Boosie Badazz isn’t one to hold his tongue, and he’s now issued a serious warning to his young followers: don’t get involved with the street lifestyle.

The outspoken rapper made the PSA during an Instagram Live on Sunday (May 21) – just after his tirade about the lack of jelly from a McDonald’s employee. Taking a moment to be serious, Boosie warned his followers that being in the streets and trying to be a gangsta is not a life anyone should be trying to pursue.

“Don’t never become no street n-gga. Don’t never become no gangsta, bruh,” Boosie said. “Always gotta have n-ggas with you, always gotta be tryna protect yourself, looking over your shoulder. Shit don’t even be worth it, bruh. You get older, you be like damn man. A lot of shit come with this shit.”

He continued: “That’s the only thing that matter, bruh – staying alive. This ain’t the life you want though, dog. All y’all young n-ggas out there – this ain’t the life you want.”

In other Boosie news, the 40-year-old rapper has revealed that his previously canceled joint album with T.I. is back on, and said they’re also working on a reality show together.

The pair began feuding back in February after Boosie Badazz labeled T.I. a “rat” and scolded him for admitting on his podcast that he pinned a gun case on his dead relative before his career took off in the early ’00s.

Boosie Badazz Pleads Not Guilty To San Diego Gun Charge

Boosie Badazz Pleads Not Guilty To San Diego Gun Charge

The duo eventually reconciled after getting on the phone with one another, and Boosie told VladTV in a recent interview that they now have a reality show in the works, as well as the aforementioned joint album.

“The reality show we in works right now, so we’re probably gonna follow up with a joint project,” Boosie said. “We ain’t talked about dropping an album yet but I wanna drop it. That’s why I was kinda pissed about the situation because this was big for me to drop an album with Tip. This was some big shit for me bruh so we gonna get to it. We gonna get to it.”

Meanwhile, Boosie apparently plans to build an entire community for his family, according to a clip that recently surfaced online.

On Tuesday (May 23), a clip began making rounds on social media of what appears to be Boosie displaying the massive construction project. The footage shows men hard at work on a enormous pool and a townhouse.

It has been reported in several outlets that the father of six’s neighborhood will also include streets named after his children, a basketball court, and a movie theater.