Bugzie the Don (real name Antionne Brodnax) has been sentenced to prison for shooting his album cover at the U.S. Capitol Building during the January 6 riots.

On Wednesday (December 21), WRIC reported that Bugzie was sentenced to five months in prison for the shoot, which included photos both outside and inside of the Capitol Building.

The Capital album was released two months after the Insurrection on March 4 via Don Status Entertainment, and features cover art of Bugzie flexing on top of a police SWAT vehicle near the Capitol steps. Additional footage allegedly busted the Sandston, Virginia native inside the Capitol where he took pictures with statues in the midst of the riots.

Bugzie previously pleaded guilty to four counts in the fall of 2021, including entering a restricted building and illegally protesting in a capitol building.

The Justice Department initially asked for 21 months because of Bugzie’s “extensive criminal history,” noting that he was on probation for a felony conviction when he entered the Capitol. They also said he “attempted to profit from the riot by releasing a rap album that used the attack on the Capitol as a theme.”

In the end, his sentence was lightened, as prosecutors noted in a statement of facts agreed to by Bugzie in his plea deal that he didn’t directly clash with Capitol Police, and was instead “swept along with the group.”

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According to WRIC, Bugzie was only inside the building for just over a half hour, and exited through a side door when other rioters started chanting “break it down” in an attempt to breach a police line.

Bugzie previously claimed he was in the D.C. area shooting a music video and decided to show up to the Capitol after noticing the commotion taking place outside before breaching. He also denied being a Donald Trump supporter.

Bugzie The Don is one of more than 400 that have been arrested for their involvement in storming the government headquarters thanks to footage, social media and tips from family members. Sentencing remains ongoing.