Choke No Joke Says He Understands Why Jay Z Cut Dame Dash Off

Choke No Joke cites Jay Z's decision to surround himself with "better business people" as the reason behind the rapper's current success.

As one of the driving forces behind A Genius Leaves The Hood: The Unauthorized Story Of Jay Z, a documentary that details the life of Brooklyn wordsmith Jay Z, producer/director Choke No Joke shed some light on the newly-released film during an interview with Vlad TV.

According to Choke, A Genius Leaves The Hood touches on a number of Jay Z’s life moments including the emcee-turned-entrepreneur choosing his rap name, getting his first big deal, linking with his wife Beyoncé, and more.

“The documentary is about Jay Z’s life from beginning to present,” Choke No Joke said. “It starts off with Jaz-O who I got on the project. Jaz-O gives the birth story of Jay Z. How Jay Z came about. How he got his name. What his original name was. So, it starts with him then it goes all the way up through stages. The birth of Jay Z. Jay Z the independent artist. Jay Z that gets a deal. Jay Z that meets up with Damon Dash, forms Roc-A-Fella with Biggs as well. Jay Z that gets with Beyoncé. The demise of Roc-A-Fella. Jay Z’s success away from Roc-A-Fella. And then the political side of Jay Z. The business man. You know, up until his current situation.”

Choke also shared that in his opinion it was Jay Z’s decision to surround himself with “better business people” that helped pave the way to where he is today.

In addition to speaking on Jay’s business practices, Choke commented on the former feud between Jay Z and fellow Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Dame Dash. He revealed that he initially sided with Dame, but eventually came to the realization that the rapper’s decision to break away from Dame was a wise one.

“Surrounding his self with better business people,” Choke said, when asked about the one decision that helped Jay get to where he is today. “Not just keeping it hood, keep it street. He embraced corporate America. And whether they were using him at points to sell their brands. He was open to have these conversations with these people where other people in the business may not have went that route. Or, you know, wanted to keep it real…Back in the day, I’ll say like 10 years ago when this was all going on and I was working closer to Dame, I felt like what Jay did was wrong. But as years went on and more information developed and I matured and wasn’t just siding with the people I was working with, I saw that Jay made a smart move. It was very intelligent of him to make the moves that he made. Dame was more pigeonholed in his ways…Now knowing what I know now it was better for Jay to break away from Dame.”

A Genius Leaves The Hood: The Unauthorized Story Of Jay Z is currently available for download on iTunes. The documentary is directed by Barion Grant and includes appearances from Hot 97 personality Mister Cee, journalist Kim Osorio, M1 of Dead Prez, and more.



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  • Anonymous

    Dame Dash just showed how big of a snake he is, by siding with and making a comment on the Solange fight with Jay Z.

  • Anonymous

    Worst name ever, Choke No Joke...

  • ice

    wait wait wait. his name is Choke No Joke...


    Chokes right. Keepin it real Jay shoulda stayed with Dame and been "THAT" nigga Hov with universal respect and love everywhere, still making dope music. But Jay aint the same nigga from Marcy he used to be. He saw an opportunity to genuinely cross over with Beyonces pop crowd and make pop money. Financially its the right move if you aint mind fuckin over your friends. I couldnt do it, but ill never be in that position for the it to matter. Shit might chane with a whole lotta zeros.

  • Anonymous

    Fall back nigga. Your fucking name is Choke No Joke. You're in no moral position of even stating your opinion.

    • Anonymous

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  • Youre KiddingME

    Yet another motherfucker that Dame gave shine to betraying him. Seriously, the shit people will do for money. Choke would be no where without Dame. No fucking place. Kanye? No where. No one wanted to even listen to his music. The list goes on. No fucking loyalty. He's basically saying "yes, now that Dame's current projects don't have a place for me to make money I'll side with the nigga that can feed me crumbs off his table." Dame is a multimillionaire. He need to take care of Choke for the rest of his life to keep his continued loyalty? Jesus.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ cool story, bro.

    • d-nucks

      You missed the point..dude was spitting some real life shit. Jay-z and damn grew apart...or sometimes you just out grown people. That shit happens all the time on a smaller scale. For instance...when i went to the military...i got stationed overseas...when I would take leave..i woudl come home and hang with my homeboys....but as time went I matured and grew...and wanted bigger and better was harder to hang around them dudes..we grew apart..I would come home on leave and shit was not the same..they were stuck on the same barely even talk....that shit is life

  • idontknow

    Better business people? Jay-z sold himself to make alot of money without his crew, he doesnt owe no one nothing, but it shows what type of person he is. MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD - EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE BROKE - JUST REMEMBER THAT!

    • Dan B

      Exactly! Been saying this.

    • Anonymous

      "MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD - EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE BROKE - JUST REMEMBER THAT!" The typical words of a broke nigga. You can stay at home with your righteous, puritan ass, Imma go out there, get this money and die a rich nigga.

    • Word

      Well said, Jay did a power move on Dash who was just hood, got super commercial did a forced marriage to be a power couple... He did what all the rich white cats do... The showed him a road map on how to get to where he is.

  • Anonymous

    Nice time to post this story DX lol

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