During a recent interview with Conan O’Brien, Kid Cudi spoke about his fans and his HBO show as well as his latest purchases while wearing the highly sought after Nike MAGs. 

Talking about those Nike sneakers, a throwback pair of kicks seen Back to the Future, Cudi explained why he purchased five pairs. 

“Technically, I got five pair because I got my girlfriend a pair. I didn’t want her mad at me. So, I got four for myself and one for her.” 

When the topic switched to fans, Cudi told the story of a time when a fan rushed the stage to kiss him. 

“There was this one time I was doing a show in L.A. …I get on stage and before the song even starts, this guy comes up and he grabs my face. He pulls it close to him and smooches me. I let him have it. He was strong. He was really strong. Must have played varsity football…I’m flattered.” 

O’Brien took the conversation to connect with Cudi’s role in HBO’s How to Make it in America. He was asked if fans approach him about drugs. 

“Actually, my fans have tried to offer me weed. They throw blunts onthe stage sometimes. I don’t take it. It could be laced.” 

For more, check the video below.

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