Meek Mill Details "Dreams Worth More Than Money" Album & Nas Collaboration

The rapper shares plans to record with Nas, Pharrell, and more in an interview with Miss Info.

Sitting down with Miss Info ahead of the BET Awards ceremony tonight (June 29), Meek Mill explained plans for his sophomore album and hinted at some of the scheduled collaborations. During the interview, Meek also confirmed a summer release date without giving any specifics. 

Dreams Worth More Than Money and it’s coming this summer,” he said. “I didn’t want to do the same rollout that everybody do. We fitting to change the game and do something different than everybody do. People dropping, doing 30, 40, 50. I’m gonna go ahead, promote for about a month, and we just gonna come with it and make it do what it do.”

Asked for details on the album, Meek spoke on his progression from his debut and getting back “to being fully an artist.”

“Alright, let me tell you real details,” he said. “Meek Mill is on a whole other level. I don’t like to talk from my perspective, ‘cause everybody gon’ say, ‘My next project hot, this is my best project.’ I’m 27 now, my last project I was 25. And really, I was kind of caught up. I just started making millions of dollars. Rap wasn’t like my main focus, I was focused on getting my family out the streets and having a lot of money. You know, I accomplished part of that and now it’s fully back to being fully an artist. I got me, Big Sean, A$AP Ferg shooting a video Monday, something off the album. Me and Big Sean did the ‘Burn,’ you know how that was. It was a lyrical attack. Me and him going back and forth, having fun. It’s kind of the same thing, it ain’t even no hook on it. It’s me, him, and Ferg. Ferg is sounding like you never heard Ferg sound...It’s called ‘B-Boy.’ Then, it got like a transition into it, me and Pharrell working on something.”

Addressing his planned Pharrell collaboration specifically, Meek said it’s still in the works.

“We ain’t get down to it yet, we went to the studio, just ran over a couple things,” he said. “You know Pharrell, he busy. He like, ‘Yo, we’re gonna get back to it.’ But that’s why I love Pharrell, he could have the biggest songs out in the world and still come do a [‘Move That Dope.]

“I want Pharrell to do Pharrell,” he added. “He an OG so he know what match me. Even Timbaland, me and him in the studio.”

Still speaking on the album, Meek Mill said he’s currently trying to meld different styles with his music.

“I’m just looking for that next sound in Hip Hop,” he said. “Everybody doing the same methods sometimes. People don’t even notice, the ‘I’m A Boss’ sound, that sound really come from me. I don’t really claim any sounds but that’s what it is. Now I’m looking for a brand new sound to take and bounce around for a year or two...It’s like Trap Hop. It’s like Trap and Hip Hop all together. You know, I’m from the East Coast, but we got Jahlil Beats and [other producers] that all have that kind of South sound but with the East sound all smushed together.”

Before the end of the interview, the Philly rapper added that he hopes to secure a Nas feature on a new song.

“I got one that’s a true Hip Hop song that I’m putting Nas on,” he said. “It’s true Hip Hop. Lyricism. It’s Nas on it. I think it’s a sampled beat that sounds sort of like Scarface when you think of the movie. I’m waiting to get Nas in the studio any day. When he get in the studio I know he gon’ love it, Nas ain’t gon jump on it it he don’t love it.”

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  • Jalapenohiway

    Keep doin your thing Meek! All this damn hate you MUST be doing something rite,LOL! Anybody hating go listen to "Faded Too Long", "Tony Story","Traumatized" etc REAL hip-hop shit and he one of the few who still can kick a real Freestyle.

  • Anonymous

    This is Meek Mill's time to shine. His buzz is at an all time high. The second album's on the way, and he just signed a 10 picture deal with 20th Century Fox.

  • Anonymous

    come up with better titles, Meek. Dump 'Dream' man. Playing that word out.

  • COCA


  • COCA

    "People dropping, doing 30, 40, 50. Im gonna go ahead, promote for about a month, and we just gonna come with it and make it do what it do. LOL THAT'S WHAT EVERYONE DOES TO SELL THOSE 30, 40 ,50

  • Anonymous

    best recommendation, if you get Nas on your track, say the least as possible, and give Nas two verses.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is gonna flop, he's still living off that one hot intro

  • Therealness

    Nas doing anything right now to pay off that child support

  • Anonymous

    I used to think Meek was real but hes not. Ask yaself who really real did Ross diss Gunplay when he got beat the fuck up n his chain took or nahhh wat he do stand by his artist side louie v got robbed wit guns slowbucks pussyass got strong armed and meek switched up on em real quick #facts

  • Anonymous

    miss info so bomb

  • Anonymous

    Nas crawling to mill for relevancy.

  • Lara

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  • da Mayor of MN

    Y'all can't be serious meek is one if da new generations greats. Dream chasers 2 was best mixtape since da drought along with trap back by gucci. First album was solid and this ones Finna be even better!!!!

  • Anonymous

    im selling white yall fufu ass niggas sellin dreams

  • Screams Worth More Than Money

    Meek Mill AKA the nicca whose clinging to a career off a hot album intro!

  • Anonymous

    A nigga looking like a straight clown with his glasses on in there. Plus now they're gonna have to update the best selling book Nas Lost: A Tribute To The Lil Homie after this album comes out.

    • Anonymous

      whens the last time jay-z did a tyga or wiz song?

    • Anonymous

      Why does Nas always get the most hate whenever he makes a song with a weak artist, yet with every other veteran rapper that collaborates with the same people, hardly anyone bats an eye?

    • Anonymous

      I think they need a whole chapter on all his weak ass collabos like Tyga, Wiz, Meek, etc.

    • Anonymous

      did they update it after his recent collaboration with Wiz Khagina? and im a Nas fan lol

  • Not Impressed

    I give this dude one more album before he fades into obscurity. I'm not impressed

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