The Grouch & Eligh Announce Triple Album "The Tortoise & The Crow"

Exclusive: The Grouch & Eligh also announce a Kickstarter campaign.

The Grouch & Eligh (G&E) are preparing a triple album, The Tortoise and The Crow. The project is broken into three parts: a G&E joint effort 333, a solo album from The Grouch titled Lighthouses and a solo disc from Eligh titled Nomads.

"[It's] not just any old triple album," The Grouch & Eligh said in a statement. "We're making history with this. One full-length solo Grouch disc, one full-length Eligh disc, and one full-length G&E disc. For all of our supporters and fans, you get all three dimensions in one shot. We're on track to release this project in February 2014."

The triple album is being released with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. 

"This Kickstarter campaign is about formally recognizing and involving you, our most loyal supporters, into our careers and our lives," the duo said in a statement. "As you can see in the reward tiers...we’re not just selling music. We’re offering pieces of ourselves. Besides the music, we’re most excited about really opening up our journey to our best fans." 

Rewards for donations vary depending on the amount that is donated. A pledge of $9,999 or more, for example, is rewarded with a private G&E show at the donor's home, business or preferred location anywhere within the United States, among other prizes.

Other pledges are rewarded with a variety of rewards, including a a sticker pack; album downloads; an album and T-shirt bundle; a limited edition signed box set; a listening session invite; framed handwritten lyrics; a Maui, Hawaii sightseeing tour with The Grouch; verses from The Grouch and Eligh; and a studio session with G&E. Additional details on the rewards can be found at the duo's Kickstarter page.

G&E's 333 is set to feature Blu, Kreayshawn, Slightly Stoopid and Pigeon John, a longtime friend and G&E collaborator who appears on the group's single, "Run." 

The Grouch's Lighthouses is set to include appearances from Zumbi, Bicasso and Tre Nyce, who all rhyme as guests on the disc's "We Want The World."

Eligh's Nomads is scheduled to feature Adam Theiss, Brevi and The Grouch. 

The Tortoise and The Crow is slated to include production from Pretty Lights, Mad Guy, Ant of Atmosphere and Zion I's Amp Live.

The Grouch and Eligh have been independently releasing music since the 1990s, dating back to solo projects and group efforts as members of Living Legends. 

"From four-track recordings and dubbed cassettes, all night sessions at Kinko's and slanging tapes by hand on the streets of Oakland and [Los Angeles] until we had enough money for bus fare and a slice, we've come a long way. Still, all we know is DIY [do-it-yourself] and we aren’t ashamed to say it. Ironically, with the music industry scrambling and desperate for any kind of sales, we could easily sign a record deal for our next album but that's never been our style." 

In an interview published November 11, The Grouch spoke with HipHopDX about the G&E's next project.

"Eligh and I have a huge project we're getting ready to drop on the world," Grouch said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. "Can't say much about it yet except this song 'Run' is one of the many, many sounds represented on it."

The Tortoise and The Crow's cover art and tracklisting can be found below.

G&E – 333

  1. "Introcentric"

  2. "Ashes to Ashes"

  3. "I-N-S-P-I-R-A-T-I-O-N"

  4. "Run" f. Pigeon John

  5. "So Complicated"

  6. "Hella Fresh" f. Kreayshawn

  7. "All These Lights"

  8. "Fireflies" f. Steve Knight

  9. "ANX" f. PROF

  10. "The Knock"

  11. "Say Eligh! Say Grouch!"

  12. "Akfam" f. Blu
  13. "People Of The Sun" f. Slightly Stoopid

  14. "End Game"

The Grouch – Lighthouses

  1. "The POSSE"

  2. "Stuff is Tuff"

  3. "Lighthouses"

  4. "We Want The World" f. Zumbi, Bicasso, and Tre Nyce

  5. "My Garden"

  6. "Nice To Know Ya"

  7. "Get Strong"

  8. "My Best Teacher"

  9. "When The Love’s Gone"

  10. "Corey’s Angels"

  11. "Good Man"

Eligh – Nomads

  1. "Begin"

  2. "Paid The Price" f. Adam Theiss

  3. "Journey" f. Codany Holiday

  4. "My God Song"

  5. "All On You" f. Natalia

  6. "Dark Tinted" f. Brevi

  7. "Weightless"

  8. "Attracted to Pain"

  9. "Refuge"

  10. "Ferocious"

  11. "The Healer"

  12. "Morning After" f. Adam Theiss

  13. "Walk the Walk" f. The Grouch

  14. "A Different Way" f. Ellay Khule

  15. "Young"

  16. "Regina"

The Grouch & Eligh have released two singles off this project. The videos for "All The Lights" and "Run" can be viewed below. 

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  • Anonymous

    I'm glad none of the half-wit derelicts here bump G&E, it doesn't suit any of you negative douchebags. Rich Home Quan? okay yeah keep worshiping those fake ass wanna-be rappers with their braggadocios bars about materialism they're replaced every fucking month. You can't replace G&E's wise rhymes, they've been working their way up and paying their dues as independent lyricists. Can't wait for this G&E project to drop, been anticipating some new G&E in my ears for years!

    • Mike Bro

      Well spoken! The Grouch & Eligh have been creating timeless music for well over a decade & they don't plan to stop anytime soon. Most of the artificial rappers out right now will be forgotten within the 1st year (15mins). G&E are doing things these wannabes only dream about. They may not be the 'dopest' by mainstream standards but they are undoubtedly 2 of the Realest emcees in the game. They maintain a bird's eye view yet stay humble & use their God given talents to help those who are lost in all of today's bullshit. Their music has personally taken me from the being homeless in the streets to being very successful in all areas of life. There is no debate here, these 'hip-hop critics' need to wake up & do some research. But alas some will never know the Truth... Also I donated $170 to their Kickstarter campaign & in addition to a signed limited addition triple album boxset, a shirt, a hat, name in the liner notes, I will also get to Skype, email, & talk on the phone with them! Name one rapper or any celeb for that matter, who offers that kinda connection & their time for so cheap! Not one, most rappers are so caught up in appearing larger than life, they wouldn't want most of their fans seeing the real them, esp for less than a couple hundred bucks. End of discussion. Legends Baby! Peace

  • Kathleen E. Swaney

    upto I saw the draft which said $4945, I have faith cousin was truly erning money part time on their computer.. there best friend had bean doing this 4 less than 17 months and recently repayed the morgage on there mini mansion and purchased a great Jaguar XJ. browse around this website... while 50 sk will more then likely get pushed back for the 63rd time.. gunits nomore its not 2004 in this bitch its a new day move on.. oh yea, and game stole 50's basketball rim!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zzzzzz

    Who cares about boring underground rappers? Rich Home Quan is the future right now! Turn UP!

  • dave

    Well, that's 3 albums I won't be buying.

  • Anonymous

    triple album to make it look like they are actually getting a thousand sales. Good strategy.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I hate double albums. The best rappers, and writers of any kind, have known how to trim the fat and compress. No one wants a mediocre three disk album when you could get a kick ass one disk one.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ nobodys hating here @FreshK.. we all love the legends for their integrity both musically and literally

    • FreshK

      Haters gon hate. I'm going to support because G&E are just dope, and been dope for a long time. And they've always been prolific... their whole existence rejects the narrow industry standards you all are obsessed with. It's silly.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah alright. I'll agree he could be the dopest out of the Legends, that is a fair argument. I just don't think anyone remotely sane could possibly argue him a spot in any Top 5 Emcee's list let alone GOAT.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ agree with that although eligh could be the illest out the legends... if they were still a group

    • Anonymous

      Yo, I love the Living Legends and think Eligh is dope, but that's just straight ignorant. He's the dopest emcee to ever privilege me with his rhymes? He would shit on everything in the game? He isn't even the dopest out of Living Legends, let alone out of all of Hip-Hop.

    • stabler420

      Well if you knew anything about it you would recant your comment. One CD is crouch one CD is eligh and the 3rd is a joint album. I st Eligh could put out 4 albums at once and it would shit on everything in the game. Eligh is the dopest emcee to ever privilege you with his rhymes.

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