50 Cent Details G-Unit Reunion & Opening Pitch In Reddit AMA

"I'll prolly make music longer than [I'm] suppose to," 50 Cent says in a recent AMA session on Reddit.

Participating in a Reddit AMA earlier this afternoon (June 3), 50 Cent answered user-submitted questions on the bulletin board based site. The Ask Me Anything session included questions on the rapper’s recently botched first pitch at a Mets game, his career’s biggest regrets, and the strategy behind his recent Animal Ambition release.

Asked about throwing the first pitch at the Mets vs. Pirates game last week, 50 attributed the mistake to a masturbation related injury.

“I have a skeletal muscle injury on my left shoulder from excessive masturbation so take it easy lol,” he wrote.

During the AMA, 50 also responded to recent reports claiming he stole Slowbucks chain during his Summer Jam performance on Sunday (June 1).

“I dont know why people keep talking about this,” he said. “I was busy performing. it was so many people on stage lol.”

Asked about the inspiration to release Animal Ambition as a full-out album instead of a promotional mixtape, the Queens emcee explained feeling like the material deserved to stand on its own.

“A mixtape would have previously released music,” he wrote. “Animal Ambition was all original if you put music out and call it a mixtape its not under the same scrutiny. i felt strong enough about it. it's quality.”

50 Cent also confessed to the possibility of his continuing to release music past his prime when asked about his biggest career regret.

“I’ll prolly make music longer than im suppose to,” he said. “Like a fighter who doesnt know when to retire lol i just love doing it.”

Responding to a question about the G-Unit reunion at Summer Jam, 50 Cent again confirmed his unwillingness to collaborate with Game. During his response, he also said it felt good to perform with the other members.

“Not a chance,” he said to the possibility of a Game reprise. “Feels good to be back on stage with them again. couple of them gotta get in shape again they get tired lol”

The rapper also shared his first big purchase after “[making] it big.”

“My grandmother a car,” he wrote. “It was important to me because she took care of me when i couldn't take care of myself.”

50 Cent released Animal Ambition in its entirety today (June 3). During his Reddit AMA, 50 provided users with a "Reddit550" coupon for a discount purchase of the release on his homepage

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  • Niggas never learn

    Its 2014 and nobody has interest a in average group like G-Unit. P.E., Wu Tang, NWA, Geto Boys are legendary groups with classic albums. G-Unit is only hype and some boring ass shit about: money and guns by rappers who are 40 years old. Really you play cops and robbers on your album?

    • Niggas never learn

      @ packi: Im not a hater im saying facts. There comes a time for everybody to act like a grown man and evolve your life. If you are 40 years old and talking about being in the mob and be a killa then you are a dumb motherfucker.

    • packi

      there is no age limit to rapping so who cares about that bullshit. if you like doing it then why care what a hater thinks. g-unit are trending worldwide so i think people are interested. i cant get a minutes piece because my twitter tl keeps blowing up with g-unit is back posts. the hashtag #gunit has been in the top trends since they reunited and their new track has already got nearly half a million views on youtube. they performed infront of 60k people on sunday and they got 2 more concerts this months at actual stadiums. rick ross and lil wayne are performing in strip clubs and shit while g-unit are selling out football stadiums.

    • Anonymous

      I'm sure you guys are suburban rich whiteboys Everybody was hollering GGGG-Unit back in the days

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. G-Unit made cool pop gangster songs for white kids in the 2000's, but that era has been dead for a while now. They're too old for tough talk, bandannas and spinning chains

  • Anonymous


  • Pita Jone

    I Know that the G UNIT is a big company... 50 Cent is big and real animal ambition... No one can hold him... Fuck all ya nigga need to put him down cause him like the good thing for all ya people..

  • COCA

    Ill prolly make music longer than im suppose to, YOU ALREADY DOING THAT NIGG!!!

  • Kevin Anthony

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  • Anonymous

    The big difference with Game and 50 Cent is that when he participates in jumping Gunplay and wearing his chain or when he tells his people to beat down Slowbucks on stage and wears his chain he doesn't speak on it or brag about it. I saw Game on twitter like 2 days ago still bragging about and posting videos of that 40 Glocc shit like he's some super gangster begging for recognition.

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  • BWS


    • Harpo

      i cant even remember the names of all Games failed crews/labels. Whats he runnin with now Blood Money? hahaha. What happened to 'The Firm'? Thought he was bringing that back ol namedropping ass nicca!

    • minnesota slick

      compton menace, ya boy, juice, cyssero, techneic all were more talented than game especially ya boy and juice and game didn't do shit wit em but put em allover a bunch of mixtapes that went double tin-foil on datpiff. game hasnt dropped anything dope himself since LAX. fuck a game

    • Anonymous

      BWS does not exist dude. Half of them dudes be dissing Game like Compton Menace! He went from BWS to Rolex Records to like 4 other things that all failed or got shut down for copyright!

  • meech

    I def have the utmost respect for 50. He handled the baseball pitch issue nicely, in my opinion. I think MTv should bring G's to Gents back on and have 50 host the show.

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