The Grouch and Eligh are readying an upcoming album as G&E which has yet to be titled. Recently, Grouch spoke with HipHopDX to announce the project and discuss their new single, “Run,” which features Pigeon John.

“Eligh and I have a huge project we’re getting ready to drop on the world,” Grouch says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “Can’t say much about it yet except this song ‘Run’ is one of the many, many sounds represented on it.”

Grouch also spoke about how his style fits with Eligh’s.

“Our styles are meant to compliment and contrast each other’s,” Grouch says. “Eligh’s in mid flight, tatted up with his signature machine gun flow and I’m fully grounded shooting it straight for the thinking man.” 

The Grouch says there is more news to come from the duo.

“Exciting news for those who want that ‘Good Elevation’ coming soon,” he says.

Grouch and Eligh have teamed for three projects as G&E, 2000’s G&E Music Vol. 1 & 2, 2003’s No More Greener Grasses and 2009’s Say G&E.

G&E’s “Run,” which features Pigeon John, can be viewed below.

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