Army of the Pharoahs - The Unholy Terror

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AOTP find themselves in this Old Reliable category. Led by Jedi Mind Tricks

In these most unstable times it seems only three things are certain: death, taxes and hardcore Rap from Army of the Pharaohs.

Reliability is lost when artists preoccupy themselves with reinvention. For the most part, moviegoers flock to a James Cameron film because they expect more of what he’s already delivered; readers know what they’re getting with the latest James Patterson novel, just like Hip Hop connoisseurs rely on acts like Gang Starr or GZA for durable music that doesn’t deviate from the blueprint that was sketched years earlier.

AOTP find themselves in this Old Reliable category. Led by Jedi Mind Tricks’ Vinnie Paz, the Pharaoh Clique’s latest offering, The Unholy Terror, is more of that boom-bap brutality you received from The Torture Papers and Ritual of Battle. AOTP employ a successful formula – rock-solid beats + aggressive rhymes – without sounding formulaic. Not many super groups in any genre of music can claim that.

If you love end-to-end battle rap where the emcees and producers refuse to allow their proverbial enemies a chance to breathe, then The Unholy Terror is your prize. It boasts 16 combative tracks featuring a rogue’s gallery of microphone fiends (Vinnie Paz, Apathy, Outerspace, Esoteric, Reef the Lost Cauze, Celph Titled, Jus Allah, King Magnetic, King Syze, Doap Nixon, Demoz, Des Devious, Journalist, Block McCloud) who rhyme with a certain passion that seems to be missing in modern-era Rap. Vinnie encapsulates it on “Dead Shall Rise”: I don’t call it writin’ no more, I call it a pen virus.

The aptly-titled “Ripped to Shreds,” which features a breath-defying verse courtesy of Demoz, and “Drenched in Blood,” with producer MTK’s slick old-school drums, definitely are rewind-worthy efforts. But Terror’s true strength comes on tracks like the tyrannical “Spaz Out” (Thank you, Esoteric) and “Suicide Girl,” boasting clutch, insightful verses from Apathy, Planetary and Doap Nixon.

There are two minor elements of The Unholy Terror that might cloud the listener’s experience: redundancy and saturation. Since nearly every song focuses on a sort of Hip Hop jihad, the tracks tend to be indistinguishable from each other. And since each track features no less than three emcees, you can make the case for too many cooks spoiling the soup.

AOTP followers, and fans of the individual acts which comprise the group, will revel in this latest aural outburst. There’s something to be said for reliability and respect in Rap. The Pharaohs have the floor.


  • psukany

    sick aotp back again 4/5


    hardcore hip hop only for the real heads hard beats & lyrics

  • AJScarface

    Great Album! As usual

  • Hoodcrusha

    The albumn's Dope i listen to everyday. Jus Allah kinda sucks on it but its still an ill CD AOTP is just gettin started and watch out for the Official Pistol Gang MotherFuckas WHA WHA WHA WHAT. Hah Hah Haaah.

  • illuminati4lyfe

    Damn that Bierber joint goes harder than this!!


    weezy like it when im getting analy penetrated

  • stupidniggazdiesoon

    not a bad cd i download so fuck them niggaz its a recession

  • CHi-reppin

    It's aight!Them niggahs need to grow up though! They sounding like they trying to go to war against they own people!

  • sparxsman


  • Lil

    yeahhhhh im listenin this shit while big bubba rubbin my back juniorrrrrrrrrrr brrrrrrrrrrrrrr ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa young moneyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Vis

    Wasn't really a fan of much of the productuon on this one but nonetheless this album was pretty solid. I loved the production of the last two albums.

  • BAM12393

    This sh*t is raw!! I didn't expect an album like this in 2010. It's only april, but so far the best album of the year.

  • Gonzalo777Poetic

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  • kpanilaryea28


  • Double A

    First I want to say, there is no denying that these guys are probably some of the best battle rappers I have ever heard. But that's where it stops. As far as studio/ album material, they are on the borderline of being decent. Understand, freestyle battling and hoping it a studio to make a decent album ARE NOT THE SAME THING just because they both involve rap. As far as the group goes personally though... Imagine you are in a desert. Imagine a group of thirsty hateful people. Imagine, all these people joined into one rap group. Thus, AoTP is created. Now, I will go in and say AoTP is probably one of the best rap groups around at the moment (I have no clue what Bone Thugs is doing with all this Disney music they keep putting out) but there is pnly one style they are good at. That style is battle rap. All their CDs as AoTP are nothing but constant battle rap, only difference is that they aren't battling an actual opponent but trying to send a message I can only assume. That's fine. But what isn't fine is they do this on every single track. Talking about the same thing over and over which makes me see them more as a group of rappers that sit in the studio all day, talking about how much better they are, how weak everyone else is so on so forth. To say the least, they do not display many if any signs of versatile ability when it comes to rapping other than switching from threatening other rappers and talking about how much better they are. Amusing fact I noticed, which I honestly found funny, is that most of the members "punchlines" and "metaphors" AKA word play, is good to an extent but they do it so often it becomes irritating and actually corny to hear. I know one of the members must have been constantly relating things to each other with similarities in name. I don't know how many times I heard them mention Optimus Prime or some thing relating to Osama in their rap and using what I consider "paradox rap". It's nice they are skilled at it but they abuse it and it makes up about 80% of their whole CD. Other things I noticed, is their mention of Jay-Z and things that related to him. I am confused as to whether or not they are just using his name for fun or because they are riding of the members (and I say one of the members because honestly I am not going to try to figure out whose who in a group that is composed of like 10 members) who kept using "I AM" "I" and refereeing to himself as "I" constantly was probably the worst one who I felt was trying a bit to hard to get his point across. The hooks, god, the hooks were some of the WORST hooks I have ever heard. I almost wished they didn't have the hooks period. Anyways, good CD but honestly their last one was a better effort. They could use work on their hooks, and work on talking about other things other than how thirsty they are

    • GV1

      I stopped reading your long ass reply mid way through. You started to talk a lot of ****. Bottom line is AOTP are rated worldwide. They have a huge fan base. There **** will never touch radio because it don't have mass appeal for every demographic like the **** kanye and the nu-style-eminem is pushing out. AOTP, Ill Bill, Necro, Non Pheonix ...

  • 100Grand


  • Matty B

    AOTP are and assosiated crews are offically keeping my faith in hip hop. It may not quite be as game changing as the 1st release but its a banger! I have been listening to hip hop since '91 and its not in a great state. I love the fact that CD's like this are still being made.

  • G.O.D.

    D.O.P.E. and if you kids is hatin' on it, go listen to your garbage ass Gucci Mane bullshit. bitch niggas

  • Cultures Clothing Co.

    With all the talent that is in this group, I'd like to see them do more with their music. For example, I like "Shadow Business" by Jedi Mind Tricks more than I like the stuff that Paz does that's just Gangsta for the sake of being Gangsta. I need varying subject matter in an album...and I think that these guys are fully capable of doing more than what their doing. Like Celph Titled is bananas with Metaphors and his delivery is crazy, but I think I've ever heard very many tracks where he didn't mention a gun. I think someone said it best already in this thread "The album's vibe gets repetitive". I'd like to see more than just the the same old Gangsta Bravado. That said, songs like "Spaz Out" were pretty dope and there's a lot of dope lyricism on display, which is a lot more than I can say about the majority of the albums out there. *Sidenote* I noticed that AOTP and Canibus both used the same sample (In different ways) for their respective albums..."Only Slaves D.R.E.A.M." on the Canibus album was the far superior version though...Best lyrics I've heard in YEARS!

    • Balls

      Hey shut up. Celph titled even says himself in a verse "what's a celph ttled verse without a muthafuckin gun reference?!" so shut yo ass up!


    This is straight bangin' ass Hip-Hop. These MC's stay killin' it.

  • hiphopscout

  • hardcore whiteboys is a coming of age trend?

    I am getting this wiggerish, hardcore, detroity, raised on food stamps feel when I hear these guys....over 10 guys who just go off about opening heads and splitting people in half...this aint good hip-hop necessarily, more like a bunch of whiteboys who just kill the vibe a bit...Big L was good, not aotp...aotp is overkill with hardcore killer rap...Im not feeling it.

    • jordan

      and just cuz some one raps and likes rap and lives a "hip hop" lifestyle doesnt mean there a wigger, its kinda racist to say that actually. im white and wear baggy clothes and only listen to rap. and people call me a wigger all the time and i dont think once in my life have i wished to be another ethnisity. plus rap is something you do hip hop is what you are. punk

    • FJ;ALDFJ;A

      theres like only 2 white guys in this 15 man group.

    • Wueric4lifept2

      Man, this homeboy is a wack laffy taffy dude trying to change the game some more. people like him are the reason why rappers are going commercial. Hip hop is our last hope for freedom of speech and this bitch is complaining!!!!!!!!!!! The nerve, go home and listen to Justin Beiber Homeboy so you can understand the lyrics and while your at it go kill yourself.

    • Wueric4lifept2

      Man, this homeboy is a wack laffy taffy dude trying to change the game some more. people like him are the reason why rappers are going commercial. Hip hop is our last hope for freedom of speech and this bitch is complaining!!!!!!!!!!! The nerve, go home and listen to Justin Beiber Homeboy so you can understand the lyrics and while your at it go kill yourself.

    • kush nap

      you even give the album a chance you faggot? first of all half of aotp is street niggas for real. the other half been pumping out hardcore hip hop independently for over 10 years. wiggers? nah son these guys do the knowledge. apathy and vinnie 2 of the coldest white boys to grab the mic. posse cuts and death threats, you know how many classic cuts is posse cuts and death threats? you just sound like a bitch in all honesty, cuz if a rap song doesnt make me wanna punch a niggas head off, i dont really wanna fuck with it. you sound like the complete opposite. you wanna sit, eat, and think deeply while you spin your underground fag records. this album probably the illest shit to drop in 2010, you definitely a soft trying to deter niggas from checkin it. flip flops and hip hop will never mix. i like how corny white boys call authentic white emcees wiggers, way to big em up you faggot.

    • E.S.S. Hip Hop

      Sounds better then that wack, materialistic, simple ass Mother Goose crap, that only a very small percentage of people can relate to. Violence is more common in life than wealth, not saying it's a good thing the end of the day, it IS Hip Hop because the word play is crazy and they respect the true art of being an MC. Less then half of the guys in the group are white by the way


    - A to the O-T-P

  • E.S.S. Hip Hop

    Celph Titled the Rubix Cuban! "I ain't no emo kid/ my flame thrower take your hair off, like a keymo kid."

  • joshdawg

    yeh good to hear that classic sound

  • The Big Chill

    I am from Philly, and I have been following their movement for a while. While this album may not be the best it still gets a five from me. They stick to there guns and make hip hop enjoyable to listen to. Str8 up lyrical manslaughter, a major label needs to look at pushing the AOTP sound to the masses. They are one of the undergrounds best kept secret.

    • plod

      They have no intentions of becoming mainstream or signing to any major label. They just launched their own label Enemy Soil. They choose to make music coming from the heart and not have some jackass CEO of a major label telling them what to put out. AOTP BRAAAATTTT!!!!

  • Sasquatch

    sounds dope, hardcore raw gritty sheet!!! but on the real did jus allah have to start his verse again sayin "i am this, I am ____!!! 9/10 of the last trax I heard he did that shit! fucking whack!!! but AOTP is dope!!!

  • bg13

    nice but not enough reef the lost cause im feeling the first two abums better and they shoud have had a lil lacoka nostra super record

  • FreeDog

    I must say this is AOTP best album to date for me. Every track is raw and no skipping. One of the best albums for 2K10 so far. Support real Hiphop Folks

  • thetruth206

    this album sucked dick.

  • curbstompa

    "But Terror’s true strength comes on tracks like the tyrannical “Spaz Out” (Thank you, Esoteric) " true that... true that. he makes up for his absence on this CD with that one verse. "Bust Em In" "Godzilla" "Spaz Out" are the bangers u put on if u wanna scare a wack rap fan out of his skinny jeans

  • souljaboyNo1Fan

    nahhhhhh soulja boyyyyyyyyy

  • souljaboyNo1Fan

    fuck dis shit sucks dick, soulja boy tell emmmmmmmmmmmm best rapper alive

  • gloriaas

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  • J-WL

    nothing but raw shit. i'd probably give it a 4.5/5 but fuck it i'll just give 5. all i want now is a celph titled & a demoz solo album!

  • kush nap

    demoz is a killa. he sweeps hair, gives niggas lineups in the chop shop, and spits nuclear crack in the booth. son flow is out of control. i seen euro fags hating on demoz, demoz one of the nicest in AOTP. street lyricist. reef, doap, king mag, they come with the street angle. and yeah godzilla one of the rawest posse cuts in recent memory, they all kill that. "I have filled a plot of mud, spilled a lot of blood Watch the drops dripping flood, hit the top stud I have crashed a lot of waves, dug a lot of graves Drunk a lot of grapes, I have fucked a lot of babes I’m do not disturb, I have punched a lot of nerds Struck a lot of curbs, I have cut a lot of curves You are none of the above, push come to shove You’re all motherfucking puppy love and country clubs" my one complaint is not enough jus allah. hes only on 1 track but hes a killa, rawest spitter on the team.

    • kush nap

      nah jus allah still ill. its the bird brains that cant keep up raggin on him. his flow has improved, his voice is deeper, his clarity improved, hes better across the board. you dont like his new rhyme schemes? fine. but his voice/flow/presence/delivery all improved. jus allah got crazy breath control, one taking verses while vinnie punchin in every other bar. vinnies a monster, but jus is the best spitter in JMT and its always gon be that way. go listen to stoupe - evil deeds and tell me that aint one of the illest jus allah verses recorded.



    • Nickel/Nine

      ok first of all nooooooo....allah is not the illest......celph is and vinnie paz and apathy ha celph doesnt waste a line

    • C-arson

      jus allah sucks those rhymes schemes are basic hardcore or not.

  • Beanz

    "Cookin' Keys" and "Godzilla" are gems. The album's vibe gets repetitive, but brings enough great lines and production to make a solid album. There's a certain amount of respect for AOTP, they just keep it raw every album. "I'm from a hood where they rob cool kids/And I can't wear skinny jeans 'cus my glock's too big." -Reef the Lost Cauze "What I blaze gets me oh so higher/Burn more white widow smoke then an old folks home, on fire." -Celph Titled


    Yo, one has said one thing about "Godzilla" or even "The Ultimatum"....both of these tracks are INSANE. I agree with one of the dudes below me..this shit isn't as good as the first album..i put four stars, but i really think it's about 3.5. The beats could be a little better (not including Godzilla and Ultimatum)...I woulda liked to hear more extremely gutta-sounding beats like Godzilla.....I guarantee Celph produced that..he is a fuckin monster....His album is gonna be off the fuckin charts!! And I can't wait for the Demigodz album to drop either!! They betta be droppin this year!!!!!

    • L33ch

      I'm glad that I had people push me to broaden my horizons, especially with 'horrorcore' rap (gravediggaz is up there, don't front!!) I was highly entrenched with JMT's new offering "A History of Violence", and Vinnie Paz is getting things done...awaiting his other solo album (you listening, Vinnie?!?!?) lol.. still, the taste that people have with hip hop, i really wonder the state...present yourself with what YOU listen to..

  • kush nap

    5 stars. every verse is hard and the beats bang. weak review. posse cuts. basement vibe mentality. celph spit crazy, and vinny and apathy 2 of the coldest white boys ever. demoz is gutter. doap nix reef and king mag spit hot lead.

  • S.B.

    BTW...that's 5 stars for sure (mine didn't save the rating either...we'll see if using a different browser works this time)

  • S.B.

    This album is straight fire. Unreal production, so consistent, didn't hit skip once, the 14th track 'Hollow Points' is probably my early favorite but there are so many more great ones. 'Dead Shall Rise', '44 Magnum', 'Suplex', 'Ripped to Shreds', the whole album goes real hard. Top to bottom Vinnie Paz murders every line, and no one drops the ball anywhere. If you were on the fence, don't be, go pick it up...

  • The Gold Standard

    save, will ya

  • Balls

    Yo, DX that's all u got to say? U didn't say anything about celph titled and how ridiculously bananas he is on the mic and the boards. Godzilla??? Y'all said nothin about "Godzilla"!!!! This track is bonkers!!! Grimy as fuck!! Celph titled sounds PERFECT on this hell-evoking track! Wooooo!!!

  • SweetBrothaNumpsy

    Your all trippin'. This album is nowhere near as good as anything they did pre-2009. They are incredibly one dimensional, which isn't THAT bad because they do their style better than most can. But, THIS album doesn't showcase that. If this is a 5, then what is their first? A 7 out of 5? I don't think so.

    • Wueric4lifept2

      Man dude, go listen to Justin Beiber then. Appreciate the talent and shut up!!!!!!! You act like if your the shit or something, I hate wack comments on good albums. You need to listen not hear the album. Plus your the kind of person that AOTP is rhyming about "they dont give a F$%K, you can get your MOTHER FU%@%D"

    • L33ch

      what interests you in hiphop/rap? to dissect what's wrong with this album, fans will dissect you in your should know this by now...and to boot, I am a JMT (Jedi Mind Tricks) fan...what's your poison?

  • K-town


  • Axel Fiedler

    Ah 3,5 stars… hiphopdx you're great!

  • Indiemuzik

    cmon post my 5* rating

  • kitt00473

    hardest shit out there right now

  • Deebo Detroit

    wow my rating didnt save either 5*

  • Deebo Detroit

    real hip hop

  • Lilsherm777

    Haven't heard it yet but AOTP is the shit!! I'm very excited

  • Really Doe

    Why won't my rating ever save?

  • Really Doe

    Real good record. Celph Titled is dope on the boards.

  • C-arson

    If you like hardcore rap then there isn't to many acts doing it better. Great music to get pumped to!

  • QuBix

    This is easily at least a 4/5. AOTP is better than 99% of silly pop rappers and rap groups out there.

  • TheDisputedTruth

    dope...grimy shit