Kendrick Lamar Denies Sophomore Album Pressure, Details TDE Meetings

Kendrick Lamar credits success of Top Dawg Entertainment to "good management" and group meetings.

According to Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar, he hasn’t felt any pressure when it concerns the release of his sophomore album, and is instead more “anxious” about the release of the LP, which will follow 2012’s good kid, m.A.A.d city.

While speaking with San Francisco-based radio station KMEL this week, the rapper revealed that he didn’t feel any pressure prior to the release of good kid, m.A.A.d city and was instead focused on giving it his “best shot.”

“Not really pressure. I think it’s like fun if anything because it’s a challenge not only for myself, my fans. And just me creatively,” Kendrick said. “I think it’s more of an anxious type feeling. Cause this word ‘pressure’ was thrown around right before my album. Every interview I was doing. And seriously I didn’t feel it. I was like ‘I’mma go out here and give it my best shot for what I know.’ And I’mma do that the second time around.”

Kendrick didn’t have much to offer in regards to a release date for his next studio album, but did state that “It’s in the process” and he doesn’t feel it would be right to give fans a release date under false pretenses.

The Top Dawg Entertainment lyricist was later asked about the success of TDE and what they’re doing different from others that may attribute to their success. According to Kendrick, in addition to frequent meetings, TDE also benefits from “good management.”

“I can’t speak for other people, but I know we have meetings,” K-Dot said. “Like real meetings. We sit down. And we been doing this for the past seven, 10 years. Really like grouping up and having meetings of what we gon’ do. You know? And that helps. Communication helps all the way. As far as knowing each individual artist and what they goals are and what they come to do. And that comes with good management.”

Kendrick also gave credit to the late Maya Angelou, referring to the poet as an artist who impacted Hip Hop with her poetry.

“She’s a leader in the way we write,” he said. “We all take bits and pieces from her craft and it [translates] over to Hip Hop.”

Few details have been revealed about Kendrick’s sophomore album, but the rapper did reveal that Dr. Dre has lent his assistance on the project, during an interview with KIIS FM.

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  • Anonymous

    Best rapper out!!!! Nobody touchin him right now

  • Anonymous

    Nigga please, quit lying, you're UNDER PRESSURE

  • Kay

    Be patient folks. That's all. The album will not disappoint. The man is consistently progressing with each project.

  • TeeYousAColdMackPlayaAndUKnoDat

    Biggest embarrassment to west coast on a mainstream tip. This fucking fruit, his boring click; retarded-ass fans. This dudes whole gimmick is plaguing the real. Fuck all that gay shit, fuck all that soft shit. All you faggots and sluts always coming on here with the false praises of this queer, put a bullet in your useless selves. This bitchmade faggot ain't no 'Pac. And fuck HiphopDx, bunch of uncle Tom ass flamers, erasing comments like the sensitive fags they are, and the 90% of people that frequent this site. Uncle Tom ass Justin Hunte, stupid slut Danielle, and the rest of those maggots. Fuck all who disagree, and fuck a priveledged white boy upping fag rappers like macklemore hopsin Tyler, gambino chance, all of them FAGGOTS! Fuck all who disagree.

    • David*

      Damn, you went stupid. I do not agree with you. Have you listened to Kendrick Lamar lately? Childish has great lyrics and Tyler, he's all right. Macklemore's independent and that's pretty amazing. I haven't gotten into the others though. What type of Hip-Hop/Rap are you looking for... the gangster and political stuff? Go for Immortal Technique, he's on the same level as 2Pac and Biggie.

    • Anonymous

      yawn. quit wasting your and our time, man. who cares

    • Anonymous

      Anger is an embarrassing emotion.

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      You just went full retard. Never go full retard.

  • zfgg

    it will be an instant cop for me

  • The Clap

    If fucking riff raff goes diamond, niglets would be like "he dope tho"... smh

  • Anonymous

    Motherfuckers still talking about record sales? IT DOESN'T MAKE THE MUSIC ANY BETTER. An album can sell one copy and be super dope. This sheep mentality has to stop.

  • rattl

    he reminds me of Tupac a lot, dude is a fucking crazy talent.

    • Anonymous

      They are also both Gemini's.

    • Rich

      Don't Trip on everybody hating on your opinion. Kendrick & Pac Are Similar in certain ways. They Both Bring AWARENESS! Kendrick is Smart, He's Learned From Pacs Mistakes. They Both Share The Same WORK ETHIC, Different Styles of how they work, but none the less... THEY WORK! I peep the game from a different perspective. People think Pac set the bar so high that NO ONE will ever be able to get close to it... Well WAKE UP cause He is definetly laying a solid foundation to becoming not only 1 of the GREATEST RAP ARTIST EVER... but He Is Becoming One Of The Most Important LEADERS for Our Culture! This is Clich but... DON'T HATE, CONGRADULATE!

    • Anonymous

      ^^i think he means there message in music which makes u think n how they live and carry there selves and i agree

    • Anonymous

      How? if you don't mind me asking. Other than the fact that they both rep the west coast.

  • schatten859

    already my AOTY

  • Anonymous

    Well after saying he's going to destroy everyone's fan base there IS and SHOULD be pressure on him. Kendrick is good but stop putting him on some crazy pedestal , he's taking two years to make a hip hop album...I know lyricism is a talent but he's not making tracks that take years to produce so this better be good.

  • pablo

    this is going to be something else, this boy just can't disappoint.

  • absolute232

    kendrick lamar bringing real hip hop back

  • ChristineEverar

    King Kendrick Lamar needs to take his time and deliver another masterpiece

  • CanadanotPure

    I can't remember the last time I was that excited for an album, this lil nigga is a genius

  • Anntee65

    I need that album RIGHT NOW, ffs, RIGHT NOW

  • 123456

    hopefully this is as amazing as gkmc

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    will be an instant cop

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    my most anticipated album of the year

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    does kendrick have cerebral palsy in his anus?

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    hyped him up to much he sold so what can you say the nigg went multiplat still fuck him

    • David*

      Kendrick is a great rapper, his lyrics have substance and people can benefit if they listen to more than just what's on the radio. He didn't sell out, TDE joined with Interscope, Aftermath, and he expanded his fan base by being accepted by so many West Coast rappers and producers like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion).

    • Anonymous

      not multiplat just plat

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