their company is planning budget cuts or layoffs,” which makes the holiday season a bit tougher on families looking to provide.

It’s not the first time Cardi has snapped back at a follower over the last few weeks. She clapped back at a fan earlier in the month who had something to say about her performance at Art Basel.

The fan tried to play Cardi and say she was performing in “someone’s backyard” before she went ahead and revealed how much she got paid for the impromptu set.

“I got payed 1 million dollars to perform at this elite bankers event private event for 400 people and only for 35 minutes,” Cardi tweeted along with the photo. “THINK ABOUT THAT WHEN YOU TYPE ABOUT THIS GRAMMY WINNER.”

She’s also receiving a reported $3.8 million following the ruling in her court case with blogger Tasha K. In January, a judge ruled that the UWineWithTashaK podcast host must pay the large sum of money in the form of a Supersedeas bond to ensure Cardi B would receive the full lump sum of money at once.

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While a verdict in the case was reached at the top of 2022, Cardi B originally filed the $75,000 lawsuit in 2019. The Invasion of Privacy lyricist was originally awarded $1.25 million in damages, however, a Georgia judge granted the Grammy Award-winning rapper another $1.5 million in punitive damages and an additional $1.3 million in attorney fees in January.

But even when she’s making money, Cardi is losing it as well. In September, she revealed missing out on a video game deal with the Call of Duty franchise over “stupid decisions.”

“My stupid decisions from the past caused me to miss out on money now,” she wrote. “I had a multi-million dollar Call of Duty deal on the table that I couldn’t take because of court.”

She added: “Guys think twice about those quick decisions! Lesson learned.”