Ces Cru - Constant Energy Struggles

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Kansas City's Ces Cru spit rapidly for the sport with a hint of friendly competition, making "Constant Energy Struggles" a solid first outing on a bigger stage.

After sharing tracks with indie-favorite Tech N9ne, Kansas City’s Ces Cru received the ultimate co-sign by the indie top dog via a deal with his label, Strange Music. A little over a year later, the duo comprised of Ubiquidous and Godemis drop their first album on the imprint in the form of Constant Energy Struggles. But does the relatively unknown group bring any value to an equation that includes underground heroes like Brotha Lynch Hung and one of the most brutal emcees to touch the mic, label boss Tech N9ne himself?

One thing that’s immediately apparent is that these guys can rap. And they enjoy doing it. Their first singles (“Lotus,” “When Worlds Collide,” and “Juice”) reflect that. There’s a Bad Meets Evil quality to it, not in the sense that it's another black and white rapper pairing, but it’s two emcees spitting rapidly for the sport with a hint of friendly competition in it.

But Bad Meets Evil, they are not.

Many of the punchlines are well put-together rhythmically, but they fail to excite. At worst, they end up sounding something like battle rhymes from Rap message boards in the early days of Hip Hop on the Internet. But even a verse littered with jabs is permissible as long as you have that occasional uppercut, haymaker, something. If an artist lacks the K.O. in his bars, there’s got to be a hook that ties it all together. But the choruses on songs like “Shake It Up,” “Radiate,” and “Get That,” just don’t pack the punch. Such an approach will appeal to a some fans, but utimately lacks a broader appeal.

It’s a shame because these guys have skill. Peep Ubiquidous’ effortless flow on “Skip” and his melodic rhyming on “Smoke.” Godemis has one of the most commanding deliveries on solo track “Wavy” and can be replayed endlessly. He even gives Tech N9ne a run for his money on “Juice.” References to Duke Nukem are appreciated too. We also have to mention third member of the “cru,” Seven, who provides them with some solid production throughout. Fans might compare them to mainstream so-and-so who can’t form proper sentences, but these are emcees who are striving for greatness and at times their rhymes just aren’t there yet. They’ve graduated from the school of rhyming “lyrical-spiritual-miracle,” but there are moments where it feels as if they’re still having ciphers in the parking lot. It’s a very solid first outing on a bigger stage.


  • Anonymous

    How could you say the hook of "Get That" doesnt pack a punch?? Its pure adrenaline exploding out the speakers and drilling right into the excitement center of your brain!

  • jono

    this album is pretty close to perfect. ubi and gode make an amazing team. prefer them to tech even. ps, glad they're not bad meets evil. sick of hearing em and royce aimlessly retread dicks bitches and david carradine

  • rae diaspora

    This album is a personal 5 * release. 'To own his each'

  • Luke

    One of the best rap albums ever, from CES the best Cru. If you haven't already, buy the album. BUY ALL THEIR ALBUMS.

  • Daniel Hernandez

    Just basically a perfect album. One of my favorite Strange Music album by two of by favorite artists. The two, Ubiquitous and Godemis, show expert lyricism in about every song. And it has a wealthy amount of songs which I enjoy. ^S^

  • Mosaic

    This album is the sh!t.

  • Evan Brown

    This is the most creative, original album ive heard in years. This is a STRANGE country.

  • Anonymous

    3 STARS??!!! WTF is Wrong with HipHopDX!? 5 Stars Tops!!!

  • Funky P

    Dope Album, the chemistry between the two is great, the production is tight and those two guys can have a great future. I don't understand why those guys are not more famous, it's hip hop at his best. The bonus tracks kinda suck, it's the only negative point i can find.

  • Patrick

    I have the album Constant Energy Struggles and the EP 13 and they are outstanding but there are some songs that throw it off a little bit but both are very good

  • davv38

    they good, f da reviews

  • JeffersonStarship

    This is the best. THE BEST.

  • chris

    this review is weak, someone should take son's keyboard. Stop writin good reviews for the old-timers that really don't have the skill to compete with these new cats. I mean kid cudi shouldn't be up here, and snoop lion is cool but get off his dick. Rittz is dope too, I hope these young dudes get the recognition they deserve. It seems like this site lacks credibility in their reviews.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Im Adrian Barnes, If you dont like this album I will fight you c; srs!

  • Anonymous

    Love ces cru!! Better then any industry music!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well the indie is obviously most these people commenting! This albums awesome and the criticism from the review makes no sense what so ever! Hahahaa too bad they cant be honest they have to hate coz their independent :/

  • Delicious

    Fuck this review.

  • Flow

    TF This got a higher rating than Live In Concert ... -_- y'all obviously don't know real music when you hear it.

  • Comedy

    This review is comedy.

  • Blue_Venom_

    i like this shit better than lil wayne

  • Anonymous

    This got the same rating as IANAHB2? Hell no!

  • mikr

    First,it was Brotha lynch, then Kutt Calhoun, Ces Cru and soon its going to be Rittz. The Strange Music Dynasty is on fire. Can't wait for Tech N9ne

  • chems

    this is a bogus review. ces cru is way better than bad meet evil............ suck ass dude

  • kf902

    soooo dope. def underated on this review

  • Anonymous

    strange music comes through with more garbage to give to fools

  • SDK


  • jpw

    Great stuff, every song went hard. Standouts were Seven Chakras, Juice, Smoke and Confession. Can't wait to hear more.

  • Deadboy90

    Which one is the black dude? Maybe now he can use that album money to get his teeth fixed, its all I was looking at during that whole video.

  • seanschipper

    The combination so uncommon (ubi and godi is an unlikely combination.) a cause of company To covet me (they will cause a company of men to covet them) and cover my cost, cousin, now come at me (Hes saying if they want to battle he is ready) My blood's runnin on one hundred no matter what it seem (His blood is like a high performance fuel, its a metaphor) I've done nothin' but crush whatever the fuck was in front of me (He has surmounted every obstacle placed in his path)

  • Dot Comma

    Damn near flawless.



  • Bobba

    This album tickles my balls. This review sucks my balls.

  • Purp&Patron

    Future Legends

  • laurent

    real hip hop right here. hoped a higher rate !

  • Cory L

    I don't think the reviewer is lame, but I do disagree. With all the trash filling up the mainstream, Ces has set themselves apart as pure lyricist. There are but a few rappers, especially mainstream rappers, that are half the wordsmiths that Ces are. Hip hop in it's purest form. You don't go for that one KO bar, you keep giving it and giving it and giving it. That's what Ces does on each track. Now that being said, i'm not head over heels about all the tracks, but I like the lyricism of each. All the negative reviews are from either haters or people too stupid to comprehend a higher level of talent. I don't blame you all tho, I blame the mainstream for giving you such horseshit that you refuse to recognize better. You are used to eating mush, but this here is grown up food.

    • Feeling Wavy

      I agree, i think the reviewer was a little too harsh on what can be considered a pretty solid album. Sure, there are some songs that are "skippable" (i almost laughed the first time i skipped skip) but, those songs are still listenable. The solid hitters are so well done and worth hearing over and over again that it makes up for these not-so great songs. 4/5 in my book.

  • Vox Populi

    Insane album, real fucking mc's right here!

  • ytjthr

    This review Is lame I expected 4 stars at least

  • Dhiraj

    Best Hip Hop album of the year so far. Editor has got it SO wrong on this one. 'fails to excite'??? nah man, your review fails to excite.

  • Damith

    Best album to drop all year. Reviewer should be fired.

  • ScHoolboy X

    Dope shit. Album of the year so far. Review is retarded.

  • Jake

    Nobody understands CES... its like a bunch of ten year olds trying to read Atlas Shrugged.

  • panic

    After listening to this album several times through I find I agree with the original reviewer and I think he was spot on. I got real hyped after seeing the video that's embedded because the flow is dope and the battle rapper style is one that only comes around every once in a while in good form. The problem here, as the reviewer writes, is that the lyrics are more often than not pretty much nonsense that sounds good. After the initial shock of the flow wears off I was often left wondering what the hell they were talking about. It's a stream of consciousness style (see Aesop Rock) that just doesn't really seem to be working just google their lyrics and you'll know what I'm saying, I'll definitely check out their future stuff cause I enjoyed bumping this for the last week, but I think three stars was a just review

    • Anonymous

      panic is the only one with any sense around here

    • Panic

      Yes, the lyrics make sense in that they are not insane gibberish, but nothing is being said: The combination so uncommon a cause of company To covet me and cover my cost, cousin, now come at me My blood's, runnin' I'm one, hundred no matter what it seem I've done nothin' but crush whatever the fuck was in front of me another example: Too fly, launchpad, crash land, I'm a wreck it, Looking for the black box; FBI search method, Soul of Saddam, I'm the motherfucking bomb, check it Inspiration of Hitler, Bruce Lee's work ethic After every verse just I'm just left with the feeling of 'what?' but I'm really not ragging on them, just saying I agree with the original reviewer and defending my original comment. They sound super lyrical, but their lyrics our outclassed by their flow

    • Cory L

      I disagree with you about their lyrics. You can google 7 different lyrics from 7 different sites so saying that the lyrics are just just nonsense that sounds good is just false. I happen to enjoy lyricists so I have listened to this album quite a few times. I understand perfectly what they are talking about on any particular bar. Some of it is a bit incripted, but that's the nature of the art.

    • pie

      No need to google. http://rapgenius.com/albums/Ces-cru/Constant-energy-struggles Mine rating stay the same 4/5, i'm giving 4. Album is dope !

  • mapouhdou

    dope album but the production wasn't good at all imo

  • gzgzgezgze

    Lets keep it going, make this album of the year! STRANGE MUSIC, BITCH!jjj

  • Anonymous

    Best album ever!

  • Anonymous

    Lets keep it going, make this album of the year! STRANGE MUSIC, BITCH!

  • Strangefan414

    With a lyrical depth an rhyme that can knock the most popular rappers on their asses, Ces Cru really brought the heat. This album is too perfect. It'll definitely be spinning for a long time.


    I Really Don't Know What Yall Hearing, Cause This Album Is Freaking Banging! I'm So Here For Ces Cru & Strange Music! Excited About The Independent Powerhouse Tour!!

    • killa

      Anonymous: "I bet yo mamma is proud of the bitch you grew up to be" Thats cute, looks like you havent built up the courage to tell daddy that you a butt fuckin cum dump.. ha ha. stay in the closet you anonymous cocksucker!

  • killa

    Oh shit i mean, Constant Dental Struggles

  • killa

    Constant Record Sale Struggles

  • Tasnif

    Anyone else notice the one guy hating on Strange Music over and over again? Ho fucking sad is that?

  • Anonymous

    so many haters lol, just leave

    • Anonymous

      U aint fooling anyone by commenting all these times under different names with your lonely hatin ass

  • Anonymous

    the album is not that good. big ups to the author for being able to give this album the rating it deserves

  • traaaaag

    could have been better

  • just me

    CES cru played this album proper, but I do agree some things could have been different like the last track should have been in a different spot on the album. From all the mixtapes and albums released so far this year CES CRU's debut album is in the top 5 for sure. Hiphopdx needs to tighten those strings maybe have a reviewer bio where your clients can see what knowledge the reviewer has on music, who inspired them in music, ect. The truth in reviewing music DeadEndHipHop on youtube, best interviews and a genius in the music industry check out Nardward.

  • M-O Amyot

    Anything lower than a 4.5 is wrong.

  • Berwa

    You guys at HipHopDX, MUST be def!!! Stupid ass review!

  • Hpnotic85

    You guys give this album a 3 but you give tyler the creator a 4..I cant do anything but laugh at your ridiculous reviews. Glad i dont take you guys hip hop opinion seriously.

    • Anonymous

      Tyler deserved AT LEAST a 4, maybe a 4.5, his album was fucking genius, and I'm not really a huge OF fan so don't start that shit...Ces deserved it as well, but to downplay another album in order to make another one look better is stupid, especially if said album was really good.

  • gi

    prodution could have been better but it was still a 4/5 for me

  • Anonymous

    STRAAAAAAANGE... Music. 27 days until the best day of the year. Technicians know how to fucking party

  • SoFly

    This album got the same editor review score as Lil wayne? I'm losing respect for HipHopDx, glad the community still has a brain because this album is amazing. Buy! This! Album!

  • Communication Breakdown

    Fuck this review. Buy this album.

  • chops

    this album is awesome. easily a 4.5/5. the reviewer just aint ready for ces.

  • BRZA

    Oh yeah, and Radiate, weak?....haha the reviewer high man!

  • BRZA

    Whoever hatin' on this album, back to your Kriss Kross tapes bitch. This is certified classic, solid 4.5/5.

  • Ces cru bitch

    Ces Cru Bitch! Strange Music takin over 2013! Paid Dues headliners: TDE, macklemore, Tech N9ne. Murs could not have a picked a better top 3. notice no MMG YMCMB "artists" in the paid dues tour cuz those niggaz didnt pay no dues!

  • Strange

    White and black music? Now nigga thats a mixtape!

  • D-Wayde

    Strange Music artists are the shit! Ross, Future, 2 Chainz, any YMCMB artist,and others alike will cease to exist as long as we keep supporting this type of hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ so you have nothing to respond about tech n9ne working with them? yeah, you lost

    • Anonymous

      And your a fucking idiot who cant put together a simple sentence. Sit down fuck boy.

    • Anonymous

      and tech n9ne wants to work with ross, t-pain, wayne etc. do you realise how ridiculous you sound? strange music is a bunch of idiots who make put out garbage.


    I have watched these two blossom into something even greater than they were when we used to rock together,in the basement of our friend's and parent's houses. It Goes Up!!!

  • shadowofdeath

    Fans + Support = the majority of your review non Earegularly irrelevant. Strange music bitch

  • Knuckles

    Fuckin epic album. Ces Cru might not have the clever and funny punch lines that Bad Meets Evil had, but they showed their superior ability to deliver larger messages in a clear and calm manner. I'm a fan of fast, lyrical rapping, but when it gets too fast, it gives the rapper an excuse to fill the bars with nonsense.

    • Anonymous

      "deliver larger messages in a clear and calm manner" What are these larger messages you speak of? The album actually has a lot of battle rhymes How do they deliver their lyrics clearly and calmly? There's nothing "calm" about their delivery. "I'm a fan of fast, lyrical rapping, but when it gets too fast, it gives the rapper an excuse to fill the bars with nonsense" So you must not like Tech N9ne then because that's exactly what he does. He writes a bunch of babble and spits it fast. Nothing amazing about that.

  • Dnasty

    Dope fuckin album. Author is tryin to find shit to say against it for some reason but beats raps and punchlines were tight to me....

    • banana man

      The author raised a number of important points. These guys still sound like amateurs with boring battle rhymes.


      The writer's always have to take it to a negative place.That comment about them still sounding like they're in a parking lot cipher was insulting. I mean after all...that's EXACTLY what they come from ya know? Godi even said in "Juice","the new data is out of an old catalog".I love that fuccin line.They are the last of the true MC's. Killa City Stand Up!!!!lol

  • whenworldscollide

    Such a great album- i got my signed copy in the mail, and knew it was gonna be so ill- too bad Hip-Hop DX gave a half-ass review this time

  • Anonymous

    This album is GREAT. Got to give it 5/5

  • Holland

    This review is bullshit, the album is topnotch, they stay with their own style and manage to propell it to another level. Sure not much of this will get a lot of radio play, but that's the beauty of strange music, they make art without any alterior motives. The only critique this reviewer gave where I can see where he's coming from is that there aren't really any knockout lines. I would describe it differently though: sometimes they flow through there lines and there is no time to really listen and understand every word they mean, because it takes a moment to digest a line and then they are already on to the next. That's their style though and they deliberatly sculp their songs like that, you shouldn't see that as a negative just because other rappers don;'t do it like that.. I loved the album and I'm looking forward to all the other strange releases this year. 5 stars!

  • Drew

    At least spell their names right. Rek, please try being a little more professional... you've lost any credibility you might have had.

  • Tristan

    I like it. Ces Cru is good.

  • Big Trevor

    yeah this review sucks! 4/5

  • Desean

    Outstanding. As simple as that

  • Adam

    This is the best album I have heard in a while. The fact that the editor gave it a 3/5 is embarrassing and a good sign he should find another career.

  • biffjenkins

    I don't know if you guys do review do-overs but this one surely deserves one. if this guys likes punch lines so much he can go listen to Celph Titled.

  • JDub

    Sorry, but 3/5 is absolutely ridiculous. No punchlines? That's not what the album is about. There's no diss songs on this album, this is about making real rap and they clearly did that on just about every track. This is 4 stars if you're being stingy, 4.5 easy.

  • asher dust

    Fierce!! 5 Stars All Day Long!

  • JerseyKidd

    Any review where the writer spells the artist names incorrectly holds absolutely no weight anywhere...especially on the internet lol It's Ubiquitous with a "T" not a "D"...you can tell a lot of research went into this review. 5/5 like it deserves.

  • godzillionaire

    This album is incredible. 4/5 stars at the very worst. I gave it a 5/5 though. This reviewer needs to clean his ears out.

  • ceza

    whoever wrote this review should get his ass of the internet and start listening to country music, what the fuck man?

  • Humza Ismail

    Amazing album, a good addition to strange music.

  • ruppa

    i bump this shit all the time

  • Crosstown Traffik

    Fuck this review. Bump this album.

  • brainscatter

    Love this album and JL killed it as usual. This reviewer must have listened to this while there was construction going on and his mom was nagging at him to clean up his room and the phone was ringing and the dog wouldn't stop barking and the vibrator was still stuck in his ass.

  • Son of Bill Cosby

    Yes I am the son of Bill Cosby.

  • Reptile

    Five fucking stars in this bitch. Fuk this review.

  • CzarAss

    This review sucks horse dick. Album of the year so far easy.

  • MistaCGY

    Album of the year so far

  • Believe Dad

    I'd be very fucking surprised if this isn't the album of the year when it's all said and done. Startling, fresh, worldly and original.

  • Someone

    REK i have no fucking idea what your background is nor do care but i am pretty fucking sure youre deaf or just extremely biased to certain artists.... but most likely just deaf and write random shit to your heart's desires.... lol But in all seriousness this is a shitty ass review

  • Anonymous

    Plz stop giving reviews to this guy he clearly doesnt know what hes talking about seriously he fuckd this one up and the yelawolf review aswell these are 2 of the best projects to come out this year

  • Anonymous

    garbage review, i would hope hiphopdx would reconsider redoing this review because this doesn't really seem that fair of a review, i mean really to call Ces Cru's album sounds like a cd of just battle rhymes on forums or message boards....come on now if you're going to make a ludicrous claim like that at least back it up with an example not just say things for the sake of saying them i mean really. That in itself just seems disrespectful

  • whiteboy

    This deserves way more than a 3 REK sucks peroid

  • Matt

    LOVED this fucking album. I hope it gets the attention it deserves because to me they're setting the bar for everyone else to rise up to.

  • Gimlet

    I'm astounded by the sheer laziness of a review of an album that had so much put into it. These guys are giants.

  • Aceman

    damn classic...dopest one of the year so far...cheers

  • Anonymous

    Not feeling these beats at all.. They're very capable rappers though. I think this album should be re-produced.

  • Albert Flutur

    i can type a whole paragraph about how amazing Ubi and Godemis did in this album, but i'm only going to say that this is probably one of my favourites.

  • Mattybee

    It's amazing. DAF!

  • Mark

    this whole album is great the review is shit tho

  • Adam

    Love this album so far. Brutal skills lyrically and in execution. I loved 13 too. I've been waiting for this to drop. Great theme... Meditate, Lotus, Chakras. I love the conceptual aspect Ces Cru brings with their delivery. Strange Music is killing it.

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  • one

    Damn the shit is unanimous. can we get a competent reviewer who listened to the whole album. maybe more than once, before writing the review. I swear every time i hear the album it grows on me even more and things i missed at first are revealed. the fan reviews speak for themselves.

  • john

    Repeat! Ciphers in the parking lot style is the shit i guess.

  • fatboyrule

    How Rek chooses to write his reviews... Option 1) Do an awesome job, listen to the album, provide good insight to all of the dope tracks. I can even provide some critical suggestions to help these guys better their future in the long run and maybe score higher with their next release. It's good for the culture and I can sleep easy tonight. Option 2) I can half ass my review. I can lazily point out the lack of punch lines, fail to mention the song with the strongest message. Point out a Duke Nukem reference from the FIRST track so it sounds like I did listen to the album. Then, when the fans get bitchy in the forums, I can cop out and make some bullshit claim about fans going to war for their artists. It's good for the culture and I can sleep easy tonight. So which option did Rek pick?

  • Ben

    Xover - Agree 100% with you. Although this review has completely discredit this website for me, I've never used this website before and will never again. It's obvious this reviewer just doesn't understand this music, too complex for him I guess. Not a word said on Wall-E, Meditate or Seven Chakras?! Full retard.

  • Pie

    This review is worth shit. Sorry, but it's true. Dig it .

  • Xover

    So in reading everybodies comments, I have not seen one person other than Dingleberries (Dingy) who agrees with Reks review, and almost every single one of them absolutely think the review is ass. An almost universal "Da Fuq" response from over 80 people all agreeing on the internet is not heard of in this day and age of Trollism. So my question is, does this constitute a valid reason to get HHDX to either force Rek to actually listen to the album and give a valid review (like actually truly explain his 3) or find someone else who will review the album and get a new rating up here. Heck it can even be a worse rating, but I want actual content with the rating, that actually dives into the album.

    • fatboyrule

      Yes. They need to redo the album review. It's clear from everyone's comments that the review is bogus. Will they? Doubt it. You can't have the only quote from the album be from the first track, which is more or less an intro... you probably didn't even listen to the other tracks.

  • Jason

    This review is horrible. Didn't mention Wall E or Meditate. The reviewer is playing the bullshit inexperienced card. Ces Cru's rhymes have been there this whole time.They are just finally getting some recognition. The album Playground was great back in 2009. Constant Energy Struggles is better in 2013. 5 out of 5.

  • TinoXtreme

    Easily 5 out of 5. Ces Cru did their thing. This review looked like it was half-assed. Didn't even mention the most surprising track out of the whole album "Wall-E". I will be bumping this album for a long time coming.

  • Anonymous

    this got the same rating as wayne's album... but i already knew this site is bullshit, i haven't taken their reviews seriously in a long time.

  • jiz

    Rek has "Wayne" written on his face with semen...

  • deeez nutz

    Cosign - Rek Is Gay

  • fatboyrule

    Rek sucks, his review was garbage. Ces fans will keep this shit going! How the fuck do you write a review and not even mention any of the best tracks? "Haha, Duke Nukem... nice reference"... yeah, it was on the first track. You ain't playin' nobody. Can we get a reviewer who's IQ is over 100...?

  • nick

    best album ive had recently, what the fuck were they thinking giving it only a 3?

  • iamusik

    What a crappy review, dude did you even listen to the album? I think it's pretty obvious when one of the biggest stand out track 'Wall E' wasn't even mentioned.

  • josh

    WTF? Bullshit review IMO, I thought this album was absolutely amazing! 5 out of 5!

  • Max Shaffer

    The best album I have heard in years. Every track is just amazing.

  • KT

    Gets better each time I hear it. Ces!

  • Anonymous

    BullShit Review, This is 5 out of 5, 4 out of 5 to say the least. Ces Cru is crazy & an unbelievable pair. Just a masterpiece of an album.

  • John Cox

    Totally diggin the album. Cleansing. Evil. Spirits!

  • Jeff Jefferson

    Great album. Favorite track was the bonus track Breathe, thanks Ubi!

  • brent

    Best album of the year so far. What exactly is wrong with it DX?

  • Nick Zak

    Defines what real hip hop means, STRANGE MUSIC BABY

  • Josh

    Ces has been doing the damn thing for years, besides Wrekonize this has been the best signee(s) yet!

  • Leo

    3 stars?!!! Dumbass!!! 5 stars all the way get off the mainstream dick!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think HHDX has be infiltrated or some shit. They keep giving actual good albums 3s and shit. Or the person listening is some dumb ass, either way this sites going to die if they keep this bullshit up.

  • Autumn

    awesome cd! reminds me of old school hip hop and slaughterhouse.

  • Lane Vanderwaal

    I'm curious what album the reviewer was listening to cause it seems to have some of the same track names and what not but it must not be nearly as good as the album I listened to. CES Cru proves that Tech N9ne has the best eye in the game for talent right now. They have a devoted fan in me. I already have everything they've ever put out (except Capture Enemy Soldiers and an old Mixtape I can't find). SSSTTRRAAAAAANGGE music.

  • dan

    Rek, i would personaly like to say fuck you. this album is absolute fire and it crushes every other album that has come out this year so far. you gave this album the same rating as what lil wayne got which is sad. anything less than a 4 on this album is a disgrace. and then you have the audacity to give a shitty review for the yelawolf mixtape(trunk muzik returns)which is als sad cause that was also amazing. again,fuck you

  • Josh Monje

    deserves more than 3 stars

  • fatboyrule

    How Rek chooses to write his reviews... Option 1) Do an awesome job, listen to the album, provide good insight to all of the dope tracks. I can even provide some critical suggestions to help these guys better their future in the long run and maybe score higher with their next release. It's good for the culture and I can sleep easy tonight. Option 2) I can half ass my review. I can lazily point out the lack of punch lines, fail to mention the song with the strongest message. Point out a Duke Nukem reference from the FIRST track so it sounds like I did listen to the album. Then, when the fans get bitchy in the forums, I can cop out and make some bullshit claim about fans going to war for their artists. It's good for the culture and I can sleep easy tonight. So which one did Rek pick when he went to work yesterday?

  • nonono

    This is 3.5 stars worst case, 4 stars easily if you listened. How are this guy gonna dismiss them as battle rhymes and ignore clearly conceptual records such as Wall E, Daydream, Perceptions, or even ignore the biggest highlight of Seven Chakras. smh terrible review

    • one

      you hit the nail on the head man. those tracks you mentioned are some of my favorites. Confession def puts me in a strange mental state. only half the album is battle type shit and what's wrong with battle shit if it's good right?

  • marcelo

    ces cru are killin it right now, "failed to excite" i don't know what the reviewer was thinking i was bobbin my head to all their tracks!

  • Drew

    These are two of the best lyricist in hip-hop. to me, that's why this review is so bad. A lot of what they say goes right over people's heads (at least the one's who aren't truly paying attention). Ces Cru are legends in the making.

  • Nick

    This review is pretty whack, they didn't even spell "Ubiquitous" right. CES Cru is the best cru, this album is killer. The chorus on "Shake It Up" is clever as hell, and these guys have lyrical talent that almost no mainstream rapper can match. At least the author of this recognizes that CES is really talented. I can't wait to hear more CES!

  • fronter

    Everytime I listen to this album it gets better and better. Right now I'm in love with the second half. Confession is my jam right now. I feel like Ubi feels more comfortable on the later songs. I don't know what order the tracks were made but that's how it came out. Skip is the shit and so is Wavy. I'm giving this a 5 because it's only improving as I listen to it more. Do yourself a favor and put some good ass headphones on and sit through the whole thing.

  • Marvin

    I think this review is on point. Its a good album,not a great one. And the songs are promising. I think that Wavy is the standout song on the record pass the singles and Wall E is dope as well. It is a great introduction to the world for CES and will pave the way for future success.

    • fronter

      Well the future success you're wishing for them will be severely hampered by shitty reviews like this. If i never heard of ces and saw their debut rated 3/5 i wouldn't even bother to check them out. this album is bomb as shit.

    • Anonymous

      Well u and Rek should have a good time fingering each other then

  • Ariel Penner

    Love these guys! Great live performance! Go CES!

  • David

    One of the Best albums I heard in a while, cant even say theres one shitty song cause there all good

  • Chan

    This review is ignorant

  • Ty

    This is the first CD since Techs KOD where I can actually listen to EVERY SONG and not skip a single one. Amazing cd.

  • Ryan

    great album. 'nuff said

  • David

    This review is sooo wrong. Outstanding album! How can IANAHB2 get 3* and CES Cru get 3* ?!

  • Cameron M

    This album is an amazing work and both ubi and godemis are on point with this release. I feel like they're trying different things and doing a great job at it.

  • Ben

    3 stars is not right!!

  • TONY

    Every track goes HARD!!!

  • Dez Sena

    Ces Cru kills it!!!

  • Ben

    Great lyrical flow, and variety of songs. Songs that bang and songs that just sound clean, great album.

  • Moolittle

    This review reads like it was written in 15 minutes. This is garbage. He didn't even spell Ubiquitous' name right. I take it HipHopDX is hiring.

    • Xover

      That was my biggest gripe with the review, it seemed like he game it just a once through and typed a half assed reviewed, not even mentioning the key tracks on the album. If HHDX was hiring, you would actually want to write reviews for them? You will get blasted by everybody else who thinks Lil Waynes and Gucci Maynes albums are the best things since sliced bread, and you have the nerve to call it trash.

  • firealarm

    David next time you write a review try to actually comprehend the album first not just write some spur-of-the-moment bullshit like this review. You probably couldn't even recall this album's details now. Faggot.

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ this review...... Then again its DX so why am I not surprised they dont know what there talking about

  • fatboyrule

    "But even a verse littered with jabs is permissible as long as you have that occasional uppercut, haymaker, something" They're not trying to throw haymakers, they're making hip-hop. You want haymakers and punchlines, go back and listen to Wayne and Big Sean... This ain't SUPADUPA Flow... this shit is HIP-HOP. HHDX - Please rewrite this review and fire the retard in the helmet, drooling on his keyboard, that calls himself Rek.

    • Xover

      It was like Rek was just looking for punchlines like he was hoping for the next coming of Bad Meets Evil (because even in the review thats obvious what he was looking for) and got all butt hurt that the album had the audacity to sound different. He got on his old Netcee goggles on and was just searching for punchlines because thats all people care about right, is punchlines.

  • fatboyrule

    How did you compare these guys to Brotha Lynch Hung? Lynch has been around awhile, I'll give you that. But questioning whether these guys bring value in comparison to Lynch? GTFOH! Lynch literally found every single word in the English language that rhymes with MEAT and made THREE albums talking about ripping bodies apart. And he gets like 4/5 every time he drops.

  • fatboyrule

    Where's "Wall-E"?? This is the track on the album with the strongest message and it wasn't even mentioned in the review? Not once? Seriously? How did this review even make it to publication? It's absolute garbage!

  • Xover

    First off, Da fuq with this rating? Rek says the punchlines sounds like the shit on the message boards Netcees use to write on sites like Rapmusic . com and shit. Rek, how in the fuck would you even know that? And if you actually LISTENED to the album you will see they were not spitting PUNCHLINES throughout this whole album. I did not hear one HAYMAKER because that was not what they were DOING on the album. They were being lyrical, with actual content, and with the case with Ubiquitous the metaphors were deep on SO many levels. Now was the album perfect. No, not by any stretch of the imagination. Songs like "Perception" should have never really existed. Quite possibly one of the worst tracks I have heard from a strange artist. Also I love lyrics and flow as much as the next person but when 3/4th of your album sounds the same we have an issue. The album needed more variety and more tracks like "Smoke" and "Wall-E" that actually spent time talking about other things then just the haters. Overall however, the album was one where I only skipped one track, and was greatly impressed with the content on the whole. Production by "Seven" was top notch and was glad that he actually got to work on an album where he did a bulk of the production. His tracks range from many different styles, and he has his hands on the pulse of both Godemis and Ubiquitous. Now lastly, Rek, there is no need to get pissed off when people call your reviews horrible. Yes do I feel it was horrible, oh god yes, but that is because I disagree with your opinion and that it was obvious you gave the album a once through and that was it. But if you honestly felt how you felt about this album, and you were thorough with your listens enough to give an honest, intelligent opinion, then you would not need to get pissed off about people on the internet calling your review trash. Stand behind your opinions without having to bash the people that bash your reviews.

    • fatboyrule

      How Rek chooses to do his job: Option 1) Do an awesome job, listen to the album, provide good insight to all of the dope tracks. I can even provide some critical suggestions to help these guys better their future in the long run and maybe score higher with their next release. It's good for the culture and I can sleep easy tonight. Option 2) I can half ass my review. I can lazily point out the lack of punch lines, fail to mention the song with the strongest message. Point out a Duke Nukem reference from the FIRST track so it sounds like I did listen to the album. Then, when the fans get bitchy in the forums, I can cop out and make some bullshit claim about fans going to war for their artists. It's good for the culture and I can sleep easy tonight. So which one did Rek pick when he went to work yesterday?

    • fatboyrule

      @Rek You may have said what you had to say about the album, but that doesn't give your review any kind of merit whatsoever. I agree 100% with Xover on this one, you half-assed the entire review process. Giving an album a once-over and writing what you wrote is a disgrace to hip-hop fans everywhere, and even more so to hip-hop critics who actually DO THEIR JOB. You can't write a bogus review then try and cop out of all the forum responses by saying "I like it when fans go to war for their artists, it's good for the culture". That's just another way of saying "I don't have to take responsibility for the quality of my work, the fans will do that for me".

    • rek

      Hey man, I been doing this for too long to get upset over someone not liking my reviews, or even the personal attacks (yall stupid for some of these lol). I actually like when fans get all mad and go to war for their favorite artists which is good for the culture (not that I'm trolling with the review or nothing like that). I only replied once because dude's logic cracked me up. Anyway, I already said what I had to say about the album and I appreciate your comment.



    • firealarm

      HipHopDX should hire writers who actually appreciate the culture but they'll just suck the industry's dick instead.

  • firealarm

    They call David "Rek" because all his reviews are a w"rek"

  • Anonymous

    just remember,"the way they hate on Godi and Ubi is fuckin' comedy"

  • Ces

    Lyrics and flow are really good, and Seven always has dope beats. Awesome album

  • fatboyrule

    "Its a shame because these guys have skill" No, David, the shame is that you have none...

  • Ben

    man fuckin hiphopdx gives the great artist shit reviews lije the rolling stones fuck this website

  • fatboyrule

    "Many of the punchlines are well put-together rhythmically, but they fail to excite." David "Rek" Lee fails to excite his girlfriend and got it confused with his album review.

  • fatboyrule

    I bought their EP 13 last year around August or September. I didn't give it much credit at first, but that shit grew on me like nothing I've heard before. All 8 songs of that EP are still on my playlist. I can't believe they gave their full length LP 3/5 stars. You guys have no clue what hip hop is anymore, you're just cashing checks and sucking dicks from major labels writing the biggest checks.

  • fatboyrule

    Did HipHopDX just give CES Cru the same fucking rating as Lil Wayne??? Seriously? These guys are fucking dope as hell. Their album isn't perfect (Skip, Perception), I'll give you that, but I would put the first 6 tracks on this album up against anything that fucking drops this year, and they would knock that shit out, hands down. Fuck this site.

  • dingy

    just feels like the end of the last LOTR movie....you just want it to end or at least have something pleasantly surprising.

    • Anonymous

      he's not trolling. it's possible not to like an album. i thought the album lacked lyrical substance, just a bunch of boring battle rhymes mostly

    • dingy

      i love trolling. So shoot me. I still dont see any arguments from people other than just more hate

    • Anonymous

      ^^Trolling like a motherfucker...

    • dingy

      in all honesty, if you like them thats cool. If you don't thats fine as well. He gave his opinion and I'm sure everyone has theirs. Agree to disagree

    • dingy

      you never watch the last Lord of the Rings (LOTR is the acronym). Its not a reach to use that acronym i believe. It was too long at the end of the return of the king. Just like some of the songs I heard that just keep going with guys ranting.

    • Anonymous

      Bruh what the fuck are you talking about

  • dingy

    I just heard two songs.....Look they are talented, but they just sound like they are ranting....aka...just a battle type thing.....I dont sense the energy or the unique voice...sorry....the world is mean and lets be honest, just lie hollywood, to make it you have to have talent but you also need that THING....cant define. These guys dont have that. Maybe they'll evolve and get one.

    • Antonio Cesaro

      And you got all of this from just 2 of their songs. Maybe you should listen to more tracks before forming an opinion, but hey to each their own. Your loss.

  • dingy

    why do people love correcting spelling so much on a opinionated article. Who the F cares?! Everyone is entitled to their opinion so if you dont agree cry about it to someone that cares.

    • dingy

      agreed. he should have been more careful.

    • JRich

      So why can't we write what we want? And misspelling Ubiquitous is different. It's the ARTIST'S NAME. And spelled wrong multiple times. That's not a typo, that's just not doing your research.

    • dingy

      um someone mentioned the word ubiquitous and its spelling....do you not see that below? and all its takes is one person and another person called him illiterate..not understanding your argument here. I believe another said his reviews are not reliable. Anyone that starts with "dude, shut the fuck up" clearly has some issues. And why can't I say what I want...isn't that what the COMMENT section is for?

    • JRich

      Lol dude shut the fuck up. A: He didn't have a typo, he spelled the artists name incorrectly, that's a pretty good cause for spelling corrections. And B: Only one dude was actually mad at the rating, I just said I disagreed. Go the fuck home and learn to read kid

  • Jake

    Hes clearly illiterate.

  • ky

    jesus guys let's relax. We all know dx reviews are never reliable.

  • JRich

    Radiate and Get That are 2 of the best songs on here. And no mention of Seven Chakras, probably the best song on the entire album. Gotta disagree with the review. And you can at least do 30 seconds of research and spell Ubiquitous's name right.


    Hey David "Lek" Lee... ur a nonamer and they're not. So... ur opinion doesn't count.

    • dingy

      if dave's opinions dont matter then why are you even reading his stuff? Haters love hating huh. At least have a reason why you dont like his piece. All you sound like is that underachieving kid in class that hates on the the kid that always does well. Grow up

    • rek

      you're a no namer too. so does your opinion that my opinion doesn't count count? oh shit, cool paradox bro!