Timbaland Confirms Jodeci Reunion Album Involvement

Timbaland says the Jodeci reunion album represents his "career coming in full circle."

Timbaland confirmed his involvement in a Jodeci reunion album, according to an MTV News report published today (February 4).

"People who follow Timbaland from day one, I met with [Jodeci member] DeVante [Swing] and I'ma help work on the new Jodeci album, just for y'all," Timbaland said in a Hang W/ video chat. "That'll be my career coming in full circle, connecting back with Devante," Timbaland said.

Timbaland and Missy Elliott produced on Jodeci's The Show, the After-Party, the Hotel in 1995. Timbo was also a guest on Jodeci's "In The Meanwhile" in 1993. That same year, Timbaland offered scratches on "Sweat," according to MySpace. Jodeci's Devante Swing and Timbaland also worked closely on several selections, including the entire 4 All the Sistas Around Da World album by Sista. 

Timbaland's Hang With video detailing work on the Jodeci reunion album, which was published in January, can be viewed below.  

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  • rope

    Finally! Although I liked Timbaland from the beginning, I didnt respect the fact that he wrote off DeVante for so many years, although DeVante was the mentor of Da Bassment sound, where Timbo's style hailed from. Also that of the likes of Ginuwine, Missy, Tweet, Playa and many more. Cant wait to hear it, I've been waiting since '95, the show the afterparty the hotel. JODECI 4 LIFE

  • Cheryl Berger

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  • Anonymous

    Drake is so stoked right now

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