DJ EZ Rock, Of "It Takes Two" With Rob Base, Passes Away

Rob Base took to Facebook to break the news of DJ EZ Rock's passing.

DJ EZ Rock of the duo Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock has reportedly died. The news quickly spread following a post on Rob Base’s personal Facebook page. “R.I.P. Skip (DJ EZ Rock) friends since 4Th grade I’m really going to miss you,” he wrote.

Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock are most commonly associated with the 1988 single and album It Takes Two. The duo’s debut was released on Profile Records in 1988 and both the lead single and album itself were eventually certified platinum. While Rob Base followed up It Takes Two with a solo album of his own called The Incredible Base, the duo reunited six years later in 1994 with an album titled Break of Dawn.

Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock’s “It Takes Two” is available for stream below.

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  • Big Mike40

    Why so many rappers die young?

  • Shone Jones

    RIP Long Live 1988!!!

  • Hollywoodoutlaw

    Jay Balfour is mad because the first Hip Hop record he ever heard in his life was Skee Lo "I Wish I was. little Bit Taller" lol... Don't be angry study the culture. This site can't afford me, that's why you work there. Typing from a pwrsepective of someone who couldn't survive the Paid In Full era of Harlem or Decept era of Brooklyn. You don't qualify to write on behalf of Hip Hop. You have no history in your hood. You write on this site cuz you couldn't quite cut it to be a publicist at a record label. You unleash your hip hop ignorance on sites like this to payback the days your pockets were tapped when your mom sent you to the store. You have no history punk... Say something else & see if I don't square off with one of your writers at at a NYC event, head on...

    • Anonymous

      who died an made you the ambassador of all things hip-hop

    • hollywoodoutlaw

      Hey Anonoyous... I was discussing how people with KICK ME taped to their backs in High school have no place in Hip Hop.... you want???

    • hollywood Send your info... And yes for Hip Hop I do have issues... Lets link and embrace debate on how why unqualified corny lunch table people shouldn't write about Hip Hop. Lets discuss Your Hood and your credibility as to why you should be around other than you you have access to the server for Hip Hop DX. You can send shots about my age and all that blah blah... Still doesn't erase the fact you don't know enough about Hip Hop to qualify you as someone to write for it.... Look forward to taking this a step further in the name of Hip Hop.. Hope you ready... Or maybe I should catch you at the conference room of 1755 Broadway One of your writers will be there taking up space. Overall, I look forward...

    • Anonymous

      what the fuck is this bitch nigga going on about? show some respect faggot

    • Jay Balfour

      Oh, I get it now. You're one of those stubborn, emotional hip hop heads that blows a gasket we slight your favorite hip hop head. It's all right, we understand. Look, once we write the article, that's that. The size of it is rather adequate and appropriate, so don't start complaining once we give you the facts and nothing more. I'm only calling a spade a spade and you seem to have some deep seeded issues, my friend. I strongly recommend you seek psychotherapy as soon as humanly possible. Hook me up with your email. I know a doctor and he's a really good dude; been in the business for more than 40 years. Cured me of my schizophrenia and agoraphobia in less than 2 weeks.

    • Hollywoodoutlaw

      I'm supposed to be happy??? So you and this site are bigger than hip hip to the point you think you doing us a favor by covering a legend whose contributions to the culture are bigger than both you & I?? That's your motivation?? Hip Hop is something you log onto a computer and subscribe too punk when hip hop for some of us who log on is a lifestyle. I'm challenging your integrity toward the culture & how you don't qualify to speak or write about it. Who from your hood co signed that you qualify as someone who report Hip Hop??? What have you done beside repost information you just so happen to stumble upon on twitter or TMZ??? All you can do is call me names based off your emotion but it doesn't erase the fact that you don't qualify as a real voice to write about Hip Hop. You prove it on this article as your writings on DJ EZ Rock's contribution to Hip Hop would have been more in depth giving your audience a better look on why people are honoring him. Just face it, you would have wrote a Better article had better knowledge of Hip Hop. But you a punk writer with no real history, corny guy who say at the wack part of the lunch table type of guy sniffing glue. Go to your block no one knows you type a guy, yet you writing on behalf of hip hop covering legends. Get a real person over at DX that has better knowledge of Hip Hop than this wedgey having joker.

    • Jay Balfour

      Nigga, shut the actual fuck up. Be glad that we even paid homage to this legendary DJ, with your ungrateful ass. Rob Base & EZ Rock did a lot for the culture, I'm sure, but we won't condone no negative ass, angry, butthurt comments. We just trying to do our jobs.

  • PATHH88

    RIP DJ EZ ROCK It Takes Two is a certified classic and will remain, forever, in the hearts of hip hop heads.


    RIP- Damn shame we still play this whenever possible at home...

  • Anonymous

    Too many hip hoppers going young.

  • RC

    Heard the sad news earlier. So sad, grew up listening to 'It Takes Two' at all the family parties & Quinceaeras all the time. Rocked the party then, still rocks the party now. R.I.P. DJ E-Z Rock.



  • Anonymous

    Was he the fat one or the corny one???

  • Anonymous

    This song is classic. RIP to the homie. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they have some good grip hop and viral videos on there

    • Anonymous

      You're going to come here, say RIP, then turn around and plug your site with that same shitty "Oh yeah y'all should check out blehblehbleh" at the end of the sentence? Disrespectful, and I'll never go to your site. Go fuck yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Joy and Pain are like Sunshine and Rain RIP homie

  • Lyonel

    "Of "It Takes Two" With Rob Base" SMH y'all act like that's the only thing he ever did

  • Hollywoodoutlaw

    DJ EZ Rock of "It's Take Two"???? It should read DJ EZ Rock from Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock whose most famous record titled "It Takes Two".... The writers of today's Hip Hop are pathetic parasites. Rather you just don't report at all, since no one at the site knows enough about Hip Hop culture. Instead of trying to keep up with Complex or news on twitter, study Hip Hop better before this Site is known as the site for it's most famous post with the most hits rather than it's own contribution to the culture.

    • hollywoodoutlaw

      uhh duuh its kind a long and and ands... You sound like my Hispanic Grandmother on a saturday morning complaining about lint on a window sill

    • Anonymous

      " It should read DJ EZ Rock from Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock whose most famous record titled "It Takes Two"...." LOLOLOL thats a little long for a headline fool, theres a reason you writing comments on a blog site instead of writing for one.

    • Jay Balfour

      Both you faggots need to shut the fuck up. If you think you can do better, than come work for us, bitches.

    • La Clippers

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    • Jay Balfour

      Shut up faggot, if u think u can do it better than come work for us.

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