Complex Names The Worst Mixtape Covers Of 2013

Complex says Young Jeezy's "#ItsThaWorld2" and Lil Bibby's "Free Crack" had the worst mixtape covers of 2013.

Complex has named its "The Worst Mixtape Covers Of 2013." Young Jeezy’s #ItsThaWorld2 had the worst mixtape cover of 2013, while Lil Bibby’s Free Crack was the second-worst mixtape cover of 2013, according to Complex’s list.

"The easy way out for some of these unknowns seems to be to take the artwork from one mixtape, repackage it with the number 2 on it, and feed it back to the people,” Complex says in its Young Jeezy blurb. "Young Jeezy is a big time rapper, there is no reason why he should fall into that trap. What's worse is that the 2 is peaking out from behind the Earth like Chris Bosh photobombing D Wade."

The article makes fun of Lil Bibby’s cover. "We're not drug experts or anything, but isn't that cocaine and not crack?” Complex says. "And if it were crack, making it free doesn't make it (or the music) more enticing."

El Dorado Red’s White Power was the #3 mixtape cover on the list, while OJ Da Juiceman’s Juice World 2 landed at #4. Ballout’s Ballin’ No NBA earned the #5 spot. "Dunking over luggage, a backup basketball, a pile of money, and shopping bags on a court conveniently placed in front of every rapper's favorite stores?” Complex says. “No."

Complex's “The Worst Mixtape Covers Of 2013" is as follows:

1. #ItsThaWorld2, Young Jeezy

2. Free Crack, Lil Bibby

3. White Power, El Dorado Red

4. Juice World 2, OJ Da Juiceman

5. Ballin’ No NBA, Ballout

6. Escalation, Navin

7. Ketchup, DJ Mustard

8. Catholic Illuminati: Papal Infallibility, Charles Hamilton

9. Lace Blunts, Bizarre

10. 2 Pac Mashing, DJ FarrOut and Mc Thorn City

11. Louisianimalz, Turk

12. Twurk or Die, Ying Yang Twins

13. America Eats Its Babies, Big Baby Gandhi and Yuri Beats

14. All In The Family, Slick The Poet

15. King Me, DJ Get It Rite

16. Jakkin Yo Beats, Lit Burns

17. Go:Neptune, TobythePriest

18. Road 2 The Riches, Ty

19. I Smash T.H.O.T.S., DJ Cruisa

20. DTM2: The Departure, Dutch the Master

21. Foreign, Soulja Boy

22. The Outlet 2, Mr. Meredith

23. Fredo Kruger, Fredo Santana

24. Slime Flu 3, Vado

25. 100% Gutta, Lil’ B

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  • ughhhhhhhhh

    Nothing will top them no limit album covers from the 90's 'Big Bear' was fuckin hilarious shit

  • Anonymous

    100% gutta?!?!? youve fucking lost your mind

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I fucking love most of these covers though.

  • Juanita Harris

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  • No 1 Hater

    Eh, Jeezy's cover isn't that bad. It might be one of the laziest mixtape covers ever done, but I've seen far worse.

  • Anonymous

    fuck this website. if the fucking title is "worst covers" at least put a picture of the MOTHERFUCKING COVERS HOLY SHIT i hate this website this is just shitty "journalism" i need to get high

    • Anonymous

      at least they give you the link to where you really want to be.

    • DX Staff

      damn, dude. chill the fuck out. smoke some of that weed you got and relax. it's just a website. if you wanna see the rest of the covers, go to

    • Anonymous

      they showed you 3 covers. it would be wrong to steal and entire article from complex to pass off as their own content so they provided the list and a link to the rest if you wanna check them out!

  • Anonymous

    They should have put Wale on here just because he might cry again!

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