Meek Mill Aides Philadelphia Fire Victims

"I feel like I'm in a position [where] I could be able to help these people," Meek Mill says.

Yesterday (July 8), Meek Mill stopped by the scene of a fatal fire that killed four children in Southwest Philadelphia.

Philadelphia radio station Hot 107.9 tweeted about the fire, which started Saturday (July 5), asking for help. Meek Mill responded by tweeting that he would help. He also asked what other successful people from Philadelphia could help. 

Hot 107.9 host Q Deezy caught up with Meek Mill, who gave a donation to the victims

"I just wanted to come out and participate and bring my help to the families and everybody that took a loss in this situation," Meek Mill says, "'cause I be feeling like nine times out of 10 they never really use us in a way that it could benefit the community, so you know I come out and use myself.

"Only time I'm really on the news or on the radio it's something about probation,” he continues. "I feel like I'm in a position [where] I could be able to help these people so easily, get donations and get things they need to help them with their losses right now so you know I'm gonna do it."

The amount of Meek Mill’s donation has not been publicized. 

HipHop DX sends their condolences to the family members and the community affected by the fire. 

If you would like to help, donations can be sent to 128 North 7th Street, Darby, PA, 19023 or call 267-499-7298.

Both Meek Mill and Hot 107.9 posted on Twitter and Instagram yesterday regarding the rapper’s appearance as the scene of the fire, as shown below. 

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  • Anonymous

    cut off jeans and bright yellow shoes... LOL SWAG

  • Anonymous

    you know what..nuff respect to the someone who gives back to their hood. say no more!

  • POPE

    Meek always do good things for the community though. he does coat drives int he winter and back to school supply drives as well.

  • hellmaste80

    At list he helped......and the community can benefit from it....anything positive towards our communities goes along way. maybe he can start a trend, for young rappers/entertainers to invest more in their community and less on strippers.......

  • Anonymous

    im sure tomorrow he'll be back to rapping about his chains and how his car cost half a million while these people are homeless

    • Anonymous

      He already helped, fuck you want him to do? Donate all his money to Philly and live like a bum for the rest of his life? Meek don't owe shit to nobody

  • Anonymous

    Shout out to Meek, he a cornball and I hate him but this I can respect If my nigga Will ain't showed up to help...

  • Anonymous

    damage control after his twitter fit yesterday at Wale for no reason. meek the type of guy who always needs a pat on the back for everything good he does.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Ni99er I will shit on your Black life you keep promoting this positive garbage instead of taking a dump on that jungle bunny Wale. I like Rap were the Ni99ers shot on each other but this community shit is for the birds.

    • WTF

      Your a fucking coward why talk all this shit and not put your name on it, You are not shooting shit you racist White boy bitch you guys all try to be use and get jealous cause you White women love us go fuck yourself clown.

  • Anonymous

    Top that Cassidy.

    • airmagicmamba

      This is a good look and I hate to be that guy but its funny he has an album coming out first beefin with Wale over not posting a link a twitter link his timing is impeccable

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