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The Alchemist and that "Queens Kid with a face like Jim The Anvil Neidhart" link up to make some quick "Decisions Over Veal Orloff."


  • Anonymous

    Is it me? or does it sound like action bronson is straight jacking ghostface style?? he sound too much like ghostface #INDUSTRYCLONE

  • Anonymizzle

    Wow, some people really need to get a life. I must have seen the same fag commenting on how much he dislikes this song or Action Bronson for like 10 times or more at least... Nobody cares faggot!

  • Anonymous

    retard music for retard people; Alc is better on oh, hundreds of other records? maybe if i had as few brain cells-- and as many fat cells-- as Bronson i'd be 'amused' but since neither is the case...

  • Morbid Obesity Rap

    I can't believe anyone gets pleasure from listening to this whining obese retard. Same garbage random lyric generator in every song. Alc is a great producer (this isn't best, however) but as everybody who's heard him rap knows, he's not infallible. The only thing that could redeem BRONSTEIN's idiocy is he calls his next album I CAN'T SEE MY FEET

  • NV1980

    To tylerthedestroyer go listen to tyler the creator. This beat is ILL you are going on. Buddy you got a lot to learn about the alchemist this is weak for him...

  • fahdre

    man ok his voice kinda sound like ghostface but they TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MCS. these ghost comparisons are getting old. this guy is dope and ppl are starting to be mad ignorant just cuz hes white. like come on thats exactly the kind of attitude thats killing hip hop. however this track is just deece

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Ghostface is a great writer and poet... Bronson is the white Fat Boy except he's neither that funny nor agile. Probably ate a lot more steroids than the Fat Boys ever did though. FACT: nobody has a 'favorite' Bronson song because they're all the same dogshit collection of weed, food, handjob and sexist jokes.

  • NV1980

    I like Action and I like the Alchemist.... But straight up just boring beat...

  • joe

    One of thee best...only hipsters will disagree lmao

  • wally-o

    dope song, alc always kills it


    Man I love Ghostface.

  • Got That Right

    Looking for something different, a distinctive sound? Kaotik AKA Bruce Reignn got his hip hop album/mixtape out now!!! http://kaotik.bandcamp.com/album/off-da-meter-freestyles

  • Mike

    Good glad ALC made a track with Action

  • incredible tag team

    history made once again...

    • Chief Jay Strongbow

      What history? My backshots on Nas' daughter were more 'historic' than this dogshit slumming.


    BRONSONLINO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eW1YcklbcHQ&feature=colike