Talib Kweli Credits Macklemore For Being Respectful Towards Lord Jamar

Talib Kweli talks race and Hip Hop, says White artists have been in Hip Hop "since the beginning."

Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli recently gave credit to fellow artist Macklemore due to the way in which the Seattle emcee responded to remarks Lord Jamar made last year. During an interview with Vlad TV in September of last year, Jamar referred to white artists as “guests in the house of Hip Hop” and criticized Macklemore for pushing an agenda in Hip Hop.

While speaking on Macklemore’s response to Lord Jamar, Talib also mentioned Alabama rapper Yelawolf. Unlike Macklemore, Yelawolf demanded that the Brand Nubian emcee “shut the fuck up” following remarks he made about White rappers and gay rights.

“I talked to Macklemore as well while all that was going on,” Talib said during an interview with Vlad TV. “And Macklemore said the same exact thing to me that you said. I think the problem with some of the—Lord Jamar had an issue with I think Yelawolf or somebody like that. I think Macklemore’s response was correct in terms of, you know, when you are taking criticism from an OG like Lord Jamar or someone who has come before and has put it down in the game, there’s a certain amount of respect that you have to go into the conversation with. And I think some of these younger White artists got in they feelings about what Lord Jamar said and didn’t give him his proper respect as an OG. Just 'cause you don’t agree with what the OG says doesn’t mean disrespect ‘em. And I like the fact that Macklemore was able to take that criticism and state his opinion, but not state it in a way that’s disrespectful to Jamar.”

Talib then referred to music as an art that is colorblind, but did state that you do have to respect the origins of a particular genre of music if you want to participate in it.

“White rappers, White graffiti artists, White deejays, White b-boys have been involved in Hip Hop since the beginning,” he said. “Music is colorblind. Music doesn’t have a color. But the only way that you can truly appreciate a book is to know the history of its author. Even though you don’t have to be a specific race to participate in music or to enjoy it. If you don’t respect the origins then you being disrespectful of it.”

Later in the interview, Talib circled back to Lord Jamar and his various comments regarding Hip Hop. He revealed that when Jamar does take part in interviews with Vlad TV, he uses street terminology, which makes it easier for others to pick apart his arguments.

“Lord Jamar is speaking in street terminology,” the Brooklyn rapper said. “He’s speaking to the block. When Lord Jamar goes on Vlad TV I feel like he’s looking at it like, ‘I’m speaking to the hoods across America.’ So, he’s speaking in a language, with a manner that is not academic. And so, I think it becomes easy to pick apart his argument when it’s not done from an academic sense. And I think Macklemore’s answer was more academic. There is an issue with the interpolation of Hip Hop. There is an issue with White-washing of Hip Hop or White privilege in Hip Hop…The White emcees that I’m a fan of, from Eminem to Macklemore to El-P, they recognize they privilege. And they deal with it.”

In the time since Lord Jamar’s September interview with Vlad TV and his critique of white rappers, he’s gone on to criticize a number of other artists. Most recently, Jamar shared his thoughts on pop star Justin Bieber, as he commented on the crooner “leeching off black music.”

“He [Justin Bieber] got a bunch of fuckin yes-men and people who’s trying to leech off of shit,” Jamar said during an interview with Vlad TV published earlier this month. “But then that in turn is like karma because he’s a leech. He’s leeching off black music. Like a lot of other White artists are doing. But listen to his whole sound. Listen to who he’s trying to appeal to and influence. He got that White fan base, but he’s making essentially black music.”



    this is false yela originally said u cant put barriers on music and lord jamar came out makin threats to punch yela thats when yela told him to shut the fuck up and sent jamar all places he would be on tour if jamar wanted to do somethin bout it needless to say mr jamar is nothin but talk so fuck it its all irrelevant

  • Anonymous

    It's funny because Lord Jamar still talks about Yelawolf even though all this happened months ago. Yela mentioned it once on instagram or something and that was it. Lord Jamar is so jealous is kinda FUNNY.

  • Anonymous

    talib is a house negro

  • Anonymous

    this is what a legend supposed to say. real talk.

  • Royal

    To get respect, you have to give it. Just being long winded in the game doesn't mean you deserve respect. I can't blame Yelawolf for reacting the way he did.

  • Anonymous

    "Why do you think a certain person belonging to a certain race can claim that something is theirs?" Cause it actually is. What, you think white people took any part in the begginings of this shit back in the 70's? You don't see any nigga claimin they invented basketball and trying to make it theirs, so why you wanna take the shit from us?

    • Anonymous

      Would you think it is fair when a commentator talks about a black basketballer that he is inferred/introduced as a guest to the sport? It is a ridiculous insinuation. Everyone can partake in anything that they like without such hateful, spiteful, racist remarks. You didn't invent this, how dare you have any interaction with it - mentally challenged.

    • Anonymous

      Take it? Who is trying to take it? Why can't you share it? Music is to be heard by anyone's ears, not those belonging to a certain race. If you proclaim otherwise you are not normal.

  • Anonymous

    I miss the 90's (when white people actually knew their place in this culture).

  • Anonymous

    Jamar straight ignorant for all his comments.

  • IROC

    at one time we talented white artist not to say we dont now this macklemore is a gimmick period who was rewarded over gifted black rap artist and for some reason they can allways find a Uncle Rukus like Kweli to come along and try and down play the situation the Grammy awards need to be boycotted by all artist of color its rigged and racist ran the entire industry is corrupt whenever a man stand up many will shoot at him few will stand for anything but fall for everything

  • Afro

    Fuck white people. Fucking devils

  • Pharaoh

    Cats need to stop calling Lord Jamar an OG he isn't period. Brand Nubian never did shit. They never sold in the 90s. Nobody gave a fuck about them on the block or on a cultural level. They have NEVER been mentioned among any of the great Hip Hop groups in any discussions EVER. You ask any member of Hip Hop culture to name just 1 Brand Nubian song off the top and 99% won't be able too. Nobody other than fucking racists ever fucked with Brand Nubian, they are, have and always will be irrelevant in this culture. They never made any impact culturally whatsoever and it's time we stop stroking this fucking cornballs already unwarranted ego and stop calling him a legend or an O.G END OF!!!

    • Anonymous

      lol @ "sprite commercial" every nigga on the block had a fucking Sprite commercial. Canibus had a Sprite commercial before he was even featured on shit like Beasts from the East, way before a record deal when he wasn't even known for shit. Sprite Commercial lmao fucking Sprite commercial

    • Pharaoh

      actually I'm in my 30s and at no fucking point did Brand Nubian hold NY down before Wu and Biggie that's when LL, Rakim, Juice Crew, BDP, Public Enemy, Slick Rick, KGR etc you know mufuckas more than 11 people listened to we're holding shit down n nobody gave a fuck about Brand Nubian You're fucking delusional

    • Anonymous

      Pharoah you're out your mind and you're obviously a kid..Brand Nubians held down NY hip hip before Biggie, Before Wu Tang..Grand Puba the lead rapper had a Sprite commercial and had cats wearing Tommy Hilfiger before urban kids knew what it was...you're about what 21?

    • ruggidterrain

      I'm not condoning everything that LJ said, but you are obviously not in touch with your hip-hop roots. Brand Nubian was the shit. just like P.E, just like Poor Righteous Teachers, X-Clan, any of the Native Tongues. Oh, I guess only racist people listened to them. No offense but are you under 30 or white?

    • ho u gona hate on the homie sadat

      firstly i would like to say FUCK LORD JAMAR AND HIS VIEWS HE SHOULD KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT REGARDING HIP HOP IN THE MODERN TIMES. But you have to remember that if he was sayig all this stuff in 1990, the vast majority of rappers would be agreeing with him and so would the fans, BUT I AM NOT SAYING THAT MAKE HIS ACTIONS ACCEPTABLE BECAUSE HEY ARE NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. Also how are you gonna say brand nubian never did shit? i dont know if you were a head back in the 90's but if you were you would know that MANY old school heads regard their first 2 albums as classics. although jamar is not, Sadat X is a legend and it was he who made the brand nubian albums what they are.

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign 100%

  • Doubl Negative

    Kweli: Your views on this topic are sickening and dishonourable. I expect nonsense like this from them, not my own people. You're just as bad as those assholes, maybe worse, you ought to know better. You're a cunt.

  • Anonymous

    "If you want to talk about guests then look at the terraferma that your feet walk upon. Not very nice is it to say stupid things." ^ like what you wrote here? meanwhile, people have guest rooms, guest houses, events where they invite.....guests you don't walk up and claim it as your own because someone else provided that for you the only reason why this bothers y'all so much is your sense of entitlement, and proof is how y'all call North America "our country" and the history says completely different and these last 100 years there are many citizens who were born and raised here who are not white folk

    • Anonymous

      Did you see the second sentence? Hip-hop doesn't belong to you and white people aren't guests, just like I inferred with my comment about the earth that your feet touch. Who is the one who seems sensitive going by reactions?

    • TYBO2020


  • Bret Hart

    The best there is, best there was, the best there ever will be Soundcloud.com/p-ez-2

  • blkviper

    Lord Jamar is like that uncle who used to make sense to you as a kid with no other references to match him against, then you grow up and realize he is wise but says more crazy than wise shit, you just have to know when to tune him out.

  • chicago slim

    this is funny to me. Lord Jamar the guy from a 70% upper class white suburb, one of the nicest places in the country to live, and Talib Kweli who went to a super expensive private boarding high school in corn chip Connecticut with ALL white people that cost $47,000 per year, and these are the people representing the ideologies the 5 percenters and a progressive conscious black movement. Lord Jamar, you are a joke. Embittered, old, angry & irrelevant. Most of your favorite rappers are rich kids. Jamar, Kweli, Macklemore, Drake....haha..it's funny to me.

    • chicago slim

      okay, maybe you have a point. the "hoods" you refer to are where exactly? shoot, NYC barely got any hoods left. check the stats, safest big city in the country by far. according to wikipedia, and I get it, it's wikipedia, but it's not too hard to fact check...According to the New Rochelle Police Department, New Rochelle is the safest city of its size in New York State and the fifth safest city of its size in the United States. my comment was directed at the fact Lord Jamar is embittered & irrelevant and isn't really cut from the true cloth of the black revolutionary that he pretends to represent... talking about white people being guests in hip hop, when he probably spent more time around white people than most black people.

    • @HR

      Meaning they are hypocrites and frauds.

    • Dave

      New Rochelle got hoods like anywhere else. You really think he grew up in the rich white section of New Rochelle? Come on now.

    • Anonymous

      well, not everybody can thrive off of a third grade education like some of your favorite rappers

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      What is your point, exactly?

  • RapPipeAddict

    Danielle Harling, we miss you at Refinedhype!

  • IHateMorgy

    Danielle Harling and another story on Lord Jamar...everyday is a new low for this site

  • sniper

    Lord Jamar was the weakest link in Brand Nubian. He was like Jarobi from Tribe Called Quest. Grand Puba and Sadat X made Lord Jamar carry all their Nation Of Islam textbooks for them. "Did you check out that new Lord Jamar solo joint?" said no one ever.

  • kennyken

    even though what talib is saying is quite true, I still don't respect the fact that lord jamar is clapping off at everybody. a true o.g. doesn't behave like that. he embraces young mc's. this guy is disrespecting a lot of people in the game, and it makes me wonder why. that isn't true o.g. status.

  • JamesLWarren

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  • dam

    who cares if Brand Nubian made classic albums, how does that give jamar the right to say whatever he wants? Yeah he is an OG, but He wasn't one of the founders of hip hop so he has no right to say who can and cant do it. Talib is only saying this because he is scared of jamar coz it is obvious he doesn't agree with him. ps. one of the most annoying things about all this lord jamar shit is I cant listen to brand nubian anymore without thinking of how much of an idiot lord jamar is.

  • RealSpit

    Talib Kweli is a JOKE .. Straight up JOKE .. On his Gravitas album release, this clown literally said " his dream in life was to know what I ate for breakfast " .. That's how hard this dude has fallen off .. He has to manufacture being Independent -- great lessons picked up from the biggest SCAM in music history -- Macklemore .. I almost lost faith in Big KRIT for opening up for Macklemore .. instead of doing his own tour and/or finding another mainstream artist that's not Macklemore to build that audience -- Macklemore does not have any real fans and those that he had from the same Underground that he pretty much shit on in his 1-year Letter are not there anymore .. No one can ever give Macklemore credibility -- he sold out in the worst way .. and Talib Kweli followed right along .. Looking back, Talib really ain't put out anything good without Mos Def .. Who the F is he to speak on Yelawolf without even doing his research ?!? Yelawolf showed respect to Brand Nubian and he said "shut the fuck up" really like whatever .. it's sad that Lord Jamar can't see passed that because he'd quickly realize how different and how real Yelawolf is when compared to some fake pop star like Macklemore .. Lord Jamar might even want to ask the LEGENDARY Kool Herc about Yelawolf ... Talib is dunzo and irrelevant .. He lost the Underground years ago and ain't no Macklemore fan checkin' for Talib .. And because of Macklemore he has NO chance for redemption .. Anyone associated with Mackemore can NEVER be taken seriously as an Artist .. only as someone that jumps on to Trending Topics to sell Products

    • chicago slim

      okay, maybe you have a point. the "hoods" you refer to are where exactly? shoot, NYC barely got any hoods left. check the stats, safest big city in the country by far. according to wikipedia, and I get it, it's wikipedia, but it's not too hard to fact check...According to the New Rochelle Police Department, New Rochelle is the safest city of its size in New York State and the fifth safest city of its size in the United States. my comment was directed at the fact Lord Jamar is embittered & irrelevant and isn't really cut from the true cloth of the black revolutionary that he pretends to represent... talking about white people being guests in hip hop, when he probably spent more time around white people than most black people.

    • Anonymous

      I think it's good that talib is giving credit where its due. macklemore might be anybody's idea of a great emcee, but he is staying within his own lane.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      Sounds like you have an axe to grind and it's conflicting with your rational thought. Mos Def and Talib haven't done anything good?? Black Star? C'mon bro. And Kweli may not be the most exciting artist out there to listen to but he's dope on the mic and makes solid albums. Thats not even an argument. As far as Mack is concerned, I don't listen to his music because that's not my taste but I'm not mad at his success, because his music has a point at least. I'm more proud that Mack is a part of hip hop than Lil Wayne or Young Thug. I think you just needed a good "vent session". We all do every now and again.

  • Anonymous


    • Johhny Blaze

      who gives a fuck? talib kweli can rap circles around 99.9% of people in the world..talib has more classic albums than times youve gotten laid, guarenteed

  • weg3on

    im actually laughing my ass off.. cant believe kweli is complimenting macklemore AGAIN.. this is like the 7th or 8th time in a row

  • Anonymous

    He should have told him niqqers were guests in America. That would have shut his black ass mouth.

    • Anonymous

      You could say the same about rap music too then. They weren't the first genres. Who was the first to record music? Yeah, fuck off with stupid statements. It is a stupid comment but are you also going to say the same about what these articles are saying? You haven't so far.

    • kai$oundz

      Everybody are fucking guests in America the natives werenhere first then white people killed them off and later brought blacks here that were forced to go against their will. Which is just fucked up like your comment don't be racist

  • Anonymous

    Who is he to say he respects his comments? O.G? Yeah, because that gives you the right to be racist. Why are you all so upset, bitter, resentful, full of hatred? That go's for most of these MC's, articles and certainly in the comments. You are all insane.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar is tellin' truth....remember Elvis. He took black music, and then told the only thing good a black person could do is shine his shoes. There is truth in Lord Jamar's comments and I agree with him to some extent, however he needs to be diplomatic with his remarks. Listen to public enemy's welcome to the terrordome, Chuck D has a line about Elvis in there, which is still relevant to this day.

    • Anonymous

      The truth about what? Why do you think a certain person belonging to a certain race can claim that something is theirs? You'd think you would have learned a thing or two about that sort of behaviour.

  • So Icy Boi!

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    • Anonymous

      That is funny in what way, shape or form?

    • Anonymous

      lol suburban white children trollin at 2 a.m., go to sleep before mommy catch u online

    • Anonymous

      Lord Jamar was cool until he became ignorant and opened his dumb irrelevant mouth. shut the fuck up. you have nothing to contribute to hip hop anymore except acting like a whiny bitch. shut up man

  • Anonymous

    "But at least they're not trying to section off an entire genre of music by what race they are." ^ SMDH this is why teachers tell you to PAY ATTENTION Lord Jamar said you are guests, you didn't start the game, nothing wrong with y'all being around but don't disrespect the game and you fuckboys done ran and reworded what he said and got all types of sh-t in the way to cloud your judgment LIKE THAT OLD ASS EXPERIMENT WHERE YOU FILL A ROOM WITH PEOPLE, TELL ONE PERSON ONE THING AND BY THE TIME THE LAST PERSON HEARS IT IT'S SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT

  • Anonymous

    Macklemore is too pussy to talk back to anybody, even when Yelawolf was calling him wack and saying he stole that deers head logo he just sat back and said nothing.......

  • Anonymous

    hiphop these days is worse than reality TV. he said, she said bullshit.... who the fuck cares

  • JMG

    So because Lord Jamar is an O.G. it means he can run off at the emouth weekly about race this, race that? So I am guessing if Lord Jamar went at Talib, would he respond "respectfully"? Probably not. His past has nothing to do with him showing the game and the rappers in it now some fuckin respect. One thing I hate is muthafuckas that always want people to hear them TALKING! Not doing shit, but just being seen and heard. All while people like Macklemore and Yelawolf are doing Hip Hop justice and by trying to make a living. Yet a talking ass O.G. has to make their career HIS business...man, sit the fuck down and do something other than talking Lord Jamar, or release and album or something that does not involve the next man. And maybe then will you be respected.

    • Anonymous

      Whether or not their music is "garbage" is a matter of opinion. But at least they're not trying to section off an entire genre of music by what race they are.

    • Anonymous

      I don't how Macklemore and Yelawolf are doing Hip Hop any justice by dropping their garbage music everyday.

  • Anonymous

    why are there so many posts about Lord Jamar on this website. Yes, he has a past resume. But who gives a FUCK about what he "says" lol. "Lord Jamar Says" "Lord Jamar Says". Lord Jamar is the new Ja Rule.

    • DX

      We respect his opinion. Jamar is a wise and intelligent who's music has influenced a number of today's conscious rappers and has done plenty to benefit the community, as well as inspire a new, budding generation of rappers.

  • Anonymous

    so-called 'proud black man' Talib is one ill-read conrball motherfucker. Keep picking up Mos Def's crumbs you ignorant fuck, W.E.B. DuBois would kill himself if he though YOU were his inheritor.

  • dazeone

    Lyrically he cant see Yellawolf and Lord Jamar cant be broke they got 7 mil from their last brand Nubian deal.He messed up allot of money if they he is broke. Also you have to consider what he stood for listen to the words of those Brand Nubian records...pro black. Each side has to respect each other but Lord Jamar came at Yellawolf wrong and the end result was what was said. It doesn't help that lyrically Jamar is not in Yellawolfs league. Black dude calling it as I see it

  • Anonymous

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    fuck talib a white mans puppet. Fuck mackelmore hail king lord jamar. Lord jamar respects real niggas like gucci and chief sosa so he deserves the respect of real niggas.

  • Anonymous

    Hope u Lord Jamar haters will now shut the fuck up forever since you realized even your God Macklemore respect him

  • Anonymous

    macklemore dont gotta say shit about lord jamar, he can enjoy his millions and sold out shows while it lasts while lord jamar does dj vlad interviews and eats off food stamps waiting for hbo to cast him as a 5%er gangster in another show

  • Anonymous

    i cant wait 2 read da comments lolz

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