Lil Uzi Vert hit the jackpot with his single “XO Tour Llif3.” The polarizing artist’s hypnotic track is doing big numbers, which have helped Uzi score the highest charting solo song of his career.

While “XO Tour Llif3” is a huge win for Uzi, what’s arguably more impressive is the creativity it sparked in fellow artists. The catchy tune has elicited multiple covers showcasing a wide range of talent. Pianists, violinists and singers have all put their spin on Uzi’s popular record, offering new ways to experience the track. The covers have allowed Uzi, a self-proclaimed rock star, to actually hear a rock band’s rendition of the tune too.

HipHopDX has compiled the best covers of “XO Tour Llif3” for your listening pleasure. Check them out below.