T.I. Discusses History Of Women In Rap

T.I. says women want to be represented in Hip Hop and that they generally don't like being around each other.

T.I., who worked with Iggy Azalea on a slew of songs, including "No Mediocre," and who recently launched his Sisterhood Of Hip Hop reality television series about women in Rap, says there are barriers in the industry that prevent women from succeeding. 

"And not just Hip Hop," T.I. says to Billboard, "Any male-dominated industry. The game was made to accommodate a man. For instance, take [NASCAR driver] Danika Patrick, if you were to take her journey and document it, I'm sure that would be an interesting story. There are barriers that must be broken down, doors that must be kicked opened."

T.I. says Rap has had eras in which women were represented in various ways. 

"It was one period in Hip Hop when females were almost as common as males, back in the Salt-N-Pepa period," he explains. "Then there was a period when they were damn near non-existent, with the exception of the Da Brat and Queen Latifah every so often. Years later, you had Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown, and after that females went away again. And then Nicki [Minaj] came out, Iggy [Azalea] came out. So now there feels as though there is a hunger, there is a thirst for females. The female demographic is growing and asking for representation."

T.I. Says Women Generally Don't Like To Be Around Other Women

T.I. also comments on competition among women, which was recently highlighted by a purported feud between Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj

"The bitter cold truth is most women don't like to be around other women, period," he says. "And if they do like to be around the women, the women they like to be around are probably not the women that are the most suitable for the job. Either they're gonna force someone they like into a position they don't belong in, or they're going to not like someone who belongs in the position."

For more on Nicki and Iggy, view the DX Daily below.


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  • Anonymous

    feminization of hip hop = skinny pants

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  • Wally912

    Hands down Mia X was the hardest spitting female MC.

  • Anonymous

    I remember Chris Rock sayin some shit like that too "Women could rule the world if only they stopped bitching about each other"

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Ayo Tip, didn't you have a duo known as Xtaci? In fact, Bola's been signed to Grand Hustle for NINE YEARS now, and you never gave 'er so much as a promo single because?!

    • T.I.

      I think one of my most diversified artists has and always will be Xtaci. I always wanted to executive produce their album. I just tried to figure out another way to release their project to the masses. We just didn't gather the right paperwork. As I was getting to think about it, anything that you have that is authentic, lets say a watch, a car, a phone, whatever it is, the certification of that authenticity is paperwork. Whether its a title for a car, deed to a house, a certificate for a Rolex. You gon have some kind of certification of authenticity. Me & Xtaci being artists thats been known to be authentic and making music that has been known to be authentic, the certification of it was authentic, but was destroyed in a fire, therefore rendering their paperwork "inauthentic".

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