Benzino has responded to Dr. Dre’s bold claim about Eminem being the “Best MC ever,” saying that it’s an “insult” to the culture of Hip Hop.

During an interview with James Cordon’s This Life Of Mine podcast that went live on Friday (March 15), the Compton native shared his thoughts on Em.

He said: “I think he’s [Eminem] the best MC ever. Point blank, period. Of course, there are gonna be arguments with that because he’s a white guy…I don’t think anyone that’s rapping can touch Eminem on that microphone.”



Benzino reposted a recap of the quote and offered a response, noting that Dre’s comments overlooked plenty of legends in the game.

He wrote: “You know I think Dr Dre is one of the greatest producers of all time, and notice I didn’t say Hip Hop producers, but this is an insult to [Ice] Cube, [MC] REN, Snoop [Dogg], [The] Doc and every other rapper who who wrote all those hits. I mean this is his opinion and I respect it but cmon Dre. [palm on face emoji].”

In the aforementioned interview, Dre reflected on meeting the Detroit MC for the first time.

“Long story short, I met Eminem at Jimmy Iovine’s office,” he remembered. “We slapped hands, went to the studio and started recording … And I’m not sure if anybody knows this: I think the first four [Eminem] albums, was just me and [Eminem].

“His writing and his delivery and his imagination is off the charts – and I don’t think anyone would disagree with that. I think he’s the best MC ever.”

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Benzino, of course, has numerous reasons to disagree with the above take.

The renewal of his long-running beef with the D12 spitter, which dates back to the early aughts, began when Em took aim at him on “Doomsday Pt. 2” in late January.

On the track, the self-proclaimed Rap God mocked his rival’s financial woes and physical stature and rapped: “Now I got a riddle, one condition, you mustn’t laugh/ What is the opposite of Benzino? A giraffe/ ‘Go at his neck,’ how the fuck is that?/ How can I go at somethin’ he doesn’t have?”



The “I got a riddle” construction came from a much earlier Eminem diss of Benzino titled “Armageddon” from the 2004 mixtape, Invasion Part III: Countdown to Armageddon.

Benzino subsequently hit back with two separate diss songs, “Vulturius” and “Rap Elvis.”

In February, he broke down while discussing the feud during a Drink Champs interview. Just days later, he was back to his old ways, calling Em “overrated” and saying: “I think he sucks as a rapper.”



Most recently, Benzino again called Eminem a “racist” and shared a montage of the legendary rapper allegedly using the N-word.

In an Instagram post from earlier this month, the media mogul said: “Throughout history you always had some black people who will constantly make excuses for racist white people. There will always be someone of color who thinks this is ok and it’s sad.”