Non Phixion Details "The Future Is Now" "Premium Edition"

Exclusive: Non Phixion explains why its fans refer to the group as "prophets of rage."

Non Phixion is releasing two versions of the Premium Edition of its revered The Future Is Now album today (May 20) on Get On Down Records

One version of the album features two CDs, one of the album and one of the album’s instrumentals. This incarnation of the set also includes 7-inch singles of “Black Helicopters,” “Drug Music” and “Rock Stars.” The Premium Edition also comes with an 80-page hardcover book with photos and interviews with each of the group members by author Chris Faraone, as well as a copy of the group’s previously press-only sampler The Past, The Present And The Future Is Now cassette from 2000, which features singles, demos and freestyles.

A 200-copy run version of the Premium Edition of The Future Is Now features the contents of the other version of the release, though each 7-inch single comes in a different color. The limited run version of the release also includes a colored vinyl 7-inch copy of “I Shot Reagan.” 

The New York based quartet of Ill Bill, DJ Eclipse, Sabac Red and Goretex released The Future Is Now independently via Uncle Howie Records in 2002. The collection features songs recorded before and after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, including “The C.I.A. Is Trying To Kill Me” and “Black Helicopters,” that discuss governmental conspiracies. 

"I am a skeptical person,” Ill Bill says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "I don’t think I’m paranoid. I think I’m just extra aware. We try to be. I try to look at life like chess not checkers. When people talk about towers going down before 9/11, shit it is what it is. It’s only a conspiracy until it’s proven not a conspiracy, or until it fucking happens.”

Non Phixion says fans often discuss the group’s politically charged music with them. 

"They say that [the songs on The Future Is Now] are prophetic,” Ill Bill says. "They say we are prophets of rage.  They love it. What drove anyone to a particular artist? A lot of people think the same way that we think but don’t know how to vocalize it and verbalize it. They don’t know how to express it. You get in where you fit in. They relate to us.”

Non Phixion's The Future Is Now Features DJ Premier, Large Professor, Pete Rock Beats

Sonically, The Future Is Now features production from DJ Premier, Large Professor and Pete Rock, among others. Although The Future Is Now is Non Phixion’s debut album, the group had been releasing singles and developing relationships with each of the producers, leading to their respective work on the album.

"They knew we were official,” DJ Eclipse says. "When we approached them about doing tracks with them, there was no resistance at all. It was really just a matter of finding the right track. With Large Pro, he had to go to Bill’s house to like hand-deliver CD after CD of tracks. Same thing with Pete Rock. We went through three different Pete Rock CDs trying to find something specific for us. Premier, in typical Premier fashion, he made us wait until the last minute to get the beat from him. Bill came up with the chorus. We made them all into songs. We didn’t just rhyme over them. We made them into actual songs that could stand alone on their own."

Photos of the Premium Edition of Non Phixion’s The Future Is Now are as follows:

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  • 5ForForty

    If you never heard of non phixion, then youre either too young or completely sleeping. One of the best to do it, spawning from the mid to late 90's NY indie movement, arguably the most pure movement to the real essence of hip hop since its creation. And speaking of illmatic...After illmatic dropped in '94, what was the only other album to have production from premo, pete rock, and large pro? The future is now in 2002 (since I think there's been one or 2 more). Their shit is on another level, they spit an onslaught of fury and it can take yrs to dissect their verses. and back before the internet was prevalent, and hip hop news only spread by word of mouth, rumors, radio (stretch & bobbito's show, the halftime show, college radio, ect), and believe it or not magazines (XXL, source, blaze, murder dog, ect), non phixion owned the live radio freestyles, back when the artists would come to the station and flow in between tracks the dj played, nas, biggie, wu-tang, big l, jay-z, ect all did this back then. if she never recorded the stretch armstrong & bobbito show on cassette, she's too young for u, dog

  • Cult Leaders disciple

    Dope, one of my all-time top 5 albums. Waiting on a Green CD 2 release....

  • Anonymous

    Too bad I never heard of these people in my entire life

  • JJ Turner

    Damn. It was a cool album and all but not even Illmatic got this grandiose a re-relrease.

  • Rechtvaardigheid

    Shipping costs for europe are almost as much as the entire boxset, thats a damn shame. Thats the reason I will not be able to order this very nice premium edtion!!!

  • Anonymous


  • XvB

    This is fuckin awesome. Bumped this album mad times when it was released. Cool to see them putting out this collection

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