Joe Budden Worried About Hollow Da Don Battle

Joe Budden responds to Cassidy's stance that he "elevated" from Battle Rap. The Slaughterhouse rapper also describes his upcoming match-up against Hollow Da Don at the Total Slaughter event.

With a confirmed battle with Hollow Da Don in the books, Joe Budden spoke with The Angry Fans Radio Show about the match-up. During the interview, Budden responded to Cassidy's recent claims that he is above a return to battling

"What other guys gonna do it?" Joe Budden said of his own decision to step in the ring. "They all gonna take the scapegoat like Cassidy just took in his interview.

“Cassidy is saying he wouldn’t do it because he feels like it would be a step backwards,” he continued. “That’s bullshit. You have to be able to recognize bullshit when you see it. Cassidy is not getting paid Loaded Lux money right now from anywhere. I’m just talking logic. This is no offense to Cassidy. No disrespect to him and his ability. But you not getting $50,000 from anywhere. So why would you not take advantage of your ability in a culture that applauds lyricist? Why would a JR Writer not wanna do this? Why would a Fred the Godson now wanna do this? I could name plenty of people that maybe got gobbled up in the mainstream machine of labels and politics that thanks to SMACK and Norbes and UW and King of the Dot and all the leagues that have been here before Total Slaughter have now opened an avenue for.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Joe Budden Spoke about his view that mainstream rappers should continue battling and detailed additional views on his upcoming match-up against Hollow Da Don. Read the full story on Battle Rap



  • Anonymous

    Couldn't the lazy ass author write another paragraph with original thoughts describing why Joe said he was "worried about the entire process," instead of leading readers on? Some real BS writing right here.

  • Anonymous

    "Banks would but he doesn't actually need the money he's living nice" How much of that 10 million do you think Banks still has?



  • Anonymous

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  • sptheghost

    I guess the title should've read: "Joe Budden NOT Worried About Hollow Da Don Battle"

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymus

    Journalistic integrity out the door with this one.

    • Anonymous

      For real though. The writer didn't even attempt to connect the title to the story in any way. Sigh!!! I will no longer come to this site. Unless I want my intelligence to be insulted again.

  • Lyonel

    I read the article again and again and still couldn't find one part where Joe Budden says he's worried about something. I really love your professionalism, Jay Balfour.

  • Anonymous

    Joe budden is fucking awful. Get the cum stains of your teeth before the battle dog. HD TV is a mother you bum bastard. quit renting used tanks it's not a good look.

  • AsaP

    (hollow) streetball all star (guts) vs (joe budden)nba player (paycheck glory)... hollow is about to wash him...joe about to play defense...and hollow's gonna try to take advantage of a star.

  • Anonymous

    Why isn't Lord Jamar being interviewed about his stance on this? What a scandal!

  • Anonymous

    "joe buddens worried" nowhere in the article does he say he is worried....hhdx ladies and gentlemen

    • Jay Belfour


    • Justin Hunte

      Great point, Anonymous. We'll work to improve going forward. I appreciate you checking out the story nevertheless.

    • Anonymous

      @Jay Balfour Shut up white boi, u know damn well I'd rob the blood out your veins if we ever cross ways, fufu ass fuckboi

    • Jay Belfour


  • Anonymous

    I don't feel like reading through all these comments so maybe this has been said but can somebody tell me why the headline says he's worried yet nowhere in the article is that stated. I know the original article said he was worried yet excited but why make that the headline of your article if you don't even use that excerpt?

    • theBavarianIlluminati

      Because HHDX is the new XXLMag. The editors suck while they play their little TMZ games. Everyone is getting ignorant and dumb as hell these days.

  • triPAUD

    honestly, i'd just rather hear a dude on a beat. All battle rap is is setting, really. most of the "freestyle" shit is a myth now, and that improvisation what i found appealing in the first place. Id rather hear polish rather than just setting.

  • RC

    Battle rap is like the WWE of Hip-Hop now, and these clowns as well as the circus that follows the scene is glaring proof.

  • Anonymous

    When did Cassidy ever battle? apart from the one with Freeway. I dont know of any rap battle that cassidy was ever involved in. All we hear are these fable stories about how he bodied a bunch of nobodies.We aint never seen shit,or heard about the people he battled. Can anyone name 5 battle rappers Cassidy ever went against?........NO becos it never happened. Budden as much as i dont like this dude is right.Cassidy aint getting 50k from nowhere,his album ain't selling,He aint had a hot single since 'my 2 steps',He aint Hot no more so aint been featured on any hot single, he do night clubs set as concert...musically he cold. So whats the excuse? The big name rappers dont hv to do it,they selling mad records,releasing hot singles and get paid mad from tours. Math Hoffa called Cassidy out,He too scared to reply. Cassidy is overrated. All his battle stories are made up.

    • Anonymous

      I'm from Philly and that battle between Cass & Freeway was simply a high profile battle cuz they're high-profile rappers. Free never shoulda stepped in the ring wit Cass, nonetheless Free has always remained relevant in the game to this day. Cass bodied everybody that battled him prior to his signing, tho. Cass is definitely the very best battle rapper out here, he has absolutely nothing to prove to his core fans who already know...tho, he could use a few of those battle checks, lol.

  • Swazy

    No where in this article did y'all give props to angryfan radio.. Fuck a HipHopdx

    • Justin Hunte

      Actually, the first sentence includes "...Joe Budden spoke with The Angry Fans Radio Show about the match-up..." We appreciate you reading, Swazy. Thank you.

  • wads

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  • frank knows

    I didn't see him say anything about being "worried" as the headline states... Good job Mr. Balfour.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I wonder how much of his prep work he runs past the rest of Slaughterhouse, it can't hurt to have someone like Crooked I in your corner polishing up your bars

  • Anonymous

    This article was only published to pushed BATTLERAP.COM, which is the white man's lame attempt to cover batle rap. And since it's associated with DX (BY WACK ASS JOURNALIST JAY BALFOUR) then you can only expect to click a link to read "the rest" of the article SMMFH FUCK DX

  • Anonymous

    What's funny to me is how a bunch of broke ass bum niggas sit here and talk about dudes who are getting $$$ #SUCKASHIT

    • Anonymous

      I see the internet allows white dudes to say "nigga" as long as their "anonymous", you better watch how you speak white boy...

  • Anonymous

    That would be a real battle, Cass vs Buddens but Cass comes out, hes just too good and Budden can be mad corny, it makes me cringe like a mother fucker listening to some of his lyrics.

  • Anonymous

    I'm going to be on Joe Budden's team!

  • Gogi

    i agree with Joe 100%.... what the fuck Cassidy doing right now, nothing, he got the Remixes on another niggas songs..... i fuck with Cass he fucking dope on that Punchlines, and what he said the last interwiev was some bullshit... i gotta same on Jr.Writer 40 Cal & Jae Millz... back then when they were on their prime was cool but now they need to back on Battle Rap

  • Anonymous

    Budden bodied Cass. Real talk.

  • Anonymous

    see what these niggaz do for viewz... this site fell off 3 years ago

  • Anonymous

    No where in this article does it say anything indicating that Joe Budden is "Worried About Hollow Da Don Battle", these guys are such shitty journalists.

  • Lil Bars

    BasedGod ethered this fag Joe Booty

  • Anonymous

    slowly but surely, hhdx is becoming gossip news. this title is embarrassing.

  • Cealix

    Since you lazy fucks obviously don't like to go in depth when it comes to reading an article (HHDX even shows you the fucking link to the article), I took the time out to read the article so I can copy and paste the part where he said he was worried. "The Mood Muzik rapper went on to describe Hollow as great in every area and offered his own reaction to coming into the battle as an underdog. I wouldnt even entertain the idea of this battle if I didntIm a Virgo, I always try to be ahead of the play, he says when asked if he was worried about the performance aspect. Ive always mapped out every possible variable in this battle. So Im worried about it all, personally. When you talk about an emcee as seasoned as Hollow, hes great in every area. Hes great at freestyling. Hes great at rebuttals. Hes great at performance. Hes great at jokes. Hes great at personals. He has bars. He has schemes. He has punches. Theres not anything that he cannot do. So you have to factor these things in. It has to be a concern." No wonder they say hip hop has the dumbest fans...

  • Joe Budden

    If you can make fake headlines why the fuck don't you make a good one like : Weezy finally comes out the closet

  • Anonymous

    "Joe Budden Worried About Hollow Da Don Battle"... wtf is this shit HHDX ?

  • Anonymous

    looks like every comment says what i was about to say...

  • AxZ

    bullshit title for the article. Fuck you HHDX

  • LH

    He said he was worried in the entire article in the link...not scared really but aware that hollow gets busy.

  • hhdx editors are clowns

    lmao you editors mislead niggas all the time

  • Uhhh

    Uhhh I'm sorry but he didn't say he was worried anywhere in this article. HipHopDX is seriously the new National Inquirer of the internet. They are complete sellouts and the epitome of terrible "journalism". Irresponsible as fuck.

    • Anonymous

      You guys sound surprised...HHDX been garbage forever lol. I come to this site just to laugh at how pathetic the DX staff is lol

  • Tek

    Where did he say he was worried? Am I missing something? lol.

  • lol

    I agree with budden on Cassidy..if ur a lyricist and also getting paid why not? its what u do, love it shouldn't always be about a check.(esp when the checks there)

  • Not Impressed

    Cassidy had 3 hit singles in his day and a gold album, Joe Buddens only had one popular song. His whole "career" has been internet videos and datpiff mixtapes. He's battling because he needs the money, those other rappers he named dropped are good, stop making excuses for yourself. I'm not impressed

  • Zerrroooo

    Joe budden has no money so he can't even talk shit about Cassidy lmao budden is a bum

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