Suge Knight Says Russell Simmons & Lyor Cohen Tried To Take Snoop Dogg From Death Row Records

Suge Knight also says that Interscope started treating Snoop Dogg differently upon the release of "Doggystyle."

Suge Knight says that then-Def Jam Recordings executives Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen tried to get Snoop Dogg to sign with them after the 1992 release of Dr. Dre’s The Chronic album, as per

“If you're Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen, you can't say ‘[Snoop], you got the best deal in the world,’” Knight says, as per “You're gonna say, ‘You got the worst fucked up deal in the world and I can make it better for you.’ And that's what Russell and them did. Russell went to Snoop and flew him to New York and said, ‘I want to do a deal with you for Doggystyle.

“They figured if they could work it out with Snoop, they could work it out with Jimmy [Iovine, then head of Interscope Records], and where that leave me?” Knight continued. “So then that's when people turned around and said, ‘Oh, Death Row mothafuckas is some fucked up motherfuckas, and Suge Knight's an aggressive mothafucka.’ Because somebody had to put their foot so far up Russell's ass he thought he was in the hot tub with the guys he usually be with. [Laughs.] We had to go out there and literally smash them. If not, they'd take your shit. I still give Snoop the credit. He still sat down with Death Row and we made it happen. We all more mature now.”

Snoop Dogg signed with Death Row Records and the company released his debut album, Doggystyle, in 1993. Knight said that even though Snoop Dogg was featured prominently throughout The Chronic and on its singles, Interscope Records employees were indifferent toward Snoop Dogg.

When The Chronic was out, even Snoop will tell you, if he came on the Interscope side, he didn't see Jimmy [Iovine] any of those guys call Snoop in the office, chop it up with him… because he wasn't the one,” Knight says. “And then when Doggystyle came out, shit, he couldn't walk in there without them trying to give him some weed.”

Snoop Dogg left Death Row Records after the release of his second album, 1996’s Tha Doggfather. Knight was incarcerated at the time and Snoop Dogg signed with Master P’s No Limit Records.

For several years starting in the late 1990s, Knight and Snoop Dogg disparaged each other publicly. The two reconciled more than a year ago.

“My relationship with him is where it's supposed to be,” Knight says. “It's respectful on both ends. I could never turn around and say I hate this mothafucka, because he's a part of my life and I'm a part of his life. There was times starting this business with Death Row that some people were scared to go out of town, scared to go to New York. I'd come grab him. We'd go straight to the airport, just me and him, no entourage, not one person with us. We'd get our room. We'd go hang out. We'd be everywhere. We would go there, post up, enjoy the city, respect the city, and that went so far. Therefore, I owe a lot of credit, and a lot of other people owe a lot of credit, because if Snoop's not gonna hit the road with me and hit all those spots, I couldn't have did it, because I'm the business man. I'm not the artist, I'm not the talent. And pretty much everyone else was scared to go.”

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  • Mayne Holdup

    As irrelevant as he is, without Suge & Death Row Records, you wouldn't have Snoop, Dre, 2Pac, Dogg Pound, Nate Dogg, Bad Azz, etc.

    • Mayne Holdup

      All I'm trying to fucking say is that without these dudes, Death Row wouldn't have been as prominent as it was. That's all. By the way I'm in my late 20's.

    • Anonymous

      Shit, he could be mad young. But all you have to do to know this is read a Wikipedia article or watch a Tupac documentary. This is common knowledge in the Hip Hop community.

    • Anonymous

      Mayne Holdup must be mad young to post a rediculous comment like that

    • Anonymous

      Incorrect beyond belief. Without Suge Knight there would be no Dr. Dre? Every hear of a group called NWA signed to a label called Ruthless run by an obscure emcee known as Eazy-E? Suge Knight had nothing to do with Dr. Dre. Snoop and Nate Dogg (with the Dogg Pound by extension) had it made since 213. With that they were going to get noticed. They happened to get noticed by Dre, who happened to be signed to Death Row. Suge Knight didn't make them. And then Tupac. He had nothing to do with Death Row until his FOURTH album "All Eyez on Me". Before that he didn't have affiliation with Death Row. So basically, as irrelevant as he is Suge Knight really didn't do a whole lot of much other than have the business sense to make a shit ton of dough off a bunch of talented young artists. All of whom saw their mistakes and made moves to distance from Suge Knight.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    lol how old is this guy 58 years? still talkin about deathrow

  • Anonymous

    fuck suge someone should kill this nigga already he one of the reason hiphops dead cus he kill pac and big fuck suge knight bitch boy

  • Anonymous

    Snoop Dogg said it himself, Suge Knight killed 2Pac.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck you Suge you took the best rapper to ever do it away from us!

  • Roos1020

    Suge point blank ruined his own life and is nothing but a punk. Talk about when a random dude knocked him the fuck out mannnnnnnn. Suge is straight trash and the world knows this.

    • Godzirra

      Oh, suge was what? Close to 50 years old and drunk when he got knocked out

    • Godzirra

      Suge didn't kill 2pac, or ruin his own life. He made a ton of cash. When 2pac was killed Suge was suspected of ordering hits on several crips in L.A. There were murders and attempted murders. Over 20 of them if I remember correctly. They (Suge, 2pac, and others) had beef with a known big shot crip from L.A. in Vegas the night of Tyson fight. They kicked the shit out of him, or someone from his gang. They were shot at later. Suge knew who it was, and of course he wasn't going to snitch, he took the law into his own hands. Thus all the shooting the very next day. Of course police couldn't prove any of this. So what do cops do in this situation. Well Suge was on parole, so they contacted his parole officer. He was then given a piss test to which he failed for having THC in it. So they used our tax dollars to put a guy back in prison for smoking weed. He wasn't just knocked out recently by a random dude. It's a guy who knows how to throw a hard punch and has himself video'd going around throwing cheap shots at people. Have you seen the video when he tried this, and some white dude wrapped him up and choked him out? Suge was also suspected of ordering the hit on Biggie. He had an associate that was connected to his gang growing up, or was part of it, but was never caught doing dirt. He became a cop, and he alone killed biggie.

    • Anonymous

      didn't that guy disappear?

  • Da Crip

    If your not from our state... Suge actually drives around by himself in a low rider. If you drive around long enough you will seem him around most hoods in LA. I dont know of any other famous person who goes around with that much respect!!!!!!!!

    • Godzirra

      Bloods vs. Crips is like it was in the 70s through the 90s. Snoop was a crip from long beach and Suge was a blood from Compton. They fight amongst each other nowadays, and also have to deal with all the Mexicans pouring in.

    • Deebo

      Dude is right...Suge runs L.A...nobody talks bad about him in the State of California because he's too close.

    • Blood

      How long are you going to copy & paste that post? Seriously, it's getting old. I know it by heart, word-for-word. We know you replaced Snoop with Suge.

    • Anonymous

      youre stuck in 1992...nowadays theres more bloods vs bloods n crips vs crips in la than bloods vs crips n a lot of bloods and crips fuck with each other

    • Da Crip's classmate in special ed class

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    • lowprofile

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    I wonder how any mother fuckers got dangled over balconies for Suge Knight to be where he's at today?

  • Mortis

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  • Anonymous

    Yawn. Suge Knight still trying to hold onto relevance by talking about how hard he was in Death Row days. He's nearly a 50 year old man who hasn't done anything since 1996.

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