Young Jeezy, Doughboyz Cashout & YG - Boss Yo Life Up Gang (Mixtape Review)

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Young Jeezy releases mostly unpolished music from the newest members of CTE's consistently rotating cast on "Boss Yo Life Up Gang."


Young Jeezy, YG & Doughboyz Cashout - Boss Yo Life Up Gang (Mixtape Review)  DX Consensus: “Just A Mixtape”

Where many of Hip Hop’s stars have flourished with self-owned imprints (a logical business progression from being an industry cash cow), Young Jeezy’s Corporate Thugz Entertainment can only count him as a success story. Whether bad timing or other circumstances were involved, Freddie Gibbs’ soured deal left behind a noticeable trail of bad blood, a possible cautionary tale considering the label did little to make good on his already established presence. Rolling the dice and hoping for better luck, the freshest members of the CTE World regime are Detroit’s Doughboyz Cashout and YG of “Toot It and Boot It” fame, aligning with Jefe (Jeezy’s self-ascribed Spanish translation for “boss”) for his team’s latest street project, Boss Yo Life Up Gang.

True to their name, the members of Doughboyz Cashout (HBK, Doughboy Dre, Doughboy Quis and Payroll) hardly ever relieve listeners of the group’s addiction to speaking of wealth. The monolithic tape seems to be one long song about lavish flossing, crass promiscuity, and getting wasted—normally passable topics from emcees capable of some diversity, if not the ability to be both crude and interesting. Simple hooks include “Mo Money’s,” “I got mo’ money than you” chant, “Shame On You” taunting, “If you don’t think a nigga rich, shame on you” and “Chris Paul” where Jeezy uses the Clippers’ point guard as a hashtag Rap punchline to follow the phrase “I ball hard.”

With Jeezy’s acquisition of YG in place, he is able to further benefit from an already prosperous relationship with the Cali spitter’s right-hand producer DJ Mustard (responsible for his 2012 club hit “RIP”). Mustard’s catchy and innovative percussion (often classified as “ratchet” music) is found on the cocky “Fuck You,” the team loyalty anthem “My Nigga” (featuring Auto-tune’s latest sensation Rich Homie Quan), and “Setup Bitch,” dedicated to women of ill repute. Doubling down on the insensitive misogyny, “Next Bitch” refuses to accept the opposite sex as fully realized human beings, let alone equals.

As Jeezy is concerned, his major flaw on Boss Yo Life Up Gang is releasing mostly unpolished music from the newest members of CTE’s consistently rotating cast. Having long ago mastered his own formula, the hood lessons of “Talk That,” the determination to maintain his position on “Hungry” and the composure behind “No Pressure” are within his familiar comfort zone. All of the above are complete with his infamous background ad-libs stretching the vowels in “yeah” and “that’s right.” Unfortunately, cheap moments like “Bravo,” where Doughboyz Cashout fail to be clever applying its title towards the strip club cue, “Make that ass clap” are quite common, with the inspirational “Living My Dream” being but a rare departure from their shenanigans. Constantly shouting out their present miraculous affiliation in likely efforts of stirring up envy, these additions and their utter lack of complexity should only wind up pleasing the easily impressed.

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  • rio "the closer"

    Detroit in dis bi_ _th!!! love b.y.l.u.g keep reppin allday everyday everyday! now, wit that said, listen my dudes ... now yall in the big leagues and its time 2 rise & grind. time to become more diverse and begin speaking on more creative topics that shows ur true emcees, true artists, ya dig? ie. nas ,I gave you power, jay-z,22-twos, pac, brendas got a baby. songs that my kids can here ten years from now and be like damn that's timeless, damn that's classic. know what im talkin bout? I know yall gotta keep the registers ringing, but remember don't become type-cast yall dudes k.i.m!!! seven mile allday what up doe? oh yeah give my nigg scooch some shine that nigg be goin in....

  • Anonymous

    I think this mixtape wasn't as good as it could have been it almost seems rushed.

  • Sharra

    Doughboyz Cashout Does That Hammm , They Go So Hard And They Cute

  • Anonymous

    If you check out the can find the same shirt he is wearing at

  • Anonymous

    Northern Cali Crippin' keep this heat Roccn

  • real real inc.

    Real Real inc. Tweeter masey ~`ALDOf $

  • bdavis

    shitty review! listen to shit more than once before you comment on if you know what goes into building a rap career it takes time to build your name, so dbc has Detroit on lock, musically. so you have to focus solely on the music not the fact that u dont know who they are. jeezy messed up with Gibbs bc he didnt fit into what jeezy does. DBCO and Young are in the same lane as far as subject matter so it fits! keep going dbc we listening and keep feeding ppl mixtapes till they understand.

    • Fins

      Shut the fuck up. DX couldn't have put it better if anything. These douchey fuck sticks called "Doughboyz" are not MUSIC and constantly chanting "I'm rich" is not good. It sucks. At least Gibbs could flow and had hooks that were more then just a corny phrase repeating over and over.

  • Ma$erat313

    Niggaz be listening to them goofy Chicago niggaz and them rich Atlanta niggaz fuck wit niggaz that do this shit Detroit the black hole of America nigga it's hell here every day every night but what tf y'all know bout this d shit can't relate 313 Puritan 72 1800 gun line

  • Ma$erat313

    Niggaz in the d come from the struggle niggaz know how it feel to come up and make it alive out this mufucka 313 ain't no other city like the d Murda mitten

  • mike

    Garbage, total total total total garbage. This deserve 0.1/5

  • Gangsta Gibbs should of been next up snowman

    CTE never promote or put out shit but jeezy. Best mc he had was Slick Pulla his flow was different kinda like a gangsta pimp lol. Slick had a really dope mixtape with dj drama called 4th ward day that shit banged but then he got locked up n no sign of an album getting released least he beat down waka flocka

    • Young Guwop

      Slick Pulla has his own label now Prestige and unofficially not fuckin with Jeezy on the music shit anymore. Even though he shout out CTE. Also Slick Pulla could of blown up if he stayed free.

  • GreatFrank

    BTW you can read more reviews on the small name artist by visiting my blog at

  • GreatFrank

    I did not do a review on this mixtape at my blog because I foucs on all the small name artist who nobody cares about but I still enjoyed this mixtape and listen to it on a regular baises. CTE never fails to put out good music.

  • Anonymus420


  • Anonymous

    Boycott Soul Temple.

  • Gucci The Realest

    This nigga Jeezy always talking tough but i remember when he send his homies to robb Gucci Mane, Gucci just buried one of those niggas, bang bang, bang! Nigga you have never bmf! Stop acting that you are the snowman.

  • Freddie Gibbs

    File under: who gives a fuck?

  • Anonymous

    good tape with time they ll get better


    jezzy fake rather listen to gibbs