Scarface Says Rap Is "Sounding Stupider And Stupider"

Scarface adds that "country music is sounding more brilliant."

Scarface says that modern Rap music pales in comparison to the quality of material being generated in other forms of music.

“The Rap shit [is] sounding stupider and stupider, and Country music is sounding more brilliant,” Scarface says in an interview with “Rock music is sounding more brilliant and Alternative music is sounding way more brilliant. Shit sound good as fuck. Everybody [in Hip Hop] wants to turn up now, even in R&B. Who stole the soul? The soul is gone. Twenty-five years ago it was called soul. Thirty years ago it was called soul. Then they turned it into rhythm and blues, R&B. What is it now? Is R&B gone, too?”

A member of politically-minded Gangster Rap group the Geto Boys, Scarface says that music helped determine the type of act he would become.

“I think that the music that I listened to turned me into the artist that I am,” he says. “I grew up listening to great music that molded my character and my artistry, that helped me. You got to look at it. Look at the music that came out 25 years ago. Now match it up to the music that came out today. There’s no comparison to it. I go back to the same question that I always ask. Who stole the soul?”

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  • Anonymous

    Likkle Saigon where'd you get that FLOW? You ill when you rhyme simple as tic tac TOE You know why I'm rhymin' as simple as tic tac TOE? Cuz niggas is dumb and that's the shit that BLOW (Think about it,its true lol) [Saigon...."come again"]

  • Come On

    He has a Point but Hip hop and R&b had all the top selling albums last year and previous years before that.

    • joseph leo

      verdaderamente hace 15 aos llevo escuchando el genero del RAP y hoy en da se ha vuelto mediocre lanzando artista sin espritu por eso hay que apreciar mas al genero underground que el comercial, no ve que los raperos ya comercializan regguetton que verguenza con ese genero regguetton todos los temas dicen hay que pichar no salen de alli.

  • Anonymous

    in terms of mainstream hip hop he is right for the main part. but delve underneath and there is still plenty of hip hop that isn't stupid like Face says. I love Face's music, but he needs to cut out the generalisations and shit. he's becoming a less racist Lord Jamar, albeit with a more cred because he is one of the greats unlike the loser that is Jamar.

  • Anon

    He's right and wrong yes most of it sounds stupid, even with deep good songs these days they don't sound as intelligent as the ones back in the day apart from a few artists like Ab Soul KL etc. Just have a listen to Jeru the Dajama that guy next level.

  • Real Spitter

    YELAWOLF LOVE STORY going to bring some harmony & soul back to Hip Hop

  • Anonymous

    What funny about white people is they talk so much shit behind a computer or a fake you tube icon. That's way I don't pay attention to them. They a corny ass group of people. One minute they in yo face talking and dressing like us, and then behind closed doors talk shit? lol

    • RealTalk

      lol. because the only keyboard warriors are white... Grow up anon. you are a fool.

    • Your daddy

      See Idisagree with this... I would never write " in yo face" or " they a corny ass group" ...that sounds retarded. To not sound idiotic as fuck I would add the extra few ;etters to make it " in your face" or " they are a corny ass group" You made yourself sound corny speaking the way you do

    • @ Anonymous

      "What funny about white people is they talk so much shit behind a computer or a fake youtube icon". A fake youtube icon huh?? Well I mean when you have washed up old black guys constantly bitching and blaming whites for "ruining" hip hop and saying shit like "ohh they don't make anything, there not creative" common sense says that most white people aren't going to be too happy. "That's way I don't pay attention to them" ...I mean you took the time to read the comments and respond, obviously your paying some kind of attention. "They a corny ass group of people". I guess bitching all the time, living in decent neighborhoods that aren't full of trash and graffiti with a bunch of drug dealers, hookers, pregnant 16 year olds, criminals, and cops driving around making arrests is pretty corny. "One minute they in yo face talking and dressing like us". No, I think it's the other way around. Look at all these blacks wearing skinny jeans, hoping on songs with Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, hopping on country songs, Blacks are acting more whiter then ever. "Then behind closed doors talk shit". Actually my door is open but that's ok, it's more fun coming on here and making you look like the dumbass that you are. You failed at pissing anybody off. Try harder next time Nigga Lol

  • Afi K. James

    Tupac, biggie and others are laughing in heaven at how the rap game has become since they died.

  • Lord Jamar Is A Faggot

    28% of all black males in the U.S. will end up in prison/ 1 out of 9 black mothers used illicit drugs while pregnant in the U.S,/ Over half of all non-white males in the U.S. will be arrested and charged with a serious felony at least once during their lives/ Out of all groups, black females are the most overweight in the U.S./ Blacks are 4.5 times more likely to be on welfare then any other race/ Over 75% of the world's AIDS carriers are black/ You see Lord Jamar, it seems like blacks have bigger problems then white people "stealing" their music". How about you and scarface start making good music if you think hip hop is starting to be too "white". Oh no, your both too stupid for that. It's a lot easier to go on twitter and say "it be da white man fault, takin r muzic and shiit"

  • One

    Well I hate to say it but we let it happen. I started to notice the change in 2005. After Jeezy, everyone wanted to start rapppin' bout sellin drugs. There was a point in time where rappers would rap about it, but there was a message or lesson learned from what they said. Now it's like, " Sell this, go to the club, get bitches, and if a nigga don't like you; beat him or kill him." It's always been like that but now that's all in rotation. It makes you want to find another genre of music to listen too.

  • Anonymous

    Face got a point think about it T I,s biggest hits have a message even B.O.B. both them dudes been doing the turned up thing and they havent had big solo projects since both their albums been wack as hell


    Whites, Asians, Indians and Hispanics could give a fuck about the social, economic or political status of Blacks around the world...So why the fuck are ya'll worried about who can say "nigga" and who can't??? Muthafuckas that try to pretend or pacify the word nigga to mean jus somebody who's ignorant, regardless of race is following along with a RACIST agenda...Making you believe that calling somebody who's black a nigga isn't racist...That way they you can't bring them to justice...White people have the burden of proving that they are overall better than anyone else, so they are constantly thinking of ways to separate themselves from the prejudice mindsets of their grandparents, who were very honest and open about how they felt towards people of color. Today they cloak their bigotry with humor, cuteness and whit...A cowardly stance but much more effective because now they can execute racism and you'll buy into it because it's not overtly demeaning. If a white person calls you a nigga or thinks that shit is cool or tries to justify doing it because black people call themselves that yourself a favor and get the fuck away from them ASAP...they are not your friend!!!

  • HipHopDX

    I'm sorry, but I'm going have to ask that Scarface shove a tremendous dick in his mouth right now, because he is really sounding like a bitter old man. Okay, so the music isn't exactly quality and it's not as groundbreaking as it used to be. Make some music for your core fans and leave the subject alone. Unfortunately, music evolves and there are artists who make good music and artists how make absolutely terrible music. As idiotic and as unbelievably crazy as this may sound, many artists are carrying the torch in terms of the technical aspect of rapping. In fact, many aspiring rappers, who like the MC's of the past, are a byproduct of the sociopolitical plight that the ghetto represents and are listening to Scarface right now and using it as a tool to escape their situation. There are still top notch rappers who make quality music; you just have to know where to search for them and they will be there.

  • cornell

    I'm 37 and grew up during the golden age of rap.(88-97)back then it was all about putting out the best album. Rappers prided them self for speaking about the streets, the poor community, politics, shady corporation, police brutality, and self reflection. Even the dance music had a message. There was so much raw talent back then that people would get into heated debates on who was the best rapper. Who had the best crew. Who had the best producer and label. The rappers during this time set such a bench mark that even kids today compare there peers music to albums that came out almost 30 years ago! The 90's music is what R&B was in the 70's. Artist that were real, that created music that hit your soul.

  • Rochelle Foote

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  • Anonymous

    white people! their whole motive in life is to make the black man look stupid! we rule sports, entertainment, penis size, and we set the cool rule! whites have to make us look bad to make themselves look good! bottom line the white man's ego is fucking niggas up

    • Don Dutch

      Blacks make themselves look stupid. Whenever I go to a fast food establishment I see some arrogant black woman yelling, bitching, complaining, telling the world her business on a cell phone, etc. Just plain loud and arrogant.

    • RealTalk

      You're a fucking idiot. It has nothing to do with race. Rap is intentionally being diluted to dilute the masses. Have you watched TV lately? There are more stupid famous fucks than smart ones. You think that's a coincidence? Black or white, we're all slaves. Take your head out of your ass.

  • Dan

    Bottom line real recognize real if you know good music u know whose hot whose not nd u aint hyping or bitchn about it

  • kennyken

    I'd say there were great artists even back in the day, and there were lukewarm, but I still bumped them, because I had the love for the music. Gigalo Tony, Skinny boys, Awesome Dre, man I can go on and on. But I loved the music so much that those guys sounded good as well. Today, the sound has changed, and guys that "loved" the music are angry at the sound change. Because the masses that listen to the music go for a certain "sound." But guys like myself, that have beat on the tables in the lunch room and had beat box battles, see the difference in the sound. That's what Facemob is speakin on. Jigga was in it for real when he first got in it, for instance. But he's about money now, so he doesn't rap and try to have hardcore lyrics anymore. He's crossed over! He doesn't have to say anything slick or nice anymore. People respect his voice and that's it. I don't. American Gangster was his best album in my opinion since hardknock life vol. 2. But some people loved him all through the early 2000's. I said he cooled off ever since that album. I listen for the best. But that's just me. I feel where face is coming from. But I'd just like him to keep his music the way he likes it. Crossing over is bad.

  • uptown first

    The fact that hip hop is in question all the time is telling enough because in the 90s no one ever raised the question of hip hop being dumbed down motherfuckers thought that good shit would last forever but now that the quality of it is constantly a subject of debate speaks volumes about the questionable state of it.

  • Anonymous

    Lmfao There's a new group call cb4 wit: officer ricki. wale. plies. n gunplay

    • Huawiza

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  • Skylivedk

    I got half a ton of luv for you facemark, but this comment, now? I actually think that the last 2-3 years have been the best in a decade or so insofar as lyrically consistent rappers go. Black hippy, underachievers, Slaughterhouse... Esp TDE is raising the bar. If anything it's the legends, sorry legend (yeah, I'm looking at you, Jay-Z) that does the garbage ass shit. I'm not really counting Two Chainz, and Florida, 'cause for real: you've always had this kind of rapper that raps for the dough only. And honestly: kinda makes a lot of sense. Especially for 2chains. How long was he tittyboi? What did that get him?


    I agree with the fact that todays artists lyrics is dumb down & stupid as fuck. But yall seem to forget that your boy Drake was on UGK & Scarface's nuts before he signed with Young Dummy. Also I remember at time when Hip Hop was about diversity. It didnt matter if you liked Tribe or 8 Ball & MJG because they were both considered dope artists. Thats what really missing today & it's sad that it's only a small group of diverse rappers out here. And their videos only can be seen on MTV 2. But the real question is why does the industry want rapper to dumb down their shit?

  • Anonymous

    I don't think Drake is the problem.. it's and Miley Cyrus

  • AR

    To be truthful, No Limit was the beginning of the decline in southern rap. They came along and made it popular to rap ignorant ass lyrics over loud, trunk rattling beats. And then Cash Money took it further. And this was happening at about the same time that real southern MCs like Scarface, Outkast, Cool Breeze, Goodie Mob, etc. were all starting to get the respect of their peers and after that it was over for the south. Once that wack ass ratchet shit came into play, the south started representing that ignorant booty shakin, money talkin, bling bling rap. And that's why when people think of the south they don't think about Big Krit, TI, or Killer Mike. They think of Gucci Mane, Wocka, Lil Wayne, Future, Drake, and all the rest of those wack ass ignorant fucks at Young Money.

    • dtrain

      As terrible as no limit was is was cool with them having a voice because there are people that like that stuff.... The problem today is that the corps will only promote mindless black music to keep us looking stupid.... If they played good music on the radio to balance it out it would have been cool to me... The radio only plays programmed rap, they haven't played hip hop in 20 yrs.....

    • detroit niggroe

      You dont know shit. No limit had the best albums by far(and still) do when it comes to down south shit.Beats by the pound really formed that down south- trap shit thats out today. Down south niggas was still on that samplin shit with those stale ass old drums n shit. No limit brought musicianship to the game.

    • yup

      The No Limit/Cash Money movement was much needed. The thing with No Limit is that they had so many people on that it took away from the spitters. Mia X, Mystikal, Soulja Slim. Cash Money didn't have as many artists but they had classic shit. Wayne was spitting, Juvenile underrated, B.G. had that robotic voice but was spitting, Turk was cool when it was involving the Hot Boys. The trunk rattling was prior to to these labels coming out but they caught the mainstream appeal. What the problem of No Limit especially was that they had way to many artists with no talent on the label and they kept putting out garbage in mass quantities. "Striking while the irons hot type of shit."

    • dan

      no when i think south i think big krit, t.i., luda, ugk, music is all subjective just listen to the music u like nd u won't have such a problem with the new rappers? Im sure use heard out with the old in with the new? its a common fact that things change over time and if rap was the same now as it was in the 90s, ppl would still bitch sayn theres no diversity.. These rappers now a days always tryn to be game changers, trying to establish their own lane, if ur not up for something new then keep to ur greatest hits albums lol

  • Anonymous

    This old man is just bitter they he doesnt sell albums. Besides we dont need Scarface we have: - lil wayne - meek mill - gun play - lil boosy - nicki - drake - tyga - future - big sean - young jeezy

    • Bounce

      you are probably trolling but: - lil wayne has been atrocious for the last 5+ years. IANAHB2 is worst album of 2013 - meek mill won't be around in a year or two. mediocre. - gun play has something about him but he can't get an album out - lil boosy....... - nicki. capable of making some good rhip hop hear and there but sells out. which is fine, she gets money. - drake - trash wannabe R&B singer who can't sing to save himself. - tyga - solid technical rapper but releases average stuff - future - trash voice who doesn't know how to use autotune correctly. the fad will die soon. - big sean - similar to Tyga, can rap alright, but can't write or make anything that comes close to a good album. - young jeezy - the only one on the list that I agree with.

    • dtrain

      Wow !!! If your proud to name these cats as good you have no taste in music... All the artist you named are terrible and add nothing to hip hop... To ea his own I guess.

    • Anonymous

      and thats why you a weak ass nigga too

    • Anonymous

      well cant get no dumber then you, LOL

    • AR

      How does Drake's dick taste?

  • Anonymous

    Scarface is right now you have rappers like clipse, reakwon etc talking about coke, coke and again coke.

    • Bulletproof Wallets

      Raekwon was talking about coke in 1995, only a few years after Scarface himself was talking about coke.

  • Selorm

    While it is cool to take Scarface's word as law and go off on it, May I remind you that he was on a French Montana and DJ Khaled album ????

    • sdasd

      plus 3 stacks killed everyone on both tracks (except for big boi on the walk it out remix, imo they were on par)

    • Mboogie

      Andre 3000 was on dj unk walk it out remix and rich boy throw sum Ds on it so would that lessen the value of this statement if 3000 said it? No cuz as artist they kno they need to b on the hot song to reach the youth. There lyrics usually do not go with the song talk bout real shit

  • AlluringShrew

    I agree that "Rap" is sounding pretty dumbed down right now, but HIP HOP is alive and well. Check out this Open Letter Response to those who are Complaining about the current state of Hip Hop. Some pretty damn good points being made.

  • A Trillionaire

    Drake got soul

  • Anonymous


    • fuccya

      Their opinions is kinda opposite, Face is talking bout state of rap always mentioning he dont mind white rappers, and the other one old bitter mothafucka wants to stay relevant by pushing his nonsense about white people, whatever. Agreeing to them both is crazy ignorant, prolly never read shit they said.

  • lol

    ''Rap is becoming stupider and stupider.''

  • Anonymous

    Lol There's a new group call cb4 wit: officer ricki. wale. plies. n gunplay

  • Anonymous

    Scarface Announces Country Album Release Date, Tracklist, Cover...

  • Anonymous

    There's a new group call cb4 wit: officer ricki. wale. plies. n gunplay

  • Anonymous

    i would agree with him if this was like 06 or 07 but hiphop is in a way better place then where it was a few years back. It all depends on what you expose yourself to. Jcole,Kendrick,Krit,Joey badass,chance,flatbush zombies, plenty of new guys out there making good music

    • gdrsasdrtassdfsdt

      ^and I'm guessing soulja boy is a legend to you

    • Anonymous

      face is on point, and you proving it with that lame ass list...

    • Troubadour

      I agree with that. I don't agree with people calling each other faggots for voicing their opinions. I respect that you think that, but for arguments sake lets just say there are a lot of good soulful emcees out their, in 96 these guys would be running the game. Same was Pac did, and BIG did and Nas did and three thou and rakim before them and scarface at one point. Now we got young money and cheef keef on top.

  • Anonymous

    Drake got soul, Kendrick got soul, Joe budden got soul, Kanye got soul, fuck is he talking bout. when I go back and listen to old 90's shit it sounds so lame. lyrics were were simple. music has evolved and is better than ever. You fuck boyz are stuck in the past. smh

    • Anonymous

      You have a right to like whatever music you like but don't go around acting like you're an authority on hip-hop until you've at least schooled yourself on the genre. A lot of you newcomers think your opinions matter, but all you know is the mainstream watered down hip-pop of the 2000s. The truth is you know NOTHING about the genre or the culture so sit the fuck down with your bullshit opinion.

    • Anonymous

      "Kanye got soul" i think you mean kanye sold his soul

    • Anonymous

      the beats are simple now its just trap loops and generic beats like a milli. The lyrics now involve swag and bullshit like rich homie quan chief keef and trinidad james and you gonna tell me this era is better than the 90s also kanye is overrated as a lyricist sure he's a great musician but technically as a rapper he's quite simple with a basic flow."i got a white friend who looks like michael jackson got a dark skinned friend who looks like michael jackson" come on son GTFOH wit that bullshit kendrick and joe budden are the only niggas you listed on par lyrically with the 90s guys.

    • A Trillionaire

      Joe Budden got soul? Joe Budden got SOLD the fuck out on his reality tv show.

    • Anonymous

      DRAKE?? #CmonSOn

    • hahaaaaaaaaa

      you just got fucking owned, not knowing hip hop ass mfka

    • fuck mainstream

      scarface is 100% right. your dumb faggot ass must've been born in the year 2000. the fact that you claiming drake sounds better than 90s music is indicative of how STUPID you are. 90s had variety & actual content, lyrics that people could relate to that didn't anything to do with materialism. you fucking faggot. 2pac, biggie, big L, a tribe called quest, big pun, wu-tang and countless others embodied the true meaning of hip-hop. kill yourself for your stupid, ignorant comment. go listen to justin bieber and one direction! FAGGOT!

  • Troubadour

    I got nothing but respect for this man. I can't even state how right he is. Man you can't compare the feeling you get listening to Ghetto Gospel or Sing for the Moment (old school em) to now? With your pitbulls and lil wayne's and crap. Ain't no meaning left in the music. Nothing to hold on to. Think back to that straight east coast nas or biggy music or pacs emotion. None of that left xept for maybe J Cole, King Kendrick and on a good day Drake. I can't stand here and watch the music that raised me rhyme itself to death. Thats why I started the Troubadour Movement, check it out here. Subscribe for exclusive content.

  • We are at War

    Face you know who stole the soul. That is what they do.

  • YonkersBornAndRaised

    OMG tell us something we don't know

  • Anonymous

    Face claims "Country music is sounding more brilliant he also claims Rock music is sounding more brilliant and Alternative music is sounding way more brilliant. Shit sound good as fuck.". I disagree with Face here. Americans in general are becoming more ignorant, hysterical, and stupid by the year. Damn near everything American music artists produce today is bullshit. And I'm sorry to say this because I love Face, but he's sounding more ignorant, hysterical, and stupid in interviews as of late.

    • Anonymous

      buts that what im saying brutha. all these music artists are doing this shit, not just rappers. it doesn't make sense for a nigga to call out hip hop for this bullshit, and not call out all the other genres of music for the same shit. and i want to reiterate i have nothing but love for face, but theres been something off about him. now i don't know what it it is exactly, nor is it my place to judge the brutha, but i can notice it affecting his views on music

    • Lasmooth35

      Naw bruh man Face is telling the truth all this bullshit that coming out now is garbage it has no substance at all. It's dam shame too. These cats that's putting out records isn't saying shit seams to me rappers sound like they just came of women's twat example Future what the hell is this brother saying kid smh for real.

  • Anonymous

    Most country artists actually put time and effort into their albums. Hip hop needs to find its motivation again.

  • Uhm...

    I thought everyone knew this already?

  • Detroit Slim

    Scarface is right. Shit IS weak as fuck now. I was just listenin to "my homies" and the beats on there and the shit this nigga says is so sick its stupid. Even the old niggas from rap a lot that on that album(I don't even know they names) sound better than any of these new radio niggas

  • Anonymous

    "Scarface Says Rap Is "Sounding Stupider And Stupider" (Then You Look Up To The Picture And See Some Nigga Looking A Down Syndrome Victim)

  • Fan of the 90's and some of this new sh*t

    Nothing to discuss here, he's right.. Well commercial rap anyway

  • A Trillionaire

    An old ass rapper criticizing the current generation of rappers. Why does this seem so familiar? Maybe its not that there's no soul in todays rap, maybe your ass is too old and out of touch to find where its at. Hopsin got soul, Macklemore got soul, Rittz got soul, I don't even need to tell you Kendrick got soul. Plenty more rappers to list for Face if he needs more examples.

  • A Trillionaire

    And why isn't Scarface dropping some soulful shit if he thinks nobody else is? The Geto Boys was a long time ago now my dude...

  • Anonymous

    The lame ass keyboard gangsters and bum ass fans fucked it up and gave these lame ass rappers love. Labels saw that and switched it all up. Now they put out music like fast food for the bum ass peanut brain fans instead of gourmet meals like they used too... Truth hurts that's why all you bum ass none buying music clowns are mad at Face and saying a bunch of crab in the bucket shit from your computer about him like your life will ever amount to more. The lame ass next generation of fans let the lame ass artists in and they're in denial now!

    • Skool 4 Klownz

      ^Co-sign. I see it like a business, peaks and valleys. Rap is just at a low point until the next generation emcees lifts the culture back up.

  • Im HERE

    Who the worst rappers of all time? Chief Keef (fuckin idiot) P Diddy (even jadakiss writing for him he sounds like shit) Trinidad James (fuckin weirdo is trash) Souljah Boy (just a lying fuck-boy) Bizarre (d-12 stuff was funny but he is so bad now)

  • Anonymous

    Human chimp face bastard looks like a monster.

  • Anonymous

    Facemob has to and rock music is just as repetitive and soulless as some of the rap coming out. Let's face it the Internet has really done something to music

  • Anonymous

    There's a new group call cb4: puffy is the manager. Officer ricky. crying baby wale. the runer plies. gun play

  • Anonymous

    its funny because he does songs with a lot of stupid ass rappers who make dumb music

    • jhgvbuygiuygSKJhzsjdfbhsdjbasdfjkgbsdfjkasdfjkghaseghaeipurhaseiurhaeruihaeruipty89puear8qa[0er98up89pyui4iuhijodsgykdghkdfg xzf zfgn srtnsrtnsrt ser t wst6w4srt6hxn xgyn gyn ygxdtyjmn xn xrfyhn kjhgiugyuioghhohjiosrfiosrfjhaseoprijaseopriguaeropiuaopriug

      Andre 3000 has been on remixes by Lloyd, Rich Boy, and DJ Unk. He destroyed all of them. Your point is invalid. FAIL!!!

  • Anonymous

    Cuz of cb4:rick ross. plies. wale. gunplay

  • ultimatemegadon

    Big ups to face real dude and that speak the real truth nowadays you cant even be a real hip hop artists or underground no more and thats bad when you cant be your own self with being penelize for it

  • BP

    what annoys me most about Scarface isn't just him talking down rap. it ain't even that. the biggest problem is he just goes on interviews fuckin talking about it. how longer you gonna go on about rap declining in quality without sounding like a broken record... hell prolly too late for that nigga you are an icon in the rap game, feature yourself on a current popular rapper's song more often and everybody would listen. there's a dozen underground rappers right now tryna change the game, you sittin here like Father Time runnin your mouth. use your damn influence nigga

    • Mike

      "you sittin here like Father Time runnin your mouth" LOL gotta co-sign this shit tho, i agree 100%, face need to get off his fat azz and promote some underground artists, that is he really do give a fuk bout this rap shit.

  • Bulletproof Wallets

    Although hip hop has been generally horrible for the past 3 years, rock has been wack as shit for 15.

  • piss on this site

    Listen to the man. You skinny jean faggots.

  • Anonymous and rock music have hit some all time lows, yo. The only rock bands people really fuck with have been in rotation for years, even decades (I mean, the Red Hot Chili Peppers just got a Super Bowl gig). And country is almost never compelling.

  • Anonymous

    This Black nigga needs to sit his chimp ass down before I shove my fist down his ugly throat.

  • ETK

    Scarface is the epitome of a stuck-in-the-past nigga. he's a legend and he deserves his props, but fucking hell man you're tellin me the bullshit Nickleback and these chart-topping motherfuckers be churning out is "brilliant"? while rap's getting stupider... in other words, he just shitted on every current conscious rapper out there doin his thing right now. you can easily say "oh but he meant commercial rap" well then first of all, he oughta fuckin specified and two, even some(just some not most) of the commercial rap is better than that commercial-mall MTV-whoring white-girl-oriented rock pop bullshit that needs a love story to make the charts

  • mike

    Hahahahaha quite funny, but I get what he saying though I think he is referring to commercial hip hop which he knows that its no longer hip hop but pop. Commercial hip hop with rappers who have a stupid mind set are degrading the true image of hip hip but also us as fans are supporting it. This means we have to realize that we are destroying hip hop by supporting pop artists and not hip hop artists most of which are underground.

  • HA

    The fans and trolls on this website feed and perpetuate that stupidity that keeps the cycle of hip hop's destruction ongoing

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