50 Cent Altercation Explained By Trav

Trav says 50 Cent's issue with Slowbucks doesn't stem from the picture he posted with 50's son, Marquise Jackson.

During a newly-published interview with VladTV, G-Unit affiliate Trav took time to address an altercation that took place between himself and 50 Cent at a Mixshow Live event in Atlanta last year.

Trav revealed that prior to their encounter on stage at Mixshow Live, which he traveled to with fellow artist Meek Mill, he “had words” with the G-Unit helmsman. He added that he was never able to speak to 50 Cent in person and was offended by the rapper calling on others to try and get the two to talk.

“Me and 50 had words prior to that stage,” Trav said. “Prior to the tweets. Prior to—Niggas argue all the time only thing is I’m just not gonna ‘yes, man’ a nigga to death. You understand what I’m saying? So, when me and 50 had words he had certain people reach out to me. When they reached out to me I didn’t respect it cause a nigga reached out from 50 telling me to come meet him. I’m like ‘I ain’t never had to speak to none of you niggas a day in my life to have to go speak to 50.’ For 50 to say ‘Come see me.’ Like ‘Nah, 50 want me to come see him tell him to call me’…The first time I’m ever seeing him after all these arguments and all these situations we having was right then and there on that stage.”

According to Trav, the incident involving 50 Cent, which reportedly consisted of 50 shoving the rapper after noticing him on stage, could have been worse.

“The only reason why that shit didn’t go no other way. Like an extended version is cause I got a different kind of love for 50. You know what I’m saying? If it wasn’t no love there, a nigga putting his hands on me, a nigga would have—Listen man, it’s not rocket science, homie,” he said.

Trav also commented on a picture, which was posted on Instagram in April of this year. In the picture are Trav, Slowbucks, 50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson, and two other men. In regards to the picture, Trav says that despite the standing of his relationship with 50 Cent, his relationship with Marquise is still the same.

“In every one of my pictures I put my middle finger up,” Trav said. “That’s number one. Number two, is this, what niggas don’t understand is I’mma tell y’all again, I was around 50 since I was 13, 14-years-old. I knew his son since he was ‘bout two-years-old. Two, three-years-old. Just because me and his dad ain’t talking, you feel me? I’m supposed to stop talking to Marquise? I’m supposed to stop taking him to go get sneakers when he come to New York? I’m supposed to stop doing the shit I been doing? That’d be foul of me…Niggas taking it to the left. If y’all don’t understand that shit niggas shouldn’t take stories and just run with it, homie. That’s not why 50 mad. That’s not why 50 mad at Slow either. Slow and 50 had their own shit.”

Trav’s interview with VladTV can be found below.


  • Anonymous

    lol trav is delusional if he thinks he coulda done anything to 50

  • Anonymous

    lol i didnt even watch the video but all the comments talkin bout herpes and shit lmao. watch the herp!!

  • Anonymous

    50 woat rapper to do it

  • Anonymous

    Herpes aint nothing to fuck with doggy.

  • Me

    Really getting Trav and Troy Ave. mixed up, but now that I hear homies stories I respect him and the situation, he's family and that's it.. #RESPECT fk these nobodies that don't understand street nikkas.. #REALrecognize

    • Anonymous

      what kind of family disses the nigga who put him on to try and get some buzz? if hes so poppin like he claims to be he wouldnt have to keep bringing up 50s name but no one would interview him otherwise... this shit happened a year ago and he still using it.

  • Anonymous

    homer simpson lookin ass

  • Anonymous

    homie is so fucking ugly. no homo but hes really hard to look at he needs some to grow his hair out or get some facial hair to take our eyes off his herpes covered lips.

  • 2FAR

    Trav just say your blood brother is one of 50's goons best friend thats it!!!! All that other shit I don't wanna hear!

  • Anonymous

    That Celebration song he put out dissing 50 was the weakest shit I ever heard next to his pussy ass Sean Kingston record.... go play that record and try to believe this nigga when he talks tough.

  • Anonymous

    that altercation happened a year ago why is he still talking about it? 50 pushed you in front of everyone and you went and named your fucking mixtape PUSH as that was the biggest moment in your "career".

  • Anonymous

    sause azz nigga looking for recognition under 50's shadow...bum...sad part he's haitian and a embarrassment to the real haitian g's...

  • ryanwallz

    This niggas thinking he's troy ave n shit smh

  • Anonymous

    I just saw another Vlad video where Trav is bragging about how he was at Summer Jam and didn't get jumped like his rat friend. He said he was backstage with Drake, Wayne and Nicki like they know who the fuck he is! He was just one in a hundred groupies back there.

  • Trav is a groupie

    "Me and 50 had words prior to that stage," The part Trav decided to leave out was that he was talking crazy about 50 on twitter and 50 called him out for it. Nigga was saying all 50's homies are broke and that his hood pass in Queens is revoked! Trav knows the only reason 50 hasnt touched him is because he has love for his older brother yet he still keeps poking at him trying to help his non existent career,

  • POPE


  • POPE

    watch this corny nigga being yayos hype man come the fuck on trav smfh. i cant respect this guy.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORo7rg5lTEM

    • Anonymous

      This is crazy. How did Trav go from dickriding G-Unit and dissing Ross and Khaled to begging Ross and Khaled for pictures? Now they real niggas all of a sudden? I wonder if Ross knows how many fuck niggas be in his circle.

  • Anonymous

    lol dude thinks his something special. 50 would wash the floor with this kid.

  • D.G

    Does anybody believe this guy??. He's been trying to get put on forever but his music is trash

  • rapper2freedom

    I stan 50 but Trav said everything right, he's smart for this he didn't slander 50 but gave mature reply.

  • Anonymous

    so this is what a desperate nigga looks like

  • Anonymous

    His man is a RAT. He ate the cheese. Snitchbucks is still his man though.


    Does anyone watch Orange Is The New Black on Netflix? This fool looks like Crazy Eyes without the coolio hair. He could easily pass for a bald woman with that cute ear ring.

  • Anonymous

    If you gotta keep telling people that you're "no bitch".... chances are you're a bitch!


    This guy just needs to stop talking. You are not a boss. You are never going to blow uo and thats why 50 didn't sign you or help you. The only reason anyone knows who you are is 50. The only reason you on Meek Mill and Jim Jones nuts is 50. Stop using his name in a bad way to try and get yourself hot. And go to a doctor and get those herpes off ya lip its not a good look. Desperate ass nigga doing interviews with shit growing on his lip? LOL

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