Pharrell "Disappointed" By "G I R L" Cover Art Backlash

Pharrell Williams responds to "G I R L" cover art critiques, says he hopes to change the standard of what's considered beautiful.

Upon releasing a full album stream and the cover art to his upcoming album, G I R L, Virginia singer/producer Pharrell Williams was met with a great deal of backlash on social media due to the cover art for G I R L, which features Pharrell standing beside three women clad in white bathrobes.

Those expressing their distaste with the cover art to G I R L have cited the fact that the cover does not include any women of color. In response to the cover art backlash, Pharrell expressed his disappointment before revealing that one of the women featured on the cover is in fact African-American.

“You know what really disappointed me is that, man, they jumped the gun,” Pharrell said while speaking with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. “Because the one I'm standing the closest to is black. She's a black girl from like Wisconsin that I used to date like over ten years ago, or twelve years ago. And it’s just that that just must suck for people to just look at something and to assume that they know what's going on. And if they just bothered to listen to my album, they would know that my album was an ode to women, period. And the one thing that I’m trying to kill…The one thing I was just trying to help and aid in changing is this crazy statuesque standard of you gotta be white, waif and thin for you to be beautiful.”

Among those who voiced their opinion on Pharrell’s G I R L cover art via Twitter were journalist dream hampton and Jamilah Lemieux, senior editor for Ebony magazine.


  • yesh

    This dude had people go out and find the most white looking non-white women to make a statement about how you don't have to be white to be seen as beautiful ? THE FUCK THESE BITCHES ARE ON THE COVER BECAUSE THEY LOOK WHITE . HOW DO YOU TALK ABOUT DIFFERENT FLAVORS WHEN IT'S THE SAME FLAVOR OF LOOKING WHITE . i'M STUCK BETWEEN THIS CRAP AND NIKI MINAJ LOOKING ASS NIGGA . THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE SAMBOS .

  • Quin QUIn

    these incessantly bitter bitches never get tired of twisting irrelevant shit to throw black men under the bus, stop demanding arbitrary shit from black men like we owe you something. and of course the same goes for dusty ass not worth a thing niggas who call black women in interracial relationships or whatever race traitors and shit. calm the fuck down on what other people are doing and live your life.shit.

  • Rich

    Dream Hampton aka another militant mulatto is actually lighter than the chicks on the cover LOL it's obvious the women in the background aren't white, the only white chick is the red head to the left. So just because theyre lighter skinned means they arent ppl of color, which automatically places them in the white category ???? huh? that means, indian, pakistani, arab, asian etc women are all white because theyre not black??? huh?? black people are so fucking ignorant, scary ignorant, smh.

  • Anonymous

    Black man want everything the white man has lol they don't even appreciate their own culture or heritage. Some If the most self hating people there is. Why do black people accept ignorance on such a large scale? I don't understand it.

  • Doubl Negative

    Race traitors like this asshole make me physically sick. Whether or not he prefers whites to Black women doesn't concern me. The main problem is his record label would've stipulated that he had to put whites on the cover to appease middle-America, and rather than show some backbone, he capitulated like a punk. If whites can't accept our music in its purest form, they should fuck off and listen to their own people like Katy Perry. People's cultural identities are being eroded and assholes like Williams are contributing to this un-natural desire to view whites as some kind of paradigm. Can you imagine Metallica putting Sisters on their front cover?

  • billy bucks

    This is funny to me. P has had SOOOOOO much ass in his life you think he hasn't tried EVERY flavor?? And let's just say he IS into white chicks at the moment, is he not entitled? I don't know about you guy but I've gone through "taste tests" flavor of the week, month and year. Why does he have to have to have strictly black women on the cover?

  • acoop

    I actually love the Album Art, I already pre-ordered the album. People always going to find something to wine about.

  • hahahaha

    Black people are so insecure it's embarrassing...who gives a fuck. Does the black community take a hit becuz Pharrell don't have enough black chicks on his album cover? Never satisfied, if he had lightskinned chicks they'd say "where are the dark skinned ladies"...but hey, this is the concern of the black community while their neighborhoods are riddled with drugs, violence, and fatherless children.

  • Anonymous

    pherrell know what hes talking about racism wont go away till we make it not there that means u could have all white girls on a cover or all black girls on your cover and it wont raise eyes to be honest why the fuck would u get mad a this really it is pherrels choice not yours

  • Anonymous

    Man, that chick is barely black. And if you felt so strongly about it, why would you even have to point that out or respond to the criticism. The album sounds wack girl on the cover or not.

  • LD51

    Theyre ill informed. The woman Im standing closest to, she is black and shes been a friend of mine for a long time. You know, Im confused by it, the Oscar-nominee admitted. Then theyre going to ask me do I not have an Indian woman on there or a Pakistani woman on there? But meanwhile, I do. She is African American and I feel sorry for her that people will look her dead in her face like she aint black, but she is black. Its a girl I use to date years ago. - Pharell from Huff Post

    • Geoptants

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  • z

    Only a RACIST would care what color the girls on the cover are......MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS....

  • Dee23

    oh no there isn't a black girl on the cover boo hoo...what a joke

  • Mr. Ceeee

    Yo, I think everyone is pissed because Skateboard P ain't showing more skin. You go G I R L! This is going be Grammy award winning HIPHOP!!!! G I R L Power! PS St. Patty's Day is coming up, don't forget to show your midget Irish homeboys some love!



  • Anonymous

    Why does everybody says Asian girls are hot? NO BOOBS NO ASS Not hot....

  • Anonymous

    People are fuckin ignorant man. Fuck'em! Keep doin ya thing.

  • Anonymous

    People are way to fuckong sensitive. Holy shit.

  • Dave

    top 3 hottest chicks 1.brazilians 2.japanese 3.russians

  • Anonymous

    looking like the caramel johnny depp

  • Anonymous

    wtf pharrel is a rapper doing shit collabs with who, making pop music shitt

  • Anonymous

    First Reaction: WHO CARES. Second Reaction: Like the rest of this thread, I'm wondering how you could possibly put up an article about cover art and not include the cover art in the article.

  • Average White Guy

    Yo my nigga Pharrell like to dip his balls in white chicks who cares!! Keep doing you P

  • WTF

    fuck this website. how can you post an article about some artwork and NOT HAVE A PICTURE OF THE FUCKING ART????? wtf

    • HipHopDx Staff

      Hey, you morons. Unless you're blind or just totally stupid, then the cover IS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU. LOOK AT THE ARTICLE AGAIN!!! IDIOTS

    • geminiman7

      Word. To be honest I actually thought HHDX would do that before I clicked on the story. Not surprised. They have some idiot editors. They never learn, unfortunately.

    • Anonymous

      thats exactly what i was thinking. i went and looked it up. its him and 3 white chicks.

  • whateva

    ugh. EVERYBODY knows white women are the standards of beauty in the world today. white women are the barometer, the standard, the apex, as good as it gets. why do you think EVERY SUCCESS BLACK MAN can't wait to get their hands on white women and marry them? lol Kanye, Pharrell, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkely, Tiger woods... the list goes on and on. even black men consider white women superior to black women so tell me all about how black is beautiful. your black men are still lusting over white women AS WE SPEAK RIGHT NOW. why? cos they're better. lol

    • thesestreetsuniversity

      I swear some black women are so fucking insecure like to the point of delusion. i dont know maybe its where you live but most interracial relationships i see arent even BW,your so damn childish to project jungle fever to every BW relationship you notice especially if you don't know those people on a personal level, and i see too many black relationships everyday to buy into your bs

    • LD51

      Also, NO OFFENSE, but white women? They are some of the easiest women to get.

    • LD51

      What you are ACTUALLY saying is that the 'streets' you walk are white washed with brothers and white women. Seriously, no offense, but the 'streets' I walk I NEVER see that. Sure you can catch a brother with a white woman here and there but it's 2014, that is to be expected. As a black man, NO , I do NOT prefer WHITE women over my sisters, in any shape, any form, in any way. There are gorgeous women of literally EVERY single race, big, short, large breasts, no breasts, skinny, larger - but when its all said and done, for ME, they can't touch my sisters, there is a connection and power there that goes beyond words. So if you are a sister and aren't getting any love I "hate" to tell you this but you are seriously in the wrong place messing with the wrong brothers.

    • whateva

      ok. everyone above commenting on my original comment, are you saying black men don't prefer white women over black women? is that what you're telling me? cos EVERY SINGLE DAY when i'm walking on the streets all i see is black men dating white women. so what, am i seeing hallucinations now? lol black men don't prefer white women over black women? gtfoh be honest and tell the truth. YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT.

    • tdub2222

      first off I love white chics lol and 2nd jordans chic is Dominican or Puerto rican def not white lol don't throw any non black chic in the white category

    • Sun Tzu

      Haha. So white women don't LOVE black guys? They are marrying them right? And if you make the argument, "it's because they have money" well, then are white women gold diggers? hmmm? I've got all angles covered my friend! The art of war!

    • cj

      kim kardasian isnt white, stupid. she's part Armenian and that's hardly considered white. Get off your racial soapbox. Women are women regardless of color or nationality. It's all about how you treat them as a whole.

    • Pedro

      white chicks aint got shit on latinas or asians

  • joset

    boy whatever, pharell needs to admit that hes more into white women than anything i mean most of the women he interacts with are white so come on p just admit it trust me you wont lose any street cred since you lost it in 2005

  • Ray J Fucked dat First

    People always gotta shoot down whoever's on top. There's nothing wrong with the cover man. Just let him shine and have his time in the spotlight - he earned it. If you don't like his album art, don't buy the album.

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