T.I. Rescues & Consoles Car Accident Victim

T.I. reportedly helps a car accident victim.

T.I. helped rescue a woman who had been involved in a car accident, according to TMZ

According to the publication, T.I. says he was driving to a Popeye's establishment in Inglewood, California Wednesday (April 30). He says he witnessed a car accident involving a taxi cab slamming into an SUV. The SUV, he says, tumbled on its side. 

When T.I. went to help the driver of the SUV, he says she responded with, "Is that T.I.?"

According to the report, T.I. stayed with the driver until an ambulance came. He says he went to a different Popeye's following the incident because "that one had too much going on."

The woman in the car reportedly told T.I. that she was not wearing underwear. She says he replied with the following: "Don't worry. We won't look." 

The driver of the SUV is reportedly doing fine after the accident.

This incident reportedly took place on the same day that T.I. and Game confronted LAPD officials outside of Supperclub in Los Angeles, California following an altercation between security guards and associates of the rappers. 

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  • gluver

    People need to give T.I some love. He could have just kept driving like everybody else. Don't forget he also went to the scene of a man's suicide attempt and made a video the police used to bring the guy down and still talked to the guy in the lobby before they took him to the hospital. This dude has a big heart.

  • triPAUD

    Trouble Man Lives saved: 3

  • Anonymous

    Hip hops super hero

  • Anonymous

    Wonder how many lives all the trolls here have helped... SMH. Go out and do some good instead of bitching about TI.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga prolly snitched on that cab driver too.

  • Anonymous

    "Rescues"?????? Come on, it wasn't exactly some superman shit, he just talked to the bitch.

  • MIO

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  • Anonymous

    Super Tip to the rescue once again.

  • justin hunte fucks women casually he is a degenerate why dont you get married before you have sex justin hunte? be moral and upstanding like TI. he saved a baby from a plane crash.

    why dont you get married before you have sex justin hunte? be moral and upstanding like TI. he saved a baby from a plane crash.

  • justin hunte fucks women casually he is a degenerate

    justin hunte fucks women casually he is a degenerate

  • Anonymous

    Publicity stunt for a known snitch.

    • Anonymous


    • JRich

      It's startin to feel like the playa haters ball in here. Headline: Rapper TI develops a cure for cancer and ends world hunger. HHDX readers: fuck this faggot for something that happened years ago that we don't know shit about.

  • Anonymous

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    this nigga proves time and time again hes a fraud a snitch and he aint a real nigga. Real niggas dont do this petty shit. Real niggas put the car on drive and throw the bitch out. Big gucci is everything that a real nigga should be T I aint nothing but a fake gangster while big gucci about that life real nigga shit.



    • Drew

      Dude you are a moron. Learn how to read and how to spell for one. Secondly, T.I. was helping someone in an accident. How does that make him anything less than a real nigga? A bitch ass nigga would just let her and the cab driver sit there but he went to help, like a real nigga should. Its niggas like you that worship a dope fiend, half-retard rapper that give us all a bad name.

    • Hutch

      Hahahahahahahah so ignant

  • MXL

    Sounds like you're seriously exaggerating with the "rescues" claim.

    • Anonymous

      nah if the truck was on its side, thats pretty serious. she may not have been seriously hurt, but he didn't know that when he stopped. You don't know about that shock nigga? that shit can kill. Maybe you need more driving lessons...

  • aslkjfhsafd

    chris: lol every time he fucks up his publicist tells him to do a good deed. ^^^^^^^^^ Absolute truth

  • Andriy

    I like this guy mehn, He's real.. ion care whether he fucks up or not. He's human... I'm only lookin at the good things he does..

  • chris

    lol every time he fucks up his publicist tells him to do a good deed.

  • Anonymous

    lol is this nigga superman? this the second time he's done something like this

    • Anonymous

      they keep taking the video down off worldstar cuz the mom dont want her coochie to be all up on the screen but someone always re uploads it. either way the kid is gonna have a hell of a story that nobody will believe when he's older.

    • Anonymous

      TI take his religion very seriously. Southern Baptist and gonna be a preacher soon. Very spiritual man and a man of God.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ WTF?!?!?!

    • Anonymous

      The nigga got a judge to lift his house arrest so he could go to church. So I'm not surprised in the least. someone google the kid he put his record label as the kids middle name

    • wasd

      dont forget about that baby he delivered and christened right on the spot in atlanta

  • Anonymous

    I guarantee T.I. took a glimpse up her skirt, men just can't help it.

  • Anonymous

    something strange going on with t.i. man and that story on him saving a mans life and stopping him from jumping i think he really is working with the police

    • Anonymous

      those are two different things. he saved the creed frontman after he jumped and talked down a suicide jumper. yeah im sure that was staged...lmao

    • Anonymous

      LMAO this nigga Clifford a super hero

    • Anonymous

      so he's saved multiple dudes from suicide?

    • Anonymus

      Bullshit it happened in Atlanta, and it was staged because how convenient it is that it happened in the same building v-103 is in, and they let him in thru the barricade to talk the man down like the police wasn't there already, really? I remember that because the traffic was held up for that and I just happened to be there that day, so it's not hearsay for me. Unless he did it again in Miami then that's two incidents but I don't think helped that guy with arms wide open. lol

    • Anonymous

      "In a promotional appearance in support of his new memoir, Stapp explained on a VH-1 television show that he had attempted suicide in Miami and that the rapper T.I. had saved him. It is not immediately clear when this occurred, though Stapp implied it had taken place well after 2004"

    • Anonymous

      ^ ARE YOU SERIOIS?!?!?!?!

    • lol

      lol.... The guy who was going to jump was the lead singer of CREED Its pretty believable...

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