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"Ambition" is not Wale's attempt at gauging his success by his competitors. Rather, he's carved out his own lane with the music proving to be just as ambitious.

Wale’s sophomore album Ambition could best be characterized by the line, “GQ ‘Man Of The Year’ / Cudi, Drizzy and me / Went away for a lil’ / Let my wisdom increase.”

Yes, there was a time when all three of these rising stars were considered equals. However, Wale’s musical journey since that GQ issue hasn’t been as clear cut and fruitful. Now though, he is an integral centerpiece of a respective crew in Maybach Music Group, a similar occurrence for his perceived counterparts (Cudi and G.O.O.D. Music, Drake and Young Money/Cash Money). Equally important, Ambition is not Wale’s attempt at gauging his success by his competitors. Rather, he has carved out his own lane, with the music proving to be just as ambitious.

Wale comfortably positions himself as "Maybach’s poetic genius" with a swift tongue for metaphors and a cadence that ingrains itself into the accompanying beat. Whether he’s flaunting his new piece on “Chain Music” ("They say karats help your vision / But somehow it made them listen") or lyrically bruising tracks like “Double M Genius” (“A modern day Goodfella, I’m Ray Liotta / Loud smoking so pass the L like a semicolon”) and “Legendary,” Wale’s sharpened delivery adds an intensity to every syllable that fittingly matches the album’s namesake. His first verse on the latter record corresponds:

“Only fear is mediocrity / So every time I got a beat I feel like I don’t got to sleep / Keep praying on your break, I hope you got a sling / Shot for all them shots coming out them beaks / I’m sort of like Socrates in a Prada tee / You can’t kick it, your pockets thinner than soccer teams / People fuckin’ with me, they ain’t fuckin’ with you / Lyrically top hmm, being generous too.”

Aside from Tone P of Best Kept Secret (and the insistent inclusion of “That Way” provided by Lex Luger), production for Ambition displays no repeats from Attention Deficit or any of the hooligan-approved beat makers found on Self Made Vol. 1. Instead, Wale summons a new eclectic cast that captures a different shade of Ralph Folarin. As he teams up with friend-then-foe-now-friend Kid Cudi on “Focused,” Kore’s spacey backdrop effectively sets the mood for a zoned-out trip, drugs not necessary. Fellow D.C.-native Mark Henry lays down the album’s most enlivening production with “Miami Nights” and the aforementioned “Double M Genius,” proving that Washington D.C. stays a criminally slept-on area at large. However, it’s Diplo’s unorthodox approach on “Slight Work” that will immediately garner the most attention. Blending Hip Hop, House and baile Funk into the mix for good measure, the outstanding execution behind the record carry Wale’s and Big Sean’s verses to uncharted territory. As with Hip Hop’s ever-growing and loosening attitude, this style of music should become warmly accepted in small doses.

Wale keeps the mistakes in check throughout Ambition, with his Achilles heel of female (read: commercial-friendly) records surprisingly coming out smoother than in the past. The best example comes in the form of “Sabotage,” an engaging track describing the ups and downs of finding a serious partner. Backed by a full live band sound and Lloyd’s  appropriate wailing, “Sabotage” is arguably one of the more polished R&B records to come out this year. “Lotus Flower Bomb” takes a more intimate path, with Wale’s urging words of lust convincingly shedding any notion of his previous ‘backpack rapper’ position. Things don’t turn out so well for “Illest B****” however, where uneven production from The Bizness clashes with Wale’s staccato delivery. In the process, Wale’s sentimental words of encouragement lose interest. The laid back vibe of “White Linen (Coolin)” fares better, yet his wordplay here is decent at best (“Pimp stroll on em’, the pen cold on em’ / Couldn’t fuck with it with a million nymphos on ya”).  

With a tight-knit collection of features and palpable confidence exuded in his lyrics, Ambition is Wale’s most cohesive and likewise enthralling project thus far in his brisk career. As such, the magnitude of this album rests in the hook of the title-track. Wale doesn’t expect every fan to symbolize their appreciation with a SoundScan; just don’t hold your applause.

Wale: "Bait [#Geechie Version]"


  • bwebb

    this was his best album, if you hatin on it then your hip hop opinion doesnt matter, and you didnt actually sit down and LISTEN to what he's saying. this hoe was pretty classic no boost.

  • MusicFan

    Didnt like it at first but it grew on me alot

  • The Truth

    Wale is the best in MMG.

  • George

    Freashest Album of last year

  • Candice nichols

    classic album

  • @ImaShootCupid

    Best Album And Deepest Album I EVER Heard !

  • Felicia

    Best Album of 2011 hands down.

  • Raynieca Johnson

    I love it. I can listen to this without skipping a track. As a woman, I don't care to listen about the trap all the time. He goes hard for everyone. Men, women, and the streets.

  • Neiman Marcus

    in top five hip hop albums released this year

  • Tobi Olonisakin

    Wale put his heart into this album. He truely defines Ambition

  • roger

    aint no body fuckin wit him right now real talk

  • roger

    the shit da best i heard in a long time i been waiten 4 someone to get put on and not change da style when da gettin money like j.cole but his album got a couple tracks to but them hard bars he had on mixtapes like the come up not there no more

  • Anonymous

    he stayed consistent to the theme & title of his album

  • Southerna

    Section.80CampCole World>Take Care>Ambition. i really didnt like this album much. it seems to commercial. as if every song was meant to appeal to the radio listeners. very few instances of deep thought. he can do better.

  • moresickaMC

    One of the years best hiphop albums. If wale can do more of this, he will last in the game. his rhymes are still witty and complex, plus the beats, songwriting dope! Wale hit the home run. props

  • Anonymous

    listen to it twice over, with the head phones on, you'll see this is a good fucking album.

  • Ard Nero

    Hey WALE !!!!!!!!!!! Blaaaaaah Go Do Def Jam Poetry ....... Fuck Outta Here

  • 718rob

    duh, it's his best album. There's only 2...

  • Aristides Cruz

    This best wale album sofar

  • be

    wow wale, you went from 0-gay in record time. lame shit

  • nugget15o

    i fucks wit wale for a few yrs now he been hot ....he with the right team mmg

  • K.B.

    Mixtapes are different than albums, Wale does well with both. Admittedly his mixtapes have been better than this album, but this album is a lot more approachable and entertaining than Attention Deficit. It's similar in a way to the J Cole fans liking his mixtapes more than the Cole World. Albums and mixtapes have different goals and are therefore made differently. listen to both.

  • Quese

    What! 4 stars r u serious im a big walw fan been fucking wit hum before more about nothing actually since mixtape about nothing and this album was A BIG LET DOWN WALE IS STARTING TO FALL OFF PERIOD this album was wack simple and plain shouldnt have sign wit mmg smh

  • Anonymous

    11. Ambition (ft. Meek Mill & Rick Ross) Yall mighta heard this shit before. Son got The Ralph Tresvant n Bobby Brown of MMG on this joint (word....Wale definitely the Ricky Bell of that shit). This shit probably the best joint on the whole album son...which kinda makes up for that 4 song streak of tampon music that came before this muthafucka namsayin. Not really tho...cos those joints was like listenin to son drop down n get his eagle on for like 15 minutes. I aint probably gon forgive the nigga for that shit b. But this joint goes hard as fuck son. This shit make you wanna go cop a 8 ball to cook up n start sellin to ya own nephews n nieces on some guerilla pimp dont give a fuck bout nobody type shit nahmean. 12. Illest Bitch - Son wanna be the latest nigga to attempt the "I be empowerin broads by callin em bitches" type song that intelligent females usually dont be feelin...but causes these hoodrats to g'head n start p-poppin at family picnics yo. This joint kinda laid back tho...so it aint really gon get these hookers throwin bows n breakin they nails or nothin like that...but they gon be quotin bars off this shit for months either way yo. Little niggas is gon be dedicatin this joint to they 14 yr old girlfriends n gettin em seeded up to this shit come Valentines Day namsayin. Hoes in the after hours spots is gon be closin they eyes n pointin to the sky when this shit start playin b. Grimey ass broads is gon be pourin out they liquor to this shit. Son even goes into some spoken word bullshit towards the end that I aint really gon get into tho. By the way son...Im grown nahmean....so I dont really be knowin no low self esteem havin teenage broads that shit like this might be useable on...n I dont need no more hoodrats in my life b. So this muthafucka goin into the recycle bin too son. 13. No Days Off - This shit sound kinda like the beat to Biggie's Me & My Bitch...but witta Toomp twist to it....which is basically what this beat is namsayin. But the nigga Folarin aint sayin nothin THAT creative on this muthafucka. The boy jus spittin that usual come up shit that 75% of niggas be spittin bout nahmean. I wasnt mindin this shit til I heard son say some shit like "higher than high school Mariah tunes n fire flutes on fights n hoopers in light shoes". Now Im jus feelin disrespected son. I mean...that probably aint even exactly what the nigga said but Im still feelin disrespected either way yo.... like...nigga thats jus some bullshit. 14. DC or Nothing - This shit starts out wit some bitch nigga oooohin over some emotional ass synths...but then the shit starts pickin up namsayin. I mean....even tho son still jus talkin more of that come up shit I was actually kinda feelin this one yo......til the hook came in. Ayo son...I dont kno who it is...but dude singin this shit sounds like he rocks mad Abercrombie n Fitch shit b. Im sayin like...I can see the tight ass Club Monaco gear n canvas sneakers in my mind when I hear this muthafucka sing b. He sounds like the type a dude who be inventin suspect ass drinks that end wit "tini" when he goes out son. I aint really tryna shit on the nigga...but I bet the dude drives a hatchback tho. This shit aint horrible or nothin....but it definitely aint gettin no itunes play son. 15. That Way (Ft. Jeremih & Rick Ross) - Damn yo....the homie Lex Luger did this shit? Ayo the Superfly shit aint nothin new but Lex kinda changed his shit up here b. As far as the vocab...I mean at first you might think its jus another joint aimed at broads...but this one kinda fly nahmean. Rozay did his thing of course. Jeremih croonin some gentle ass shit as usual...but this shit jus works yo. See a lot a yall might think that the god dont like no laid back shit that you can cool out wit a broad to...but I jus dont like when that shit aint done rite son. This shit here is some fly ass smooth shit yo. Anyways son...I fucks wit it. Ayo listen son.... the biggest mistake a nigga can make when he bout to drop his album is declare that shit a classic b....UNLESS he gon deliver on that shit nahmean. The boy Wale been callin this shit a classic for a minute now son. A couple months ago son asked niggas why he cant jus say his shit is as good as Reasonable Doubt. Im sayin...that shit is cool my dude...but once you open that door you gotta step thru it at some point yo. You start pointin out into the upper deck before the pitch...you better be tryin to knock that shit out the park fam. So yeah...same way that Young Eeyore shouldnta even said the word Illmatic while he was hypin his own coma-fied ass album...the boy Wale shoulda jus kept his mouth shut bout Jay's first born nahmean par. That Hov shit was, is, n gon STAY a classic g. Word is bond son. But if any nigga gon actually say Ambition a classic n mean that shit....I hope that muthafucka gets hit by a asteroid b. Aint like Ambition is wack or nothin son...namsayin you could even say the shit is "good". But son...even tho Reasonable Doubt was mainly jus all joints bout hustlin...there aint no two songs on that muthafucka that covered the exact same ground over again yo. That shit was a journey namsayin. That shit told a story. This shit is jus some half decent joints n a couple bangers mixed in wit a whole lotta average shit. I mean...the boy Wale got like 5 or 6 ballads on this muthafucka b. Tender ass ones too yo. So nah...that shit aint official like that par. Son shoulda compared this shit to Kingdom Come or whatever. When you in the presence of excellence you either bow or you challenge that shit son. For example yo...that nigga Kanye got a big mouth n done talked mad shit...n niggas BEEN hated dude for that shit yo. What makes that nigga unfadeable rite now tho is he keep backin up all his talk namsayin. Niggas HATE to love that boy Yeezy son. Niggas hate THEYSELVES for likin that arrogant muthafuckas joints nahmean. Niggas hate theyselves for knowin the WORDS to that niggas shit too par. But Wale...son need to stick to bowin before greatness namsayin. IF niggas hate Wale its cos he arrogant as fuck n DONT prove niggas wrong nahmean. So nahhh son aint cut out for greatness like that yo...but at least he aint wack. He makes a good addition to Rawse's team. He aint cut out for individual greatness like that tho. He kinda cut out for okayness or goodness namsayin. So he gets that. This shit gets 3 Zeus Slaps from me tho my nigga. But son got a perfect 5 outta 5 apl.de.ap n Taboo 'Sidekick Salutes' namsayin. Aight peace.

  • Anonymous

    1. Don't Hold Your Applause - Aight son...its 6 seconds into this muthafuckin album n son already distress croonin on some la la la bullshit. Either this shit bout to be Sideline Story all over again...n son plannin to serenade his way thru 15 hooks or he jus gettin that shit out the way from the jump namsayin. He spittin some decent shit on this joint...but he also sayin some flamboyant shit here n there. Son also said "GQ men of the year, Cudi, Drizzy n Me". That was '09 tho b. They called them the "Gangster Killers of The Year" in that issue son....which Im thinkin was sposed to be a joke or sumthin my dude. N when they actually did start puttin rap niggas on the cover for that shit the next year...they aint honor Cudi n Wale yo. They only showed love to the rap Tyler Perry that year son....lets jus keep it real here. Speakin of Young Eeyore tho...its like son was possessed by the ghost of Jermaine Cole on this hook b. Anyways yo...I aint sayin its wack but the god probably wont be listenin to this shit ever again son. 2. Double M Genius - I guess son is on his humble shit b. Nigga said "Wale" like 87 times on this muthafucka too yo. The beat on this joint is like some low budget J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League shit son. I aint sayin its wack but lets jus say that Ricky Rozay probably passed on this shit n "saved it" for the homie Folarin nahmean. The hook is some bullshit tho. I dont kno who singin that shit but the nigga sound like a transvestite son. I probably wont listen to this shit ever again neither b...but I aint really mad at it like that namsayin. 3. Miami Nights - I think most of yall done heard this shit by now...n this was never like my favorite shit or nothin....but its aight. The beat sound kinda like some 80s cruise ship entertainment type shit....so I be picturin old white people startin conga lines to some shit like this in my head yo. The Bawse drops a couple words of wisdom in the bridge n shit....but no bars or nothin. Real talk tho...I dont really wanna hear this shit ever again par. 4. Legendary - 1.5 seconds into this muthafucka n this shit was already my favorite joint so far b. This beat got some actual hair on its chest son. I aint even kno it was a Toomp joint til I recognized this shit was superior to all the shit I been hearin n checked the credits son. Actually this shit makes me HATE the 3 joints before it even more. The nigga actually spittin forreal on this shit too yo. Its kinda hard to take the "fuck fame, n fuck money" hook serious tho...since the nigga been in full time diva mode for like 2 years now son. But I dig this shit nahmean. Imma probably even dump this joint into a playlist on the iPod my nigga.

    • Anonymous

      5. Lotus Flower Bomb (ft Miguel) - Aight first off yo. Fuck this song title b. This shit dropped a while back n I never even peeped the shit cos the song title sounded like a yoga pose nahmean. Its sounded like some shit the broad in Coldplay might bang vaginas wit Gwyneth Paltrow too yo. But after listenin to this shit I feel like I need to slap box witta minotaur jus to restore some manhood to my senses b. This shit is like havin a waterfall of ovaries comin thru all the windows n doors in ya crib when you listen to it son. Its like audio breast milk. Ayo I understand you gotta gear summa ya shit to the females bruh...but this shit is straight bitchmade son. A dude listens to this shit one too many time n he gon get a period if he aint careful g. I hope I dont hear this shit again for like the rest of my life yo. 6. Chain Music - Aight...straight up....this beat is ferocious my nigga. Son kinda flowin like a muthafucka on this shit too yo. This shit is jus mad ignorant b. Yalls already kno that Zeus Hands fucks wit that ignorant shit heavy tho nahmean. This shit so tuff I almost forgot bout that Lotus Vagina Bomb joint that came before it son. 7. Focused (ft Kid Cudi) - Soon as this shit started...all I could picture was muthafuckas wit glow stick necklaces twirlin ribbons around in they skin tight metallic outfits b. This that 2 dudes in a Mitsubishi Eclipse sharin one dancin white broad shit rite here nahmean. This joint is softer than baby shit. This fool Wale even said "Killin these black heads, my rap is Noxzema" yo. Son jus compared his shit to a face cream my nigga. This shit is jus mad corny son. I mean...I kno theres muthafuckas out there thats gon dig this shit...but Tone probably wont never listen to this shit ever again par. 8. Sabotage (ft Lloyd) - This jus some more hoe shit but it sounds like Hit Em Up compared to the last joint son. That human ovary Lloyd is beltin out the hook on some serious tender nigga shit for this one yo. I guess son gotta do his joints for the females tho. So I can respect that b. 9. White Linen [Coolin] (ft Ne-Yo) - Ok son...I was tryin to chill but I dont kno how this nigga jus gon drop 3 bitchmade ass joints in row like this...but apparently thats what he jus did here yo. All 3 of these muthafuckas is bout to find they way to the recycle bin tho. Cos I aint wastin no precious time hearin this bullshit ever again my dude. 10. Slight Work (ft Medium Sean) Word is bond...the world famous Diplo did this joint nahmean. Unfortunately this shit jus sounds like Swizz Beatz kicked in the door...erased the joint Diplo made n tapped out one of his basic ass dogshit beats...then left THIS shit there for em instead. I feel like Beyonce spose to be upliftin the low self esteem havin broads of the world over this beat son. This shit is jus ass b. Mr Finally Famous need to get the fuckouttahere too yo.

  • George aka Blak Afrik

    Best album of the year so far, slightly edges out Watch the throne.......am thinking he's a legend in the making...

  • Brookaveli

    What I really want to know: is this album better than the "More About Nothing" mixtape?

  • Anonymous

    A big improvement from his first album. Lotus flower is my shit but Ambition is one of the stand out tracks to me.

  • peejay

    they rate this higher than j cole they are nuts i will never respect ya reviews for this one

  • kingkong

    this album is a fucking killer all u motherfukers go out and cop this shit support real hiphop

  • G5

    This is a good album. Not classic but solid as shit and I definitely didn't think working with Ross was a good move but somehow he brought out the best in Wale as well as gave him a new lane to explore. Shit is dope and if he follows this formula his next one might be a classic.

  • Phil Paddock

    Wale gets a 4, take care a 3.5? both should be a 4.

  • RG

    A lot of hatin ass people on here. Wale cd is classic. All u young niggas want to listen to is shoot'em up, i sell the most dope, smack a bitch type music. Its more to hip hop than that. Wale is a true lyricist!

  • Matthew Lewis

    ambition>take care added plus this can actually be considered a form of hip hop

  • YES

    HHDX's 4 star rating of this album has seriously made me question their credibility when it comes to album reviews... this album was/is garbage. Wale sold out - which is understandable, i probably would've done the same - and his music suffered because of it.

  • jg

    this album needed more Rick Ross

  • a Real Review

    Ok - now i can rate this album. Pros - 1) Album is pretty good when you listen to all of it. if you only listen to what Hip Hop DX has linked to this page, immediately I would say garbage. After full listen of the album, this album is a CLUB banger, COMMERCIAL Banger. If you're looking for the deep Wale, then look elsewhere. 2) Wale linking with Ross will definitely make him famous. Ross has some of the greatest production and now so does Wale. They even kept some of the GO GO DC/Maryland sound to it with hits like Bait, Chain Music sound. But the Maybach Music sound has not been neglected with tracks like Don't Hold Da Applause, Miami Nights and Sabotage. There's even a mix of the Maybach Music and DC sound on Chain Music (which i can easily hear Ross rhyming on). 3. Legendary is hot for whoever listens. Most of the tracks are listenable. Great production. CONS: 1) I hate how lazy tongued Wale sounds doesn't sound clear and crisp. He appears to be trying to sound southern. Wale should just sound like Wale. 2) Wale is swagger jacking rhyming over beats that are made for Ross and even flowing like Ross. 3) Wale's legacy has be compromised by flipping his whole style - clearly selling out for success, but a mc's got to eat, so i can't hate him for it. I agree the album lacks substance and punch. Content doesn't match his delivery. Sounds a bit fake. I can see this album getting 3.5 - 4 just for production alone. Lyrics are not bad. Delivery has a lot of room for improvement.

  • ilovehiphop

    Ambition > Coleworld > Take Care

  • hushup

    4 stars ? really no way maybe 3 stars . album doesnt do anything for me . lacks substance and rhymes , plus the beats are weak

  • DJ 10:20

    this album is dope i like what he has done with this project.

  • Otis Thelonius

    Not cause I'm from the DMV, but Wale been doing his thing. Been rocking w/him prior to him touching the JUSTICE trax.

  • Andre Stepurlifegameup Cooper

    I have listened to both j Cole and wale album and to be real wale has a better overall album. He had the singles for the ladies(lotus flower bomb)... He got bars (legendary no days off) He got that old wale sound(don't hold your applause double m genius)... It wasn't a classic but it has it's moments. I enjoyed the album and also enjoyed j Cole album.... To all you j Cole butt lovers..... Get over it the album was good but wasn't great.... Take that classic dickriding bullshit and cram itcdown your throat....good day

  • KevinFoleyVT

    I just took a shit and it sounded better than most of this album..I realize Wale is with a new team...but that doesnt mean that he has to completely abandon his opinions for more flash. Can't wait for the Debut from Pill...gonna be FIRE!!!

    • Andre Stepurlifegameup Cooper

      Nigga please..... You know the album was hot..... And my shit is better than your mothers pussy....good day you hating ass faggot

  • Anonymous

    This albums truly sucks. But I won't rate it just yet because maybe some of the songs will grow on me because there are some club sounding songs that has the potential to be bangers. What happened to the old Wale though? Wasn't he conscious like Lupe? I know he's down with Rick Ross, but ATCQ made conscious club bangers all the time. This kid has lost his way.

    • Anonymous

      Ok - now i can rate this album. Pros - 1) Album is pretty good when you listen to all of it. if you only listen to what Hip Hop DX has linked to this page, immediately I would say garbage. After full listen of the album, this album is a CLUB banger, COMMERCIAL Banger. If you're looking for the deep Wale, then look elsewhere. 2) Wale linking with Ross will definitely make him famous. Ross has some of the greatest production and now so does Wale. They even kept some of the GO GO DC/Maryland sound to it with hits like Bait, Chain Music sound. But the Maybach Music sound has not been neglected with tracks like Don't Hold Da Applause, Miami Nights and Sabotage. There's even a mix of the Maybach Music and DC sound on Chain Music (which i can easily hear Ross rhyming on). 3. Legendary is hot for whoever listens. Most of the tracks are listenable. Great production. CONS: 1) I hate how lazy tongued Wale sounds doesn't sound clear and crisp. He appears to be trying to sound southern. Wale should just sound like Wale. 2) Wale is swagger jacking rhyming over beats that are made for Ross and even flowing like Ross. 3) Wale's legacy has be compromised by flipping his whole style - clearly selling out for success, but a mc's got to eat, so i can't hate him for it. I can see this album getting 3.5 - 4 just for production alone. Lyrics are not bad. Delivery has a lot of room for improvement.

    • Anonymous

      don't assume...i like Ross...just don't like Wale. You can grow and expand (not limit yourself to one content), but he's abandoned and sold out.

    • Andre Stepurlifegameup Cooper

      Let me guess if he wasn't with Ross he would be doing his thing right? Hating ass nigga kill yourself.... Wale is still the same artist it is just that you didn't listen to the album#troll

  • Cultures Clothing

    Sorry folks, (No Hate), but this album definitely is not in the Top 5 of Hip-Hop albums that came out this year. It's probably not even in my top 20 or 30. I guess it's ok for a commercial Hip-Hop release, but I wasn't really feeling it. Here are some albums that people should check out that are better than this album (IMHO): "In Case I Don't Make It" - Has-Lo "Oneirology" - CunninLynguists "Cinemetropolis" - Blue Scholars "Highlighter" - People Under the Stairs "Moving at Break Neck Speed" - Ugly Duckling "The Sender" - Median "Cats and Dogs" - Evidence "W.A.R." - Pharoahe Monch "R.E.K.S." - Reks "Charity Starts at Home" - Phonte "Lyrical Law" - Canibus "A Dreamer's Journey" - Strange Fruit Project "Introducin" - Willie Evans JR. "Love & Rockets Vol 1" - MURS "Walk Into A Bar" - Prometheus Brown & Bambu "While You Were Sleeping" - Writternhouse ^^^Just to name a few. The Roots, the Chicharones, Common, Unknown Prophets, and Eligh have albums coming out too.

    • Swaggy DuhhNigga

      NO YALL ALL ARE WRONG the albums of the year are Big KRIT's "Return Of 4eva" & Kendrick Lamar's "Section80" & Wale's album is a great album damn near classic. Him & Cole can make a run for album of the year. ALL 4 artists. Drake wasnt a HIP HP album..his album was POP-RAP album.

    • Reason

      How are you gonna name all of those albums and forget the best album of the year "Section.80" Kendrick Lamar...nothing is fuckin' with that body of work

    • Psyntax

      Great list my friend. These are some other albums that probably should finish in front of this one at the end of the year: Blueprint - "Adventures In Counter-Culture" Atmosphere's - "Family Sign" Grieves - "Together Apart" Classified - "Handshakes & Middle Fingers" Sims - "Bad Time Zoo" Talib Kweli's - "Gutter Rainbows" Immortal Technique's - "The Martyr" L*Roneous - "Notes of The Righteous Outlaw" Vakill - Armor Of God Qwazaar & Batsauce - Bat Meets Blaine One Be Lo - Labor

    • Shame

      Ex cept Lyrical Law, lyricism was crazy but that was about it..

  • Olddirty

    too many weak songs on this album


    Nothing special to me , Average rapper with ok songs and beats . no real flow , or rhymes that blow my mind . 2.5 stars

  • Anonymous

    album is good but why did nt j cole get 4 stars

  • LazyEyedWonder


  • Squeaky Moore

    this is my shit i couldn't wait for is ablum it will be played a the time.

  • Beecher Michigan

    Meek, and other mix trape is better then people ablum, i think they need to listen before they put it out. I think Wale could do better i give it a 2.5

  • Troy Collier Jr.

    Just gettin yall attention

  • Jason Hustle-Hard Pierre

    Overall Great Album 4th to (3rd) J.cole's album and (1st)Jay-Z Watch The Throne & (2nd) Drakes Take Care

  • Anonymous

    u didn't know real rap

  • Real

    Was a little dissapointed. The hit songs were hot, so I was expecting an overall good album but it fell short of that. 3 stars.

  • Donmbero

    1 Ambition, 2 Watch the throne 3. Coleworld 4 bad meets evil 5 Frank Ocean-Mixtape

  • 6g

    WHITE APPROVED LOSER EMCEE. W.A.L.E. dude is trash. album is trash. dx is getting that payola. if you send a check to dx, album gets 4 stars, no question. this loser emcee rolls with the fakest clique in the game and makes soft, sellout, rap. not one banger, not one dope flow, zero hot lines, zero originality. this guy is a leader of the new school? kids suck. RAP SUCKS.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. With regards to the rap sucks statement, as long as you acknowledge the 5 elements(Graffiti, Turntablism, etc) of Hip Hop, then yeah Rap is doing pretty bad. @Randy: This is supposed to a Hip Hop site not a rap site.

    • Randy Robbins

      if rap sucks, why the fuck on you on a rap website?

    • Anonymous

      idiot, yeah he's not 50 cent

    • Kill yourself

      Just cuz you have 2 dads doesn't mean you gotta hate on this album. Do us a favor and kill yourself, stop hating on MMG. Lets see you do better kid.

  • Donmbero

    1 of tha better albums thats came out this year. Sabotage is tha best collabo of tha collabo

  • the boss

    album of the year goes to Saigon "The Greatest Story Never Told"

  • xripperx

    It is interesting reading this review right after reading Pitchfork's. Funny that it takes a indie-rock publication to speak eloquently about how a rap album fits into the current world of hip-hop. I know it's "all about the music", but this review is really lacking.

  • ET

    Its obvious why ppl jock j. Cole becuz of his affiliation with jay z. Wale will embarass j. Cole lyrically. And Rick Ross knows how to pick his beats and thats why Wale's album is way better PERIOD. and J cole doesnt have the swag that Wale has, he alwys seems unsure of himself. And J cole got his shine took by drake, that was his competition, (battle of the half breeds) not Wale.

  • bleed blue

    why does everybody have to pick between cole world or ambition why cant you like both? do you have to just like one artist or something lol i personaly like ambition better but i liked cole world also just go out and support these artist and hiphop as a whole just enjoy the music people lol the way this is goin we need a colabo album between wale and j cole then everybody can be happy lol


    Don't see how this is rated higher than cole's album. I can't bare to listen to wale cram a bunch of words into each bar. Syllable strangling rap is a no go for me.

  • Joe

    Best hip hop album of the year with cole world a close second but wale just has this flow that cole doesnt have

    • bisquic

      Oneirology deserves R.E.D's spot imo, but I havent heard The Great Debater or much of Watch the Throne.

    • I stay high...not really, but you know

      hod guy - that was one the best lists I've seen. Good shit mang, I will check out a couple I've slept on.

    • hod_guy

      best album are as follows you Tasteless bastard: 1. Saigon- Greatest Story Never Told 2. Phonte- Charity Starts at Home 3. Pharoahe Monch- W.A.R. 4. J. Cole- Cole World 5. Kendrick Lamar- Section .80 6. Jay-Z/Kanye- Wath The Throne 7. Skyzoo- The Great Debater 8. The Game- R.E.D. 9. Reks- Rthymatic Eternal King Supreme 10.Wale- Ambition (I heard Drake last nite, it's okay better than Wayne's album, I predict The Roots & Common will shake the top ten up)

  • Streetman15

    Album of the year

  • b real

    ambition is better than cole world by far but both are good artist

  • Ross Spargur

    album was so boring. super weak, couldnt get into it at all....maybe its just me but i want something better from wale, i think he is decent but this album was poop

  • Chris

    Why is everyone always comparing? J cole's album was good and wale's is too. They both have different style's. Solid album. Hip-hop is doing good now. Enjoy the music stop hating


    krit, wale, cole, chyi are way behind that

  • ___

    not great, cole world shits on this. this aint true hip hop

  • Anonymous


  • Cole

    Not better than cole world!!!

  • BeenDereDoneThat

    R.E.D is the album of the year fk u haters..

  • jellzman

    Solid 4 outta 5 possibly 4.5 Wale is Great! Hiip Hop is in perfect hands

  • sgeo

    wale's album is a classic

  • Anonymous

    DX needs to hire this guy to do reviews. ------ That Way. Maybe it doesn't remind you of his previous work but this beat has been used at least 3 times by some one on Maybach. Fail. Focused; Great song for fags. Auto tune = automatic Fail. Autotune couldn't even save his voice. Slight work. If this is hip hop then hip hop is dead. Lotus Flower. Boy he really invented a new flow there. Not. Typical song that got LL ran out the game. Now it's accepted. Please if those are the best on this album then this album should get a 2 at best.

  • Anonymous

    Good cd but album of the year??????ppl r buggin

  • Jesse

    Love This Album! Love J. Cole's Album! Loving Hip Hop At The Moment!

  • Unknown

    what does this album have to do with j. cole??? absolutely nothing. with that said, not a bad album at all but it's like he just can't match or surpass his mixtape material. at least it's better than AD.

  • Vile Da Wrath

    Jcole and Wale are solid Rappers but both of the albums didnt live up to there mixtapes...with the expection of 4 songs of coarse from both albums.

    • Kalicia

      i'd have to agree, tho i lyke both albums cole world & ambition are nowhere near the quality of their mixtapes & definitely didn't live up to all the hype both artists promoted.

    • Kashif Ilyas

      Wale lived upto his mixtape hype as much as feasibly possible. Dude has to sell records too. But a 4 out of 5 rating solidifies his work.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was decent, not too good Wale needs to drop another seinfeld tape

  • jason

    How the fuck did this get 4 stars and Cole World only got 3.5 stars? Cole World is the wayyyyyyyyyyy better album. It's not even close. Anyone who says otherwise needs to kill themselves

    • Anonymous

      J. Cole album was better, and HE produced his shit so that sets it apart from a lot of other shit. BUT, wale album Ambition is an improvement from his last. Good job Wale.

    • Anonymous

      na bro ambition is way better than cole world even coles biggest fans was disapointed in his album pluse wale is an all around better MC imo

  • EvenAHaterIsAFan

    Oh, haters make me laugh. Wale put out an album that is tailored for a large audience. I bet you all have a song on the album you like? Yes. My point exactly! The only problem with Wale is "hype". His bar was set so high and his competition elevated it even higher. People are digesting The Sideline Story and waiting to Take Care! That's a big hole to fill! I would give him a B+ for direction and a solid B for effort!

  • Azhar

    Having said that, I like the record, but i like the mixtape better, which I find myself saying more and more about artists J. Cole for example his mixtape was better than his album I seriously doubt if Freddie Gibbs cd will be better than Cold Day in Hell, will TM103 be better that TRIB 1 and 2, i hope so but i doubt it.....

  • Azhar

    Honestly, I was disappointed especially after Self Made and 11/1/11 theory mixtape... Lyrically he delivers as usual, but the music while well crafted, just didn't bang like i thought it would, he went too far left.

  • 1/5


  • Anonymous

    j cole is not true hip hop artist wale it is

  • Akim

    Cole album way better than Wale s

  • Akim

    sorry this album is not that great,He sound the same on all the tracks, same hooks on all the tracks too,He needs to be more creative .

  • ark

    How the fuck is this album of the year for some of you????? Must've been listening to alot of wack shit. No way this deserves 4 stars.

  • Hip Hop lover, not a hater

    so all the cole world fans came out in their numbers to give this great album 3.65 stars because they hurt cole world got a 3.5 rating lol!! come on guys stop the hating this album was good

  • bleed blue

    this is album of the year wale is not a rapper he is a MC! its about time a tru mc gets some shine everybody go out and get the album support real hiphop and not this wack pop shit

  • G-Ryder

    4 stars is a joke. There is MAYBE 3 decentsongs on there. Legendary is by far the best song n the album. the album is overall trash. HHDx, yall r handing out those high ratings a lil to easily IMO

  • Raf

    Good album, I was impressed. But I don't understand how DX rated this higher than Cole's album. DX's ratings are wack

    • Kashif Ilyas

      Its not funny, its true. If you don't know that, you don't probably know much about hip-hop technique. Ask any hip-hop critic, he will tell you Wale's flow is much better than Cole's. But I am not hating. J.Cole is a great artist. Why do you always want to compare these rappers?

    • dee

      lol i got a good laugh reading anonymous post.. wale has a better flow thn cole? haha that's funny.

    • Anonymous

      ill tell you how because this album is twice as good as cole world and wale has a way better flow than j cole and this is coming from a cole fan but wale is way more talented and has a way better album

  • Allan

    You kno what I noticed about hiphopdx that they hold highly anticipated albums to higher standards and give them lower ratings because of that. Then they give the more underrated albums higher ratings. I like Wale and this album but I just dont see how Ambition can be a 4.0 and Cole World is a 3.5 thats blasphemy if you ask me...

  • Shannon

    best album ever, wale is the greatest!

  • Greg

    Hey he is a goodass rapper, Keep do what you do and get that money!

  • Rharell Yomi Folami

    His making it to the Top...

  • Roshawnda Walker

    Love the new album!!

  • James Riddle Hoffa

    A very great album. Not a classic. He'll go platinum. Hopefully.

  • Cole got the top on locked!

    COLE WORLD defintely got the #1 spot SECTION 80 is next behind for the #2 spot best believe that partna! THE THRONE aint no where on top, C4 no where on top, Ambition? nigga please lol

  • Jayanna

    I've been a fan since Paint a Picture and honestly? This album is some SHIT.

  • Holla

    Classic album. He repped the DMV right with this one for the world to hear. Much support to em!

  • quantessia

    This is greatness best rapper out with a message period!

  • Keezie

    Great album. Wale's lyrical style of lyrical delivery is what I look for in hip hop. Very witty. Some rappers lines are funny enough to make me think they can write for comedy shows. He's one of them.

  • Wu Tang is for the Children

    Poor album, certainly not a classic.

  • ADP

    Folarin' found his stride....

  • Daniel

    Album is a potential classic like Come On people...as Wale said on the first track " Don't Ever Hold Your Applause For Me " like come on

  • Fossie

    What the hell is goin on around her!TECH 9ne and no other is the best rapper in 11!Album of the year and so on.......

    • TaZzZ

      Welcome to Strangeland is that shit, takin it back to the roots... 6's and 7's can blow me, no real tech fan can enjoy anything bout it, aside from the fact that the dopest MC of all time is getting the money and recognition he deserves, finally. Strange has the best roster since the old Def Jam and tech's got the best ear in hip hop period... There is no comparison

  • Anonymous

    Boooooooooooooooooring! To many r&b shit

  • NJ

    I wasn't too keen on the album to begin with but it has grown on me massively, everything flows perfectly and Wale's lyrics are great for the most part, this is Wale's best effort to date in my book, but i'm certain he can do better. 4 stars is bang on!

  • Kashif Ilyas

    This is a very dope album delivered by Wale. Deserves the superior rating completely.

  • Anonymous

    The years best albums go a little like these 5 no order. J Cole - Cole Word Side Line Story Wale - Ambition Kendrick Lamar - Section 80. Cunninlyguisits - Oneirology Talib Kweli - Gutter Rainbows

  • Robert Aguilar

    This album is the shit! IDGAF what anyone else wants to say, MaybachMusic is killin it with Wale on their roster.

  • Troof

    Can't be album of the year when you're goin up against the likes of Kendrick Lamar, 9th Wonder, Phonte, J. Cole, and Saigon... jussayin... I really did enjoy this album, prolly one of the biggest surprises of the year, but far from LP of the year

  • ymello

    I don't usually comment but i read a lot of the comments and people that havent even heard the cd calling it garbage saying j.cole cd was better real talk cole world was garbage j.cole got a little skill but a long way to go wale to but this cd was steps far above cole world but i will agree if these artist stop wasting good songs on mixtapes and putting out what the record label think gonna be the new club bannger they could stop crying about record sales and people would respect the real lp more if you put out what you really feel

  • Akki Akil

    wale is good but it would not be better than j.cole he is the beast

  • Anonymous

    Album Of The Year hands down

  • kayaman

    WALE.....another rapper thats mixtape material is better than an actual album

  • fcvs

    this piece of shit better than cole world? only looked at the stars and I ain't even gonna read this Lost Ones > this garbage album

  • ghh

    his debut was garbage except 2 songs. I'm affraid it ll be the same but I ll give it a try

  • Anonymous

    Another play it safe commercial album that sounds like everything else on the radio Pass

  • No Way its 4 stars....

    4 stars???? suddendly Wale's the savior? LOL COLE WORLD is way better than Ambition

  • Ambizzien

    LFB is fucking good

  • Mohammed

    Good album and agree with the album rating. Better then Attention Deficit..

  • KD

    This album was just all over the place. Lyrically, it was on point: its Wale. He never fails in that department. But most of the beats sound very similar. great albums have variety. There also were no themes, none of the songs had any direction or made me want to replay he was saying was so "real". (Its only so many songs I can take about his adoration for women) I have always liked Wale for his sincerity and intellect, but it seems like he stayed at the surface. The songs Bait and Chain Music while great songs were on the mixtape. He coulda left them off. All in all I would say this album is 3/5 stars. Its not memorable, honestly are yall gon' bump this even 2 years from now? I doubt it.

  • Rick Ross

    Get out the lime light for a minute and help me find my pecker

  • Jake

    The people hating on this album are legit just too stupid to understand his crazy wordplay or the message behind his songs. If you tell me that this album has no meaning then you did not listen to "Ambition" "DC or Nothing" or "Legendary". Sure, he made some commercial-type songs, but even those have sick metaphors and wordplay in them. If you hate on him, you're just hating to be a hater. Sorry hes not the same style as your favorite rapper, hes trying to make his own lane, just like the review said. 4.5/5

    • Anonymous

      ......or maybe they just dont like the record, not everybody with a negative comment is a hater, I dont hate Wale, if he was about to get hit by a car, I'd shove him out the way, if he needed to borrow a dollar to catch the bus I'd hook him up, no hate at all for the man, I just think this record sucks, lol, whats hateful about having an opinion??

  • mike otoule

    great album. One of the better rap albums to be put out this year when carter4 was huge disappointment and game and jcole album was a little disapointment, wtt was good though. Wale album does what he wanted it to, finally puts him in the category of top tier rappers out right now (not based on talent but overall popularity). This is not the best he can do though. His wordplay was great this album but he needs an album/song that can separate him from these other rappers

  • ........


  • ........


  • bigpat101

    1st day was straight 2nd day ok third day shelf.... it was cool. but dude flow is the same on every song. songs weren't creative, jus a safe commercial ass album and he didn't say a damn thing the whole album

  • illness

    whats sad as fuck is that most rappers puttin out EP's and mixtapes these days trumps any of this studio bullshit...that new freddie gibbs kills most albums comin out of a commercial company right now...even j. cole's commercial shit was sub-par...lets hope The roots new shit is fire

  • vdsf

    why "That Way" is the last song? why is this even on this album it's a trash and wack shit. But its still good album .And i think "Bad girls club" sholuld be on album

  • quinn

    I think its a strong 3.5 but i give it a 4 cuz its better than big sean.

  • Anonymous

    Wale is a good rapper 5* cuz nobody raps anymore with his flow.

  • DXG

    Great Album, Money well spent! ENOUGH SAID

  • Anonymous

    That Way. Maybe it doesn't remind you of his previous work but this beat has been used at least 3 times by some one on Maybach. Fail. Focused; Great song for fags. Auto tune + automatic Fail. Autotune couldn't even save his voice. Slight work. If this is hip hop then hip hop is dead. Lotus Flower. Boy he really invented a new flow there. Not. Typical song that got LL ran out the game. Now it's accepted. Please if those are the best on this album then this album should get a 2 at best.

  • Anonymous

    Poetic genius and Wale in the same sentence. LOL. I guess that makes Nas the encyclopedia of rap.

  • @collinsblvd

    hottest album this year n its $th quarter

  • Maxwell Harkness

    such a god damn mish-mash of an album, which is a shame because Wale is a talent, but he has NO IDEA how to make an album or a mixtape.

  • Anonymous

    Listened to the album it will make lil wayne happy dat he is actually better than someone

  • Anonymous

    this is the album of the year hands down!

  • happyflip

    Lmao HHDX throws them 4's like Rappers throws them 1's. SMH The only thing Wale has been good for was his About Nothing/More About Nothing/Back to the Feature mixtapes both his albums are flops.

  • mbtm

    TRASH, even lil wayne is better

  • Anonymous

    4.5 Kanye 4.5 Phonte 4.5 Ortiz 4.0 Wale 4.0 Big Sean 4.0 Kendrick 3.5 Cole Messege Recieved

  • Terral

    When i saw yall rated this a 4 out of 5 i had to listen to this. I was disappointed. who is rating these albums for HHDX now? 16 yr olds? This is average at best. I liked his first album but his flow gets old. He never switches his run-on-sentence flow. Not one memorable song on the album.

    • Anonymous

      Then why are you still on here? If it's been 3 years and all you've been doing is bitching, you need to go outside and do something productive. If you can't muster enough courage to face the sunlight, go to a different site, dumbass. You obviously don't like their takes on these albums, so why continue? Fucking moron.

    • Today's Definition of Hate = Feared Opinion

      If your 29 and listening to Wale Im wondering which era you came from in the first instance and what genre of music you were listening to(Country?)! Hip Hop DX are doing a clown job with these album ratings. There hasnt been a credible since God knows when and It makes me wish that source scandal hadnt gone down. This album is 2 or 3 at best.

    • Mu

      Bro... I'm 29 and consider myself hard to please in today's era of hip-hop. If you only listened to this album once or twice then you haven't heard it at all. Wale has so many hidden metaphors that take multiple listens to catch. I thought it was average after I downloaded it at midnight and listened as I went to bed. I thought it was amazing when I got to give it more thorough listens the next day... maybe you still won't like his flow after you listen more, but you'll have to respect the dudes lyricism and wordplay

  • Anonymous

    just for all the haters

  • Fuck Almar

    this album is weak.?? ...kill yall selves. he did his thing.

  • Matt Sullivan

    After 1 listen I gotta admit its a dope album. I still think RED ALBUM was the best this year but this one isnt far behind.

  • Anonymous

    I think there are four problems Wale has: 1. He isn't as in-yo-face and straightforward as many of the rappers out there are. Cole gets deep but it is still pretty easy to understand what he's trying to say. Wale is kind of abstract. He makes you think a little harder (not saying he is better or lesser than Cole). For example, everyone said that Cole killed the "Beautiful Bliss" joint which is true. However everyone who said Cole killed that joint said Wale was real lazy with it. But Wale was more subtle with his rhymes. You had to really follow through and understand him word for word. Check rapgenius.com if you think I'm lyin. 2. The beats he raps over are nothing special most of the time. Despite being with MMG, Wale still can't consistently pick great beats. 3. Commercial Wale = Fail. Wale's first single, Chillin, was pretty okay but the hook/hooks weren't all that catchy. Same thing with Bad Girls Club (agreed, Cole's fault there but it was still Wale's track). Wale needs better hooks. Rappers who want to be successful need to realize that their hook needs to be CATCHY. I love Wale but it's hard to sing the hook when you don't even know what it is. 4. Wale, unfortunately, is not the one titled "The Savior". Why did Cole sell so many records despite the lack of a hit single (though Work Out IS doing better now)? Because his dedicated fanbase knows that if he succeeds, it is best for hip hop. Wale, unfortunately, lost the dedicated ones when he moved to MMG and started doing all that Lex Luger shit. His fans saw him as a sellout. And Wale hasn't helped much with the laziness he has put into those tracks recently. Trust me yall. I love Wale. I love the Mixtape About Nothing and Back to the Feature. I really think the dude has major skills. But he has to get better.

    • Kareem Joseph

      When he migrated to the MMG camp he lost the fans which I call "Selfish/Fake Fans". These are the fans who don't want to see artist grow. They fall in love with a certain aspect of the artist and expect for them to remain that way. NO. It doesn't work like that. Life occurs. His experience change, thus, his music as well. And to the people like you who say he's rapping over Lex Luger beats. SO. Did his message change. No. Now he's a trap artist. Did you guys really listen to 600 Benz. Wale explicitly explains the meaning behind the song. Never does he rap about pushing drugs. So I ask you, "Are you listening" "In a room full of goons I'm such a fucking standout". Do you know how profound that it given the way society is right now.... Everybody is a critic now, putting people in boxes. Oh he should do this. No, he should do what the fuck he want to do. Shit, he been losing fans since "Attention Deficit". but he gained a lot as well. See, the problem is ya'll want him to rap the way ya'll want him to rap. His message is the same. it just sound different. Are you guys listening. I don't Think so. And for his fan base, at this very moment, is at its highest point, EVER. And the people who buy his album, and the figures will be released soon, want to see a hip-hop shift for the better too. I beg you guys to think for yourself. Stop piggybacking off the words of some lame twitter corn-ball. open your ears. read between the line. This art/poetry. Everything isn't spoon fed. THINK!! Allow yourself to be great. Fuck!!!!!!

    • bigpat101

      thing is dukes verses are interchangeable through out the whole album. i'm happy that niggas that are actually rapping are coming back to the forefront though

    • Mu

      I agree with some of what you said homie, especially the part about rapgenius.com... checking the meanings to his lyrics on there allowed me to see just how much thought he puts into every line. I was one of the old Wale fans who were screaming "sell-out" when I heard the first few MMG tracks he did, but when he dropped The Eleven One Eleven Mixtape, I knew he was the same Wale, just with a bigger platform. I think this album is much better then Cole World (just my opinion J Cole Stans). Not that Cole World isn't good, but it doesn't keep me coming back to listen like Ambition

    • Anonymous

      No cause everyone compares Cole to Wale. And Cole IS the perfect antithesis to Wale. So why not?

    • Anonymous

      smh this was just a bleeding heart essay about j.cole disguised as constructive criticism for wale.

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    I don't feel like justifying my statements or arguing with you faggots, so Imma just say I think tke album's dope as hell ande leave it at that

  • DrunkTruth

    Ambition see's eye to eye with Watch the Throne as a top rap ablbum of '11

  • James

    This album sucked,How can they rate this 4 and J Cole only 3.5?

  • Almar

    His Last Mixtape was dope as shit but This album is kind of weak in my opinion, The Only songs I like are Legendary, Ambition and No Days Off. Im a Wale Fan But Im just not feeling it.

  • Anonymous

    Section 80 > Ambition > Finally Famous - Why do those 3 albums have the same '4' rating on HHDX.. and why does Cole World have '3.5'?You're telling me Finally Famous is better than Cole World??

    • turftalka

      Agreed. Cole World gave you honest songs and songs with lyrics. Big Sean had songs I liked (such as Wait For Me, Memories pt. II & So Much More + the deluxe edition tracks) but everything else seemed like it was intended for your local Top 40 radio station.

    • Anonymous

      ^was thinking the exact same thing

  • Ceds

    Faggot rap! first album was much better!

  • Anonymous

    NO REPLAY VALUE! Commercial crap

  • JDA2314


  • Nicholas Hall

    Between this n wtt n section80 hip hop has 3 awesome albums his year .

  • Wale

    I;m the most average rapper of all time. You can't hate me because I don't suck, and you can't dickride me because I'm not amazing. I just like my position here in the middle.

    • Rick Ross

      I'm the fattest lyin-ass motherfucker of all time. I rap about being a gangsta when i have never been one. I take my shirt off even though man-boobies ain't pretty. BUT I DO IT ALL PRETTY WELL BITCH BAWSE

  • ynnadeeb

    favorite album of the year love every song besides dc or nothing and illest bitch alive but those arent bad songs at all either

  • Young Champ

    As a Wale Fan, Ambition is a solid effort, not better than Attention Defficit but solid nonetheless.Despite signing To Maybach Music, his style hasnt changed that much, There's more aggressive tone in his cadences and beat selection has become better. From Dont hold your Applause to Legendary, Those songs are 5/5 type rating, excellent to say the least. My only gripes include his attempt to pleasing the ladies records : White Linin, Sabaotage. Those two tracks are less stellar than others. The Title Tracks sounds very similar to lil wayne's She Will, being that T-minus produced both. Not to mention Big sean murks him on slightwork. Other Than That it's worth buying. Wale proves he can please both Radio and real hip hop heads.

  • ThoughtB4Action

    Im kinda consider myself a Wale fan. The problem with this album is that its a step backwards from the Eleven One Eleven Wale. Unless you are focusing in on everything he says, which still at times gets kinda dull, then you may find yourself playing the Eleven One Eleven mixtape again instead of this. No disrepect, but his flow is exactly the same through every song, kinda leaving no room for you to be surprised except for maybe a catchy line. But some of his best tracks on the album are from the Eleven One Eleven mixtape. The thing that sets counterparts like Cudi and Drake apart from him is that they have the ability to surprise you or totally change the vibe of each song on the album. With this album, its kinda sounds like the same songs almost all the way through. And Wale's songs used to attack a subject matter in a sense. Varsity Blues I think is one of his best tracks, but its not on the album... Much respect to his album sales, great job at gaining a larger fanbase, but kinda dissappointed with the album. I expected greatness, but I was let down. 3.5 stars is showing a little generousity for effort.

  • Dessalines Isaac

    Near classic album.

  • Tuitt

    I agree. I'm a huge lupe fan and when lasers came out it was hard to admit that shit was garbage. U can't be blinded by the fact that u like an artist. Everyone is capable of dropping wack shit. i.e. Nastradamaus, Kingdom Come, 808 and heartbreaks, iron flag. Open ur eyes Wale fans. This album is a 3 at best. Wale is dope. The thing is though, he kinda is one dimensional. Same pace in his flow on every song. After a while it's too much. I don't think he can carry a whole album. He would be better in a group or as a guest appearance. Like Parish Smith with EPMD. Would be good in a duo. You guys should check out the last REKS album. Don't sleep. Vintage, rough rugged and raw east coast music.

  • 123kid

    After a solid (but commercially weak) debut albulm, Wale gives us his Ambition. I didnt know what to expect from this albulm but I gotta say, it's worth listening too. He shows growth and the ability to make "radio pop records" and some real rap records to. I dnt think it deserves a 4 but more like a 3.5. fav tracks:Sabotage,Ambition,dc or nothing my rating:3.5/5 or 6.5/10

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    What in the heck are some of you bloggers talking about??? This album is clearly worth a 4-star rating. It's dope. 4 stars no doubt

  • Andre Stepurlifegameup Cooper

    So i suppose every other album after cole world has to get a low score of 3.5 or below correct? So many sorry ass butt hurt j.cole fans on this site.....Cole had a great first album but it wasn't classic but it was great....Now as far as other music goes....Every one has a different taste and if the next person thinks wale is a better album then so be it......Stop getting all butt hurt....3.5.....Make you feel any better?

    • Darius Huggins

      +1 I haven't heard this album yet but I agree with the fact so many people get into full groupie mode with their favorite artist.

  • mr tibbs

    You know I find it funny that Hip Hop DX waited until today to post this bullshit review. Why? Because even they knew that a 4 star review was buffoonery and the server would have crashed on tuesday with the protest of post that this review is garbage. Down with radio rap!!!!

  • Slava P

    3/5 After releasing Attention Deficit in 2009 to the less than stellar first week sales of 28,000, Wale looks to comeback strong with his sophmore project: Ambition. Its been a wild two years for the DC native who recorded a flurry of mixtapes before signing to Warner Musics boutique label MMG in February of 2011 and subsequently releasing dozens of songs with labelmates Meek Mill, Pill and Rick Ross. The buzz surrounding both Wale and this album has been historic up to this point; he was the first mainstream artist to crash hulkshare when he released The Eleven One Eleven Theory for free on Twitter and hes gone so far as to compare this album to Reasonable Doubt. Now thats Ambition. In the past, fans of Wale were treated to complex wordplay, intertwined with clever references and lyrical gems that begged to be rewound again and again. Those are all gone, replaced instead by exhausted punchlines, tired sports references and half hearted quips at the opposite sex. Wales trademark flow is still present and, to his defense, sounds better than ever, but the themes and the content arent likely to leave a strong impression. The opening trio of songs have Wale talking about his success and lyrical prowess to such an extent that by the time you get to Legendary, one of the best songs on the album, youre only half-listening. Chain Music is fun and shows off Wales ignorant side, but the album switches gears often and awkwardly as were treated to quasi R&B songs like Lotus Flower Bomb, Illest Bitch, White Linen and Sabotage (in which Wale compensates for a raspy voice by recruiting the human-falsetto, Lloyd). The production looks great on paper but with the exception of Legendary, every beat by a big producer (read: a producer with a Wikipedia page) feels like something they posted on their soundcloud after screwing around on a rainy afternoon. The Diplo produced Slight Work is pretty much built around police sirens, which ensures that it wont be played loudly in your car and Ambition, one of the strongest songs on the album, echos Lil Waynes She Will too loudly for it to be a standout. Wale opted to keep the features to a minimum in an effort to let his lyrical talent shine, but while the acapella poetry that he used to win his fans over is still on the album it feels like a microwaved leftover from a meal that youve already eaten. Its as if signing to a label and getting 1/4 of the spotlight with MMG has caused Wale to relax and lose some of that, well Ambition. On the bright side there are no skits, intros or outros which brings the listening time to just over an hour, so I guess you could use it to keep time while boiling potatoes.

    • Reem Joseph

      When he was kicking these "lyrical gems" You guys weren't listening, his sales were indicative of that. And your still not listening. You write a bullshit interview, sounding like pseudo rap enthusiast. You say he's getting ignorant on chain music. Where? R u listening. Obviously not. Attention Deficit, the IRONY. And his flow changes throughout, however he remains true to the flow that distinguishes him from the rest. Every good rapper has recognizable flow, and use it often. But its a problem if he uses his. If you're going to comment, know what you're talking about. Because it's clear you not listening

  • mr tibbs

    You know I find it funny that Hip Hop DX waited until today to post this bullshit review. Why? Because even they knew that a 4 star review was buffoonery and the server would have crashed on tuesday with the protest of post that this review is garbage. Down with radio rap!!!

  • Shuttaman

    Its a nice album but 4.0 aka the same score yall gave to KENDRICK LAMAR'S SECTION 80??? AW HELLL NAWWWW

  • DirkFugginDigler

    Haters gon' hate!

  • FLX

    GTFO with that ballerina soufflet pinky font shit. His only ambition is to suck Rick Ross fat dick.

    • Reem Joseph

      You gay. Why are you adding an adjective to Rick Ross's Genitals. How you know it's fat. Fucking Queer. Hop off Wale shit.

  • Doug Nichols

    I was expecting a lot better from Wale with this album. Some great songs but there isn't anything there (aside from the singles that I still bump regularly) which is going to keep me coming back to this cd. Big fan of both Wale and J. Cole and I definitely think the Cole album surpassed this. This was the first album of the year I was genuinely disappointed in.

  • MT

    This is insane. This album has received much more praise than it should and HHDX is not the only outlet to do this. How is this a 4 and Cole World not? Besides the title track Ambition is just boring.

  • Vegard Mller

    Excuse me but HOW THE FUCK is this a better album than Cole World??

    • Mohammed

      Sorry but like I said I agree with the rating from HipHopDx for Ambition but it's not better than Cole World. Cole's album had much more depth and substance to it. For all the talk about he was talking about money and bitches (Cole's album) it wasn't exagerated. It was in small doses here and there. But critics and people in general like to exaggarate. He still kept it level headed and mostly down to earth. Lost Ones, Breakdown, A Dollar & Dream 3, Rise & Shine and Sideline Story prove my point. Wale's album although good was carried by it's production to be honest. Of course Wale's lyrics were on point and his wordplay his top notch but I feel it lacked the depth and substance from his mixtapes.

    • ThoughtB4Action

      You can't attack the fact that rappers tend to talk about money and women. Cole World is better than this album, if only by a slight margin. In some of the Cole World tracks, he does talk money in some tracks, but its called progression. Ppl without money shouldn't talk about it, but once you get it, it kinda comes with the territory. Since you mentioned him, look at Kanye's progression from College Dropout to Watch The Throne. Totally different subject matter. But what puts Cole World over this is the fact that you have a difference in the vibes from start to finish. This album, apart from maybe 4 songs, sounds exactly the same. And those 4 songs sound like other songs on the album. If he had just stayed with the Wale flow and matching production vibe that accompanies his flow, this album woulda been a lot better. Cole worked a lot harder producing most of his album and did a lot better at matching it with the flow. Both albums were steps down from the mixtapes that we have been feeding on, but Cole World is better than Ambition.

    • Cole'sFormerFan

      I used to love Cole, every mixtape was on fucking point. Then his album came out and he coasted throughout the whole thing, a lot like what Drake did on TML, some of it was great but most of it was average. Wale's delivery on this album is far better than Cole's was. Cole blew our minds with his mixtapes, then epically blue-balled us with his album. It just wasn't up to his standard. Now, when Wale came out I fully supported him. He had some great moments on his mixtapes and Attention Deficit was a stellar, solidass album with some very very very dope songs. But when he joined MMG I thought, shit, what a fucking waste of talent. But he's proved me wrong with this album-I was expecting him to coast on his delivery and brag about money and bitches (as Cole did for a good chunk of his album), but even though Wale had a lot of bragging in this, he does it very well. It's a fine line and the only other rapper I can think of who manages to brag AND entertain is Kanye. So basically, Wale gave 100% on every track and had a great mixture of topics in his songs (well maybe he rapped about girl problems too much but not to the point where it took away from his album a lot). Anyways, if you don't like this album go listen to Immortal Technique's new EP, The Martyr.

  • 905

    How you give this annoying rapper a 4...I know it's just your opinion but damn

  • Anonymous


  • KillaPat3

    "Attention Deficit" had more songs with meaning to them. Yes, it had it's attempts at mainstream crossover, but at least those tracks stood out. The crossover tracks on "Ambition" are mostly R&Bish tracks "for the ladies" and that is so played out in hip hop. I don't see the creativity in album that those who love it praise it for. It's a solid CD, but not great by any means.

  • mr tibbs

    Shit is wizzack!!!! One minute you underground, the next you flossy with C.O. Ricky, then you making love music. Stop it. Kendrick Lamar is the best thing that happened this year. Step ya'll game up. We are tired of the same old shit!!!

  • Pugz

    I swear people just love to hate on Wale for no reason at all. He has a great flow, witty lyrics, and the beats are solid throughout this project. I could have done without all the girl driven tracks but nonetheless, he spits on those tracks as well. All the people giving it a 4 or a 5 rating have reasoning and reviews behind their ratings whereas the people giving it 3 or less just say "garbage" or "hes trash" with no explanation. You cannot deny this guy's musical talent and this album was very solid. This and Cole World are my favorite retail releases of the year. 4.5/5

  • steve

    im lovin this album good shit Wale... lookin forward to that december roots album its gonna be niceeeee

  • Anonymous

    Hip Hop isn't a progressive genre anymore. What happened to the rappers having musical input, what happened to the inhouse production teams, the occasional use of live instrumentation, the wide range of song topics, and why hasn't it progressed? This is just the underground I'm talking about, forget about the pop singers dribbling over plagiarized single samples, there's no reason to be excited anymore because the entire game is either stagnant or regressing.

  • Shy

    The album is solid. It may takes some getting used to for most.He has some good tracks.

  • Anonymous

    Not good album for me...

  • Jasmine

    Love the album, Wale put his heart qnd soul into this proving he is a pure poetic genius (:

  • Life From Da 718

    Dude came along way. He got my respect.

  • DC Or Nothing

    He created a masterpiece with this album!

  • HipHopHead

    Dope album all around. He bypassed the sophomore jinx.

  • keyargo

    fucked yo bitch to this so i gave it 5 stars


    Having never been a fan of Wale and Ross, and thinking that Meek Kill was trash, I have to say the song Ambition impressed to no end...Mill sounds like he's spitting for his life, Ross sounds better than normal, and Wale kills it. One of the best tracks I've heard this year. The song Ambition gets a 5/5

  • ilovehiphop

    hands down one of the best albums of this year, if you listen carefully from "Dont Hold Your applause" all the way to "Dc or Nothing" you can tell wale is hungry and not playing anymore. He wants and will be great.

  • Bizzle

    This album is a good album. I expected better, but I'm still happy with the finished product. "That Way" shouldn't have been on the album, especially not the last song on the album. White Linen isn't that bad of a song, but it's the odd man out in the ladies department. Focus should have been a more inspirational song with Wale's verses (maybe a story of people/person doing what it takes to stay focus on the goal ahead.) Sabotage is vocally the best hook on the album but Wale's incessant talking battles with Lloyd's singing, which at times sounds to messy. Id give it a 3.5/5. It's not better than Attention: Deficit with I think received a deserving 4/5.

  • ali

    its a solid album, nothing more nothin less

    • KillaPat3

      co-sign 100% Some reviews are praising it as very creative and even borderline-classic, and I don't see that AT ALL.

  • suggamatic

    basic as fuck. It's goo but it not great. wale has no appeal to me, His music just sounds bland to me, And i hate that multiple songs use that gay "maybach music" female voice Sample. I'll continue to look out for him in the future, I just wasn't feeling this album THAT much, I was hoping for much much more. 3/5

  • Anonymous

    To me it was a 3.5 but I guess will do

  • TROY

    Both satisfied and surprised with this rating.