Jay Z Attacked By Solange Knowles, Additional Footage Released

UPDATE: Jay Z is reportedly assaulted by Solange Knowles with Beyonce standing beside her husband. Additional footage has been released.

Jay Z was assaulted by Solange Knowles, Beyonce's sister, according to TMZ.

"Jay Z was ferociously assaulted by Beyonce's sister Solange who was wildly kicking and swinging at him inside an elevator and the attack was captured on surveillance video," TMZ says of the elevator video that it has published.

The publication reports that the incident took place at a Met Gala after party, which was held at the Standard Hotel in New York City, New York May 5. 

TMZ also reports that Solange and Beyonce left the hotel in one car while Jay Z left in a different vehicle. 

A video of the altercation is below.



  • Anonymous

    Jay got beat up by a girl lol

  • me

    these are some of the most ignorant comments I have ever heard. Jayz conducted himself like a real gentleman as he should. What the hell does he look like fighting Solange? Please give me a break and stop acting like niggas on here..Also Bey did right to stay out of it she knew her sister was drunk and over reacting. I hate stupid shit. Stop it people!

  • what i think

    Jayz did the right thing for his career

  • Anonymous

    "I can't wait for the bragadocious raps Jay will drop on this situation: Then I had my wifey sister sweating me She mad cuz I rather choose a child of Destiny" LMAO goddamn you hhdx niggaz

  • TDP

    JayZ and Solange are close like brother and sister. It shows in the many pictures they have taken over the years, as well as how he always parades Solange's son around. They are just a normal family (minus the celebrity status) as anyone else. I don't know what caused the drama, but I bet it was like any other siblings getting into an altercation, which is why I think Beyonc stayed out of it like, "My name is Pat, and ain't in that." That's my take on it.

  • dentaldamboy

    I wish I can skeet my nut in Solange Knowles' pussy then eat her butthole out from the back while my cum drips on the sheets. Solange can also fart or try to fart while my tongue's moving around in her anal cavity even though all the methane air will be trapped between the edge of her intestines and the tip of my tongue. and by that time the cum in her pussy will start to slow drip on the sheets but oh well... dentaldamboy@hotmail.com

  • Anonymous

    so the perfect power couples bubble burst. they always seemed fake and orchestrated to me. i'm sure the two love each other, but the way they portrayed it to the public seems fake. everything was always controlled and just how it suppose to be. now they lost control for a few minutes and we get their first 'human' moment and an ugly one at that. this entire situation is an L for the power couple. took just a few minutes of lost control to ruin this perfect image and expose them for what they are.


    1) Big gucci would first tell this bitch to get in the car. 2) Then big gucci would put the car on drive and accelerate. 3)When big gucci reaches the spead limit of 60 he would grab the bitch by her hair. 4)Big gucci would unlock the door and quickly push the door open. 5)Big gucci would turn back and make sure he is heading straight. 6)Big gucci takes both hands of the steering wheel. 7) Big gucci grabs the bitch with both hands and throws the bitch out of the car. 8)Big gucci would then drive off saying BURR. Thats how a real nigga does it. Nobody can fuck with big gucci

    • fools be will fools

      ...and that's why big cucci stay in and outta jail he must miss his boyfriend and get home-sick.

  • Dtrain

    I can see we have a bunch of prison cats on here...Sayin what game would have done or he should have hit her.....Dude is worth 400m... He did the right thing not to ruin his brand...The last thing you want is to be considered a woman beater...

    • only as good as ur opponent

      whatever fool. the biggest fight u ever got into was probably with ur sister. puck outta hear sissy!

    • Anonymous

      But now he's considered a bitch. Everything this nigga rapped about was already questionable but now he can never be taken serious EVER

  • Camels aint shit

    Lol what a fuckin pussy Jay is. If that cunt started swinging and kicking like that at Game he woulda lifted that bitch up in the air and broke her skull open.

    • East

      And that's why Jay's worth 400m and Game is worth what, 10M? LOL you're a fucking degenerate if you actually think this guy should of punched out his wife's sister at a formal event. There goes his marriage/career. But your dumbass wouldn't of thought of that, right? Go back to prison bitch.

    • @eastcomments

      Yours is the dumbest comment on here, retard. You think if Jay diddnt take shit off a bitch and he beats Beyonce then why was he cowering away from her????? You have nothing to back up what you just said, meanwhile everybody is laughing at Jay on that video, smh. Stfu and go back to bed.

    • Eastcomments!!!..

      Are u serious??!! Dumb ass comments!! The reason Beyonce didnt even move or look at Jay was that Beyonce told her sister that he beated her,..Bey was more like "damn girl why u snitching!!!" They may be drunk in love but all Solange did is sticking up for her sister,...

    • Bitches aint shit, neither is Solange lol


  • Anonymous

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  • mgilla

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  • newpizzy

    beyonce act the same way she did when she knocked over that xmas tree on to all those little kids on "punkd". no reaction.

  • Champagne Papi Life

    Jay-Z is pussy whipped and gets beat up by his wife's sister. Meanwhile Drake fucks Rhianna and Keisha Chante. Drake's latest single calls out Rhianna for being too needy and we know Drake is still going to be able to hit that whenever he wants. Drake's the realest nigga in the game.

    • fack druke

      drake is gay, first of all...and how u gone be pussy-whipped and married. u sound stupid. grown man business, lame.

    • East

      Lol go praise OVO somewhere else you soft ass bitch.

    • Anonymous

      What do you want Jay Z to do, hit her back and be considered a woman beater? Dude ain't pussy whipped, he handled the situation better than any dude in the same situation would. I bet if Drake got attacked by a woman, you wouldn't say shit. Also, none of that bullshit you said about him is true.


    I guess Solange was the straw that broke the Camels back.

  • myers


  • myers

    college almost over i think.{{i think a myers is out their dude/heard something weird bout early holloween party.friday[ thats weirdd..hey some guy name mike called hanged upp..ohh]]i just seen himm peeking by tress .ohh [[ohhhh

  • Anonymous

    Beyonce has such an evil smile

  • Anonymous

    every beauty queen has a retarded sister who got all the bad genes

  • Anonymous

    Jayz a punk - your lame 48 years old - corny ass f***

  • Anonymous

    bin saying it for years Jay z a punk - BIG_PAC_SNOOP_L_PUN are the greatest of all time not this little punk - dudes 48 years old - you little jigga fans need a lesson in rap history

  • Anonymous

    Solange looks even better than Beyonce.

  • Anonymous

    check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDzIiqtvgkU

  • dentaldamboy

    Solange mad cuz Jay probably dated her to get in good with the family fucked her (like a dog) played her(like Sega Dreamcast) then moved onto Beyonce's head and pussy. thats the only thing I can think of that would set her off like that dentaldamboy@hotmail.com

  • Lord Jamar is my Bitch

    Im thinkin jay cheating on beyonce, both beyonce and solange knows, yet solange couldnt control her emotions, and bey let camel joe get what he deserved

    • dick rider alert!!!

      wtf! why don't chu try staying off'f lord j's penis, and stick to the subject. did he hurt yo feelings or something?... bitch ass!!!

    • You Are Every Black Man's Bitch

      Im thinking Solange ass got mad about something said to her or had too much sauce because no one but her has signs or body posture that says anything heated happened. Which is possibly why Jay didnt look angry or threaten her or anything.

  • dentaldamboy

    Solange can also fart or try to fart while my tongue's moving around in her anal cavity even though all the methane air will be trapped between the edge of her intestines and the tip of my tongue. and by the time the cum in her pussy will start to slow drip on the sheets but oh well... dentaldamboy@hotmail.com

  • dentaldamboy

    I wish I can skeet my nut in Solange Knowles' pussy then eat her butthole out from the back while my cum drips on the sheets all while im completely covered in vaseline dentaldamboy@hotmail.com

  • Anonymous

    So.. If jay-Z press charges on her, Is it snitching?

  • dentaldamboy

    The audio to this would sell way better than Magna Carta.

  • NM

    First Off ...If all possible never hit a lady...this looks like there is some drama in the marriage and solo called jay on it...maybe she don't want b to catch something...lol...Htown.. Never Cheat On B ...

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait for loads of rappers to use this as a punchline I've already got papoose, game, 50 cent, budden, maybe even schoolboy and ab soul on the list "cant catch me sliping in the elevator like jigga man" "caught my sister in law's kicks, so what u gonna do? im hova da gawd in these lifts"

  • M

    honestly if a girl did that to me, i'd punch her as hard as i could in the face.

    • Reality Check, Mate

      ...or you'd get away with it and let it go to your head, until you meet your match one day...and get beat to death. You're only as good as who you go up against, punk ass.

    • every bully has his day

      ...and then her big brother would beat chu into the hospital, or u'd go to jail & find out how tough u really are

    • Anonymous

      Since your a virgin you don't ever have to worry about being in that situation.

    • Anonymous

      that's why you not a billionaire in the public eye with much to lose.

    • Anonymous

      peep the jay-z song fallin

  • Anonymous

    Forever laughin at Beyonce's non-reaction. Just look at that after-the-facts picture. Jay's looking like: "Why didn't u help me?" Bey looking like: "Just keep walkin, muthaphucka. Smile, nikka." Lol fuck is wrong with her? She's a singing and dancing robot. They may as well have been two strangers fighting. All I know is "Solanged" is about to become a mainstay in Hov disses in the upcoming years

    • Fuck Outta Here

      Or she's an adult who's in the public eye and doesn't want to fight like some little ghetto bitch.


    That niguh took a L for that one. He just stood there like, help get this bitch off of me B. Wow that was some wild shit, he shove have back hand her ass.

    • Anonymous

      just confirms youre a nobody speculating on people youll never meet or have relationships with, then get mad at your damn self about it

    • Anonymous

      Honestly bruh, coming from a stuck in the 90's dusty ass Nas stan/Camel hater like myself... you know who I say took the L? Beyonce, bruh. Hov probably was cheating or said something slick (that he probably bit from a Biggie, Nas, or Lox song), but he did the right thing: dodge the blows and wait for security to deal with the shyt. Meanwhile, Beyonce just stands there while HER SISTER AND HER MAN SCRAP? What type of human does nothing as family fights? Just confirms this chick is dumb as a turnip.

  • Jay Is A Genius

    jay came out of this looking fresh. we need more jay-z copycats and less like tupac coopycats. tupac would have slapped her weave off like lil kim in hit em up and would have caused more problems for himself theres a reason he dead and jay a billionaire.

  • white women are the right women

    Black women don't act right, and they wonder why smart, successful, ambitious brothers don't date them. Where's Solange's baby daddy at? Exactly. Fit, educated, White women forever!

    • passion4posh

      Its funny how some black men label all black women when one flips out.But when black male athletes and rappers(they always seem to)you all want to everyone to see you all as individuals.Go ahead and get with Becky and Ming Lee,we wont miss you.Any man who puts down women of his own race,uses just as many tampons.

    • Anonymous

      sad truth black women do act like this a lot

    • R.Pgh

      White girls are fucking nutty like that too and there are plenty of black women who don't act like this. It's more so how you are raised. Brought up with no class, going to have no class. Solange was likely the spoiled little bitch for most of her life because big sister made it big when Solange was just a kid.

    • Anonymous

      i was gonna defend black women but then i had a flashback of all the memories of a bitch doing this to me and im changing my comment to "naw you right...you right..."

    • shoes e 7

      gotta agree with you on that...

  • Jay Is A Genius

    Watch Jay handle his ground and make this woman look like the evil psycho. Watch how Solange is having a nervous breakdown over the fact she not Beyonce

  • Anonymous

    "The fact that Beyonce just stood there and let Solange whoop his ass and then after the fact, her and Solange rode off in the car together and made Hov get another one lets you know that Hov probably did something to Beyonce and Solange went off." Naaahh, I'm sure B set Solange ass straight in that car. That ho couldn't just snap on her brother n law and then walk away like it's nothing lol

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z got his ass kicked by a girl lol

  • me

    i would pay 30 bucks for that audio...

  • pimpshitpoppin


  • Anonymous

    Haters are salivating at the opportunity to throw shade on a hugely succesful power couple, JayZ did the right thing and refused to strike her but I am disappointed that Beyonce wasn't more vocal and proactive in getting her sister to calm down and behave like a rational human being.

    • tigerking79

      What the fuck? You actually worship these celebrities? Beyonce is a self centered person that has screwed over people that helped make her successful, just like Jay-Z. Beyonce and Jay-Z are just two pathetic rich assholes who have no soul.

  • Luke (Grimey90sVet)

    Somewhere in Brooklyn, Jaz-O and Dehaven are enjoying eating popcorn watching the video on repeat. Then they look outside their project windows and celebration quickly reverts into depression once again.

    • Anonymous

      50 Cent is somewhere by himself laughing and cheering about this hoping that more misfortune falls upon JayZ.

  • Master R

    just a ploy for solange to gain fame. y'all puppets

  • Mr B

    Jay z is not a real man he's a coward who he lets to a girl to punch him and insult him like this I no longer respect him !

    • Trolly

      That's why he's rich and you're broke, stupid. Does your so called "respect" even cover the cost of your bus pass?

  • Anonymous

    "where the hell was Ty Ty" Still sipping mai tais.

  • Kizman

    Solange: Is this elevator going up or down? Jay Z: Same direction as your career Solange: This nigga..

  • Anonymous

    The fact that Beyonce just stood there and let Solange whoop his ass and then after the fact, her and Solange rode off in the car together and made Hov get another one lets you know that Hov probably did something to Beyonce and Solange went off.

  • Anonymous

    Thought he was going to Ray Rice her ass in that elevator.

  • Anonymous

    Beyonce looking clueless, as usual lol I swear that ho is a robot

  • CS

    Stop gossiping Bitches .... Yeah you.

  • Anonymous

    Hovs just blow in off steam cause dre' s the first hip hop billionaire

  • Anonymous

    Yup... and NOW SHE IS FINALLY FAMOUS But FUKK DAT BYATCH FOR ACTING OUT IN PUBLIC... Real ladies confront men in private. I hope Jay got a prenup, cause them Knowles hoes are up to something.

  • Anonymous

    Cuz mami's a rider, and I'm a roller Put us together, how they gon' stop both us? What ever she lacks, I'm right over her shoulder When I'm off track mami is keepin me focused So let's, lock this down like it's supposed to be The '03 Bonnie and Clyde, Hov' and B SHE DO ANYTHING NECESSARY FOR HIM AND I DO ANYTHING NECESSARY FOR HER SO DON'T LET THE NECESSARY OCCUR, YEP!!!

  • pimpshitpoppin


  • sam

    Jay Z hits Beyonce and she was standing up for her sister. Bey and J dont have a picture perfect relationship folks.

  • c

    that security gurad aint worth a damn.

  • West Side XVIII Gang, so FUCK YOU!

    Hahaha, Jay-Z is a bitch ass. Always has been and always will be.

  • gaetarick

    Jay-Z farted in the elevator and blamed it on Solange

  • Anonymous

    Solange finally cracked after all of these years of frustration from a mediocre career and from standin in Bey's shadow. That shyt must burn.

  • pimpshitpoppin


  • Anonymous

    For those keeping score at home, Solange publicly attacked Jay Z before Drake did.

  • Anonymous

    As someone that has a crazy azz sister n law who I've had confrontations with, lemme say this... shit ain't even an L for Jay... if that was really her in that elevator that's a MAJOR loss for Beyonce...

    • tigerking79

      It's an L, because Beyonce stood there and didn't do shit, not because of him not fighting back. She just stood there like nothing was happening.

    • twoholla

      For all you douchebag quick-to-say Bey shoulda' coulda' woulda' or that Solange is crazy! Let's please find out what was the catalyst to this? There's been a few times when some punk tried some stupid shit on my sister & I had to boss up & let that fuckboi know...you mess with my sister..you gotta deal with the whole damn clan...you feel me? Now we don't know what happened but if that was your sister & perhaps Jay crossed the line...I would expect you to let a mofo know pronto. Not the next day in a phonecall or a tweet or an email but right now!!!

    • Anonymous

      How was that an L for Bey? U think she should've sided with Jay and slap her sister since camel's ass was too shook to do that himself?

    • Anonymous

      I'm with OP on this one, fuck Beyonce for letting her sister act a fool like that on public, bitch always trying to be perfect and keep bullshit away smh

    • TRE

      lmao "too shook to do it himself" Youre a fuckin idiot

  • Anonymous

    Wow. That's the kind of sister-angry that's in response to a brother-in-law knocking up a sidechick or propositioning her or something. Either that or a huge belligerent-when-drunk problem.

  • Ro

    This really isn't our business... the attraction of voyeurism, I get it. But to have an opinion on a situation which you know nothing about, that escapes me.

  • lol

    I want to know what the fuck happened but I know none of them are going to speak on it. It's obvious Jay-Z was in the wrong if Beyonce didn't try to defend him and she left in the car with Solange and not Jay. She probably caught him cheating or something.

  • emass718

    Jay z did the right thing.. all you cowards talking about smacking an emotional woman are emotional women yourselves .. you get locked for something domestic you'll see whose really soft in that 8 x 10.

  • Anonymous

    I'd be pissed at my security. Why it took him so long to get her under control? That's your meal ticket and you letting her throw kicks and shyt. He should've had her on submission the minute she thought about swinging on Jay

    • Anonymous

      yo security was gonna step in, until he saw Jay slipping those punches and catching those kicks.. and security was like DAMNNNNNN HOLD UP!!!

  • Anonymous

    Beyonce stayed prim and proper the whole time, that takes years of practice. The Bey I know would have been tussling if this was about 15-16 years ago. Makes me think either Solange was drunk or was simply in the wrong. Jay was conscious of the fact that he had that white tux on too, he was like "huhldup, bish!" "A wise man told me don't argue with fools, cuz people from a distance can't tell who's who"

  • Anonymous

    Hova gonna make sure Solange's career is gonna be even more non-existant after this shyt. That was a long ass elevator ride btw. wish we had audio. sucks to see this happen AND have it be public, too.

  • Anonymous

    This could all be a publicity stunt,you never know...maybe Solange has a new project coming out and they're just trying to help get a buzz around her like is already happening now....just saying

  • Kurtousy

    From what I just watched, Jay-Z ain't stupid, Jay-Z is worth a lot of money and hitting this broad would have cost him money in a major way! He knows that there are cameras everywhere. This would have been a Ray Rice situation had there been no cameras on the elevator....

  • Anonymous

    Ty Ty get the pepper spray

  • Anonymous

    just a promo stunt

  • Lyonel

    I can't wait for the bragadocious raps Jay will drop on this situation: "Then I had my wifey sister sweating me She mad cuz I rather choose a child of Destiny"

  • Anonymous

    Just for some help. When someone touches you it is not assault it is battery. So in this case it was assautl if she was yelling at him vulgar remarks but if she didn't is just battery. Yup.

  • Not Impressed

    Chuck Norris woulda pimped smacked her up the elevator shaft with his pinky finger. Not Impressed.

  • 100 Problems

    Well, after all he really has girl problems. I feel bad for you, Hov.

  • Anonymous

    damn jay didnt wanna let go of that leg!

  • Anonymous

    Solange just needs her booty licked. That's why these women are so angry these days because they need a good ass licking to calm them down. When are us men gonna step up and eat a woman's booty when they're mad? Next time a female is angry and trying to fight you just lick her ass for a few minutes and everything will be fine.

  • kermikaze

    I was waiting on jay to smack the shit out of solange...aint there footage of him smacking a bitch before

  • billy bucks

    longest elevator ride of all time. Damn what floor they start on?

  • lee

    B actin like one of those creepy characters from a horror movie. (she doesn't move for the first 10 seconds of the fight)

  • LolaSorento

    To be honest she has always looked a little looney to me! guess we know why now, she is lucky enought to have a guy that puts up wiht her, wonder where Ferguson was when that happned? here more info in him http://dailyentertainmentnews.com/music/alan-ferguson-solange-knowles-boyfriend/l

  • gnigga_pleeze

    beyonce aint real. my girls sister tried to run up on me like that when she was drunk and my girl checked the shit outta her.

  • Lil Icy Boi!

    Proof that Jay-Z is soft. Lil Wayne or Young Thug would smack that bitch. #Swag

  • Tony Gordon

    Don't call women bit*hes. They will go off on you.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar is needed to solve this.

  • Anonymous

    Jay aint stupid if he smacks her its over for his brand he kept it cool, you know Jay diss Solange in some slick way in front of people at the party. " Oh Solange you sing I didn't know that" and Jay says " me either" ..... lmao some slick dumb dumb shit.

  • Anonymous

    Beyonce aint eeen do nuffin. Just stood there. Solange the GAWDESS

  • Anonymous

    ja rule would have checked that bitch

  • Brooklyn Niggaz Is Hardcore, Except For Jay-Z (Said By The Great Big Pun)

    Ever since Pun hit this nigga over the head with a bottle of cristal I been knowing he's bitch made

  • Fuck Marcy

    I'm calling PETA on Solange right now. You can't be pimp slapping camels like that.

  • ilyasennajmi

    Should be in his greatest hits

  • MJ

    See! See! I told you! That's how they are! That's how they (black women) are!-- Chris Brown

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha,, well damn!! Ever since Jay z punched that young girl in the face while visiting Africa a few years back I lost my respect for the nigga,, so ye I m definitely loving this!! Pay back is a bitch jay! Beating a helpless young girl who couldn't balm u in any way whatsoever wasn't a good look so this here is what it is u had to come up against one day!! What goes around comes around ma nigga!! Hahahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    a real nigga like Ja Rule wouldve pulled the heat on her.

  • Lil Icy Boi!

    Proof that Jay-Z is soft. Lil Wayne or Young Thug would smack that bitch. #Swag

  • Anonymous

    ive always thought jay and b's relationship was strange and more of a business deal than anything and after that fake pregnancy with that classic fake baby bump on TV they probably found out his been fucking different side bitches because B wont let him have her and they dont want us to found out

  • triPAUD

    'In particular, Solange said she wasn't feeling JAY Z's role on the new Beyonce album. "You can't do s--t like that. Thats like wrong, man. I wish it was like seven, 10 years ago catch a n---a on the elevator and beat him up, just to let him know it's real, son. He aint gotta be by himself. That's not a problem. We wolfed out in this joint."'

  • RC

    This is what it would look like if the Jay-Z/drake beef turned physical lol

  • sosad

    This just looks bad on all fronts.. Can Solange handle her liquor? what did Jay say? why Beyonce looking stupid in the corner like? Props to Jay, cause if this were anyone else they would've been picking Solange up off the floor. I still wouldn't put it past Jay to get at Solange in another way for this public embarassment.

  • Anonymous

    Why is beyonce so calm!!!that was so weird.. she hardly even flinched, it was like she wasn't even there. That first video made me confused, but this one made me even more confused shit is crazy

  • Anonymous

    worst sercurity guy EVER !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    gucci mane wouldv never let a bitch disrespect him like this.

  • leather face

    crazy out the sicker out the mother. seen girl put dads hed rite on start throwing 666s out side for the nite.seen bull shit few weeks ago i put witch mask on put chain saws out on dawn of sicken.

  • Anonymous

    Should have never these niggas money! I swear black people don't know how to act!

  • Kane


  • Anonymous

    Godfather 50 Cent narrated this fight how he imagines it went down. It wad very funny check out his IG if you need a laugh.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    "Jay-Z is evil". You motherfuckers are so stupid it's not even funny anymore. Jay-Z is a guy who came from NOTHING, and became one of the richest people in the world through scratching and clawing his way to the top. He's not good looking, he has a funny voice, he's awkward, and he got to the top of the rap game with his SKILLS. Yes, Jay-Z is a fuckin' NICE MC, just 'cause he's rich nobody will admit it anymore. This guy never makes a fool of himself and more importantly he represents Hip-Hop and the ghetto with class and intelligence. His money makes people mad, but when it's all said and done, Hip-Hop is lucky to have this nigga as the President/King. Even if he was a broke underground rapper, he'd still be swift as fuck on the mic, anyone who knows anything about rhymes cannot deny this guy's skill. I got mad respect for Jay, and anyone who doesn't is not seeing the big picture, they're just mad because they wanted Hip-Hop to be something that just existed in their basement. Peace.

  • Anonymous

    yo thats the biggest hit of her career

  • Anonymous

    Solange upset Jay can't find her a spot on RocNation...

  • Anonymous

    Bey to drunk in love to know whats going on, meanwhile solange went arrd!

  • Anonymous

    Best comment ever!!!

  • room2roam

    the comments got me rollin. i think he said something about her wig. that shytz looks awful!! i love how Bey lookin.. shyt is too funny

  • Pharaoh

    I give it 3 days before 50 offers Solange a record deal, C'mon fifs my dude but you know its coming...

  • Anonymous

    Notice how Beyonce didn't even remotely step in to help her man.

  • Dee Dee

    DX gotta stop reporting on silly shit like this. Who cares!! People argue and fight all the time.

  • Anonymous

    beyonce just standing there... probably agrees with her sister, as they left in the same car without jay

  • Anonymous

    Salange went "HAM" on Jay-z..pun intended

  • Ain't no love

    "First the Fat Boys break up, now everyday I wake up...somebody got a problem wit' Hov'"

  • el_chapo_el_capo

    someone had too much lean, drunk as batch

  • Nas

    Hahaah ugly monkey. Spit on that camel face

  • RGeezy

    Beyonce just stands there and lets her sister attack her husband.

  • Anonymous

    Jay shouldn't have suggested that threeway, da...yum!

  • yup

    generation gap...this is how today's hip hop reacts, respects, and feels about HOV. Solange is a Drake fan.

  • Anonymous

    finally someone stands up to jay for stealing all those biggie lines...

  • jasonnnn


  • jasonnnn

    hey brad college almost over. ya i kno[[ hey uh u wanna ride bikes like we use too.i dont kno[ ok[wait wats that

  • Rumando

    All he asked her was why she ain't making hits like her sister?

  • Anonymous


  • OUCH!

    Wish there was some audio.

  • Anonymous

    Beyonce has no soul. Jay-Z is her handler. She would/could never disrespect Jay-z. He OWNS her. He controls her. As crazy as it sounds, if you do your own research you will find more details about MK Ultra and their handlers. But you can clearly look in Beyonce's eyes and tell she is not there She is souless. I don't know what happened in the elevator but Beyonce does not have the ability to stand up for her self (especially not against her handler, Jay-z). She isn't programmed to do so. Typically with MK Ultra victims no family is allowed so I'm not sure why Solange is still able to interact with Beyonce. But Solange would be the only person to stick up for Beyonce because she can't do it herself.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely true!!! Jayz a satanic evil mind controlling dude!! Educate yourself!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      "But you can clearly look in Beyonce's eyes and tell she is not there She is souless" whens the last time you ever looked into beyonces eyes? LOL... you my friend are delusional.. i wish people spoke on my family like this when we go at it! hahaha

  • Anonymous

    Jay: "I just killed that verse on Khaled's new record. You think I should start doing all my verses like that Solange?" Solange: "Boy..."

  • insanemacbeth

    JAY needs to let 'LUCKY LEFTY' loose again, l.o.l. just shoot the bitch, r.o.t.f.

  • Gluver

    When will people realize that you can't solve your problems by striking someone. Between the Housewives shows and all of this other bullshit people are acting like savages everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    That's why you don't set bitches up on blind dates with Bleek

  • Black Album

    This nigga Jay officially got 100 Problems

  • Anonymous

    Wonder what happened! Be sure to checkout thegrandreport(dot)com, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • Rumando

    Waiting for 50 Cent petty ass to make a IG video!! lol

  • Donknocks

    maybe jay put hands on bey earlier and she was retaliating for his action upon her

  • Anonymous

    Haha Bey just walking out the elevator smiling all proud.

  • dixonbainbridge

    she wants that act II

  • dentaldamboy

    Shows how soft Jay is. No one would dare step to Wayne. Last person who tried was Dez Bryant, and Wayne messed up his knee, almost ending Dez's career.

    • tigerking79

      Get the fuck outta here, lil wayne ain't shit without security guards. Dez Bryant is twice his size and 1000 times stronger than lil druggie. You dick riding motherfuckers are a trip.

    • Da Realist

      And this right here is what's wrong with the youth today, ya'll Lil dudes got no problem with putting hands on a woman but want to shoot a dude because ya'll some soft ass bitches.

    • dentaldamboy

      @AR...you got it backwards. Robert Garcia would have had a seizure when his head hit the ground after Wayne body slammed him.

    • AR

      Dude Lil Wayne was gonna get his ass WHOOPED by Robert Garcia after the Mayweather fight. If Lil Wayne even tried to throw a punch, his bitch ass would catch a seizure.

    • Vins

      Think before you speak, Jay is married, has a baby and a lot of business deals he could fuck up by smacking his sister-in-law. Wayne could give less fucks because the world is not watching his every move like they are with Jay.

    • mlib

      uhhhh you realize shes a girl right? "shows how soft jay is" how dumb are you

  • Anonymous

    Lmao he was so afraid she was gonna kick his balls. "Hov I'm a kick your nuts so hard you ain't gonna be able to have no more babies and name em stupid shit like Blue Ivy!"

  • Anonymous

    Jay: "Solange, I gave Freeway your number. He should be texting you any minute now"

  • me

    him and B were just at the Nets\Heat game the other night. so whatever made baby sis wild out didn't affect his relationship with wifey.

  • Pete

    Where is Memphis Bleek when you need him?



  • Anonymous

    jay must have cheated on her sister

  • Pete

    Old Jay-Z woulda stabbed her

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