50 Cent‘s “vicious intimidation” of an ex-drug lord has led to a new $300 million lawsuit.

According to AllHipHop, Corey “Ghost” Holland is suing Lionsgate Entertainment, accusing the company of enabling 50 to launch a vicious and sustained intimidation campaign against him.

In the lawsuit, it’s claimed 50 Cent orchestrated an intimidation campaign against Ghost, with Lionsgate Entertainment allegedly knowing about 50’s harmful propensities but failing to take necessary action.

“The defendants knew about Mr. Jackson’s propensity to cause harm and violence to innocent and or vulnerable people, before they hired him and then retained him, then rewarding him with a 150 million dollar contract,” the documents read.

“Mr. Jackson is very open about his violent behavior, the defendant even acknowledged this behavior and chose to ignore it, due to the financial gains they had made with Mr. Jackson from 2016-2022, and still do partner with Jackson on numerous television deals.

“Mr. Jackson was found guilty of intentional infliction of emotional distress, just months before renewing his employment with the defendants, so the defendants knew what they were getting when they chose to do business with and employ Mr. Jackson.

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“Mr. Jackson on video prior to receiving a massive contract with the defendants explains how he will HIRE HITMAN TO KILL PEOPLE FROM THE HOOD, who file any lawsuits on him, so his behavior is forseeable.”

Corey “Ghost” Holland is seeking $300 million in damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence in hiring and retention, among other charges.

The lawsuit also seeks to prevent Lionsgate Entertainment from using Ghost’s life story in future productions without his consent and compensation.

It comes after Corey “Ghost” Holland filed a $1 billion lawsuit against 50 Cent, Courtney Kemp and the STARZ network in 2021 over claims Power was based on his life, which were dismissed by 50’s legal team at the time.

Earlier this year, Ghost claimed 50 Cent showed up to his house on two occasions in either July or August 2021. He alleged his entourage were armed and said it was “clear” the rapper wanted to confront him.

The two parties are set to try to mediate the $1 billion Power lawsuit during a session scheduled for May 9.