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Regardless of where one places it among Shaolin

After nearly three years of speculation, conflicting information and frustrating delays, Wu-Massacre (click for DX's snippet-tape) finally arrives to hungry Wu-Tang Clan fans everywhere. Shining the spotlight on Method Man, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah, the Clan’s three most capable emcees (a reasonable individual might substitute GZA into that group), the album looks to be a sure thing – on paper. So the question remains: does Wu-Massacre deliver upon the promise of its billing?

The group project kicks off with a throwback: “Criminology 2.5” . It kicks in the door with a familiar beat but new ferocious rhymes. Ghostface gets introductory honors: “It's like a body in a project hallway, who did it? / Who's the next nigga that sucked the snitch / That's my word, it could never be me / You see the deer head on the living room wall, like his neck fell off / That can be all sculptured and glazed with gloss / Call the shots that Bill Belichick would call / Snake niggas slither all in the glass house / Racial slurs, when it's time to go to war, they cash out / Throw 'em in the rear-naked choke, they tap out / Niggas try to surround the kid, I backed out / And threw two rocks at 'em, watching the ho drop / I'm from a place where we locking the low glocks”

Curious on the track is the absence of Raekwon, but that’s quickly remedied by “Mef Vs. Chef 2” , a sequel to the classic Tical album cut. It certainly doesn’t have the urgency of the first – probably because this time Rae and Meth aren’t rapping for the rights to a solo cut on 36 Chambers – and therefore doesn’t quite stack up to the original. However, fans will be more than satisfied by the song’s clever rhymes and back-and-forth. After a brief skit, tag-team substitutes Solomon Childs and Streetlife join in on the "Smooth Sailing Remix," which has Ghost and Meth (“And I’m the hand that rocks the cradle / Just like Hova, but I ain’t tryn’ to Roc the label”) talking crime over blaring horns and distant Soul samples.

RZA only has one contribution to Wu-Massacre, but what a contribution it is. “Our Dreams” marries Ghost, Meth and Rae’s rhymes about the fairer sex with a timely Michael Jackson sample. If ever there were an argument for the “Thug Love” subgenre in 2010, this is it. “Gunshowers” suffers from a relatively uninteresting beat with too short of a loop. “Dangerous” offers a richer backdrop of heavy brass and rums, but vocal mastering greatly varying quality make it obvious the track was rushed and recorded in separate locations. Fortunately, Emile comes to the rescue with “Pimpin’ Chipp,” a Ghostface Killah solo joint that’s a '70s crime epic all in its own. Allah Mathematics offers up a piano loop that provides a little Latin flavor on “Miranda” whereas Scram Jones’ production on “Youngstown Heist” calls to memory former Wu favorite “I Can’t Go to Sleep.”

When all’s said and done, this is yet another solid contribution to the Wu catalog, which, at this point, must classify 2008 and beyond a “Wu-Tang Renaissance.” As the Meth, Ghost and Rae intimated in past interviews, the trio didn’t have proper time for the recording process, and occasionally it shows: in the quality of production and cohesion, as well as the general absence of rare but oh-so-important in-studio chemistry. It makes one wonder what they could’ve cooked up with proper studio time and attention to the project. But regardless of where one places it among Shaolin’s releases, Wu-Massacre stands on its own merit as an assembly of three legendary emcees putting on display what earned them the legendary status in the first place.


  • Jojo

    Wu Tang Nuff said....

  • Jonan

    I love the Wu-Tang Clan and I actually bought this album. To be honest though, it was rather stupid of me. This album is just average at best. It's rushed due to OB4CL2's success, Def Jam just wanted to make the most out of it. This album is only 30 minutes long, there are only 3 tracks in which the 3 Wu members are all together. Most tracks are probably recycled anyway. e.g: Criminology 2.5 which is recycling Criminology 2 which leaked before Rae's sequel, it doesn't even have Rae in the first place! Albums lacks creativity and originality. 3/5 and I'm feeling generous. If you want to listen to the latest Wu releases, listen to Apollo Kids and Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II before this.

  • ts5000

    this album is dope meth, ghost, rae r legends in hip hop

  • guerillablak13

    Look im 19, the first time i ever listened to hip hop was when i heard Triumph, ever since then i was hooked on Wu-Tang Clan. Im buying almost every album they ever made. Ive heard their progression in the rap game, as Gzas beats get sharper it pushes the Wu Mmebers to be even sharper...ok enuff of that, if you are a true wu fnanatic like u "say" u are then this Album is the best damn album from them this year, i know its short but it doesnt matter because the tracks are all crazy and i would listen to the whole thing at least 3 times a day. STOP HATING ON THE ALBUM! this is way better than what my generation is putting out and im embarrassed to know that we have skinny jean, dancing dumbass "rappers" with no fucking lyrics! Real hiphop lovers need gods like the Wu-Tang to give us real raw music that we can all enjoy anywhere we go.

  • AJScarface

    " I'ts that Wuuuu shit in thaa house" good album

  • JimmyOhhDee



    fuck yall give me the money i want it all

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    DX Im gone need yall to update your site again. Niggas should be required to put where they from in there Login ID. Niggas be rating shit according to where the rapper is from and don't let them be from the same coast, u already know the rating they gone get whether it's garbage or not.. I aint neva been a WU Fan even back in the day, but I know they had a couple of joints I did like. Meth always went hard, Rae was next. Them other niggas still and always been garbage to me. If you asked me though they washed up!! I'm rating this of the shit I been hearing on the site. Definitely aint snatchn da album..

  • BigBabyJesus36

    This album has no replay value. There is one track i can listen to multiple times and that's it. These people giving this a 5 are idiots.

  • sparxsman


  • researchhh



    Banger, i thought this shit was well-put-together. Short & sweet & i still keep coming back for more.

  • Drake Dilla

    If Kill Bill was a wu tang film, this is what itd be.....Super, the interludes were classic, the fun, raw energy is something the wu's been missing.....I liked this album, a bit refreshing.....i didnt even know it came think I might cop it tomorrow....

  • mo-tang

    Tracks were kinda short, but the lyrics were sick on every joint. We need more of this sht. SUUU betta beware they comin in original yeah its the kids from back then. peace.

  • AdiMundo

    nice, but so short (30 minutes....)

  • Dr. Deadbeat

    SU!!! That's the call for yer crew. Wu-Tang Wu-Tang Wu-Tang!!! Is on the brain... Bless the GODz for this one. For Real

  • Frank Da Tank

    I really like this album but it did seem rushed, but I am grateful for the fix until we get some more Clan classics. I think Sun God should come through with a mixtape of something. That kid got some real potential.

  • nixnox

    I was very disappointed with this album, just felt rushed to me...not a bad effort...but I expected a lot more from these 3....

  • Weezy 1979

    Yo..yall nigga$ are crazy..that album is flawless all the way through!!! The only disappointment is that there are only 10 tracks and 2 skits...but it definitely had that mid/late 90's feel without RZA's production..Allah Mathmatics!!! They mite have to make a sequel..Wu Tang forever!!!

  • big braveheart

    30 Minutes long this album is short and sweet. Not a classic but pretty good from start to finish and even the interludes ain't too bad. Criminology 2.5 some dope shit as are Gunshowers and Dangerous. Beats and production are tight and has a good throwback feel to old soul records. Lyrically Meth is the standout, Rae not bad but Ghost isn't as noticeable strangely!! Very enjoyable, good album and doesn't feel that short, just right! Critics of the Wu need to chill and give this a proper listen.

  • FreeDog

    Solid effort from the Wu. Really feeling this album I dont skip any tracks on here. People are gonna hate on it cuz its short but who cares cuz every track is dope!!! Wu-Tang Forever!!!

  • the dream

    big up to the WU era!!! click on my the dream for exclusive beats!!

  • also, disappointed

    I totally agree with DISAPPOINTED. This album is not solid Wu-Tang. What the hell are u idiots talkion bout? LISTEN TO THIS, THAT, THIS, THAT, AND THIS AND THAT, THEN COME BACK AND REVIEW? WTF DO ALL OF THE OTHER WU-TANG ALBUMS HAVE TO DO WITH THIS REVIEW? This review is for THIS album. NOT the entire catalog of Wu music from the 90s, on. Thats the whole problem with Wu-Tang reviews. The majority of the die-hard fans refuse to admit anything less than 5 stars. No matter how "throw away" the material is. They say that its the best thing going. Dont get me wrong. This album is still better than alot of whats out there. But it's very lowkey and honestly quite boring. OB4CL2 was 5x better. I can't wait til the next Ghost album. This album is B_O_R_I_N_G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dirtysouthernhotshot

      Man, if you read my comment I was referring to the cretins giving this album two or three stars - that's bullshit. I referred to back catalogue albums because I honestly believe that these youngsters (I'm 20 so not even old) are missing out on some quality music. If you see the evolution of the Clan and all they've done for hip hop, you listen to music in a different way straight up. This album is a 4, I was trying to balance it out. Cuban Linx 2 is a definite 5 no doubt, this album is more an EP. I don't buy the dick riding accusation, I rated Deck's album a 3 and 8 Diagrams a 3 (and a half if I could have done), this album has some quality bangers on it.. Peace.

  • Soulful Beats

    Solid Wu release. Sounds a bit rushed but definitely a good listen. The best joint on there imo is that Ghostface solo.

  • RealTawk

    Sorry but the Production from Rza and mathmatics is POOR..not fuckin with Reakwons album..shit put me in a 1996 frame of mind i love the not fuckin with this..!!!

  • booo34

    sick album from front to finish....if y'all niggaz aint like this u pussy bitches

  • khordkutta

    After gettin a chance to play this shit loud, @ home....This shit is heat. Lyrics are on point, beats bang... Would I prefer that 94 RZA production, of course, but cats/producers know they gotta cater more to that WU sound, similar to OB4CL2, and I think it was accomplished on this effort.

  • dirtysouthernhotshot

    I'm giving it a 5 to balance out the ridiculous amount of hate that Wu get. I mean, how old are you fucking kids? If you're below the age of 18 and are bitching about the Wu either get the fuck off hip hop sites and carry on listening to Weezy, Gucci, Drake and Jigga OR torrent 36 Chambers, Return to..., Tical, Ironman, Liquid Swords, OB4CL, Heavy Mental and then go from there, listen to the new Wu albums, come back to this site, and reconsider your position. Fuck y'all amateurs, real recognise real. Wu-Tang Forever.

    • Madenvy

      AGREE with Dirtysouthern. None of these kids know a damn thing about true real original hip hop. Only illiterate kids listen to ignorant music like Wayne and 50 something they can comprehend on. Oh yeah forgot, most of them rather listen to snippets or go by the sales just to say if the album is hot. I forgot in this state of rap, its only by numbers. Fucking Pathetic!

    • also, disappointed

      Keep on dickriding. Maybe Raekwon will call your mom's house about giving you a guest spot on the next Wu-Tang album if you rate this a 5 out of 5 on as many sites as u can. This album is B O R I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMO, 5 stars should be reserved for instant classics. Not a skimpy throw away mix tape mad by MCS who are CAPABLE of an instant classic. You all are in love with an idea.

    • Jay Mac

      All these BRAINLESS idiots don't recognize they're only listening to what ain't HIP-HOP. That sorry excuse for music ain't nothin' otha than SOME( very few) dope beats & a HALF-ASSED hook!!! ALL Wu Tang is DOPE HIP-HOP, DMX, Crooked I, Eminem, Snoop, Busta, Common & a few select others are THE REAL HIP-HOP ARTISTS!!! Lil Wayne SUCKS!!! Props out to U.G.K.(Bun B, Pimp C). Much love to MR. MR. Scarface, Too Short!!! You want REAL ULTIMATE HIP-HOP, then the EAST COAST IS WHERE ITS AT!!! 2 PAC LIIVES & RULES. 100

  • miguel Guttierres

    Just bought the album today and I thought it was a great album. Yeah, it could've been longer (could've called it Wu-Massacre EP) and the two skits were kind of unnecessary, but that leaves ten nice tracks. The Wu keeps bringing that heat. Now bring on Distant Relatives!

  • insanemacbeth

    just bought my cd. just waiting for "DETOX" REALLY, now. probably will be waiting a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. l.o.l. may buy "RELAPSE 2", too.

  • nurestin

    solid album.....coulda done with more tracks but no fillers at least


    its a 4 cuz its a solid album with no fillers u faggot! its more of an ep, yeah, but its filled with 30 min of solid heatrocks...........wu tang nigga go listen to ur daily dose of jayz and drake

    • JiMIc

      hahhahahahah @ jayz..........that nigga done fell off a while ago, bp3 was soft pussy pop garbage!!!!!!!!! drake is just a disgrace and embarassment to hiphop, shows how a avg kid can blow up with the media and his pops and moms backin him up!

  • jamal123

    this is pure dickriding, this album a 4? are you kidding? they probably recorded it in like a day and this goes to show how bad the wu dickriders are.

  • Brino the Rhino


  • Stanley Roper

    Huge letdown. Lackluster production. Too many guest MCs for only 30 minutes of music. How you gonna have a wu massacre with only one RZA beat?! After OB4CL 2 and Wizard of Poetry, I thought this album was going to be a MONSTA. Plus Meth had been killin' it lately with his cameos. What the hell happened?! Ghostface and Raekwon have been fuckin with some of the best producers in the game lately. Dilla, DOOM, Madlib, Pete Rock, Erick Sermon, Dr. Dre...How come none of them are on this album???? I can only hope that Ghost and DOOM get their shit together and finally release that collabo album. Sorry Wu, just wasn't feelin' this joint.

  • Stanley Roper

    Huge letdown. Lackluster production. Too many cameos for only 30 minutes of muzik. How you gonna have a wu massacre with only one RZA beat?! I thought after OB4CL 2 and Wizard of Poetry that this was going to be a MONSTA. Plus Meth had been killin it lately on various guest spots. What the hell happened? Hopefully Ghost and DOOM will finally get their shit together and release that collabo ablum they been talking about for years. Sorry Wu, just ain't feelin' this one.

  • Qwinn

    DX don't even quote the lyrics if you don't know em! Suckers

  • heatbodyz

    solid wu joint......hard shit spit from front to back, definitely still worth a cop although short, no filler tracks really

    • also, disappointed

      No filler tracks huh? WTF do you call skits? I swear this site is full of morons! How could anyone defend this album? It's boring. And considering the track record of Wu, it's that much worse. You dont give 5 stars to an album that isnt worth listening to just because "youre a hardcore wu fan"... What you are is an idiot. This is an album review. Not a review of the rappers material throughout thier lifetime. Stop being so bullheaded and just admit that this CD isnt worth buying. It's BARELY worth downloading for free.

  • Powernupe

    This joint is obviously rushed and barely an album (remove the two skits and it's an EP at best). Only a few cuts extend three minutes in duration. All this being said, this joint definately feeds my Wu addiction. I'm definately feelin' the bangers on this CD and hope this joint represents perpetual momentum for the Wu.

  • Wu tang slang

    Go and cop it classic real wu cny stop lisnn to it !!!

  • Charmelle

    ITS A CLASSIC ALBUM. Meth just said it was rushed to make it look easy. shit was classic from the oven. WWW.MYSPACE.COM/CRYSTALLAKE416

  • bones99

    Album is pretty good. Solid tracks but WAY too short... and nothing really jumps out as being really great. Plus even the tracks themselves are too short. A little disappointing but not a total failure. For these three dudes the album could have been a strait up classic but unfortunately it is not.

  • kpanilaryea28


    • WuFan53

      ALSO, Disappointed, We got your point about the album shut the fuck up already. The album was far from boring, but it was not the instant classic people are saying.. I for one like just about every song on the album.. I dont know what the big hype is about Our Dreams, RZA didnt smooth that out to well but what can you do its their music. The last song off the album... what the hell is that hook for.. theres no other word for it beside CORNY.... what the hell was going through their minds who ever put that in there. I would have liked to see more guess spots from other Wu members, GZA? Masta Killa? Cappadonna? wouldnt of minded hearing RZA over a couple beats. This album gets a 3.5 because of the shortness and the lack of mastering on behalf of the oh so great Def Jam. Def Jam stop pumpin this bullshit hip hop out and get some real hip hop out there!!!!! Theres a reason Wu Tang is still around because of quality lyrical music... instead these bitches put shit out with a different name for shaking your ass on every record and then have no lyrics. Wu-Tang 4 ever

    • also, disappointed

      Ur a moron

  • gavdude

    Average. It's listenable but come on, who are we kidding. This had MASSIVE potential with these Wu heavyweights, but they couldn't be fucked and the label just wanted to get it out there. Raekwon said last year all three of them were going to go away and bring back 4 nice beats each and they'd have a total of 12 tight joints, bangers. More time has been spent on the album cover for fuck's sake.

  • JDDD

    I am happy this record actually came out, it really sounded too good to be true at first. But here it is 2010: a METH.GHOST & Rae project that is really great! WU! That only thing I didn't like is how the song Smooth Sailing uses the same sample as ANT used for Brother Ali's "A Room With A View" song... PEACE AND LOVE!

  • sa

    The cover says it all; this is like a MARVEL COMICS teamup coming together for a single issue. its created solely to satiate fans. its flawed, short and might not make sense, but you're five and you don't fucking care cause its too awesome.

  • phraynkh

    wu massacre and stimulus package best of 2010 so far

  • bigmike88

    this is a dope ass album , Our Dreams is a hit

  • chronwell

    There are a few superior Wu bangers hidden in this sloppy executed album. Gunshowers finds Meth's sword choppin off limbs! INS has a tight verse too.As others said Meth is the standout on the mic but only Ghost could come with some shit like Youngstown Heist. I fuck with this but I know these MCs can deliver more. bangers.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I can't give away my hard earned dollars on this below average album. This is one of the most disappointing Wu projects ever.


    I previewed the album and I like it. I'm a hardcore Wu fan and I can admit I've heard better from all of them, but I'm gonna buy it to support them. It's better than a lot of other stuff that's out right now

  • USD

    Beats are weak, no straight up bangers, except maybe RZA's "Our Dreams" which is different. Rhymes are not up to par either. Meth goes in the hardest but Ghost isn't on that steez like he was on Fishscale and Big Doe Rehab. Ghost is in my top five but hes been slackin lately. Rae's hardly there. Disappointing cause we all know it could have been great but its just mediocre.

  • LamarMaticc

    thank god I didn't have huge expectations for this album as soon as I saw the tracklist with only 10 songs, which all are 2-3min long, don't have Raekwon on most of them etc. Why did they rush such a promising project like this!? It just seems that I listened to the album and I feel like - so? I didn't hear anything new on these 30mins. If it would be any other artist I would have awarded it 3/5, but come on - Meth, Ghost & Rae! What a line-up! They deserve only a 2 for this effort. And don't get me wrong, I ain't no hater - OB4QL is a top3 all-time favourite album for me, Supreme Clientele is top10.

  • OneNaTrillion

    No Im not gonna say its classic but this is the best hip hop release in a while. Beats are rockin and the lyrics are on point. Meth comes through and destroys the tracks he's on. Ghost and Rae held it down but if they had 3 years to do the album like everybody else, the lyrics woulda been deadly. I copped all three album covers and Im honestly happy with my $33 purchase. I cant complain about real hip hop

  • wufan

    This review wasn't that good. Once you said "Youngstown Heist" sounded like "I Can't Go to Sleep" you're credibility went out the window. Those two tracks are about completely opposite things! If you're a real Wu fan, this album delivers. Enough said.

  • kush nap

    niggas crack me up. jay z the blueprint was rushed. straight classic. 2pacs the 7 day theory was rushed. super classic. this mef/rae/ghost project was rushed. every track is fire. itd be a classic EP in the 90's, niggas wouldnt even mention the running time, nor the fact it was rushed, cuz we wouldnt be following every update on our computers. album is tabasco sauce on wax. all the verses are heat, and the beats bang. im happy this album dropped at all. nitpickin lames.

  • Jonesy Stark

    No more, no less...Most disappointing project I'v heard in a long, long time...

  • Jonesy Stark

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Whoo LORD!!!! I knew y'all reviews were starting to lag off, but this one here takes the cake. This some source circa Benzino type ish. I'm a Killa Bee to the core and even I can't defend this "album". Trilly though, folk. This "album" sounds like mixtape/ep quality album throwaways for the most part. On top of that these songs sound mostly like unmastered studio versions. This was clearly rushed by Def Jam to capitalize on the well documented stannery of Wu-Tang fans. I wasn't expecting CL2 quality with this...even if they were given enough time to craft a legitimate album. However, this is just well utterly rediciulous in regards to how far off the mark this "album" was. The trio is even featured on all tracks simultaneously, the production is more or less bland, the sequencing/flow is nonexistent, the sound quality is as consistent as a woman's temperment, and the guest add nothing to tracks the only positives I have to say about this are 1) The artwork is stellar and 2) RAGU/Mr. Mef bring it lyrically 90% of the time.

  • Up North

    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: The only evidence of this being a rushed effort is the length, or lack thereof, of the album. The production is rock solid Wu. Lyrically, all three are on top of their game and put together an incredible catalog on this one. I'm positive another 'Wu Massacre" type of joint will be in the works down the road. We just gotta make sure we go out and support real hip hop since '93.

    • also, disappointed


  • nineflowz


  • hiphopscout

  • ferny

    solid album i'm going to give it a 5 just on the fact that they did this with no support from the label.... and it's been creating a buzz since it started getting mentioned.... this week in hip hop is like getting a breath of fresh air... good releases this week Wu- massacre Army of the pharaohs E-4O- Revenue Retrieving: Day shift n Night shift

  • wuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    i love the wu but only method is still killing it raekwon pretty much says nothing and copied ghostfaces new style

  • Venomatic

    I really wanted to like this album but the production was SUPER lack-luster and the whole thing just left rushed, 4 stars is too high in my book.

  • curbstompa

    SSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! throw ya W's up

  • drigz

    think about this. do you really think wu intended for this album to even happen? they do this for us and yall just got nothing but criticism??? wtf ? this is HIP HOP. you know why? kusz it has that same wu symbol everybody tryed repp since '93. nothing has really changed. you gunna complain about the mastering too?!!!??! nigga, 36 CHAMBERSS HAD NOOOOO MASTERINGGGGG. i appreciate this one yall kusz i see im one of the few heads out here still. keep doing ya thing and keep the momentum upp, that "its that wu shit" can go mainstream if promoted right!!!!

    • drigz

      hmm, true i guess your right. hopefully they get a good enuff buzz to make an improvment.

    • hippaToDaHoppa

      There would be less criticism if the album was more dope. It's alright, but not what it could've/should've been. It seems that Meth, Ghost, and Rae aren't even very proud of it by the way they came out trying to make it super clear that the label rushed them.


    it's some hardcore noncomercail thugged out shit, Could have done with some more rae verses. Overall it's good banger, especaily with the base cranked up high, gushowers is a hot tune!!

  • bg13

    you want some classic wu this is close and a couple tracks are spin tingling BUT THE VATICAN IV is that classic classic WU

  • doiall

    This album is bullshit!!!! The songs themselves are not bad, I love Gunshowers but come on, only 10 tracks and only 3 with Rae, Ghost & Meth together!!!! And Rae only appears on one more track!!! I don´t want solo tracks with Ghost and tracks that ends before they begins on a album with 3 MC´s! This album sounds not finished and incomplete, several tracks could make a mixtape and would be great there but not on an album. I can understand why many would like this album but you got to see through the music and see that this is a bullshit, money making release, rushed out by Def Jam and not up to the standard you should expect from such dope MC´s!! I can´t understand why HipHopDX don´t see that!!!

  • Wu tang slang

    Great wu joint go and support it !!!!! Betr than anythn els!!! WU

    • Madenvy

      ^Also, Disppointed....WTF? "YES, ANOTHER IDIOT. AND THIS ONE CANT EVEN SPELL" You can't even form a sentence right. LOL You can't talk about anybody on their grammar.You forgot to add a apostrophe between n and t in Can't. Never start another sentence with AND. You also forgot to add "." at the end of your so called sentence. Get your shit correct, son!

    • also, disappointed


  • Pratik

    another great album, great production, nice lyrics equal another wu-tang classic

  • Pratik

    another great album, great production, nice lyrics equal another wu classic

  • Pratik

    Another great album by three of the best lyricists of the Wu-Tang Clan. You can hear Wu-Tang all day long, it'll never get boring and Wu-Massacre brings a new package of sick tunes and lyrical deliveries to listen

  • Pratik

    Another great album by three of the best lyricists of the Wu-Tang Clan. You can hear Wu-Tang all day long, it'll never get boring and Wu-Massacre brings a new package of sick tunes and lyrical deliveries to listen.

  • Pratik

    Another great album by three of the best lyricists of the Wu-Tang Clan. You can hear Wu-Tang all day long, it'll never get boring and Wu-Massacre brings a new package of sick tunes and lyrical deliveries to listen to.

  • ogewt

    still not sure whether to pick this up only 10 songs is pretty bad its crazy that ob4cl2 took 10 years and this took about 10 months

    • ogewt

      i meant 1 month

    • Dre Guevara

      which means they did a song a month. LOL

    • doiall

      This album is bullshit!!!! The songs themselves are not bad, I love Gunshowers but come on, only 10 tracks and only 3 with Rae, Ghost & Meth together!!!! And Rae only appears on one more track!!! I don´t want solo tracks with Ghost and tracks that ends before they begins on a album with 3 MC´s! This album sounds not finished and incomplete, several tracks could make a mixtape and would be great there but not on an album. I can understand why many would like this album but you got to see through the music and see that this is a bullshit, money making release, rushed out by Def Jam and not up to the standard you should expect from such dope MC´s!! I

  • ogewt

    still not sure whether to pick this up only 10 songs is pretty bad its crazy that ob4cl2 took 10 years and this took about 10 months

  • Deebo Detroit

    even though it wasnt as good as it could of been its still better then a lot of the shit coming out these days. by the way when are we gonna get a review of the ruste juxx album

    • curbstompa

      Juxx album is fucking ILL. must have for any true hip hop head. haven't heard Wu Massacre yet, but best believe the first thing i'm doin when i get out of work tomorrow is coppin that

    • QuBix

      The Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx album is crazy good bro. Pick it up if you're still thinking about it.

  • santi95eminem

    Great but, i didn't like the way the album was pre-released. They gave too much information about it, too early. It should have been more of a surprise. this album is comin out tomorrow, and you can already download it on the internet.



  • Vet

    I've herd two joints off this, I think it's going to a good cd.

  • Masterooo

    Best shit out this year. Shit wreeeeeecks.

  • RIP_Proof&Dilla

    As a big but not gaint wu fan who only tries to pick up their good material i need to know if this is worth getting or is it just another Wu album to add to the collection? I am looking for a good honest opinion.

    • drzaius007

      I agree with Yaboyla this album sounds very rushed, almost sounds like a mixtape, gotta say i was expecting a lot more from these dudes, also when u hear it u expect to hear all 3 of them on each track, you wont. It also sounds like these could have just been a lot of throw away tracks put together

    • kingkong101

      YaboyLA is fucken retarded, YES it's a great album. if it's not the best album out right now you tell me which 1 is.cause this is the dopest album since Relapse and OBFCL2

    • kingkong101

      YaboyLA is fucken retarded...YES it's a great album. if it's not the best album out 'right now' you tell me which 1 is....cause this is the dopest album since Relapse and OBFCL2

    • yaboyla

      No, it's not. Sounds rushed. Doesn't sound complete. Sound quality isn't as solid. Sound levels are scattered. Could have been better.


    random.. precise.. prepared.. i don't really care.. art isn't always in sequence.. i appreciate the abstract approach and the fact the three came together for the fans.. this isn't about money, or putting together a complete project.. its just ghost rae and meth.. three entirely different personalities for an experiement.. that's the essence of the lab.. try it.. test it.. sample it.. and if the people respond with registers ringing and support the project, we might get a more polished project. one love

  • disappointed

    yeah uhhh..... uhhhhh. like duke said below don't believe the hype. now these niggas can spit period but the real problem here is how this"ALBUM' was put together. this shit sound like you get some throw away material put it in whatever player your ipod, laptop whatever put that bitch on random then "demo" listen the tracks(i'm referin to how they transition to one another}. the shit sound like it doesn't have a concept or any direction even a foundation for that matter. i'm a die hard wu fan, and that idea on paper {meth ghost and rae} could of came off much better. meth was givin yall the heads up on that shit when he said it was rushed. anyways it's still wu-tang forever i'll wait till them niggas reload and come wit some nu shit. shit sound like a demo for a better project. defjam fuckin up. oh yeah what's really lackin from makin a real wu record ain't no jewels on there and oyu know wu drops jewels. get it together niggas

  • Don Lopez

    damn... like i know mef said they rushed it .....but i didnt think they meant literally rushed it. the small amount of tracks they had were not much longer than 3 mins. for three people on a record??i think i heard the whole thing in like 20 mins.other than that i think they killed the lyrics. meth was dopest i think but once again were talking about wu tang. all of em are sick. there was a couple bangers on this one too

  • kpanilaryea28


  • 90's was it b

    The album is crazy i'm feeling this joint.The wu is back listen to chamber music 1st then rae obfcl 2nd then ghostdenini 3rd an then listen to this 4 bangers! Please support the wu never left! We dont need no radio!

  • paidinfull92

    Halfway through the album so far so good, for a rushed project its still fire

  • Furnace

    The album is tight. Some of the lyrics you'll noticed are recycled from previous songs but they been in the game a long time and if it ain't broke don't fix it. The beats on the this album are fire and stay true to the wu feel with a much needed modern upgrade which i didn't feel on the 8 diagrams. If there is anything I know about ghost is that he knows how to kill a beat with samples of the motown, funk, and etc era. Rae is still on point coming off of OBFCL2. Mef throws his clever lines in and flow is same as BO2 which is different from the classic Mef but I still like it none the less. I suggest you cop the album if your a wu fan because I think it continues where OBFCL2 left off and has the same vibe for you to knock on your system. If your not a wu fan listen to these guys before you fucking smart dumb cats call these true rappers washed up or whatever whatever whatever

  • ddconyers

    im glad i dont waste money on music anymore. i had to wait til the album dropped to make sure my version i downloaded was accurate. i was and im dissappointed. sound like a young djs mixtape. all cutting room floor material. gunshowers shines with INS being witty as usual on other peoples songs. not looking for a part 2. ill pass.



  • hoodapostle

    shit is gahbage. niggas is washed up

  • Nope Way

    Rating included now

  • Nope Way

    Don't get gassed.

  • INOA

    I had it since Thursday. Blasting it all weekend. Shit is fire

  • kush nap

    and get the lyrics right if you gonna quote something you deaf rookie net journalist. "its like a body in the project hallway, who did it? whos the next nigga to suck the snit-itch?!" niggas quoting GFK slang wrong thats a violation. i think the hottest song on the album is the solo ghostface cut "pimpin chipp" thats one of the rawest tracks in tony starks history. one of the greatest storytellers of all time.

  • kush nap

    5 star album. its definitely short, but every track is FIRE. every verse is FIRE. every beat is CRACK. this wouldve been a classic EP in the early 90's if marketed as such. i hope they drop another album together, because meth rae and ghost is the most interesting niggas in the clan in 2010. hell maybe bring deck into the fold next go around and make it a 4 way. album got me stuck. play it start to finish every time. ghostface and mef were on destroy all mode. 5 mics.

  • buckeyewu

    The only knock on the album is the lenghth. I thought this was some old Wu from the 90's for a second. Nice piece of work on this album.