Most rappers can’t get past two albums let alone obtain a catalog that spans three decades.

As previously noted here on HipHopDX, Raekwon is now the leading lyrical voice of the Wu-Tang Clan.

While out in Los Angeles, The Chef checked in with HipHopDX where we virtually asked the impossible of artists: rank all their albums. The egos of artists can be among the most fragile known to man, where the admission of failure can be heard to wedge out. Raekwon openly admitted that he had love for all his projects one way or another but he didn’t have a problem pointing that some albums were stronger than others.

Watch the exclusive interview above and for your point of reference, we included all the album covers so you rank your favs in the comment section.

Follow @Raekwon on Facebook, check The Wild on iTunes and read our review here. [Editor’s Note: I say it’s definitely top-tier of his discography].



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Raekwon The Wild Album Cover Art