Iggy Azalea To Re-Release "The New Classic" With Additional Tracks

Iggy Azalea is set to reportedly re-release "The New Classic" in September.

Iggy Azalea is set to re-release The New Classic September 17, according to The Boombox.

The new version is set to have five or six additional tracks, according to the report.

The New Classic earned a 2 and a half out of 5 X rating on HipHopDX when it was released. 

"The New Classic is a musical throne upon which the new blonde princess of Pop can rest her ample posterior," HipHopDX says in its review. "As Rap and Pop synergize again—yet this time without significantly embarrassing results—it opens the gate for Iggy Azalea to have an opportunity to shine. Sometimes, when Pop marketing and urban music perfectly commingle, we get Michael Jackson’s Thriller. In other cases, Iggy Azalea’s The New Classic aims high, but ultimately falls flat."

Azalea's The New Classic has sold 192,167 units overall thus far. 

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  • Anonymous

    that's exactly what nicki minaj did haha

  • Anonymous

    expected juvenile bawling. shes not phenomenal but she isnt wack either.she has good tracks, but her wack tracks are reallly wack

  • Anonymous

    That bitch had an actual album out, wow.

  • jg

    She already sold a decent amount of albums. This kind of cash grab could stop the fans the went out and spent the cash on her initial drop. Far from a classic.

  • drone killa

    i'm not a riff raff fan but they basically have the same downside (wide people trying to hard to act black) except that riff raff is entertaining at times, and yet this bitch gets 2.5 and riff raff gets a 1, WTF? i'd switch those around and it'd be correct IMO i'm guessing the major label gets you extra stars or something

  • Anonymous

    please dont buy this trash

  • Anonymous

    What? MJ did it? you are on crack Thriller 25. Look it up. Iggy is a big flop and she has 0 talent. Literally zero. In Hip Hop, she is a joke. She can only sell this to 14-16 year olds If she's a flop, how come she's no.1 on the singles charts while 50 is nowhere near to be found?

    • WY

      This fruit tard is comparin a re-relase of a classic album Thriller from over 20 years ago to Iggy's pop album that she just released a few months ago and is re-releasing it the same year. I feel sorry for your parents... comparin Thriller to Iggy's shit. You went full retard She's on the Billboard charts bc of High School teens buyin her crap

    • alan

      I'm 15 and i dont even listen to her bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      Her album didn't even sell 200k, that's a flop.

    • Anonymous

      Pop 50s balls out your mouth for a minute chump Too early for a re-release, she not close to gold or plat

  • chocolate hoes are the way to go

    I'd fuck.

  • Anonymous

    how u re-release a flop?

  • pasty kowala bear hoe

    speaks wit a posh Australian accent but raps like she was raised in the grimey south but like a real weird soundin part lmao FOH bitch is trash wit the lyrics either way

    • Um

      Lol where do you see a delete button? You stupid

    • Anonymous

      ^only moderators can delete comments Now you should see who the trolls are

    • Anonymous

      ^ You can delete your own comment on here? How do you do that? I wanna delete this comment I just posted.

    • dumb argument

      the lame I was replying too deleted his comment lmao stick to ya guns if u wanna try talk shit

    • Anonymous

      Why I be saying theyre popular personality followers, look at how they compare it to hollywood lol lines so blurred theyre thinking music's entertainment and not an artform because of the way it's being sold to you These ain't music lovers they social media addicts

    • LMAO

      These brainwashed MTV/BET kids have no idea what music is anymore... They comparin it to actors(and a lot of rappers are). LMAO @ the high pitch remark, you went full retard. They can't even tell if somebody can actually sing or not, or rap or not. If they are on TV then they must be good, right? LMAO

    • your stuck in the past

      @ dumb argument your stuck in the past rap is no longer about being authentic...... Two words Rick Ross. That's why hopefully the g unit reunion brings real back!

    • dumb argument

      hip hop is telling your story in your words your voice. You aint handed a script like in a film n told what to do ya dumb fuck. Go ahead lie play pretend but you never gon be respected by anyone that really listens to hip hop. Would you look at jimi Hendrix the same if it turned out he could never play guitar??? FOH u lame bitch

    • Anonymous

      This the entertainment industry. You get mad when actor's change their voice for a role? How about when rock singers hit high notes that men usually don't hit? That's such a ridiculous thing to be mad about. Yal weird ass fans wanna live your lives through rapper's so you expect them to be 100% authentic. News flash - they're entertainers faggot

  • Anonymous

    A desperate attempt to increase album sales.

    • What?

      What? MJ did it? you are on crack Iggy is a big flop and she has 0 talent. Literally zero. In Hip Hop, she is a joke. She can only sell this to 14-16 year olds

    • Anonymous

      Artists repackage albums all the time. She just wants to take advantage of the holiday season. Usher did it, MJ did it, chris brown did it, rihanna did it too. Iggy's album isn't flopping. She's outselling 50.

    • Anonymous

      Ok genius, we will act like there's no such thing as an ep or itunes, lol stupid ass A re-package for the holiday season and one of them songs will be the next single to bolster lagging sales NOW we can talk flop

    • Anonymous

      No its her being eager to share her additional work without having to wait a couple of years or so.

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