Boosie Badazz and T.I. recently made amends following a brief spat earlier this year, and now it looks like their joint album plans are back on.

The pair began feuding back in February after Boosie Badazz labeled T.I. a “rat” and scolded him for admitting on his podcast that he pinned a gun case on his dead relative before his career took off in the early ’00s.

The duo eventually reconciled after getting on the phone with one another, and Boosie told VladTV in his latest interview that they now have a reality show in the works as well as the aforementioned joint album.

“The reality show we in works right now, so we’re probably gonna follow up with a joint project,” Boosie said. “We ain’t talked about dropping an album yet but I wanna drop it. That’s why I was kinda pissed about the situation because this was big for me to drop an album with Tip. This was some big shit for me bruh so we gonna get to it. We gonna get to it.”

The Grand Hustle general had previously admitted that he had “embellished” the story about his late relative, which he noted contained “humor” and “sarcasm.” Tip also shared a photo of court documents that proved he didn’t snitch on anybody.

The King rapper followed up said documents with a “paperwork party” in his native Atlanta back in February, and scolded Boosie for ignoring his invite to “pull up.”

“I just don’t like for a n-gga to God damn get fly then get shy, you hear me?” T.I. said at the gathering. “My n-gga, I’m right here in the center, so come on if you got something to say about me, if you think it is what it ain’t. There’s one way to clear it up: pull on up, let me show you what you looking for.”

He continued: “And then after you see what you need to see, then it’s on you now. We gon’ straighten that shit up ’cause you done got too far in the jaw, you got too much dip on your chip.”

Things then seemed to get better in March, when T.I. downplayed the notion that he and Boosie had “beef” in an interview with TMZ. He implied the “Wipe Me Down” rapper had “come to terms” with the fact that he “misspoke.”

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Boosie told VladTV last week that he officially apologized to T.I., and that they handled the situation like “bosses.”

“It just went like two bosses of handling it, man,” he said. “First of all, we got kids who love each other. First we wasn’t agreeing and we was going back-and-forth and you know he spoke how he felt and I spoke how I felt. He felt me and I felt him. I gave him an apology.

“After we kept going back-and-forth, the things he was doing for me in my life at the time, I kinda felt bad. I kinda felt bad he was doing some real shit helping me in a lot of ways but I told him I still stand on what I stand on. When he explained it to me, we got by it.”

Boosie concluded: “We got by like bosses supposed to get by. We ain’t let the internet or none of that bring us out of character.”