Whether it’s his social media shenanigans, explosive live performances or his multiple television shows, 50 Cent can never be accused of being boring.

The Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ OG recently sat down with The Breakfast Club where he opened up about several topics, including the Power theme song debacle, why Bow Wow wasn’t allowed to attend his Tycoon party this summer and the reason he will never talk to Tekashi 6ix9ine again.

Here are five things HipHopDX learned from the conversation.

He Thought “Big Rich Town” Was Getting Stale

Power fans were enraged when 50 updated the show’s theme song with Trey Songz on the hook. Following the social media backlash, Fiddy promised he’d bring the original one back. During the interview, he explains he just thought it needed a little facelift. He admits Trey was reluctant.

“They bossed me around a little bit on the remix,” he says around 35-second mark. “I did a remix because it was six years and I thought it was time to freshen it up and they was like, ‘Nah.’ I was making it now — Trey Songz, A-Boogie. They wanted the old version back.”

Bow Wow Wasn’t Invited To His Tycoon Party For A Good Reason

50 put Bow Wow on “probation” after attending an Atlanta gentleman’s club and pocketing the money 50 gave to the group.

“Yeah, he was not invited,” he says at the 7:19-minute mark. “We went to a strip club out there and we brought so much money to throw that it was not an issue to go into your pocket, so everybody had a good time … it was the entertainment budget.

“Then when you see him go home and he on the Snap [counting money]. He went home with the money! It’s a little thirsty. He was on probation. He can come to the next one.”

He Hasn’t Spoken To Tekashi 6ix9ine Since He Went To Jail

Fiddy once described his relationship with the incarcerated rapper as like a father and son. He even shot a video with him for the Uncle Murda single “Get The Strap.” 

But after 6ix9ine was arrested on racketeering charges last November and started cooperating with the feds, 50 evidently wants nothing to do with him.

“I haven’t spoken to him,” 50 says. Charlamagne asks, “Would you answer?” to which 50 says, “No. That’s his mother’s child now. After you do shit like that, you your mother’s child. Don’t call me.”

Teairra Mari Set Up Payment Plan For The $30K She Owes

After a judge awarded Fiddy over $30,000 in Mari’s revenge porn lawsuit, the Love & Hip Hop: New York personality said she didn’t have the money to pay him. But according to 50, she finally set up a payment arrangement.

“Let her live, what you talking about?” he says at the 15:02-minute mark. “That’s the $30,000 I spent in the process already on legal fees. She’s got a payment plan. It’s ok. I don’t care if you feel like you went to college. You didn’t attend any classes, but you got bills to pay. It’s cool. But if you make a mistake, you have to identify with the mistake.”

He Likes To Stay In “Rapper Mode” On Social Media

At the 17:18-minute mark, Charlamagne points out how many television shows 50 currently has and asks how he gets away with his often controversial comments on social media.

“My brain is built different,” he replies. “They try to put you in the mogul section, I like to stay rapper. They say, ‘You’re a mogul now, you can’t say that shit 50.’ I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, I’m a rapper, so I can still say what I feel, like my honest opinion.’ That saves me.

“I can say things …  some of the stuff I can still say it because of the way I made it into this business.”

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