Charlamagne Discusses Why People Snitch

Charlamagne Tha God speaks on snitching while addressing Vybz Kartel rumor.

Power 105.1 radio host Charlamagne Tha God recently shared his thoughts on snitching in a newly-released video interview with Vlad TV. The topic of snitching was brought up when Charlamagne was questioned about Vybz Kartel, the Jamaican dancehall artist who was sentenced to life in prison and is rumored to be offering information to Jamaican police in order to shrink his sentence.

Charlamagne began his commentary on snitching by quoting this particular line from Pusha T’s record “S.N.I.T.C.H.”: “Sorry nigga, I’m trying to come home.”

“What you think snitching is, man? Mothafuckas always say what they won’t do until they get into a situation and the judge give you forever,” Charlamagne said. “You gon’ be in jail forever. 100 years, life, whatever. You sitting in that cell, you like—You thinking about your kids. Imagine your kid is eight-years-old and the judge say you got a 50-year life sentence. You gon’ be dead. But just for hypothetical purposes, you serve your 50 years. Your child gonna be 58 [years-old]. Your child gonna be a great-great-granddaddy when you come home? [Nobody] trying to feel that, man.”

He then added that when the years start to add up, those who may have been against snitching before, start to give in.

“A lot of guys talk that talk,” the radio host said. “‘Oh, I’m a G. I’m a standup dude. I’m not gonna do this. I’m not gonna do that.’ Yeah, that might work when somebody says five years. That might work when somebody says 10. You start talking about forever…Average guy gets that kinda pressure put on them? ‘Sorry nigga, I’m trying to come home.’ They telling. It’s going down. Give them the opportunity to tell, they tell. Period.”

Charlamagne’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.



  • 614grind

    rapper Cassidy was a snitch and he is doing well. Id rather stay locked up and eat hella buttholes out than snitch. im sorry... GAYlombus, OH love

  • 614grind

    Well niggas in Columbus, OH snitch all the time. bunch of fake Bloods and fake Crips too. everybody in Reynoldsburg(soft suburb of gay ass Columbus) and Pickerington, OH(another soft suburb of lame ass Columbus) pretend like they are Bloods and scream out 22nd and Livingston while wearing air jordan 4's and throwing up B hand signs and wearing Boston Red Sox hats while bumpin Lil Wayne. fuckin faggots. and they snitch on each other.

  • Do The Right Thing

    If see someone robbing me or my community, I'm snitching fuck what you heard. See where that hood backwards mentality get's you. I'm about living civilly and very productively.

    • Anonymous

      @ first post. Exactly!! Fuck "REAL". So if someone robs you in your home, are you telling me that you will not call the cops and identify the person who robbed you? FUCK THAT!! Shit, I'm identifying and sitting in the witness stand and point out that motherfucker...I would like to see what the fuck happens. Any threats come my families way, best believe his family will be getting threats as well. ...if you live in the "hood", you are bound to have connections. We can play hard ball......FAMILY FIRST!!

    • Anonymous

      Did you read his comment? No one said it was right.

    • Anonymous

      just because people have been taught that, doesn't mean it's right

    • Anonymous

      dear dummies "no snitching" is not exclusive to the streets. from cops, soilders, politicians, the church or any damn group looks down on snitches, witnesses or whistle-blowers. since the age of kids,ppl have been taught not to be tattle how the fuck does the snitching thing gets attached to the hip-hop world

  • Anonymous

    This greasy faced super fag heffa!!!

  • HUH

    The truth is also that snitching is what puts your family in danger, and you need to just do the damn time. What's to keep someone from puttin' their last money on a hit, when they are facing life anyways. To save your own skin, you put your family in that danger. Now you're a "coward", "terrible family man", and a "snitch".

    • Anonymous

      Just like you, huh?

    • HUH

      Naw I'm a nigga who knows the streets very well. I was speaking on doing the time to keep your family out of nonsense. Only an internet nigga wouldn't know the difference. Don't make me laugh...It's always the lames tryna speak on real shit.SMH

    • BP

      you're a nigga typing on the internet about how some niggas "need to do the damn time", nigga don't make me laugh and fyi I'd still risk it to see my pops n my kids again

  • maino

    Man please it's been plenty of stand up dudes max b doin 75 Wayne Perry doin life c murder doin life tray Dee did 12 shyne did 10 for diddy the clown it always depends if the person was a sucka from the start while committing the crimes

  • Anonymous

    Niggas who still fuck with a press conference holding snitch who tells on niggas. - Meek Mill - Yo Gotti - J Prince Jr. - Meek Mill's weed carrier Trav

  • Slowbuck's Chain

    #Facts I agree with this n%a he keep it 100!

  • Anonymous

    I was in a courtroom once where the judge gave this dude life for a 4th felony conviction or some shit, think it was drugs and the dude started yelling "LIFE?!?!?!?! THE FUCK YOU MEAN LIFE NIGGA!!!!!" and the court cops had to drag him out kicking and screaming, shit was mad funny.

  • Anonymous

    If I'm goin to jail for some shit I know I didn't do then hell yea I'm tellin, don't give a fuck if it was my friends or not I ain't spending one day in a cell

    • Anonymous

      That is not snitching if you 100% had nothing to do with it. Generally speaking if you had 100% nothing to do with it someone had to have set you up. Which goes into a differently definition of telling.

  • Anonymous

    Finally we get a concrete definition of what snitching ACTUALLY means. I hope you internet nerds are taking notes because not everything pertains to snitching

    • Sam Snead

      #1 is a no-no and the definition of a bitch and a snitch. If you are in the game and snitch to save yourself from being accountable then you a bitch MF'er. #2 if you see someone rob an shoot an old lady coming out of church and the cops ask you about it than you have a pass as far as I am concerned. If you took matters into your own hands well then you would do the time for someone else's crime

    • Anonymous

      lol negro please, stop acting like you ain't gon tell the cops if someone rob you or someone close to you, you not gonna pick up guns and get in some action

    • Fish

      Each person has their own interpretation. I personally believe that, - 1. If you snitch to save your own skin you're a bitch that should die slow. Throwing someone else (especially your friends under the wheels of the bus is the biggest sign of weakness I can imagine so do the world a favor and throw a rope up. 2. If you're not in trouble yourself, but are so offended by a situation that you have to go telling so that the police will deal with it for you, then you are also a bitch. If you are so aggrieved by the actions of another person, then deal with that yourself, don't run telling tales and hiding behind the boys in blue. In short, stop trying to justify the weakness of telling tales on people, because THAT is what snitching is.

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