When Nelly entered the rap game spitting “Down, down baby … Shimmy, Shimmy cocoa pop” rhymes, staunch Hip Hop heads experienced convulsions thinking the future St. Louis legend was turning the culture into Mother Goose.

Fast forward 15 years: Nelly’s Country Grammar debut album is diamond certified and Drake is sitting comfortably on top of the rap game (and most of R&B as well) facing the same type of critiques.

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For no good reason (which is generally a good reason when it comes to social media), Twitter users feverishly engaged in a Drake Vs. Nelly debate. The overarching argument got muddled between “bigger artist” and “better rapper” but there were still some very entertaining viewpoints shared nonetheless.

Take a look at some of the best ones below and give us your take in the comment section.

It’s really hard to argue that…

The Internet has opened to floodgates to neverending popularity.

They’re not.

Sounds a bit far-fetched but if we’re talking music videos…

Umm…how about no.

That’s a sound way to look at … an opinion.

Drake Vs. Nelly: Who Ya Got???