DMX Boxing Match Against George Zimmerman Reportedly Cancelled, But Still A Possibility

Exclusive: DMX's representative, Domenick Nati, says he cannot confirm that DMX will not be involved in a George Zimmerman boxing match. For now, the event has reportedly been cancelled.

DMX's boxing match with George Zimmerman has been cancelled, according to Twitter updates from the fight's promoter, Damon Feldman. However, the fight is still a possibility, according to DMX's representative, Damon Feldman and the cancellation Tweets have since been deleted. 

In a statement released to the press, Nati addressed the boxing match. 

"Damon Feldman has announced that the George Zimmerman fight is cancelled via his Twitter," Nati said in a statement. "As previously stated, DMX never agreed to the fight and we thank you for all of the support from DMX's fans. This situation will not affect any of DMX's upcoming concerts in America or around the world." 

HipHopDX asked if Nati can confirm or deny that DMX won't be involved in a George Zimmerman boxing match in the future. He was asked if the boxing match is still a possibility. "I can't say that yet," Nati said exclusively to HipHopDX

Feldman has also deleted his Twitter updates regarding a fight cancellation. The Tweets can be seen below, via Time.

The promoter has since said that he will make a final decision about the boxing match Tuesday February 11.

The boxing match between Zimmerman and DMX was confirmed and announced by Feldman February 4. However, DMX's representative Nati later said that DMX's fight against Zimmerman was not official. Nat said that negotiations were ongoing

DMX has said that he hopes to fight Zimmerman in different interviews. The first time he was asked about it, he said the following. "I am going to beat the living fuck out him,” DMX said of Zimmerman. "I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I fuck him right up...Once I am done with him, I am going to whip my dick out and piss on him...right in his muthafckin' face...Zimmerman is a piece of shit and that’s what he needs to drink."

More recently, X has said that he is unsure if the fight is going to take place. “I was challenged,” DMX said. "I still haven’t decided if I was really going to do it. But if I did do it, whatever money that was supposed to go to him would have to go to charity...[I] will gladly be the [expletive] out of him.” 

The boxing match was criticized by many, including Al Sharpton, who also opposed to what many have been calling a "celebrity boxing" event

“Let’s be clear, Zimmerman’s only claim to fame was killing an unarmed, young man named Trayvon Martin,” Sharpton said. “But killing someone does not make you a celebrity. Or it shouldn’t. And this point is particularly important today because today is Trayvon Martin’s birthday. He would have turned 19-years-old today. I do not begrudge people that achieve celebrity status or high profile status that I disagree with…But when we start making celebrities, we started some way glorifying people whose only claim to fame is killing someone unarmed…Do we not have boundaries at who we raise in celebrity and glorification in society?”

A petition has also been started to cancel the boxing match. More than 72,000 people have signed the petition at press time. More on the petition can be viewed here

In July 2013, George Zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter. He was accused of murdering Trayvon Martin in 2012. Martin was 17 years old. 

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  • Kizman

    DMX is the only dude with enough influence who's actually willing to say something about wack motherfuckers. When Nas said hip hop is dead, he said he meant that it was because label heads controlled the music, and rappers lost control. But, DMX is actually calling out wack motherfuckers for their content.

  • d mac

    Zimmerman's not a celebrity. We know the subliminal for this cash grab was "blacks will pay to see one of them fight you....". Don't let George make a thin penny off of us is what the community is saying (but many of you ain't from or down with the community to know this). The whites, they want to connect with the MINORITY, George, for killing a Black child and wish to make a spectacle out of it for their own perverted racist means (y'all don't notice your own hypocrisy). Let them find another way to get George some money. Besides, the fool had to shoot a 17 yr old for beating his ass, what do you think is gonna happen in the ring, George becomes Rocky outta nowhere? lol

  • twerq

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  • canibus

    Let me fight Zimmerman Tyson showed me some move.

  • Anonymous

    i think 50 should get in there, all the socalled controversy and beef in hip hop. Think we need to see him get in the ring and knock this clown out!!

    • Crip4Life

      nigga, fuck 50. he a sellout cause he sold his soul to tha devil for fortune, money and fame. just like 98% of the mainstream rappers. they all fake, FUCK em all. UNDERGROUND FOR MUTHAFUCKIN LIFE!!!! #ESGN

    • Anonymous

      fiddy cant get an album out. he would never beat up a white guy and risk upsetting his fan base.

  • Anonymous

    God I love that people STILL think this was just an act of racism. This is the exact divide between races the media wanted. Educate yourself with facts people, you're moving backwards with this racism shit, I don't care what race you are.

    • @ The original poster

      The funny part is I just watched '42', a movie about 1947, and then turned to ESPN to see the same stuff in 2014, like OSU's Smart. You are a complete idiot to not see that there are people who want it to be divided. there is so much proof, historically and DAILY, that your stance is nauseating. As we say to ones like you, crawl back under that rock you live under.

    • Anonymous

      any unbiased mind looking at the facts (obviously not you) can see this is all a part of racism from the actual crime, to this charade of entertainment

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  • Anonymous

    black america will take 10 steps backwards if you allow a fucking crackhead and dead beat father to step in that ring to "fight for the people" please let dmx do it this is a win win for white people no matter the outcome of the fight lmao

  • Anonymous

    DON'T WORRY THE FIGHT WILL BE BACK ON WHEN THEY FIND ANOTHER PROMOTER!! DMX didnt puss out. The promoter did. Cuz promoters only care about publicity and he balked at the negative publicity like a punk.

  • Anonymous

    This would be good if he actually did something to stop someone else from taking his job. Otherwise it's more empty words from a sissy punk.

  • wqasdw

    the boxing promoter is a straight wuss. "more to life than money." yeah. more money to the life of the next nigga who will do it instead of you. fucking idiot punk.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. If he really wants to do good he should ensure that no one else will try to do it. Otherwise he's just a sissy.

  • So Icy Boi! Is Back

    DMX is scared. This washed up nigga is too old, drugs killed his abs! but on the other hand Drake is a real gangsta from Canada. he would knock out George Zimmerman. swag

  • David

    I am a 6'4 220 lbs white Canadian who would love a chance to go one on one with this piece of shit white trash motherfucker. I thought the times of slavery and racism was over but i guess not with this Nazi wannabee. I think he should fight another white person who has equal hate for him as much as any African american and black person does. You guys have my E-mail address. Also i would be willing to do the fight free of charge or all the winnings go to the victims family.

    • david

      hahahahahahahahaha. The second a white guy has something to say about this all you black people just start hatting. Guess you would rather DMX fight him who would get knocked the fuck out in the first 30 secs. Least i have the balls to stand up for all you other black people. You guys make me sick who cares who fights him as long as he gets what he deserves. Yall know my e-mail and my name if ever you wanna fight me bring it on i will do it for free.

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Gtfo, nobody cares you fuckin nobody.

  • Anonymous

    So pretty much DMX pussy'd out. I'm happy this didn't happen, but DMX was talking all this shit about how he was going to beat him up and piss on him, and then comes to the time to put up and he backs out. Also note that DMX's greatest hits album has taken a huge increase in album sales in the last week, IMO just a publicity stunt to begin with from DMX trying to become relevant again.

    • Anonymous

      Kind of funny how the promoter is also dmx's representative though, huh?

    • wads

      DMX didnt puss out. The promoter did. Cuz promoters only care about publicity and he balked at the negative publicity like a punk. Don't worry the fight will be back on when they find another promoter to do it.

  • lord jamar

    I'll ko Zimmerman, yelawolf, macklemore and any one of u punks talking shit

  • BGG

    u found a crackhead to represent black america?

  • Anonymous

    >A petition has also been started to cancel the boxing match. More than 72,000 people have signed the petition at press time. More on the petition can be viewed here. This is off, you might have confused the signatures to go with the total signatures thus far. From the Whitehouse.GOV website: Total signatures on this petition 27,632

  • Anonymous

    How is Zimmerman still alive and breathing Do black people just talk a lot of shit and never follow through....

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It would be much better if DMX and Game just caught that chump in the streets and gave him that work....

    • Zimmerstan

      You mean like Trayvon gave him that work? I really don't think them fucking Zimmerman solves anything. He's already crazy enough from bring dicked down by Trayvon daily a minth before he died.

  • Anonymous

    This would have been no different than any UFC fight which are brutal and non sports like. I bet the promoter feared someone would back out at the last minute, probably X.

    • Anonymous

      they were getting a lot of bad publicity, petitions to stop it and shit. you cant compare a UFC fight to a guy who got off for murdering a teenager participating in a `celebrity boxing match`

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