Judge Orders Chris Brown To Remain In Rehab For An Additional Two Months

Chris Brown is ordered back to rehab until the verdict of the D.C. case is rendered.

A Los Angeles judge has reportedly asked Chris Brown to return to anger management rehab for two more months.

According to New York Daily News, this past Friday (February 28) Brown was ordered back to rehab in the midst of a hearing he attended yesterday concerning whether he violated his parole for an alleged assault of a Washington, D.C. man last October. The judge made the order for him to serve until the verdict of the D.C. case is rendered.

The judgement comes as somewhat of a surprise as the singer had been receiving positive staff responses over his progress in rehab. The rehab program's director sent a letter to the court assessing Brown's progress. In it, it says Chris Brown is "able to use behavioral strategies to manage acting out on impulses" and "teaming relaxation exercises that will reduce consequent impulsive behaviors." Breezy tweeted recently, possibly in response to learning about his new situation. 

Chris Brown entered rehab in October of 2013 for anger management and drug abuse issues. He was released from jail on October 27, 2013, regarding the alleged assault in Washington, D.C. and the felony assault charge that followed he was reduced from felony to a misdemeanor.

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  • li wang

    Because he hit the people, I do not think Chris Brown as a good person He is a very good music, I hope that he hit the problem of his anger In order to beat up a female dog of Rihanna, he is angry is a problem, the other brothers defeat the reason to say something unexploded ordnance or play tennis he he Enemy of thing in order to get a PRONTO Chris Brown

  • Anonymous

    But it's ok for Macklemore to get drunk every day, but the MJ of R&B is forced to get sober? Makes no sense.

  • Natied

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  • Anonymous

    This sucker should be locked in rehab for the rest of HER (Chris's) life.

  • Anonymous

    at this point Chris Brown is more gangsta then all those fake gangsta rappers like; mobb deep lil wayne game ice cube etc.

  • chrizzy

    THIS is why chris brown is one of the realest mc's to ever bless the mic

  • Anonymous

    Niggas 2 days late smh.

  • dentaldamboy

    The judge took one look at Chris Brown's credit card statements and saw that he wasn't over his addiction to gay porn yet. So, he sent him to rehab for two additional months. YMCMB, we got the rap game by the clit.

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