Sheek Confirms L.O.X. Coming On Interscope

Sheek says that 50 Cent's power may have soured them on Interscope, but Jimmy Iovine wanted the trio back.

Throughout 2006 and 2007, it was rumored that legendary Yonkers, New York trio The L.O.X. was headed to Def Jam after Jay-Z's "I Declare War" concert. While Sheek admits that group-partner Jadakiss has helped usher the trio into the now Hova-less Def Jam, the whole ordeal made one-time Interscope Records reconsider the value of its early '00s stars. This confirmed earlier reports [click here to read...]

Very recently, the artist who is signed to Koch Records as a solo outfit, dropping this coming week with Silverback Gorilla, spoke about to HipHopDX about his group's first album in eight years Live Suffer and Celebrate. "It


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