50 Cent Taunts Floyd Mayweather With Manny Pacquiao Photograph

50 Cent once again mocks Floyd Mayweather's ability to read.

50 Cent has published another Instagram post mocking Floyd Mayweather's reading ability.

This time, the boxer used an image of famed boxer Manny Pacquiao using a cell phone. 

The post features writing that says: "SENDS TEXT TO FLOYD KNOWING HE CAN'T READ."

50 Cent also says this in the post's caption: "Champ I met them girls they cute, now you know I like that. LMAO."

It is not specified what girls 50 Cent is referencing in this post. 

Manny Pacquaio, who has had a promotion partnership with 50 Cent, is a boxer that has had his own back-and-forth with Floyd Mayweather. The two have been involved in one of the sport's most talked-about potential fights, never agreeing terms for the highly publicized match-up. 

As reported earlier today (August 28), 50 Cent has said that Floyd Mayweather is his "baby brother" and that he "falls out with everybody." 

For more on 50, view the clip below.


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  • Anonymous

    rap music ruiend my life so i have quit it and come to this hip hop site to warn yall not to partake. i had no parental figures AND i started copying rappers and basically fucked my life up cuz that lifestyle cannot be sustained in reality

  • Bigfoot

    LOL 50 is funniest nigga in rap music today...

  • Anonymous

    If you can read this, you're not Floyd Mayweather.

  • Anonymous

    And this guy is front representative of Hip Hop culture.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ehhh 50 getting kinda lame with this floyd shit. it was funny last week but now its like beating a dead horse. im over it.

  • Anonymous

    Using Manny to continue taking shots is so fucking lame. Grow the fuck up Curtis. It's clear you fucked up your first son's life, and clearly aren't spending time with the new baby. Man up before it's too late.

    • Anonymous

      Take the sand out of your vag. "Using Manny to continue taking shots is so fucking lame." No one is "using Manny", its a fucking internet meme on IG "It's clear you fucked up your first son's life," How did he fuck up his life? He's never had to work for anything and he's going off to college this year on his father's dime. They were close until he turned 16/17 and his gold digging lazy mom got into his head. "clearly aren't spending time with the new baby. Man up before it's too late." How would you know who he spends time with? He regularly posts pictures with Sire. There was a story 2 weeks ago about 50's bodyguard beating up 2 grown man groupie niggas for taking pictures of 50 while he was in a mall alone with his son.

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent is doing what Game used to do to Jay-Z. 50 is just trolling to get attention. He's desperate to try to be relevant. He was always a troll but now he turned into a groupie out of desperation

    • Anonymous

      "Game Vs JayZ was rap competition" no it wasn't Jay never even acknowledged his existence once.

    • Anonymous

      Game Vs JayZ was rap competition with the new guy going at the established veteran which is something that has always existed in HipHop. This lovesick madness with 50Cent Vs Floyd has nothing to do with music or the culture andit has devolved into childish taunting and promotion of racial stereotypes.

  • 50 cent

    50 you aint mayweather stop sucking his dick

  • jimjim

    this boy needs to quit with that bitch shit bring a platinum album to the table nigga

  • Anonymous

    Floyd can read just fine but he has a stuttering problem, I saw him reading off a Telepromter with no problems. Mocking Black people over their intelligence and literacy is what racist white people do so they can label us as inferior and this justify their mistreatment of us. 50 Cent is a white man in a Black mans skin.

    • Anonymous

      bruthadee is so retarded and misinformed its funny. 50 must have fucked his sister

    • Anonymous

      The US census might count albinos and Lepors as "white" people, any convict or gangmember that chooses to kill themselves instead of white-skinned people is clearly brainwashed and might as well join one of the pathetic white hate groups that prey on non-whites.

    • Just Wondering

      Are all the black gang bangers and convicts killing one another white people in black bodies as well? There's a damn lot of white people then, whole mess of them miscounted on the US Census.

    • Anonymous

      No slander just keen observation on an individual who has built an entire career based on trying to denigrate and humiliate other Black men and either destroy their careers or have them incarcerated.

    • jimjim

      your right friend

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, you didn't have to slander 50 to make your point, you were doing fine until that.

  • imho

    this is great news..maybe 50 can be the bridge that makes floyd come out of hiding to fight pacman..floyd has an opinion and confidence on everything in the world..until pacman is brought up.

  • What

    Not funny Black people is the only race that love to pull each other down all the time, why is that, I hate to tell you but that simple Slavery is still in AFFECT.

    • Anonymous

      "Self Hatred was imbedded into African Americans through slavery, some Negroes take special pride in tearing down their own people just to please their white friends and associates." The irony is you're all over this article tearing down 50 Cent because you're so lonely and sad.

    • Anonymous

      Self Hatred was imbedded into African Americans through slavery, some Negroes take special pride in tearing down their own people just to please their white friends and associates.

    • Anonymous

      The irony in your comment is that you're guilty of doing the same thing by simply typing "Black people". Every American Black doesn't have a slave mentality. And it's E F F E C T.

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent is the new male socialite!!!

  • davefromphilly

    This picture been floating around, but yall don't post it until 50 put it on his page

  • Boston hip hop fan

    Nobody in hip hop is fucking with Floyd right now

  • Joel

    bruh....that comment Floyd made about 50 Cent not able to post a vid of his own son saying "I love you" must have really hit him hard. He hasn't stopped since. Meanwhile Floyd can care less about this dude. Reminds me of when Nas dropped Ether and ended the war of words with Jay, but Jay couldn't stop mentioning Nas in interviews and dropping constant jabs left and right.

    • Anonymous

      "Yet still it easy Floyd got more money than 50 will ever have," yeah right, they're fairly close as of now and Floyd don't have too many fights left. 50 is building businesses and brands to continue earning big bucks for the rest of his life. These deals with Intel, Disney, Star Wars etc, could end up earning him hundreds of millions down the line. "if the nigga really want to read all he got to do is buy a professor to teach him how to read and a day or two then" LOL @ learning to read in a day or two... Yes if he wanted to he could use some of the resources at his fingertips to make himself a better person so he could read his kids books, help them with their homework and better handle his business... But he has no desire to learn, he's an ignoran c00n.

    • Anonymous

      that tweet was proven to be fake. and floyd don't know how to tweet.

    • Anonymous

      @NOW, but the mothafukka been rich for a minute, why has he not done what he could have? Fif was right, nikka is all about boxing and when that shit is done so is he

    • Lid

      Is it you, Floyd?

    • Now

      Yet still it easy Floyd got more money than 50 will ever have, if the nigga really want to read all he got to do is buy a professor to teach him how to read and a day or two then go live read the biggest book he can find and show how stupid niggas are.

    • Mayweather is getting destroyed!

      50 Cent is one of the famous people ever and he's getting even more headlines for these jokes. Floyd can only talk about his money but now everybody know he can't read mad suit niggas gonna be extorting this fool. LMAO 50 Cent is disrespectin the fuck outta this dude and Floyd is just taking this shit. What's he got on 50?

    • Anonymous

      Damn, he hurt Curtis feelings with that one.

    • Anonymous

      That was a fake tweet. This is funny lol

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