Dizzy Wright Addresses Joint Project With Logic, Talks Bishop Nehru, "BrILLiant Youth EP"

Dizzy Wright says he and Logic are planning on creating a joint project and subsequent tour.

Las Vegas resident Dizzy Wright recently released a joint project with Bishop Nehru and has been touring.

Sitting down with Bootleg Kev and Tampa, Florida's 94.1 recently, the Funk Volume rapper announced plans for creating another joint project, this time with Maryland rapper Logic.

"We want to do it too, we just haven't been able to come around to the time but eventually it's going to happen," Wright said when asked about collaborations he hope sees light. "He reminds me that being positive is the right way to go... We going to do a project, we going to do a tour, we going to do everything."

Dizzy Wright also talked about his recently released collaborative BrILLiant Youth EP and said he wished he would have had more time to create with Nehru.

"It was a fast process but I would have liked to have taken more time with Bishop," he said. "We could have made something real nice out of it but it came together cool."

Wright would later confirm that there will be a Bone thugs-n-harmony feature on his sophomore album, which he said he's targeting for early next year. He also said Snoop Dogg recently contacted him about creating music.

Watch all interview segments below:

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  • Anonymous

    yo wtf is this i never heard one song by him

    • Anonymous

      Wow man on the real check him out, download golden age and smoke out conversations, and the first agreement lol

  • Anonymous

    Dizzy SHOULD be one of the next greats, this dude has flows and lyrics for days, and keeps it real and humble, I say Dizzy , Logic, and J cole are the closest artists we have today that preach real positive shit since Tupac, and no that doesn't mean they are the new PAC it just means these dudes are spitting real positive shit but can still rap circles around most any other rappers today

    • Anonymous

      @Lol ^ STFO dizzy has a solid catalogue and is one the dopest most consistent rappers out there today, go listen to your French Montana and young thug faggot

    • lol

      people like you are so annoying. you're probably one of those people who make "FUCK LIL WAYNE. REAL HIP HOP 4 LIFE" statuses on Facebook

  • lol an

    Funk Volume is so damn corny and a bad image for Dizzy. I really wish he would leave those corny motherfuckers.

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