No Malice Says "There Is No Clipse Album In The Works"

No Malice says he "would never play with fans" and that he doesn't "know how this keeps coming back up."

Rumors of a Clipse reunion have intensified this month, but No Malice says that there is no validity to those rumors. 

“There is no Clipse album in the works,” No Malice said in an interview with Fader. “It’s not going down. I don’t know where the rumor stems from. And I don’t know how this keeps coming back up. This isn’t the first time. But I would never play with the fans like that and act like something’s about to happen and it’s not.”

Earlier this month, a rumor of a Clipse reunion spread when a status update was posted on Pusha T’s verified Facebook page stating, “It’s coming…” The caption was accompanied by a picture of Clipse and a link to a story titled “Clipse End Hiatus, Set to Release Independent Album?” 

Soon after this post was made, Pusha denied leaking information about a reunion album.

“I never leaked anything about the Clipse,” he said. “I didn’t do that. All I did was tell everybody I was in the studio for 20 days with Pharrell and Chad. And then there was a leak that happened and other people just found out that other people were down. But I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t do that. So, right now I’m on my Pusha T right now. I don’t wanna mislead nobody, but we just working.”

No Malice also previously addressed a potential reunion album.

"My brother and I are taking two different approaches to music," No Malice said in an interview with Pow TV Rap Show. "I'm very proud of the Clipse catalog. I really enjoyed that music and most of all, it's made me who I am today. That's not the kind of music I'm doing. I still hold out hope for a Clipse reunion. I really believe that we will be able to do it, but any music that I make is totally 100 percent going to glorify God. That's what I do. That's what I'm about. I'm still holding out hope that can happen." 

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  • June

    How u gon fault that man for finding GOD?? If thats HIS path let him walk it...he won't be alone. U godless niggaz gon learn one day. And I actually like BOTH of their solo CDs. U could see Malice's change coming tho if u was a real Clipse fan.

  • Anonymous

    It was not a classic, and it flopped. DOn't get emotional.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    The Clipse last two albums flopped, so this is just as much about demand than it is about Malice being in a different place, even though I bet he would run back in a second if they tweaked the formula and knew they could sell more.

  • Marilyn Ferguson

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  • Minced

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  • Anonymous

    Starting to get annoyed with the dude. Nobody wants to hear gospel rap.

    • P

      Ah, so you live in a world where if you don't like something, you lose the right to have an opinion? Hang on, no. Obviously you don't live there.

    • R

      And just who exactly are the two of you to be demanding how this man does his music. If you dont like it shut the fuck up and dont listen. Entitled brats.

    • P

      Agreed. Maybe he can release an album with Mase and see how well that does, then he might consider another album as Clipse. He was better than Pusha on most of the last album, no reason he cant be a Christian and put out more content like he did there.

  • The_Observer

    who cares about The Clipse - i care about the renuion of Canbila Ox

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