Nas Announces Mass Appeal Records Deal, Release Of "Lost Tapes 2"

Nas will become an independent act once his recording contract with Def Jam expires.

Nas will become a Mass Appeal Records artist once his Def Jam Recordings contract expires, according to Billboard.  

"I'm excited to be a part of creating and supporting future careers and legacy artists, promoting love and finding new genius to help the world," Nas said in an email to Billboard. "I'm going to be as involved as I need to be, but I also want to be respectful of the art and give artists the space they need to grow and become themselves."

Mass Appeal Records is co-founded by Nas and Peter Bittenbender. The latter is a co-founder of Decon Records, which will continue to operate as a creative studio and shift its acts to Mass Appeal.

The imprint, which will be distributed by Sony’s RED, is slated to release a compilation this summer featuring material from Future, Pusha T, Mac Miller, A$AP Mob and Nas. Nas will cover Gang Starr’s “Mass Appeal” song on the release. 

Another Mass Appeal project is slated to be Nas' Lost Tapes 2. A Pimp C posthumous album is also on its slate.

Mass Appeal’s other recording acts are Boldy James, Bishop Nehru and Fashawn. 

"Nas is a tremendous artist and one of hip-hop’s all-time greats," Doug Morris, CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, said to Billboard. "We are delighted to welcome him back to the Sony Music family.”

Nas released his early material through Sony Music's Columbia Records.

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  • Anonymous

    "everyone laughed at 50 when he went indie" And now that every single has flopped, their laughing even harder.

    • Anonymous

      none of his singles flopped and 50 don't have a indie recording deal like nas he has a distribution deal

  • Anonymous

    They talk about it on the book "Nas Lost: A Tribute To The Little Homie". You should check it out.

  • Anonymous

    I been hearing for years that Nas lost the original rhyme book with Illmatic rhymes on it and had to rewrite the whole album with totally different rhymes (probably the reason why it only have like 10 tracks). I wonder where the hell did that rhyme book go

  • Anonymous

    50 did the same thing everybody laughed now Nas do it its a power move

  • Dave

    Good to see Nas working on the same label as Fashawn.

  • Anonymous

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  • DMX

    We don't play. and that silencer will silence any cock sucka that got something to say.

  • Anonymous

    Lost tapes 2 should be tight

  • banzi1983

    This is more a "POWER" move then it is a "MONEY" move, the more legendary artists go indie, the more they inspire upcoming artists to do the same...the revolution will not be televized

    • georgel

      its televised, unless your trying to sound cool in that case awesome, your my idol. anyone who uses z in place of s is cool in my book. now just started using the word bro all the time and drive a big ass hummer while drinking monster energy drink and cussing out all the drivers with little cars and youll be the coolest man on this planet

  • Anonymous

    He might just be going indie for the Lost Tapes albums. I remember Def Jam wouldn't give him a big budget to do it because it was a side album. His main album might stay on Def Jam, who knows.

  • Anonymous

    This the final nail in the coffin for Nas' career, dude's beyond lazy, now he wants to do shit on his own, anybody remember Ill Will Records?

    • Anonymous

      ^^ My man. OP's comment was just obvious trolling and you felt for it. Miserably.

    • Shut Up Hoe

      That was 20 years ago. 20 paying homage to a fallen friend and 40 worth millions with hella respect and critical acclaim is whole other life. Another judgmental "Anonymous" caucasian with contempt of a successful Bruva!!

  • Ammy

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  • Anonymous

    First Jeffrey. Then X. Now 50 and Nas. RIP to their careers.

  • Anonymous

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  • J G

    Check out songs from B aka The Truth's EP, "just click it and listen"

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Lost Tapes 2! Best news in a while.

  • SDK

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    • Anonymous

      You have way too much time in your hands. Seriously. Get a fucking life. And get Nasir's cock out your damn mouth.

    • SDK

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  • junMaf*ckn

    Nas Going Indie Is A Smart Move. He's The GOAT. Nas IS The Machine.

  • Anonymous

    Nas is indie now and his indie label is co-owned by a white guy. They're going to have to write a sequel to the New York Times Bestseller Nas Lost: A Tribute To The Little Homie

    • Anonymous

      when did 50 the same everyone laughed, now Nas its a great move smh

    • Anonymous

      everyone laughed at 50 when he went indie

    • Anonymous

      What's wrong with going indie? And so what if it's co-owned by a white guy? Y'all find any little thing to hate on.

    • Anonymous

      his def jam deal aaint expired yet. co owned by white guy. so? NY Times best seller my ass. Keep opening amazon accounts to comment on how good the book no one is buying is.

  • Anonymous

    Nas covering Gang Starr's Mass Appeal should be interesting.

  • True

    Nas need to step up his beat game. His beats weak as fuck. Need to stop using Salaam remi and get new cats to make ur beats. Its like driving a ferrari wit cheap gas.

    • CABONE

      Man does he ever need better beats. His selection of beats are average at best. That was why Jay-Z over took him and became who he is now. He gets the best producer and they give him the bounce that appeals everybody not just hip hop heads. He can still spit what he does just needs better music.

    • Anonymous

      Hearing Nas rap over shitty modern day casio keyboard beats would be the last signal I need to walk away from this shit for good.

  • NFRA

    I love Nas man but he never sounds ANY different. just gonna be same same old laid back street poetry hes been doing for 20 years.. but like em did with mmlp2 hes just trying to get super hype with the title

    • Geert Wilders the great

      @ jack Nas never was true to him self! Nigga was playing the role of famous druglord pablo escobar, selling dope, shooting niggas etc. and then he switch to some conscience shit or some prophet shit One word: NAS ESCOBAR

    • HHp

      @ pppffd Now you know Geert Wilders is a silly white guy from the Netherlands, right? en dat zeg ik als blanke Nederlander But it seems you're pretty dumb anyway So have fun with it...mafkees

    • Pat

      You're right he's consistently dope.

    • pppffd

      Ohh you mean collaborating with pop stars making pop songs for the radio? Nahh go back to Europe you silly white boy. I hope one day you get murdered like the genocides in the past. Geert Wilders for life!

    • Jack

      The thing is Nas has always stayed true to himself. Compared to other artists who have changed their sound namely Jay Z, Eminem and etc and use 'versatility' as an excuse to cover up for their fall where as Nas appeals to those who like his poetry/storytelling and enjoy his music even if to some they sound the same.

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