After saying he would be willing to fight Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas, Nevada next week, 50 Cent was asked about a potential bout with the boxer.

“He don’t want to fight, man,” 50 Cent says in an interview with Radio Rahim for Seconds Out. “Look, that’s my baby brother. He’s responding to what I’m doing by saying that.”

50 Cent went on to say that there is something unique about his interactions with Floyd.

“We don’t necessarily play like everybody else,” he says. “It’s a different thing.”

50 also references Floyd Mayweather’s family during the interview.

“You don’t see how he falls out with everybody?” 50 says. “His father, his mother, Fannie, Tawana, Devon, everyone close to him.”

This continues an ongoing feud with Mayweather which has included several Instagram posts mocking the boxer’s reading ability.

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