Your Old Droog Announces Debut Concert

Your Old Droog, who's drawn comparisons to Nas, is set to have his first concert in September.

Your Old Droog has announced his first concert, set to take place September 3 in New York City’s Webster Hall.

According to Complex, the event is set to feature Rast RFC as an opening act, along with Timeless Truth.

Tickets for the Your Old Droog event are $15 in advance and $13 at the door.

Webster Hall has several rooms, including The Studio, where this event is set to take place. The room has a capacity of 400 people according to its website.

Your Old Droog made headlines in June when his self-titled EP was released because many speculated it was a project released by Nas with his voice altered.

Though many have refuted that Nas is Your Old Droog, the Mass Appeal boss has yet to speak on the speculations.

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  • DemiBlk

    Look...this is obviously Nas. For those that don't think so, don't know this man or his music. He is constantly trying to make people think past themselves. I wish I could go to New York so that I would be able to go to this hella cheap Nas concert because of his moniker. I mean authors go under the name of different pens...and being that Nas tells stories why wouldn't you think he would pull a Prince? Lmao Come ON people this is what artists do.

  • D-Train

    This is not Nas, he sounds Similar but they rap over different type of beats... Nas has dope some dope beats but the new ones have been garbage, this dude is raw and hungry !!!

  • faxtsonly

    sorry for the spoiler alert ( no i'm not,i love that i know and ya dont lol) but old droog is a whiteboy (half italian and puerto rican) from staten island. Grew up in queens but was raised in staten island. Carry on and be wild upset now.....

    • Mr.Enigma

      Its a disgusting shame that the majority of you would blindly trust sources, rather than your own ears. Ive been listening to Nas for 20 years, And Im not convinced by the shit that I read. Aside from that, its also a travesty that many of you arent listening hard enough to the content. I mean, he is basically telling on himself, and your ignorance keeps you from piecing together obvious clues. Come Sept. 3rd, When some white kid comes on stage lip syncing Nas's rhymes, It will prove nothing to me, but will satisfy the gullible pee-brains for whatever reason.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Finally some new Nas!! can't wait

  • Anonymous

    i cant believe you dumb faggots cant tell the difference between a white boys voice and a black man. This droog fag is obviously white.

  • Anonymous

    nas is foolin yall, ofcourse this is nas

  • Anonymous

    Where's the originality?! create your own lane. You sound like Nas but your lyrics lack that substance.

  • Anonymous

    Go check the fb page, dumb motherfucker below


    Now niggas can shut the fuck up once and for all.

  • Anonymous

    wasnt it some polish white boy whos droog?

  • based

    it will either be Nas or Kanye West walking out on that stage, and it's gonna be amazing. listen to 'No Message' and imagine a very pitched-down Kanye West

  • Streets Disciple Nas worst album fuck ya

    If a geeky white boy steps out on the stage im done with rap forever (skinny jeans wiz khalifa leggings homo thug dresses or just dressing like a dick slurper in general will not be good either) And it aint Nas cause the beats Droog rhymes on are too good

  • Nas

    Can't wait to spit flames and show these young heads that this ol nigga goes hard

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