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"Cats & Dogs" is a moody, well-produced album that, at times, is brimming with meaning, something not entirely common these days.

Dilated Peoples emcee Evidence has waited four years to release the follow-up to his last release, The Weatherman LP. “I’ve been through heartbreaks to breakups to makeups to broke again / Now I’m back again, my soul on the rope again,” rhymes Ev on “I Don’t Need Love,” indirectly promising artistic growth on his latest project , Cats & Dogs.

“The Liner Notes” simultaneously tows the line between soulful and sinister, as the samples play to both aesthetics and portends things to come. “Strangers” very clearly caters more to the sinister side of things, as Ev waxes paranoia over a heavy descending horn loop. The West Coast emcee brings the heavy hitters out on aptly-titled “The Red Carpet,” which features Raekwon and Ras Kass, and is produced by Alchemist. Ras Kass steals the show, perhaps becoming the only person in history to make a “Saved by the Bell” reference and still sound gully as hell.

The crime talk really gets going on “It Wasn’t Me,” as Ev spits his own sort of superhero theme song over distant organs: “This is crime scene cinema all the weed shops closed / Is it back to charging motherfuckers four for an O? / I don’t know, I keep a rotary phone so I remember all the numbers of the homies who gone / Proof is in the pudding, I’m pressed up and labeled evidence / Chasing fame, dragons, chicks and dead presidents / Dreams but never snatch chain of any measurements / Because of my name, for every fuckin’ crime they find my relevance / Choices in my life I want to correct / I got voices in my life that I wanna forget.” Sure, it’s a bit theatrical, but listeners will be hard-pressed not to bob their heads along to the track.

The best word to describe “You” is probably “cool,” which is a bit of a disappointment, considering the cut is produced by none other than DJ Premier. The production is minimalist and fine, but probably skates a bit below expectations. On the other hand, the track’s bounce, replete with a little attitude of its own, provides a nice compliment to Evidence’s flow, which is typically not his forte. “Well Runs Dry” is a pleasant surprise that takes on the unpleasant subject of the U.S. economy, and highlights just how strong the well-placed features on this album are: Krondon, Lil Fame, Slug, Roc Marciano and the aforementioned Raekwon and Ras Kass are nothing to scoff at.

Subject matter has never been an issue with Evidence. While he definitely likes to stick to his own status in the game a bit too much, there’s enough to keep the listener engaged in that respect. And his ear for production is, at times, phenomenal. But, as Evidence has shown time and again, his actual emceeing and abilities leave too much to be desired to bring this project full circle. Just look at him alongside emcees like Slug and Ras Kass on this album alone. It’s hard to call his flow a flow—it’s more like talking on beat. Maybe it’s laziness; maybe it’s a lack of natural ability, but it heavily detracts from the experience, which has otherwise been meticulously constructed. Still, Cats & Dogs is a moody, well-produced album that, at times, is brimming with meaning—something not entirely common these days.


  • ....

    Wow this rating was too low.

  • Anonymous

    HHDX reviews are always bullshit

  • steph

    I disagree with some of the statements on this review. Cats&Dogs was definitely a great album! One of the best albums of 2011 no doubt.

  • Matt Segal

    evidence is amazing deserves 4.5 if not 5

  • Josue

    This review was wack, mainstream bias is what it is. This album is a great listen all throughout, an auto-include in your ipod by no doubt.

  • Chill-Minded

    CA All Day!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

  • cse

    Great album. This and reks album r my fav this year.

  • Beatriz Farinhas

    the album of the year !!

  • anthony

    I think they need to revisit this review...messed up. EV kills it for sure. Best track for me is Late for the Sky ft Slug and Aesop Rock...f*cking great!

  • yONN

    Ev is lyrically superior on this album than weatherman

  • Zach Haupt

    Evidence does say Preme in the first line of the song!

  • Zach Haupt

    This album is dope!

  • OneArmedScissor

    I love this album but am I the only one who's happened to notice that the beat for "Epilogue" was released on Premier's beat tape from '08? "Beats That Collected Dust." Beat was called 'Spin Live.' I've never seen anyone mention that so far, not even Ev himself on the "Inside Cats & Dogs" series on YouTube. Still though, great song, great album. "The Red Carpet" is already a classic, Alc's best beat and arguably Ev's best verse on one track.

  • bizzalls

    Yo, only reason I agree with the 3.5 is because of the production. NOO, it's not bad at all! I just thought it would b better. The weatherman LP beats were alot better..there's just not enough BANGERS on here; alot of solid tracks, but not too many that are bananas...

  • azgoodasitgetz

    This review was pretty accurate until the last paragraph. To each his own but to say "Its hard to call his flow a flow...its more like talking on a beat" is a direct diss to hip hop itself. Im sure if the reviewer could have a redo he would mos def take back that ignorant last paragraph...or at least i would hope he would.

    • tv

      it's because the kids reviewing albums on DX have NEVER rapped. critics that break shit down to those levels, should know what it's like to have a mic in your face. this kid is clueless. EV doesn't have a flow? i guess guru didn't have a flow. fucking ridiculous. EV is one of the most hip hop dudes ever. ill producer, ill rapper, and humble as it gets. puts everything into his music. this reviewer puts very little into his trade. pathetic write up. this is one of the best albums of the year. not a weak moment.

  • Anonymous

    I think this review is weak. This is a good album and this person reviewing this album is an asshole. It’s hard to call his flow a flow—it’s more like talking on beat? Are you fucking serious?? Evidence is a dope MC, what the fuck does this person want, him singing on the mic or some shit? Fuck this person and listen to this album it's a bangin album, can wait for the next dilated peoples album!!!

  • Adolfo

    I have to say that evidence and blu got me back into listening to hip-hop back in 07 now all i can listening to is underground. About the album alone the album has one of the best production that i have heard in a long time DJ Premier, The Alchemist and Statik Selektah are great producers. EV and the guest features are great my favorite song is the bonus track Same Folks feat. Fashawn 4.0 Stars

  • ASEE

    I guess I'm the only one who actually appreciates that HHDX only gives 5-star ratings every couple years. That's how it should be. "Classic" albums only come out every few years or so. It gives the site some credibility. 3.5 is a good fucking rating people. Everything in this generation has to be either CLASSIC or SHIT. No one appreciates degrees of appreciation.

  • DOT

    Incredible. You know something. ALC and EV have the potential to power to be the new age Gang Starr. That's no joke. Step Brothers is going to be something else. This album is like anything under the Evidence name. SOLID. DOPE. rhymes, beats, cuts, mix, DOPE. Dilated Peoples fam, still underrated considering all they've accomplished. Genuine artists.

  • Birdie

    Shitty review, great album.

  • Vencire Damones

    Sick near classic music this is EPIC screw the review! Falling is amazing!

  • I'm AT Work And Bored

    calm down people. DX never been known for album reviews. 4 stars for me all day.

  • NegSee

    Man,i can't believe this shit... Only 3.5 ?? U r degrading quality hip hop DX,see to it immediately

    • Donnie Wesley

      Yea...I gave it a 3.5; made my own star-system...3-being average and .5-being that it's really good...By the way, DX knows I'm right!!!LOL

  • Donnie Wesley

    A pretty-solid album for a (true) hip-hop fan...I give this album a 3.5!!! Good production and damn good lyricism!!! Evidence is definitely in full mode of alchemist!!!

  • Allen Iverson

    Album Of The Year

  • Doubl Negative

    I think dude who wrote his article is "lazy" and lacks "natural ability". This is a great hip-hop record considerin' the current rap climate when your music has to be attenuated to appease the masses; ie non B-Boyz. Premo's joint was dope too, it'd been cool though if had a couple more tracks. The runnin' theme of this LP is tryin' to decipher the album's ambiguous moniker "Cats and Dogs". One theory behind this idiom's origin goes back to Victoria England before the sewage system was established. If it rained heavily, the morning after would have a lot of cats and dogs corpses on the street as they drowned the night before.

  • enough

    .............................................. One of the greatest albums of the year. Enough said. ..............................................

  • Jao

    Ev aint the greatest mc but hes good enough...and his great beat selection is how he can make great albums...plus hes real as fuck.....the J-Live album is really dope...and of course cole did his thing...phontes was cool too...great day

  • that shit crazy

    way too high. only good thing about this album was some of the production. evidence is boring. bad delivery, flow and often lyrics

  • Panther49

    Evidence is Mr. SlowFlow and he is one the best yet it these rap game. This album is dope!!

  • Fz

    Much better than 3.5 ! and saying Ev has no flow is fail

  • SutterKane

    Finally a review not dickriding this cat because he's Mr Underground, an Emcee nobody outside the internet likes so that must make him great and under-rated type bullshit His flow has always been weak, he could put you to sleep if he didnt have such a great ear for beats and every time he does a song with a top tier MC he gets outshined Dude just isnt much of a rapper, I dont care how cool and anti-establishment it is to praise the guy who doesnt sell any units, there's plenty of other underground cats more worthy of that position then this boring motherfucker

    • Donnie Wesley

      First-off, this guy is not boring!!!! Second, it does not matter how many records he sells; it's all about hip-hop sustenance!!!

    • samsevan

      SutterKane sugerkane r what ever your name is you base hip hop on sells i been on dilated sense 98 and belive you me homie you are not hip hop CA ALL DAY

    • Speak Da Truth

      Did you actually listen to the album? Or did you just feel the need to talk nonsense? An emcee nobody outside the internet likes? What the fuck does that even mean? I didn't even have the internet when I first heard Dilated Peoples well over a decade ago. Rakim has a slow flow, is he a scrub too? It's funny how so many of you people really don't know what the fuck your talking about. You probably haven't heard any of Dilated Peoples albums, or any of Evidences solo work. Ain't nobody trying to be cool or anti-establishment. I simply support REAL Hip Hop. SutterKane you clearly are a clown, hahahaha, smfh.

  • ILLGreco167

    Ok Ev ain't the best MC, but I, we, most of the Hip Hop-heads like his flow... When I hear his music I feel he's one of us: a die hard fan of the entire culture. Since I heard The Weatherman LP (2007) I seperate rap in matter of style & beats in b.W. (before Weatherman) & a.W. Cats & Dogs is pure dope

  • AyA

    Agreed with the review up until the comment about the flow.. that's his flow what you talking about it distracts.. its exactly what Ev fans are looking for... "Mr Slow Flow".. it works perfectly with his music.. and especially Alchemist beats.. kinda like Prodigy.. Hot and Cold is on of my favorite tracks because of the flow...

  • amir

    this album is incredible!!

  • rudy

    Weatherman was way, way better. HipHopDX got this one right. They got Big Sean way wrong though.

  • Rob B

    Really feeling all the love for Eve on this C Section. Hope his album sells some units.

  • O dot C dot

    you hiphopDX guys have no idea bout hip hop, you guys are ridiculous

  • Anonymous

    I agree w/ HipHopDX's rating only cause of this... EV seemed like he took 4 years reworking and working and reworking this album It sounds like he overworked it. Dude is too talented he should be putting music out every year.

  • Anonymous

    Hiphodx all you guys do is bitch about everything u gave watch the throne what 4 stars but it deserved 3 i don't understand u guys out here this deserves 4 stars

  • franky

    and yes stop talking about evidence flow, he is Mr. Slow Flow and he is not trying to be anything else !

  • franky

    fucking great ! at least 4.5 imo

  • Lisa


  • Ramiro

    This and Saigon's Greatest Story Never Told among others are candidates for album of the year!!

  • Anonymous

    this goes straight five epic.

  • Anonymous

    this is at least a 4 to me, there are lyrical gems scattered all over the place, production is varied but sequenced. one of the best albums this year. not commercial hiphop.

  • Kenneth Thomas

    This album is a rhymsayer's classic.

  • Rain

    Damn I know I posted already but This ALBUM IS FUCKING DOPEEEEEEEEEE, More I listen to it more I might think its better than weatherman either way its beyond a 4 by far. EVIDENCEEEEEE!lol

  • Andrew Foster

    Great album. Can't say the same for this review

  • HHJunkie

    This critic is a sucks at his job. Evidence has been coming out with albums for 11 years now and he has built up a solid fan base. This guy Slava is treating this review like he is a new cat talking about his flow!! C'mon son his been doing it review the album and it's quality not the fact that your not a fan of the MC's flow. Many of us digg his flow and since Slava donsent like Evidence won't ever get a fair review by this novice critic. Sad

  • Listen Up

    Its hard to call his flow a flow. DX is really getting weak with these reviews. Evidences flow is what makes him. When I listen to evidence I'm not expecting him to switch it up, I'm just nodding my head to the beat and hearing what he's saying. No different than when I listen to Gang Starr. Guru is a monotone rapper, but he is still one of the best to ever do it. Evidence is no different. Fuck HHDX 4.5 Stars.

  • BaseBrains

    Cats & Dogs is at least a 4.5 Dx? smh this shit bangs

  • Anonymous

    Another terrible review from DX. No flow? "You" was a disappointment? Get the fuck outta here I wonder why I still visit this bias website.

  • Ok

    Ight fuck you dx lol 3.5 for cole AND this?????? cole is a 4 this is a 4.5 yall are really slipping...yet u give big sea.... nevermind

  • DC

    I usually don't comment, but this review was awful considering how good this album is. Lyrics, beats and cuts. This is what real hip hop is. Cop this album! Its straight crack

  • K Howe

    Solid album. If you like the weatherman lp and ev's other solo stuff you will love this. This review is pretty bad, which is the reason I don't read reviews. The 3.5 is an insult as is the fact that this reviewer says ev talks on beat. Come on man!! "Those who can't do tend to review". Check it for yourself. This is a great album with potential to be one of the best of 2011.

  • Anonymous

    where the fuck is the phonte album review

  • Karl

    Just because EV can rock a beat with the ability to articulate his flow clearly doesn't mean he doesn't have one. He's called Mr. Slow Flow for a reason. Have some respect for a legend in the real hip hop community. Cats & Dogs is pure greatness!

  • DJJJ

    Mr. Slow Flow did it again. Classic hip-hop material here. Man EV got flows for days! C'MON! RHYMESAYERS!


    EV aint got no flow????? Slava go suck a HIV dick you fucking faggot! EV got the best fucking album of 2011 so far.

  • JayUmmmm

    How is a dude who doesnt understand a slow flow gonna review an Evidence album? Mr...

  • Mood

    LOL I usually don't care about rating, but this? come on. This is the most solid album i heard in a while, but it's just my opinion.

  • det

    Evidence did it again! One of the best albums of the year.

  • Keace

    Remember people this just a review. Just a person opinion on an album. At the end of the day if you think its a classic its a classic to You. Thats all that matters, who cares what other people think.

  • NonHipHopDX.com

    It deserves 5/5 Hands down...

  • thought dog

    The album must not have been feminine enough for the reviewer...also, why can't hiphopdx post this review on the homepage like they do for the major label albums?

  • Anonymous

    I misewell just ask the next person on the street to give me a review of albums because they sure as hell would be better then the ones i read on this site. Either way, dope CD. Not feeling it as much as Weatherman but i think it just needs to grow on me. Def not a 3.5 though. Your rating system is messed up if cole and ev get the same ratings as a Dj Khalid lp. Do these editors listen to hip-hop?

  • Anonymous

    "the red carpet" and "you" are worth the admission fee alone! evidence all day...GOD BLESS THAT MAN!! HAHA PEACE 5 STARS

  • r.to.da.o

    great album, prob the best out right now

  • Freshman_Woes

    You're tripping here. This album is AT LEAST a 4. Anything less is absolute bullshit.

  • abe

    Dope album. way to go ev!!!

  • The tired Hip Hop fan.

    For crying a loud! Shut up everybody!!! It´s the same shit with every review on this site, people are just never satisfied no matter what, well unless the reviewer gives it a 5 or calling it a classic or album for the year (like the rest of you say about every single album). Maybe there is a reason why most albums get the 3.5- very very few albums are a 5 to me, even a 4.5 (especially nowadays). Many rappers really needs to step their game up. I´m a fan of Ev´s music too, haven´t received my copy yet, but i´m looking forward to it! But it´s enuff already... If you can stand the heat, get the fuck out of the kitchen or make your own meal! This is the reviewers opinion about the album, one opinion, now drop yours and be constructive, instead of the constant complaining. This matter goes for many sites similar to this one. By the way, i actually agree with many of the reviews on this site, that´s why i keep coming back for more.

    • Thrill Murray

      Yes bare with me please anonymous as I am only this big(holding up my middle finger) It would seem as if my sentiments are echoed by most of the other commenters as well. Most children now a days are listening to Ev so I get your point. How bout the Tired hip-hop fan takes a nap that he never wakes up from. Next time actually listen to the album before you come to the comment section spewing your nonsensical diarrhea.

    • Anonymous

      Thrill Murray must be a little child... Bare with him.

    • Thrill Murray

      Thanks for the input douche.Can you please choke on your next meal? If you agree with most of the reviews here you don't know shit about Hip-Hop. Go put on Gym Class Heroes and stick your head in an oven.

  • rain

    This review is complete trash, Evidence has no flow...WHAT THE FUCK. How dare you say MR. Slow has no flow. this album is one of the most standout albums of the year. Its amazing the lyrics and production is great. Might not be good as the weatherman but its right behind it. You guys lost me with this review by far.

  • Jonathan

    I highly disagree with Slava. This album is incredible. It's head and shoulders above most other releases in recent years. The production is perfection. EV's subject matter and "flow" are not lacking. Eventhough he's not typical and has a "slow flow" this is not at all bad. He deserves a 4, at the least. I'm sure after a month of digesting this album as a whole he'll deserve a 5. Stellar album. Outstanding rapper. EV x CA (HipHopDx, your reviews are your site's sore thumb. I rarely agree with your reviews. I love the wide range of new music you post, though. That's always good).

  • Wu

    I might have to stop reading this site. Who reviews this shit???? Are you kidding me with this crap. Do us all a favor and go get another job. This album is Dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doug Nichols

    In the past week alone it's become quite evident (no pun intended) that HHDX reviews are garbage. Need to get a single reviewer or something, someone who can appreciate all the different types of hip hop that gets released. Cuz right not it's looking like every review is being done by someone who just doesn't really like who they are reviewing (A reviewer saying Evidence has no flow, are you fucking kidding me?) Having a single reviewer for these things would also ensure some f'n consistency in the ratings. I'm never going to understand how you got Free Agent (as much as I like Joell) getting 4.5 stars and Aloe Blacc getting 4.5 stars, and Big Sean at 4, yet guys like J. Cole and Evidence can't even crack 4s, even though it's obvious their albums are getting widespread love. Can't deal with these reviews anymore. I like the detail leading up to it but it's like you are just setting up this long winded joke and the punchline is "Ha, fuck ya'll, 3.5"

    • Anonymous

      I agree with almost all of what you said in terms of the apparent randomness of the number ratings but that Aloe album really was that good

  • Anonymous

    At least a 4.5 Better than almost anything else thats come out this year.

  • Timoteo Roberto

    A 3.5? This site is like a 2.5. How can you call a flawless album a 3.5? Not even reading reviews from this site from now on. This album deserves at least a 4.5.

  • RDCJ

    This buster reviewer said that Evidence has no flow!! How old is he? 18? Evidence had flow 11 years ago on the Platform and he has flow now. You robed him of 4 stars because you don't get his flow? That's foul son.

  • Ivan Grgona

    If not, the album of the year.

  • yugang

    this album is damn-near a classic imo

  • Jim

    The album deserved a 4 at least.

  • Thrill Murray

    Whoever reviews the albums for DX needs to be fired ASAP. This is the album of the year hands down. Not one skippable track. I am through with this site. Go give Tyler a handjob you fool.

  • Tom

    This album is a 4 at least.....come on DX, grow a pair and give a real rating

  • Frio

    WAY better than Cole World which was a huge disappointment... Cats & Dogs may not be as good as The Weatherman, The Layover, or I Don't Need Love but it is still a hell of a lot better than most hip-hop releases lately.

  • Tommy Frisina

    so bc he has a boring flow you gave him 3.5? dudes been doin the same flow for year, if you aren't used to it and lovin it by now, you're never going to. Can we please get this album re-reiwed by an actual dilated peoples listener? no disrespect, just sayin.

  • Tommy Frisina

    so bc he has a boring flow you gave him 3.5? dudes been doin the same flow for year, if you aren't used to it and lovin it by now, you're never going to. Can we please get this album re-reiwed by an actual dilated peoples listener? no disrespect, just sayin. 4 stars from this guy

  • NINEScience

    This deserves a 4..And by the way - RhymeSayers up in this biatch!!

  • Anonymous