Ab-Soul Discusses Affinity For Canibus, Jay Z, Nas & Explains "These Days..." Album Title

Ab-Soul also explains delay of his "These Days..." album.

Ab-Soul says there’s a specific reason the reason of his forthcoming These Days... album has been delayed.

“We had decided to push my album back in order to let [ScHoolboy] Q’s project breathe and to also let Isaiah Rashad run, let SZA run and to keep building the anticipation for my album,” Ab-Soul says during an interview with Life+Times. "With that extra time, I went back in and added about four or five extra songs and ‘Stigmata' was one of the last ones.”

“Stigmata” was released last week. The cut features Action Bronson and Asaad and plays off of Nas’ song “The Cross.” 

Ab-Soul says Nas is one of his favorite rappers.

"I came up on Canibus,” the TDE rapper says. "He was like one of my first favorite rappers. Then you add Jay Z and Nas. I learned a lot from Hip Hop, so it’s only right that I try to give that back.”

Another rapper Ab-Soul admires is Common. The Chicago rapper featured Ab-Soul on his “Made In Black America” song, which was released in February. 

"Common literally texted me out of the blue,” Ab-Soul says. "He sent this long text message showing his interest in the music. It was just so crazy. I didn’t even want to ask him where he got my number from [laughs]. He sent the track right then and I sent that motherfucker right back with my verse. If you were a fan of Resurrection and One Day It’ll All Make Sense then you’d understand. I had met Common at one of Kendrick [Lamar]’s shows before we did the record. He was real cool, but I don’t think he knew who I was.”

Ab-Soul says that the TDE roster will be featured on his album. “It’s a family affair,” he says of his soon-to-be released album. “Because These Days… is what’s been cracking with us all.”

“Stigmata” and “Made In Black America” are as follows:

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  • InfluencedbyWho

    Nas the King! I am the truest, name a rapper that I haven't influenced! This track sounds is dope! Good hook!

  • WhoMe

    Nas is the King! Period!

  • mariannerschrimsher

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  • Iggy Fresh

    Ab Soul is one of those cats where it really depends on the beat he's rappin' on and the frame of mind you're in to dig him. At least for me that's the case. I really love that song he did "Niburu" back in '12... but everything since then has been hit or miss. I also liked, not loved, his verse on "Made in Black America."

  • Anonymous

    Canibus is the greatest of all time hands down, Come talk to me another rapper has a IFINITE SONG AND A 10,000 BAR IFINITE ALBUM!!

  • Anonymous

    Canibus new album drops 6-10-14 also new horsmen ep and full length album on the way

  • KingMe

    As I said before almost every young or old rapper mentions nas's name! That I is why I have always put Nas as the greatest of all time musically for rap. No one talks about his many businesses just his lyrical ability to flow on a microphone better than anyone else in the history of rap! Nas is that dude!

  • The U-God Of TDE

    Fall the fuck back nigga, u the weakest on your camp

  • Gobbledygooker

    And now you will see people slowly but surely, change their opinions about Canibus and his impact on hip-hop now that a voice they "respect" admits he is a fan.

    • Anonymous

      he's had a big effect on this generation of rappers. j.cole has said something similar to this too. then canibus dissed him...but its more cause people refer to him in the past tense

    • Aim80

      aww sheeeit, "Get Retarded" has forever been in my rotation. Can't deny that guy's talents and classic shit he put out over the years.

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